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Radiohead - Creep - Bely Basarte acoustic cover
4m 59s view     143,902
Robbie Williams - Supreme (Live in Berlin)
5m 51s view     450,550
Rock With You-Michael Jackson
3m 41s view    3,116,695
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again Cover by Tory Envy
1m 56s view      86,201
The Carpenters ~ Sing 'A Song' (HQ)
3m 21s view     135,740
Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me lyrics
4m 42s view   11,033,834
Celine Dion - Making of A New Day Has Come Album Part 2
5m 46s view      35,243
Suleman Mirza (World #1 MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute & IMPERSONATER) Who Is It - Earth Song
9m 7s view     115,743
The Hollies - Bus Stop (1966 Live)
2m 58s view      42,704
How to REALLY Play Let it be on Piano Lesson Tutorial Beatles PART 2
6m 8s view      48,055
Top 10 ABBA Songs
10m 49s view     843,175
Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez was 'All That Matters'
1m 58s view    1,266,150
Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Antics House Remix)
4m 51s view     324,901
Beyonce Knowles - Baby Boy/Crazy In Love (Live @ NRJ Music Awards 2004)
4m 40s view     346,958
Daniel Powter - Free Loop (Coral & EJ Cover)
3m 40s view      39,059
Celine Dion - In His Touch (Lyrics)
4m 10s view     377,347
Star Trek Beyond: Rihanna Sledgehammer Featurette
1m 20s view      82,068
Calvin Harris & Alesso - Under Control ft. Hurts | PIANO COVER
4m 17s view      17,955
Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath (Audio)
4m 7s view    3,803,573
PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
52s view  103,301,752
Radiohead - True Love Waits (band version)
4m 50s view    1,166,084
Eminem - Lose Yourself Demo Version [Lyrics] By EFIT
2m 52s view     403,333
04. Miley Cyrus - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun[FULL][HQ]
3m 7s view     298,157
Whitney Houston feat. George Michael - If I Told You That - ( The Ultimate Collection )
4m 7s view     156,455
The Wounded - Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana Cover)
4m 7s view      36,337
เพลงสากล Sleeping Child - Michael learns to rock
3m 34s view      88,783
Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack (2010 Digitally Remastered Studio version)
2m 18s view    3,020,903
Skyfall - Adele Violin Cover
4m 44s view     121,588
Demi Lovato (Feat. Joe Jonas) - This is me (這就是我) (中英字幕)
3m 11s view     170,867
Phil Collins - Testify - 6. It's Not Too Late
4m 1s view      43,352

【古劍奇譚】《晴殤》by 凌之軒 & 小曲兒【AnGeL Remix】
3m 28s view      11,581
JIL |《野孩子》楊千嬅 (ukulele cover) ft.PUI
2m 56s view      41,898
Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me
3m 59s view     103,973
Jolin Tsai - 墓仔埔也敢去
4m 25s view      47,059
J-WALK(ジェイ・ウォーク)  心の钟を叩いてくれ (Live)
7m 37s view      60,612
九十九次我愛他 (命中注定我愛你) ~歌詞
3m 35s view      50,276
BABYMETAL -シンコペーション Syncopation
4m 11s view      55,094
5m 49s view     102,452
4m 9s view      36,426
UNDER LOVER -癡情玫瑰花 手機鈴聲
40s view      55,446
20131229《我要當歌手》楊培安(我相信) pk 黃夏欣(陰天)片段
12m 2s view     100,156
劉德華 - 今天 [HQ]
3m 48s view     714,041
吳建豪Van Ness Wu, 命定(Ming Ding) 官方完整HD MV
3m 40s view    1,319,078
【新歌】王大文 - 雲霄飛車 三立華劇「我的寶貝四千金」片頭曲
3m 54s view      87,169
思念呦 - 江蕙&阿杜
4m 17s view      37,085
Hayley Westenra - The Peace Song
2m 7s view      13,547
Twins《虛齡時代》[Official MV]
4m 2s view     349,177
Kalafina ‘Magia’
5m 19s view    3,319,797
五月天 - 擁抱 (吉他指彈)
3m 35s view      50,178
Dir en grey - Obscure [[UNCUT]]
4m 57s view    2,685,409
EXILE 手纸 高音质 フル
6m 4s view      27,450
Chris Sheehy - One More Night - (Maroon 5)
1m 37s view    1,696,049
品冠 Victor Wong【後來的我們】Official Music Video
5m 17s view     216,169
Chipmunks- I Like The Way You Love Me von Michael Jackson
4m 36s view      45,748
BUMP OF CHICKEN 〈Butterfly〉 full piano
5m 52s view       8,057
テレカクシ思春期/HoneyWorks feat 瀬戸口优CV 神谷浩史
3m 28s view     723,495
Bee Gees - Wedding Day LIVE @ TOTP 2001 ** Brilliant audio/video!!! **
5m 12s view     102,828
Crystal kay- Kataomoi ENGSUB [Concert 10th annivesary]
7m 8s view      95,430
4m 25s view      34,711
☆西野カナ ♪最高ソングメドレー[GO FOR IT!! たとえどんなに]【HD】
6m 3s view     107,865