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Hotel California Solo Lesson 1/3 - Note by Note - Eagles
16m 39s view     695,110
Zedd - Clarity (Official Video) ft. Foxes
4m 36s view  137,083,102
Taylor Swift - 'New Romantics' (Traducida al Español)
3m 32s view      35,227
Avril Lavigne - What The Hell (Completo) (Legendado) HD
3m 34s view    1,189,192
Calvin Harris (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Outside (Lyrics)
3m 47s view    2,006,985
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Album Version # 1) [Audio HQ] HD
4m 19s view      97,211
Mariah Carey - My All
3m 49s view   57,678,319
Jackie Evancho - Somewhere (With Barbra Streisand)
3m 54s view      17,426
one direction - one thing - chipmunks
6m 36s view    1,437,554
Westlife - Close Your Eyes
4m 35s view     265,824
1m 34s view     216,149
Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls (Official Video)
4m 32s view    1,399,087
Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately (Karaoke)
4m 7s view     195,797
The Beatles Something / Love
3m view     458,795
'Before It Explodes' - Charice & Bruno Mars
3m 56s view    2,197,654
Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea (Problem vs We Are Never Mashup)
2m 53s view      14,423
Human Nature - Michael Jackson Tribute (Sheena Melwani Music Video)
4m 9s view     174,297
Katy Perry - Roar - Sydney Opera House - Australia 2013
4m 12s view    2,241,951
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand
2m 25s view    2,626,643
Christina Aguilera: Enter the Circus ~ Welcome
4m 29s view     168,356
Hotel California Solo Lesson 1/3 - Note by Note - Eagles
16m 39s view     704,362
Frank Sinatra - My way of life
3m 9s view      72,761
We Can't Stop - Vintage 1950's Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover ft. The Tee - Tones
4m 5s view   13,610,909
Adele - One and Only (Tradução)
6m 21s view    1,095,128
Hotel California Solo Lesson 1/3 - Note by Note - Eagles
16m 39s view     700,141
3m 39s view     132,915
George Michael - Careless Whisper (Official song HQ) Photos
5m 1s view      42,725
Drop it Low Anime Mix
3m 11s view      69,990
No One Else Comes Close to the Backstreet Boys
3m 45s view    2,784,506
Lenka - Anything I'm Not
3m 24s view     675,059

祝你幸福 (鳳飛飛主唱)
2m 50s view      65,302
Kousuke Atari - Sorezoreni
3m 30s view      40,929
Beauty n Beast (live at Zepp)
5m 56s view      34,402
Neil Young - Heart Of Gold
5m 12s view   45,218,853
黒い伤あとのブルース 小林旭 本人
3m 10s view     241,536
羅志祥舞極限演唱會dvd精彩內容搶先看 #1
5m 8s view      15,813
3m 7s view     330,114
2m 21s view     157,537
BUCK-TICK 【11 Brain,Whisper,Head,Hate is noise 】
6m 21s view      11,107
3m 14s view      18,060
演歌兄弟 (北岛三郎・鸟羽一郎) cover
4m 1s view      86,015
Only You Vol. 1 Ch. 1 (Tohjoh Asami) yaoi
3m 21s view     130,463
3m 19s view      10,209
[MTV] 潘美辰: 還是冷冷的那雙眼
4m 27s view       6,563
T.M.Revolution / vestige ~another story~ SPECIAL MOVIE (1/4)
9m 5s view      35,934
Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Tradução)
4m 12s view     154,060
[HQ] We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift) Piano Cover
3m 36s view      41,439
『Shine on you』 高岡陽子/ウエキ弦太
2m 50s view       9,789
我兒時最愛唱的歌 [閃電傳真機]
3m 1s view      48,884
[LIVE] G.E.M. - 你把我灌醉 + 林欣彤 - 一千零一次人生 @ 2013年度勁歌金曲頒獎典禮
8m 27s view      62,894
車站 - 江蕙
4m 8s view      58,880
雲朵《我的樓蘭》官方唯美版MV/Yun Duo - My LouLan
5m 37s view     252,391
20130511 超級接班人《唱跳團體主唱選拔賽》04
12m 53s view      10,009
Dubstep Violin - Skrillex 'Summit' ft Ellie Goulding - The Mad Violinist Freestyle
7m 17s view     404,393
鳳飛飛 35周年演唱會 2 溫暖的秋天
7m 24s view     418,493
เพลงสากลแปลไทย The Power Of Love ~ Celine Dion ♪♫ ♥ (Lyrics & ThaiSub)
5m 41s view     205,940
Best songs Of Eagles 2015 || Eagles's Greatest Hits Full Album
1h 50m 28s view      30,136
长渕刚/裸足のまんまで cover
4m 22s view      14,064
shayne ward - close to close (HQ Lyrics)
3m 36s view     105,113
“肥后の盆呗~炎~” / 石川さゆり
4m 28s view       7,105