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Mariah Carey - Music Box
5m 1s view    1,131,938
Born To Be My Baby - Bon Jovi - New Jersey
4m 40s view     136,253
Miley Cyrus - Permanent December Official Music Video (The Sims 3)
3m 37s view      21,548
The Beatles - 'I Don't Want To Spoil The Party' Stereo Remaster
2m 35s view      97,670
Britney Spears - It Should Be Easy ft. [Britney Jean]
3m 28s view     330,687
Elvis Presley - Mary in the morning (take 4-FTD)
4m 43s view      81,416
The prayer - Andrea Bocelli [Solo Version]
4m 12s view     527,090
Por Arriesgarnos Jennifer Lopez y Marck Antoni
3m 33s view     311,362
Taylor Swift - 22 (Lyrics)
3m 48s view     175,579
Kajra Mohabbat Wala Full Song Feat. Hot Diya Mirza
4m 14s view       9,285
Alto Saxophone - Let it Go - Demi Lovato - Sheet Music, Chords, & Vocals
3m 42s view      73,512
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)
2m 44s view   30,893,898
Dan Fogelberg - Part Of The Plan (97)
7m 19s view      52,425
Celine Dion - I Drove All Night ( subtitulos español por Anita)
4m 1s view      11,555
John Mayer - Who You Love
4m 13s view      48,461
One Direction - I Would, Manchester.
3m 9s view     816,145
Nicki Minaj - Pills N Potions (Official)
4m 34s view  123,666,414
Tamia 'Lose My Mind' Lyrics (Beautiful Surprise)
4m 4s view     101,583
Dal Pulcino Pio ai Mass Media ignoranti: operazione rincoglionimento - Talking About
9m 32s view     194,133
Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth See you Again ( lyrics)
3m 51s view   13,983,946
George Michael - True Faith - Video Clip Red nose day 2011 live - Vocoder not Auto-Tune
4m 49s view    2,088,127
Radio - Lana Del Rey - Lyrics
3m 35s view     409,161
Avril Lavigne/アヴリル・ラヴィーン - Smile - 日本語訳&歌詞付き HD
3m 31s view    1,321,809
Titanium- David Guetta Ft. Sia - (Cover By Sean Fink & Emily DelBuono)
3m 47s view       5,363
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison - How To Play Guitar Lesson
9m 1s view      63,954
Demi Lovato And JB Performing This Is Me At DC Games
3m 16s view      75,001
Come on over/Olivia Newton-John(cover/From tape for training)
3m 45s view       5,570
Westlife - Love can build a Bridge - With Lyrics
3m 45s view     417,841
Hotel California Solo Lesson 1/3 - Note by Note - Eagles
16m 39s view     663,789
Ellen Scares Miley Cyrus
1m 57s view   11,848,597

4m 9s view       7,101
乃木坂46 Rの法则 2015-04-01 2/2 AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46
9m 16s view      72,165
Ai Otsuka - 04 - Himawari 【LOVE IS BORN】 〜3rd Anniversary 2006〜
4m 33s view      99,397
11.10.01-2134 鄭少秋.汪明荃.喜多郎2011演唱會(Jade).pvr
5m 13s view      34,794
LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me
4m 7s view    3,317,108
Air Supply - Keeping The Love Alive
3m 28s view     681,767
[Trailer]《大漢賢後衛子夫》8分鐘片花 (王珞丹,林峰)
8m 52s view      37,354
嘉门达夫 よくわかる日本史
6m 5s view     168,547
中國達人秀 第五季 KillerSoap 達人終極考核戰 《天高地厚》
3m 20s view     107,036
Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili w/ Mahal Scandal while Taking their Shower Together
1m 52s view     108,511
森山爱子 涙そうそう (否:森山良子)
1m 20s view      30,654
1m 38s view       7,918
[HD] 萌えおこし电波ソング “めうめうぺったんたん!! LONG”
4m 38s view      91,385
Mariah Carey - Heartbreaker (lyrics on screen)
4m 49s view     428,029
4m 37s view     433,872
【Audio Drama】 Yandere no Onna no Ko CD 3 - Tomoe Asakura 【English Hardsubbed】
18m 35s view      60,493
庾澄慶 對峙 MV
4m 43s view     279,870
【勇士們】陳勢安 Bii 勢在必行推薦
1m 10s view      14,317
林子祥 - 徐小鳳《再見楊柳》《順流逆流》
4m 3s view      16,876
[Eng Sub] Bravely Going Forward (080511) - Super Junior M (1/3)
21m 58s view      44,054
周華健 Wakin Chau【離別賦】Official Music Video HD
6m 22s view      71,306
余文樂 x 周柏豪 生還者2
2m 17s view      33,155
Lady Gaga - Dope (Audio)
3m 45s view    4,409,459
Best songs of Eagles 2015 | Eagles's greatest hits (full album) 2015 HD
1h 59m 59s view     271,117
Michael Buble - Feeling Good - Lyrics
3m 59s view    4,063,033
By2 有沒有 dance tutorial 舞蹈教學
17m 10s view      35,918
7m 14s view      98,862
EXO-M's Luhan 鹿晗 - 不懂 Bu Dong
37s view      55,437
告白/平井坚-ドラマ “Wの悲剧”主题歌
2m 38s view     159,056
RADWIMPS ‘ いいんですか? ’ -文化祭-
4m 3s view     104,542