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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Best of Jack Sparrow
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JYJ XIA Junsu - Love Is Like Snowflake [hangul / roman / eng sub]
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one more cup of coffee ..... bob dylan cover
4m 31s view     246,423
SHALAWAT - Ya Nabi Salam Alaika [Edisi Cinta Rosul]
6m 0s view      15,646
Ray Yamada - 森のワルツ【MV】
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The Rose - by Bette Midler + lyrics
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JS Bach / Albert Schweitzer, 1952: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - Gunsbach, Alsace
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Dream Chart Top 40 Songs: January 2014 (01/04/2014)
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ANGGUN - MIMPI & IN YOUR MIND - X Factor Around The World
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[EngSub] LIANG Bo - I Love You China 梁博 - 我愛你中國 [The Voice of China 中國好聲音]
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Fate/stay night - PC Opening Movie1
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Marion Raven - Here I Am [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
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Guardian Angel by The Bellamy Brothers and Willie Nelson
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Tela - Bring Em Out
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Olivia Ong 不變 (電視劇 金大花的華麗冒險 插曲)
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Best Song Of Maroon 5 || Maroon 5's Greatest Hits 2014
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AS LONG AS YOU LIKE ME - Music Video Parody - Corey Vidal and Andrew Huang
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Ariana Grande - Last Christmas (Lyrics)
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Good Charlotte - Alive (LYRICS)
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Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness [Project X] Music video (Subtitulado)
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Bee Gees Greatest Full Album
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[HQ] Alizee - Mon Maquis
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3m 19s view     865,875
Miley Cyrus - Permanent December Official Music Video (The Sims 3)
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Joan Osborne - One Of Us
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Mother - Lissie (Danzig Cover) Lyric Video
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Pokemon: The Origin Music: Pokemon R/B Opening Sequence & Title Screen + MP3 - Version 2
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Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now?
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Pacific Rim - Con Footage [HD]
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Vietsub Showtime Burning The Beast Ep 4
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岚 au by KDDI 新CM 未来は、选べる。10/1公开分 メイキング
1m 0s view     128,990
4m 54s view     300,284
吉川友‘URAHARAテンプテーション’(You Kikkawa[URAHARA Temptation]) (MV)
4m 18s view      68,418
32m 30s view    2,992,847
Celebrating Being a Crossdresser
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Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight
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Hotel California -The Eagles (Drum Cover)
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梁博黃勇激情對唱《北京北京》詞曲by汪峰 [高清 HD】
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Miku sing 'firebird' pops 初音ミク】 火の鸟 - 渡辺典子
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Waiting for Love | 연애를 기대해 - Ep.2(Final Ep) (2013.10.03)
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Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins (lyrics)
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[Thai Sub] 120716 EXO-M - Do Your Best
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22 Jump Street - Official Green Band Trailer
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六哲 你的心是否也有我的名
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2012熱波音樂節Zebra Music Festival-Groove Coverage-Far away from home
4m 11s view      11,711
4m 11s view      46,945
Mr.Children“花 -Mement Mori-”を演奏して歌ってみた by ニコチル
7m 8s view       5,678
Telephone - Lady GaGa Ft. Beyonce Knowles Cover by Audrey & Gamaliel
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RYTHEM - Mangekyou Kirakira(万华镜キラキラ) (Played on EWI)
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Def Leppard - Gods Of War - (In The Round In Your Face 1988) (HQ)
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Ru guo wo shi DJ
3m 32s view     155,248
鄭秀文 - 感情線上 [2000] 電影「孤男寡女」主題曲
4m 6s view      90,978
Rain (Bi) 'Hip Song' live performance + sub español y lyrics
3m 21s view     122,330
【PV(映画インサートver.)】キミからの赠り物(映画“ノー・ヴォイス”主题歌) / CLIFF EDGE
2m 26s view      44,186
4m 11s view    3,608,347
梁朝偉&劉德華 - 小燕有約「無間道」訪問 5/5
8m 59s view      34,774
情热大陆 / アルト・サックス(めちゃモテ・楽谱シリーズ)
2m 27s view     166,144
鄭秀文 X MC仁【信者得愛(官方版)】
3m 47s view     198,511
TEEN TOP(틴탑) 길을 걷다가...(Walk by...) MV
3m 18s view     871,949
The Cranberries - Tomorrow + Dreams (Live @ The View) [10.02.2012]
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