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Everybody [Sweet Dreams] Remix - Britney Spears
4m 14s view      57,269
Britney Spears - Cinderella (Lyrics Video)
3m 40s view      43,637
50m 31s view      70,113
mariah carey-touch my body w/ lyrics
3m 22s view    4,510,762
Jabbawockeez Dance in ASAP '09( 'CLEAR VIDEO' )
5m 53s view    1,130,978
Nirvana - Talk To Me
3m 31s view     335,693 - #thatPOWER ft. Justin Bieber
4m 53s view  179,541,166
Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World - Lyrics
3m 11s view   23,556,169
Michael Jackson You Are Not Alone/I Just Can't Stop Loving You Immortal Version Audio HQ
6m 13s view       7,417
Justin Bieber 現場清唱 Baby
3m 38s view      49,520
The Rolling Stones - That's How Strong My Love Is - Live OFFICIAL
5m 11s view     232,570
Avril Lavigne-i will be official HD video
4m 13s view      64,818
Avicii vs Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Avicii remix)
5m 39s view     482,651
Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen (日本語カバー)
2m 34s view     289,059
The Cranberries- Zombie (lyrics)/ The Walking Dead version
3m 31s view     232,555
Bailamos - 1999 - Enrique Iglesias - Version 1 [Album Version] - TRUE HD PRINT
3m 32s view     653,146
04 - Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby - [Doo-Wops & Hooligans]
2m 31s view      60,098
How To Play-Boyfriend-Guitar Lesson-Justin Bieber-With Tablature
5m 52s view     150,592
Little Things by One Direction, Picking Guitar Tutorial (Part 2: Intermediate Tutorial) | All4chordz
9m 18s view      62,459
01 Close to you - Olivia Ong (Sweet Memories) 320KBPS music only.
4m 5s view     621,792
Westlife - Story Of Love
3m 55s view     117,384
Flo Rida - Whistle (Female Cover)
2m 45s view    1,167,817
Bon Bon Lyrics - Pitbull
3m 29s view     278,725
Beyonce and R. Kelly -- If i were a boy (Legendado em PT BR Tradução da Letra)
4m 54s view     187,757
Avril Lavigne NEW SONG 17
2m 20s view      39,665
Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4
5m view    2,230,332
if your heart's not in it.
4m 27s view      40,870
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night
2m 44s view    5,047,113
One In A Million - Ne-Yo (Covered By JVoqalz)
5m 14s view     229,120
The Beatles - Hot As Sun (1969) - 03 - Hot As Sun
2m 38s view      10,579

1m 46s view     937,161
MAYU 'CANDY CANDY (Krypt Remix)' きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Remix
4m 14s view      13,612
Alicia Keys - That's When I Knew
4m 9s view     138,758
[Fan made] 少女时代 泰妍高音
1m 31s view      49,877
【K POP】少女时代(SNSD) OH!【本人达が踊ってみた】ミラー
3m 16s view      99,800
4m 38s view      36,093
(Cover) いかないで  Piano&vocal
3m 40s view      33,608
Britney Spears - Overprotected Coreography Training
11m 21s view      97,034
11m 28s view      14,029
8m 55s view      41,631
爱し君へ / 森山直太朗 (女性が歌う) COVER by Uru
4m 52s view     365,243
Backstreet Boys - Everybody VMAs 98
4m 3s view     642,178
'Since I Fell For You' song by BARBRA STREISAND ( Lyrics )
3m 28s view       8,029
EXILE 运命のヒトのカラオケ
5m 25s view     435,618
涙と雨にぬれて(呗)フランク永井 松尾和子
3m 19s view      12,663
《被偷走的那五年》電影主題曲 - 悄悄告訴你 主唱︰范瑋琪
2m 34s view      53,908
929 - 棉花糖
4m 44s view      44,374
04 Michael Jackson I Just Can't Stop Loving You Bad Tour Wembley 1988
4m 59s view      13,138
3m 17s view      49,093
I.V. - 7/16 2008.03.30 X JAPAN to resume its attack in 2008 I.V. ~towards destruction
4m 47s view     146,758
4m 40s view     108,658
Autumn Leaves - Shirley Kwan 關淑怡 X 林一峰
2m 54s view       7,354
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Live Performances) HQ
5m 51s view      63,676
4m 20s view      86,387
范逸臣-許願 官方MV
4m 47s view     186,496
How do you Sleep? John Lennon
7m 34s view     125,776
Bus Stop- The Hollies - 1966
3m 2s view    4,431,303
INFINITE - Last Romeo Dance Cover Full Version
3m 18s view      14,823
Backstreet boys-I'll be there for you (lyrics)
4m 36s view     448,518
3m 3s view      18,379