Video Jackie Evancho - Angel - American Giving Awards HD

Jackie Evancho - Angel - American Giving Awards HD

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Jackie Evancho - Angel - ''The American Giving Awards''
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December 10, 2011

Jackie Evancho is a small kid with a powerful voice. The runner up of the America's Got Talent competition several years back returned to NBC on Friday night to share the spotlight and perform for the show American Giving Awards. The youngster once again impressed the crowd as she took the microphone and gave an emotional performance.

The American Giving Awards are being introduced to America for the first time in 2011. With a celebrity tribute to community heroes found in neighborhoods, there was five charities looking to get part of $1 million in Chase grants. The funds would be used to continue work in helping others. Keeping in tow with the ideas of helping others, the show was inspiring for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Jackie Evancho definitely has grown up in front of America. In only a few short years, the kid who won a simple talent has grown into a young lady with remarkable vocal control. Never allowing fear to compromise a performance, Evancho again and again shares inspirational music.

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