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Roxette - Secrets That She Keeps
3m 25s view     147,606
The Beatles Dig It (Movie) Lyrics Subtitulado
3m 22s view     131,626
The Beatles - 'You've Got To Hide Your Love'
2m 12s view     351,603
Bon Jovi - I Want You (With Lyrics)
5m 39s view     178,569
Demi Lovato GIFT OF A FRIEND Karaoke
3m 29s view     196,215
On the Floor | Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull [Dark Intensity Remix]
5m 45s view    1,082,153
Selena Gomez - As A Blonde LYRICS on sceen [ULTRA HQ]
2m 58s view      51,071
Timbaland - Apologize ft. OneRepublic
3m 10s view  152,958,016
ROD STEWART - She Won't Dance With Me
5m 15s view      31,199
Jessie J Nobodys perfect lyrics
3m 42s view     435,290
Jason Mraz - Butterfly
6m 12s view     308,685
Avril Lavigne-Nobody's Home(acoustic)
3m 48s view     904,793
Heal the world - Michael Jackson - Vietsub
6m 23s view     813,042
Justin Bieber FT Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is you lyrics español
3m 56s view      82,260
3m 33s view    1,211,373
What The F***? - David Guetta
4m 2s view     131,582
CeeLo Green feat. Rod Stewart - Merry Christmas, Baby [Official Audio]
3m 58s view     397,692
Rihanna - No Love Allowed
3m 51s view      22,789
瑪麗亞凱莉對嘴 ken lee(Without You)
3m 43s view      30,140
Someone Like You - Adele cover by 12 y/o Jannine Weigel
4m 45s view    5,922,883
Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In
4m 44s view      79,758
Christina Aguilera - Vanity
4m 27s view     129,059
Elvis Presley - How's the World Treating You?
2m 26s view      91,029
湖南衛視我是歌手-彭佳慧《One Moment in Time》 凝聚美麗人聲-20130405
5m 44s view      19,669
OLIVIA ONG [Invisible Wings] Official MV
4m 4s view     370,127
Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey - Polka dots and moonbeams
3m 23s view     101,960
Michael Jackson'Beat It' Animation
5m 6s view    1,471,853
if thats what it takes celine dion with lyrics
4m 13s view    2,063,775
Taylor Swift Bad Blood (Lyrics)
3m 35s view     288,451
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off *PARODIA* (FACCIO UPLOAD) - hmatt feat. Youtube Italia
5m 12s view    3,107,563

Tokyo Ghoul Amazarashi ‘季节は次々死んでいく’ ”Seasons die one after another” “东京喰种トーキョーグール√A” ED
4m 6s view      61,194
6 Year Old G-dragon
21s view     464,716
女醫明妃傳主題曲 徐佳瑩 ~ 大雨將至
3m 58s view       7,195
UNKNOWN ORCHESTRA をピアノで弾いてみた (UVERworld)
4m 50s view      36,446
David Bowie - Space Oddity - live 1973 (new edit) 1980 Floor Show
5m 29s view      23,888
Batman Beyond - Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial by xReviva1
12m 48s view       5,139
容祖兒 2012全新廣東歌 出色MV (FULL VERSION)
3m 19s view      37,463
You (1998) - 福山雅治 Fukuyama Masaharu
4m 43s view     300,605
3m 46s view     291,548
4m 31s view      49,246
一青窈/ハナミズキ(ピアノ): Yo Hitoto - Hanamizuki (Piano)
3m 28s view      65,412
MSP- Santa Tell Me
4m 23s view     757,170
我願意,Jeanie Lee 李幸倪
2m 20s view      67,371
FTISLAND - 너 올 때까지 M/V
17m 36s view     589,447
Hitomi Shimatani / Crazy In Love
4m 4s view     152,202
2013.08.13 スーパーニュース / ゴールデンボンバー ⑶
40s view      19,465
韓紅《天路》-《我是歌手 3》第13期單曲純享 I Am A Singer 3 EP13 Song: Han Hong Performance【湖南衛視官方版】
5m 27s view    1,835,210
教则DVD ‘河村'カースケ'智康 Kaasuke Plays Drums’Digest
14m 45s view     239,002
謝和弦 R-chord - 《不需要裝乖》街訪
2m 51s view    1,160,285
欲望の街 ダウン・タウン・ブギウギ・バンド カヴァー
4m 29s view      45,009
4m 58s view      12,877
[Vietsub+Kara] Last Christmas - Taylor Swift
3m 28s view      81,000
蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao - 進行式 ( 官方完整版MV)
4m 19s view     177,811
Cliff Richard It's Better To Dream Christmas Single
3m 8s view      32,423
12 11/11 火影首映竹內順子現場配音
3m 56s view     147,440
1m 47s view      27,308
Let It Go - ( from Disney's Frozen ) Gwyneth
3m 49s view     113,337
Please Mr. Postman-The Beatles(subtitulado)
2m 35s view     102,420
Celtic Woman: Home For Christmas | PBS
5m 6s view     277,007
如果沒有你 Ru Guo Mei You Ni - 蕭敬騰 (lyrics)
4m 36s view      85,437