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Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown: Sammy Davis tribute 'Mr Bojangles' 1997
5m 12s view     263,335
Taylor Swift - Love Story ( Live ) En Vivo
4m 50s view      70,900
Enrique Iglesias- Miss you lyrics
3m 30s view     404,874
Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (UNSTAGED)
4m 47s view    1,176,189
Maroon 5 - In Your Pocket - Deluxe V Album 2014
3m 41s view     280,537
Justin Bieber - Recovery (Lyric Video)
3m 3s view    2,809,130
Rod Stewart ~ You're in My Heart
4m 32s view     187,201
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
4m 35s view    1,148,053
Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Live On Ellen)
4m 19s view    4,211,942
Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne (Karaoke/Instrumental)
3m 47s view      42,019
Boyzone BZ20 -TV Advert
31s view      11,960
One Direction - ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (Teenage Kicks) [歌詞・日本語訳]
2m 46s view     685,873
Adele - First Love - 19
3m 11s view     211,127
Justin Ward - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran Cover)
3m 50s view     308,684
Colbie Caillat na novela Três Irmãs (Midnight Bottle)
3m 19s view     285,135
Quest Crew Week 3 Britney Spears Week TOXIC
1m 2s view     108,647
Bee Gees - Grease (live, 1997)
3m 9s view    4,534,524
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name (Live At Madison Square Garden 2008)
4m 6s view     272,819
Andy Williams Love Story 1994
2m 38s view      80,234
Dirty Fighter Game - PC (Ballbusting & Ryona)
2m 25s view      13,468
Billy Joel - My Life
3m 48s view    3,525,567
Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (HD)
5m 30s view    3,110,422
Jotta A - Oh Happy Day - Of Brazil - New Michael Jackson Gospel- 2011- PROGRAMA RAUL GIL
5m 42s view      57,411
Demi Lovato - This Is Me Con Pronunciacion
3m 19s view     507,394
Remember When It Rained- Josh Groban (Live@ HMH, Amsterdam)
4m 32s view      51,025
Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Lion King, Disney & Elton John - Cover
2m 51s view     199,297
Justin Bieber Take You (Paradox Remix)
3m 34s view     271,357
Lady Gaga - Born This Way with Lyrics
4m 15s view     158,800
7m 18s view      89,100
The Eagles 'Lyin' Eyes' with Lyrics
6m 18s view     168,651

松润が语る!TOKIOと関ジャニの“THE MUSIC DAY 音楽のちから”楽屋里话がウケる
1m 45s view     144,429
蔡黃汝 豆花妹 《我還是愛著你》
2m 49s view     112,766
庾澄慶 Harlem Yu - 哈你歌 Honey Song (官方版MV)
4m 40s view    1,935,575
oath sign(カラオケ) / LiSA
4m 15s view     101,424
音樂磁場-老情歌 +歌詞, 瑞芳深澳 720PHD
4m 41s view     105,032
7m 22s view   16,789,464
評審驚豔! 星光選秀女力發威
1m 57s view      57,154
BoA 보아_Who Are You (Feat. 개코)_Music Video
4m 17s view    8,899,242
Roxette - Do You Get Excited
4m 20s view      60,235
Unforgettable - Natalie Cole e Nat King Cole
3m 47s view    1,015,021
48s view     208,697
‘only my railgun’ ピアノアレンジ
1m 31s view     118,447
2m 10s view     119,064
3m 58s view     328,725
3m 57s view      71,384
3m 9s view      40,260
楊千嬅 原來過得很快樂
3m 59s view     331,204
黃小琥 重來現任男友回歸完整版MV-華納official HQ官方版MV
5m 20s view      81,935
The age of worry - John Mayer [Lyrics on screen]
2m 41s view     121,334
Britney Spears - Do Somethin' (With Lyrics)
3m 21s view    1,020,268
[fancam] 120721 Yeosu World Expo - 언젠가는 Someday (Super Junior)
4m 9s view      37,941
9m 14s view      55,753
3m 38s view      42,323
2015 09 05 英雄聯盟四周年表演賽 周杰倫隊VS王思聰隊 高清
1h 21m 9s view      52,129
[中字歌词] B1A4 - CHU CHU CHU (쮸쮸쮸) (中韩字幕)
3m 29s view      50,760
Ni Shi Wo De Xing Fu Ma (你是我的幸福嗎) - Annie Yi Neng Jing (伊能靜)
4m 20s view     155,831
4m 31s view      86,577
夏川里美 泪光闪闪 小提琴 大提琴 竖琴三重奏 ( 夏川りみ- 涙そうそう)
3m 45s view      45,171
青春の輝き(ピアノ): The Carpenters - I Need To Be In Love (Piano)
3m 53s view      62,660
盛曉玫&泥土音樂Amy Sand & Clay Music perform-給你真平安
3m 34s view      43,005