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The Beatles Mr.moonlight ~The parrots~ アンプラグドライブ
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Justin Bieber Has a Crush on Jennifer Lawrence
1m 51s view     480,449
JPM 首波強力主打歌曲--月球漫步
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Jennifer Lopez - Get Right Live in Germany (720p HD)
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冷え切った家庭...。 嫁と旦那 橫山緑の會話場面 「私が大変だよ、馬鹿」 (暗黒放送 離婚寸前)
11m 39s view      13,556
Little Mix on the Zayn Breakup, Performing with Taylor Swift
2m 42s view    3,638,302
[HD] Lady Gaga - Born this way (Live BBC One Graham Norton show)
4m 53s view     208,539
Stevie Wonder - Hey Love
2m 41s view     382,716
Barbra Streisand Cry Me A River
3m 41s view      13,169
elton john this train don't stop there anymore.WMV
4m 48s view      23,305
3m 13s view    1,053,282
Celine Dion 'Le Miracle' LYRICS-PAROLES
4m 4s view      86,670
Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine - Lyrics
5m 42s view     438,671
2m 34s view    1,585,492
John lennon stand by me lyrics
3m 57s view    1,410,196
Enrique Iglesias - Just Wanna Be With You
3m 42s view     398,802
The Beatles Love Me Do [HQ] Cantada En Español
2m 23s view     611,945
Stay - Rihanna - Mai Xuan Bach cover (The Voice Kid - Vietnamese version 2013)
2m 42s view     445,093
Alicia Keys - Diary
4m 46s view    8,805,209
Olivia Ong - Fly Me To The Moon
3m 4s view     218,404
[Vietsub + Kara] Shadow of the day - Linkin Park
4m 14s view      23,929
Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Live-HQ)
2m 15s view     270,236
Live while we're young One Direction Traducida Letra en español
3m 20s view     837,070
Westlife Flying Without Wings KARAOKE
3m 32s view      46,438
Deep Purple Highway Star Drum Cover
6m 12s view      70,895
Alicia Keys ft. Usher :: My Boo :: Live AMA 2004) American Music Awards
4m 27s view    1,400,551
Miley Cyrus - Ordinary Girl Lyrics
3m view     468,507
5m 6s view     459,686
Bee Gees - Cuan profundo es tu amor
4m 14s view    3,435,909
Bruno Mars - Marry You (Jamin's Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal)
5m 45s view      30,048

Kyary PamyuPamyu Fans in Taiwan. | きゃりーツアーレポート 台湾 #043
9m 19s view      63,461
Falling Down/Super Bass - Selena Gomez & The Scene live in Chile 30.01.2012
3m 31s view      23,536
RADWIMPS - Saidai Kouyakusuu [最大公约数] [LIVE-Sub.Español]
4m 35s view     890,107
[Live HD 720p] 120209 - DaVichi - I'll think of you (Comeback stage) - Music on Top
3m 47s view     462,901
王菀之 Ivana Wong - 天堂有路 Official MV - 官方完整版 [HD]
4m 19s view      96,037
44m 44s view      74,828
Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber - Baby (Taylor Swift performing in Staples Center)
3m 47s view      59,640
BUMP OF CHICKEN Pontsuka July 29, 2012 Part 1/2
15m view      36,162
[HD] SMAP×SMAP 千叶雄大&星野源 12月7日 [720p]
50m 5s view       8,085
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
3m 27s view  833,682,250
林依晨專訪名牌總監 流利英語驚豔粉絲大讚
1m 13s view     118,655
SNSD Tiffany vs. Sunny : 100m Run , Feb21.2010 GIRLS' GENERATION 720p HD
42s view     496,677
Tara Romano Dance Fitness - Timber Pitbull ft. Kesha
3m 51s view     635,092
蔡幸娟 ~ 你在我心中最深的地方
4m 58s view      30,290
Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You 以後別做朋友 - Eric Chou 周興哲 - 16個夏天 (Cover)
4m 38s view      16,633
楊丞琳 - 天才song歪歪 - 20120922
29m 36s view      41,371
10m 42s view    2,671,362
TELL ME WHY ( from the beatles video: A HARD DAY's NIGHT)
2m 53s view     580,906
see you 阿羅哈-黃妃
3m 43s view    1,004,578
4m 6s view     426,097
[Thai Sub] Henry (헨리) - 143 (I Love You) Feat.AmberF(x)
3m 46s view     158,817
【愛情公寓四】 iPartment 4 第14集 瘋狂話劇(上)
44m 57s view    1,431,616
5m 10s view      55,787
蘇打綠 青峰 加油篇
18s view      40,392
SHINee Save Energy 3
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[ 田馥甄害羞捂臉驚呼「超好聽的」 ] 《夢想的聲音》第1期 預告 20161104 /浙江衛視官方超清/
31s view      93,325
動力火車 除了愛你還能愛誰
4m 38s view       7,744
JJ Lin 林俊傑 - Million Dollar Singer 2011-12-24
29m 36s view     124,893
《分手100次》 - 插曲 《A Hundred Times》 C AllStar
3m 28s view     317,153
Lovers by Babyface
6m 1s view     781,785