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mblenjani janji voc setu jhonero

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Diana Ross - Medley
8m 22s view      81,433
Ed Sheeran - I'm In Love With The Coco (Hitimpulse Remix)
3m 8s view   20,476,225
Britney Spears - Everytime, BOMT, Oops @ Planet Hollywood Las Vegas - 4 September 2015
6m 13s view     338,259
Fabricia Lees - I have Nothing (Whitney Houston) - Jovens Talentos 16/04/2011 (Raul Gil)
4m 38s view      41,157
Ariana Grande - Intro (Extended Version)
3m 8s view     257,303
Kenny G - April Rain
6m 48s view      10,390
Celine Dion - Stand by your side with lyrics
3m 33s view      53,591
Taylor Swift - Crazier (w/lyrics) HQ
3m 15s view    3,544,491
The Black Eyed Peas - Ring A Ling
4m 34s view     456,590
Lady Gaga - The Countess Story - Where Are You Now?
3m 56s view    1,108,479
The Eagles - Hotel California Acoustic Cover Live
6m 14s view     299,274
Fleetwood Mac ~ The Chain ~ Live 1979
5m 55s view    4,546,655
Aung Ye Lin Movie 's Song 1 - Tate Tate Lay Pal Chit Thwar Mal
4m 29s view     355,112
Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson Till I Loved You (Tradução)
5m 9s view      38,255
Jessie J sings with her mouth closed - The Graham Norton Show: Series 16 Episode 14 - BBC One
2m 12s view    8,488,376
Michael Jackson - Superfly Sister
6m 28s view     525,949
21m 35s view     257,763
ADELE - HELLO ft Oli White
1m 33s view    2,325,768
UB40 - Holly Holy
3m 35s view      36,121
Rihanna - Diamonds (Live on SNL)
4m 8s view   13,563,689
Aerosmith - One Way Street
7m 3s view      97,921
Enrique Iglesias Hero (MTV 2011 Georgia Batumi)
7m 14s view     582,589
1m 56s view     216,584
Empire Cast - Aces High ft. Serayah
2m 30s view     416,537
'Sweetest Girl' Acoustic: Wyclef Jean, Niia, & Jerry Wonda
5m 42s view    5,798,471
James Corden Pays Tribute to George Michael Says He Inspired 'Carpool Karaoke'
1m 28s view     168,668
Christina Aguilera - Lotus Intro / Prima Donna (Live Version)
7m 12s view       8,211
Harry Styles & Meghan Trainor's New Song For Michael Buble´ Is Here!
2m 55s view      46,354
Ellie Goulding - Hearts Without Chains (Lyrics)
3m 43s view      40,312
Justin Bieber Baby Chipmunks
3m 29s view     468,083

azan terbaik di dunia 2012
4m 2s view     469,635
2m 50s view     755,049
【TVPP】 Infinite - Be Mine, 인피니트 - 내꺼하자 @Dmc festival korean music wave
3m 20s view     301,485
17m 22s view      86,302
9m 55s view     194,947
B1A4 “Choo Choo TRAIN”MV short ver.
1m 43s view     175,031
Angels - Robbie Williams Karaoke
4m 36s view    2,267,431
7/1康熙來了 豬哥亮光臨康熙(下)part1
14m 40s view      20,235
Justin Bieber - Mark My Words - live Birmingham 2016
3m 17s view      11,759
Marlene & Rebecca - For Whom The Bell Tolls
4m 10s view     107,542
蔡幸娟 雲河、一簾幽夢
7m 17s view     606,342
12m 21s view     264,588
長伴千世紀 - 陳百強
3m 10s view       8,009
4m 30s view      65,286
[2013-05-25] 側田命硬演唱會PART 12 - Saranghae + 我有今日
11m 43s view       8,621
你不是真正的快樂 Ni Bu Shi Zhen Zheng De Kuai Le - 五月天 MAYDAY - Guitar Solo
4m 32s view      21,403
《夜曲》by 王喆 原唱:周杰倫 鋼琴曲
3m 45s view      25,399
【歌ってみた】RPG~ココロマンが保育园を卒园するので応援ソング歌う!【SEKAI NO OWARI】※下手注意※ #1678
5m 17s view     117,926
1m 8s view      15,288
10m 9s view     471,545
Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (cover) Lisa Lavie
4m 9s view     160,769
六哲 - 你的心是否也有我的名
4m 9s view     208,824
boku no soba ni - hideaki tokunaga
5m 51s view      32,126
The Beatles - Ticket To Ride (Karaoke)
3m 16s view     227,444
Heal The World (Michael Jackson & Nguyen Duc Trong)
5m 25s view     554,199
光ヶ丘少女时代☆披露宴余兴 oh!
3m 22s view      75,841
BOYS ON THE RUN コブクロ 马场俊英 カバー
5m 22s view      31,121
2004 MTV 封神榜萬人演唱會 艾薇兒 part1_(360p).flv
10m 56s view       6,641
Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente) @ Kanmiyoun Chinchin Oct27.2011 GIRLS' GENERATION Live
3m 38s view      37,005
鑽石夜總會 蕭志瑋模仿
21m 27s view     235,203