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David Guetta - Toy Story
3m 47s view     420,108
Listen Up (Live On MTV Unplugged 1996) - Oasis
4m 15s view      33,140
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble - Full Song
3m 40s view    2,904,887
[BEST VIDEO] Bryan Adams feat. Melanie C. - When You're Gone with lyrics
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Don Omar Ft. Lucenzo, Daddy Yankee, Akon & Pitbull - Danza Kuduro (Remix)
4m 52s view     264,071
Demi Lovato Fix a Heart Live (Talks about Joe Jonas?)
3m 6s view     433,565
3m 6s view      36,528
Selena Gomez Thanks Demi Lovato in TEARFUL Speech- Watch!
2m 26s view     157,823
The Carpenters - Breaking up is hard to do
2m 33s view     698,168
Casualty Of Love- Jessie J
3m 59s view     266,222
Celine Dion - Come to Me Lyrics
4m 35s view      79,772
2m 22s view     173,645
Leave out all the rest by Linkin Park Lyrics
3m 23s view    1,106,735
Charice & Celine Dion Duet - The Whole Story
14m 26s view    9,881,961
The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)
5m 13s view  262,318,217
♫ DJ Tzah Cohen - Hits of 2013 Vol 1 ♫ *HD 1080p*
10m 15s view     194,671
[西洋老歌]  木匠兄妹 ~ The Carpenters - Please Mr Postman 英文字幕MV
2m 34s view      60,673
Simple Plan - Thank You
2m 58s view     395,925
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive
4m 10s view   42,433,101
2m 34s view    1,381,334
David Bowie - Uncle Arthur
2m 13s view      58,921
How does it feel con subtitulos
4m 20s view     178,261
Drop D guitar lesson: rocky mountain high by John denver
5m 36s view      33,347
Selena Gomez - Birthday (Live Music Video) - Stars Dance World Tour
2m 47s view      87,096
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Remix) Ft. Ja Rule (Live at MTV USO 2001)
3m 59s view      49,409
Bon Jovi - Webstream MetLife Stadium | 25 July, 2013
2h 47m 22s view      53,103
Lily Allen - Smile
3m 20s view   39,229,150
Lady Gaga - Judas (Dance Version)
4m 8s view      86,205
Lo Mejor de mi Vida eres tu - Ricky Martin (Imagenes y Letra)
3m 35s view     346,413
Selena Gomez sings 'Who Says' @ Best Buy Theater NYC 2013
3m 43s view     391,353

蕭敬騰新歌發表會-電視版(4/5) - 疼愛、原諒我
7m 28s view      17,492
張蓉蓉 -雙雙飛 dj小銘REMIX
3m 36s view      59,594
Don McLean - 'Crossroads'.
4m 35s view      45,438
堀内孝雄 置き手纸 ビデオクリップ
4m 47s view     147,378
落 阳  by 吉田拓郎 2002 18/19
5m 7s view     210,389
天下無雙 - 電視原聲&張靚穎
5m 14s view      69,876
4m 9s view      33,160
[FANCAM] 130115 INFINITE - Paradise (L & Sungyeol focus) #GDA
3m 59s view       8,671
the Pillows “ノンフィクション”~LOSTMAN GO TO YESTERDAY ED06 ~
4m 17s view      12,964
《我是歌手3》第三季第十二期 蕭煌奇《夜夜夜夜》【720P】
10m 12s view     244,691
ぱすぽ☆ 奥仲麻琴OPV
3m 4s view      33,743
Beautiful Life / w-inds.
1m 2s view      13,398
WSJ-08-023 手纸 ~拝启 十五の君へ~/アンジェラ・アキ(吹奏楽J-POP)
1m 48s view      80,366
Enrique Iglesias & Nadiya , Tired of being sorry - Live à Paris ( 02 avril 2011 )
4m 11s view      58,059
王心凌 愛不愛Live演唱會 Part3
37m 9s view      23,772
推しカメラ 仲川遥香 “いびつな真珠”
4m 42s view      56,127
Love Reborn/久保田利伸 'the BADDEST Ⅱ'
4m 44s view      64,768
3m 42s view     116,235
Good Vibrations (Lyrics on screen) - The Beach Boys
3m 45s view    1,249,533
Waveya MiU Ari f(x)피노키오(Danger) cover dance
3m 17s view      53,547
5m 14s view      32,118
蔡依林 1 旅程(1080p中字)@Myself 世界巡迴演唱會 LIVE DVD 高雄簽唱會[無限HD]
3m 50s view      27,596
【周杰倫】陽光宅男 x 公主病
4m view      10,604
7m 32s view    4,741,691
Usher - More, She Don't Know & Yeah! (Live at 2010 NBA All-Star Game)
5m 45s view     100,905
Backstreet boys-larger than life (lyrics)
3m 56s view     244,973
卓依婷 - 康定情歌 (Kangding Love Song)
3m 35s view     173,077
リンゴ追分 水森かおり
3m 44s view      11,324
IU (아이유) _ Good Day (좋은 날) _ MV
5m 58s view   13,243,026
溫兆倫- 沒有你之後 (1991年)
5m 23s view      57,198