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Bruno Mars - Grenade (Screamo Cover)(New!)
3m 50s view    2,007,203
I'll be Thinking of You (AIR SUPPLY)
4m 26s view      32,494
Michael Jackson Thriller Live Bucharest 1996 HD
6m 16s view     707,551
The woman I Love - Jason Mraz (tradução)
3m 6s view       8,458
Elvis Presley - It hurts me (part 1 take 5-part 2 take 3)
2m 58s view      63,261
Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind (LIVE) HD
5m 3s view    1,230,148
Alan Walker - Faded - Electric Guitar Cover by Kfir Ochaion
3m 34s view    3,415,354
Michael Jackson - The Love You Save - Live HIStory Tour Gothenburg 1997 - 720p
1m 5s view      19,593
Skyrim is a Rip Off
2m 46s view      71,658
Westlife - Home (Children In Need 2007)
3m 22s view      30,489
Perhaps Love - Placido Domingo & John Denver_[가사, 歌詞, Lyrics]
3m 3s view      84,712
Bob Marley 'Live Boston 78' 2ª Show HD
1h 12m 37s view     144,686
Barbra Streisand - Letting Go
3m 47s view     160,816
SKY-HI / 「愛ブルーム」Music Video
4m 3s view    1,272,042
BON JOVI - HAVE A NICE DAY live in Jakarta, Indonesia 2015
3m 57s view      43,710
Perhaps Love - John Denver & Placido Domingo (Lyrics)
2m 56s view     497,770
Miley Cyrus Planning Taylor Swift Diss At MTV VMA's 2015
1m 10s view      47,292
Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
3m 35s view    1,540,191
Lana Del Rey performs Radio live at The Scala Club [ exclusive]
3m 42s view     212,529
The cranberries - The icicle melts
2m 55s view     363,529
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' NOH8
4m 5s view      95,481
Britney Spears - Everytime (Special Edition)
4m 7s view     154,113
The Beatles - 'Good Morning,Good Morning' Mono
2m 35s view      39,786
Avril Lavigne - Mobile
3m 33s view    1,445,898
You Raise Me Up - Hayley Westenra, Tainan Concert 2013
3m 54s view      76,780
Robbie Williams - You Know Me
3m 43s view      84,503
The Game - Celebration ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne
4m 51s view   37,212,968
Wynter Gordon 'Dirty Talk' [AUDIO]
3m 19s view    1,988,263
Michael Jackson - Bad25 Teaser
39s view    2,697,623
【作業用BGM】リラックスできる音楽 Jazz Music ジャズ・ブルース
1h 20m 45s view      80,203

懐メロカラオケ “浪花恋しぐれ” 原曲 ♪都はるみ・冈千秋
4m 21s view     157,469
Maroon 5 - Love Somebody MUSIC VIDEO
3m 50s view     148,869
范瑋琪 Christine Fan - 每天的每天 (官方版MV)
5m 44s view      68,074
NO - Meghan Trainor - Sam Tsui & KHS Cover
3m 15s view    2,100,394
Base Ball Bear - 十字架You and I
3m 37s view     119,891
悲しき口笛 / 美空ひばり
1m 57s view      27,069
烏克麗麗演奏 頑皮豹 by Chaoyuan with Ukulele
56s view      30,060
X-Japan Rusty Nail ( drum covered by Crotus )
5m 29s view       8,126
Mr.Children - いつでも微笑みを & youthful days - ap bank fes 11 LIVE
11m 17s view     511,302
【わた】夏戀花火 / Natukoi Hanabi 踴ってみたた。【春こい】HD
4m 49s view     113,434
COVER 长渕刚/二人歩记
4m 8s view      70,749
John Denver on TV - 'Love Is All We Need', with the song 'Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart' (Complete)
9m 55s view       8,089
李佳薇 Jess Lee - 『忍不住想念』Hard to Forget 音樂分享會 Live篇
4m 29s view     160,138
5m 37s view     459,061
包容 黃思婷 漢音
5m 34s view      16,906
4m 21s view      62,730
【ガルデモ】Hot Mealを弾いてみました! 【TAB谱】
5m view      12,952
Christina Aguilera - The Beautiful People (Full) - Burlesque
3m 24s view    2,778,368
《城寨爆紅》陳展鵬執二攤行運 羅仲謙揼心
1m 20s view     114,555
Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande y Más en La Lista de Ganadores de AMAs 2016
2m 58s view     375,005
OFFICIAL VERSION Rihanna - Cheers feat Avril Lavigne CLIP VIDEO
3m 43s view     691,701
'不再說謊-林師傑' 譚嘉儀 Cover
3m 33s view     144,368
百萬大歌星 2011-10-22 pt.5/7 那英 卓文萱 王若琳 丁噹
14m 58s view      60,997
恋におちたら/Crystal kay(Cover)
4m 57s view    1,995,537
Sweetie - Carly Rae Jepsen - Acoustic Cover
3m 9s view      40,835
Josh Groban-Now or Never
3m 39s view     107,846
3m 22s view      10,807
《金星秀》第20151014期: 伊能靜暢談姐弟戀 The Jinxing Show EP.20151014【東方衛視官方高清版】
1h 40m 43s view     618,994
3m 19s view      48,539
劉浩龍 Wilfred Lau -《Change Your Life》Official Music Video
3m 37s view     635,236