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(Lyrics)6.American Girl
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(Lyrics)9.Back To December/Apologize/You're Not Sorry
(Lyrics)10.Back To December
(Lyrics)11.Beautiful Eyes
(Lyrics)12.Begin Again
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(Lyrics)15.Bette Davis Eyes
(Lyrics)16.Better Than Revenge
(Lyrics)19.Brought Up That Way
(Lyrics)20.Can I Go With You?
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(Lyrics)23.Christmases When You Were Mine
(Lyrics)24.Cold As You
(Lyrics)25.Come Back Be Here
(Lyrics)26.Come Back... Be Here
(Lyrics)27.Come In With The Rain
(Lyrics)29.Dear John
(Lyrics)30.Didn't They
(Lyrics)31.Don't Hate Me For Loving You
(Lyrics)32.Drops Of Jupiter [Live]
(Lyrics)33.Drops Of Jupiter
(Lyrics)35.Everything Has Changed
(Lyrics)36.Eyes Open
(Lyrics)39.Forever & Always
(Lyrics)40.Forever & Always
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(Lyrics)46.Hopelessly Devoted To You
(Lyrics)47.I Almost Do
(Lyrics)48.I Heart ?
(Lyrics)49.I Heart Question Mark
(Lyrics)50.I Heart
(Lyrics)51.I Knew You Were Trouble.
(Lyrics)52.I Knew You Were Trouble
(Lyrics)53.I Know What I Want
(Lyrics)54.I Want You Back [Live]
(Lyrics)55.I Want You Back
(Lyrics)56.I'd Lie
(Lyrics)57.I'm Only Me When I'm With You
(Lyrics)58.If This Was A Movie
(Lyrics)62.Jump Then Fall
(Lyrics)63.Just South Of Knowing Why
(Lyrics)64.Last Christmas
(Lyrics)65.Last Kiss
(Lyrics)66.Long Live
(Lyrics)67.Love Story
(Lyrics)68.Lucky You
(Lyrics)69.Made Up You
(Lyrics)70.Mary's Song
(Lyrics)74.Mine Radio Disney Edit
(Lyrics)76.Missing You
(Lyrics)77.Never Grow Up
(Lyrics)78.One Way Ticket
(Lyrics)79.Our Last Night
(Lyrics)80.Our Song
(Lyrics)84.Picture To Burn
(Lyrics)85.Picture To Burn
(Lyrics)86.Place in This World
(Lyrics)90.Sad Beautiful Tragic
(Lyrics)91.Safe & Sound
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(Lyrics)93.Shake It Off
(Lyrics)94.Should've Said No
(Lyrics)95.Should've Said No
(Lyrics)96.Silent Night
(Lyrics)97.Smokey Black Nights
(Lyrics)98.Sparks Fly
(Lyrics)99.Speak Now
(Lyrics)100.Speak Now
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(Lyrics)103.State Of Grace
(Lyrics)104.Stay Beautiful
(Lyrics)105.Stay Stay Stay
(Lyrics)108.Sweet Tea And God's Graces
(Lyrics)109.Sweeter Than Fiction
(Lyrics)110.Teardrops On My Guitar
(Lyrics)111.Teardrops On My Guitar Pop Remix
(Lyrics)112.Teardrops On My Guitar
(Lyrics)113.Tell Me Why
(Lyrics)114.That's The Way I Loved You
(Lyrics)115.The Best Day
(Lyrics)116.The Last Time
(Lyrics)117.The Lucky One
(Lyrics)118.The Moment I Knew
(Lyrics)119.The Other Side Of The Door
(Lyrics)120.The Outside
(Lyrics)121.The Story Of Us
(Lyrics)122.The Story Of Us
(Lyrics)123.The Way I Loved You
(Lyrics)124.There's Your Trouble
(Lyrics)125.Tied Together With A Smile
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(Lyrics)127.Today Was A Fairytale
(Lyrics)132.Wait for Me
(Lyrics)133.We are never ever getting back together
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(Lyrics)141.You Got It All... Wrong
(Lyrics)142.You're Not Sorry
(Lyrics)143.You're Not Sorry
(Lyrics)144.You're Still An Innocent
(Lyrics)145.You're Still Innocent
(Lyrics)146.Your Anything
(Lyrics)147.Your Face
(Lyrics)148.Your Guardian Angel

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Taylor Swift You Belong With Me parody 'A Nerd Like Me' by Mike Rayburn

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Watch Mike's hologram electric guitar duet of Beethoven's 5th symphony:

Get Mike's hilarious ''A Nerd Like Me'' CD on iTunes or at featuring 9 parodies and bonus: ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' on guitar!

This music video, written and directed by Thomas Brecheisen, is a (mis?)treatment of Taylor Swift's ''You Belong With Me'' by Mike Rayburn called ''A Nerd Like Me''. This song is part of Mike's new album of the same name ''A Nerd Like Me''.

Mike has headlined Carnegie Hall three times and is a recent inductee into the International Speakers Hall of Fame. He does keynote presentations inspiring innovation and peak performance... from someone who actually DOES IT!

CD song list:
''A Nerd Like Me'' - (parody of Taylor Swift's ''You Belong With Me'')
''My Favorite Things: NOT!'' - (parody of Julie Andrews ''My Favorite Things'')
''Ducks In The Wind'' - (parody of ''Dust In The Wind'')
''Rockin' The Snack Bar'' - (parody of ''Rockin' The Casbah'' by The Clash)
''Dueling Banj-arabia'' - (instrumental parody of ''Dueling Banjos'')
''Grenade'' - (parody of Bruno Mars ''Grenade'')
''Hamster Bites'' - (parody of ''Dynamite'' by Taio Cruz)
''Scabies'' - (parody of ''Baby'' by Justin Bieber)
''He Oughta Know'' - (male response to ''You Oughta Know'')
''Bohemian Rhapsody'' - (non-comedic, solo guitar performance)

At Mike's satirical hand, The Clash's ''Rockin' The Casbah'' becomes a diatribe about every bad guitar gig Mike's done (and there have been many), called ''Rockin' The Snack Bar.''

Also included is an indictment of Bruno Mars' whiny, ''Grenade,'' Tai Cruz' ''Dynamite'' becomes a fun, family romp called ''Hamster Bite,'' Justin Bieber's ''Baby'' is now an itch-fest called ''Scabies,'' (yeah, Mike actually raps) and if you remember Mike from the 90's, he included his ''Male Response To Alanis Morissette.'' There is one live recording, Mike's instrumental parody (huh? yeah) of Dueling Banjos called ''Dueling Banj-arabia.''

*Bonus Track - Mike's solo guitar version of Queen's ''Bohemian Rhapsody.'' This piece regularly gets standing ovations in the middle of Mike's presentations.

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