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The Beatles-For You Blue (rare!)
3m 36s view     191,976
Lyric video for 'That's What The Water Made Me' by Bon Jovi
4m 29s view     319,912
Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This
4m 19s view      72,666
3m 51s view     285,400
gave it all away -- boyzone lyrics
4m 29s view     100,597
4m 9s view      35,305
Marilyn Manson - I Don't Like The Drugs Live At The Spectrum
6m 58s view     129,146
Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark (Deutsche Übersetzung)
4m 7s view      59,869
Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore
5m 57s view    2,690,294
【カラオケ練習洋楽シリーズ】Call Me Maybe 〜Carly Rae Jepsen〜【#1】
3m 14s view     190,454
'BETTER MAN' w/ LYRICS by: Robbie Williams
3m 27s view     172,403
Eagles - Already Gone - Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. 1974
4m 39s view      78,387
You'll Never Walk Alone - Judy Garland
4m 6s view     330,103
[ENG SUB] 130701 EXO CUTS BEATLES CODE 2 PART 1 (by @0420_lh)
13m 7s view     346,671
Adam Rafferty - Michael Jackson Dont Stop Til You Get Enough - Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
4m 9s view      45,306
Marcie - Joni Mitchell
4m 31s view      49,567
Ellie Goulding - Under Control (Lyrics)
4m 7s view      95,122
Deorro x Chris Brown - Five More Hours 1 hour
1h 6m 48s view    1,285,212
Lady Gaga - Just Dance Live @ (GMTV)
4m 51s view     477,112
Assassin's Creed Unity Music Video - Across The Line (Linkin Park)
3m 23s view      43,681
Voice Within-Christina Aguilera lyrics
4m 58s view    7,937,766
Westlife Live in Manila - Seasons In The Sun
4m 10s view      67,048
Linkin Park - Burn it Down
3m 52s view    1,261,037
Justin Bieber - Sorry (Acoustic)
4m 12s view    3,859,826
The Beatles - Baby It's You subtitulada al español
2m 52s view      30,441
David Bowie /// In the heat of the morning
3m 38s view      27,619
Prince of Persia - Linkin Park - Pushing me Away
3m 25s view     852,269
Justin Bieber - Runaway Love (lyrics on screen) my world 2.0
3m 21s view    1,007,659
John Mayer Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - made in maerica - #MIA 2014
8m 3s view     257,514
Bon Jovi - Always (Alternate Version)
4m 54s view    8,245,669

♪乃木どこ?_Fragrance.dll - 乃木坂'春のコレクション'×4月生诞祭&'设楽'」篇
21m 37s view      36,300
3m 48s view      33,504
aMEI 張惠妹偏執面演唱會 -《渴了》HD
4m 9s view      43,141
小肥 - 十二年沒有冬天 (原裝MV)
4m 32s view     523,598
“ 今、悩んでて苦しい、つらい人へ ” フジファブリック志村のメッセージが深すぎる
1m 45s view      23,655
Plastic Tree-Spica [Sub.Español]
5m 21s view      42,102
Egoist - planetes HD 자막
6m 9s view     274,547
歌曲《茉莉花》宋祖英 席琳.迪翁 2013央視蛇年春晚
4m 16s view     181,568
【中字】奔跑吧!!孩子们 snsd 少女时代Ep64 1 2
42m 1s view      41,964
超級星期天 - 江蕙 (MTV 男主角PK大戰)
31m 8s view      59,130
ひとり ゴスペラーズ cover Ryo
3m 49s view      67,569
Demi Lovato 'Warrior' For Life _ Video - ABC News
4m 31s view     101,056
BL劇《上癮》尺度無極限 5大經典場面閃爆腐女魂
2m 38s view     269,844
1m 43s view      73,922
Demi Lovato - Heart By Heart HQ Lyrics (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones scenes)
3m 45s view     642,847
~AKB48: Team K 4th STAGE~ [7/16] - Gomen ne Jewel
4m 33s view      54,560
第九屆CCTV-MTV音樂盛典 蕭敬騰唱《王子的新衣》
4m 1s view      12,002
沈春華 Life Show 男人40 吳奇隆 A
10m 7s view      84,125
つるの刚士 Mを歌ってみた 精密采点2
4m 57s view     225,700
Shakira - Escondite Inglés
3m 13s view      10,388
David Bowie 1999 – Hours – 10 Titres MP3
47m 5s view      37,607
梁文音 - 分手後不要做朋友 (鈴聲)
34s view      11,598
8m 45s view     398,850
20091126網易采訪 鍾漢良談床戲 當下愛上李小冉 《來不及說我愛你》
7m 57s view      38,875
栞のテーマ サザンオールスターズ
1m 44s view      91,911
郭靜 Claire Kuo - 軟綿綿 (官方版MV)
3m 38s view     216,582
2011-02-26 明日之星-郭婷筠+詹雅雯-貪心
1m 46s view     109,047
Savage Garden - I Want You (Lyrics)
3m 53s view      47,664
楊千嬅 - 數你 MV
4m 51s view     317,833
AKB48 - 桜の栞 (中文字幕)
2m 35s view      31,871