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My Hands Leona Lewis Lyrics
4m 12s view    1,521,740
New Dawn - Linda Perry and Celine Dion
5m 3s view      32,663
UNISON SQUARE GARDEN「徹頭徹尾夜な夜なドライブ」ショートver.
1m 51s view     866,523
I Dont Want To Talk About It .wmv
4m 42s view    1,515,446
Linkin Park - Oeiras Alive! Lisboa 2007 (Full Show)
1h 20m 52s view      25,470
KATY PERRY ROAR (HD) - Spanish Springs High School Entry
2m 34s view     314,554
Saving all my love for you - Whitney Houston Cover by Samantha Harvey
2m 29s view      96,519
Whitney Houston - Love Will Save the Day
5m 29s view      75,809
Elton John - Your song (con testo tradotto in italiano).
4m 3s view     298,268
Pitbull - Rain Over Me & Internation Love (Live)
4m 40s view    2,016,226
She Wolf by David Guetta Ft. Sia acoustic guitar instrumental cover with lyrics
1m 46s view     265,451
John Mayer - Back To You (With Lyrics)
4m 2s view    1,597,969
Justin Bieber - As long as you love me (Live on Today Show 2015)
3m 43s view      66,292
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson ❤•►Billie Jean◄•❤ Live Buenos Aires 1993 HQ
8m 20s view     320,197
Skylar Gray ft. Eminem - Love the Way you Lie
5m 10s view    2,144,238
One Direction - Total Eclipse of The Heart (Subtitulado en Español) HD
2m 12s view      38,495
I Never Told You Lyrics- Colbie Caillat
3m 54s view   11,622,571
Selena Gomez & The Scene - My Dilemma 2.0 (feat. Rock Mafia)
53s view      30,611
Simple Plan - Jet Lag Acoustic
7m 3s view     406,511
Modern Talking '' Lucky Guy '' (1985)
3m 35s view      17,315
Selena Gomez - Birthday (Live Music Video) - Stars Dance World Tour
2m 47s view     105,223
Science Fiction / Double Feature - Glee Cast
4m 33s view      53,898
Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy [Spanish Lyrics]
3m 20s view     160,917
I Will Be - Avril Lavigne Lyrics[HD]
3m 56s view      53,201
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine
2m 38s view    6,286,264
Lady Gaga - G.U.Y Remix
3m 1s view     229,567
邱皓翔-演唱歌曲: I Surrender
6m 34s view     197,969
Andy Williams & Peggy Lee (Duets) - Stay With Me (Oct. 1966)
2m 45s view      16,671
Quando, quando, quando.
3m 42s view    3,415,690
DJ DRAMA & AKON, SNOOP DOGG, T.I. - Day Dreaming (Audio + LINK)
4m 51s view     378,965

梁靜茹 花園
4m 48s view      19,305
One Outs Opening
3m 52s view     258,029
吳奇隆新書火爆簽售 誤傷眼睛淚流不止.mp4
4m 44s view       7,129
Wiz Khalifa - Night & Day ft. Problem (Explicit)
3m 7s view     430,842
The Carpenters - Superstar Lyrics
3m 45s view      14,339
斉藤和义 / ドント・ウォーリー・ビー・ハッピー【PV】
4m 23s view     996,630
慕情 サザンオールスターズ 桑田佳祐 cover(ageha version)
3m 36s view       5,738
【癒】 ただ泣きたくなるの(Special Extended Contemplate Mix2) / 中山美穂
10m 1s view      36,610
诸星和己、ローラースケートで新曲披露!元“チェッカーズ”マサハルも登场 新曲“あさきゆめみし”発売记念イベント #Kazumi Morohoshi #Masaharu
3m 48s view      22,689
White Christmas (Second Version) - Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Collection - (Remastered High Quality )
3m 48s view      32,870
‘世界の终わり’深瀬が后悔について热く语る さおりちゃんの厳しい一言“人生失败がもっとも多い深瀬さん” SEKAI NO OWARI
4m 10s view      16,508
Flo Rida - 'Good Feeling' (Live Performance 9th June 2012, London)
4m 25s view    1,312,721
范曉萱 Mavis Fan - 哭了 (官方版MV)
3m 39s view     248,292
蘇打綠3 喜歡寂寞(1080p 5.1ch)@2012高雄市跨年晚會
4m 26s view       7,044
UVERworld - Revolve Remix (ウーバーワールド - REVOLVE リミックス)
2m 51s view      45,005
Oasis - Up In The Sky
4m 46s view      30,367
高桥真梨子 桃色吐息
3m 10s view     154,003
バナナマン日村‐“ザ☆ピ〜ス!” ヒムペキ兄さんVer.
4m 34s view     128,621
6m 20s view      18,550
My All - Mariah Carey (Legendado) The_Adventures_Of_Mimi
5m 27s view     134,920
超級偶像 張芸京--失戀無罪
5m 48s view     138,297
Stay 'Simply Red' Live
3m 15s view      97,538
辛曉琪 - 走過
4m 29s view      31,398
大家樂 X 黃子華: 快樂第一
1m view     127,049
安全地帯2013  月に濡れたふたり  银色のピストル
6m 35s view      17,440
Rihanna - Unfaithful. LYRICS.
3m 55s view     853,759
あの顷へ 玉置浩二
5m 18s view     237,254
模范棒棒堂 (2008.04.21) - 瘋狂KUSO運動會
44m 40s view      92,202
[LIVE] アニうた KITAKYUSHU 2011 [影山ヒロノブ(前半)]
8m 10s view     138,763
Lazy Love - Ne-yo (Video Oficial)
3m 17s view      72,400