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Bon Jovi - The More Things Change (Lyrics)
3m 50s view      49,755
Heal The World - Michael Jackson (Superbowl)
6m 2s view     472,513
Bruno Mars - Count On Me - Piano Cover
3m 11s view      80,249
Selena Gomez vs Miley Cyrus - Who Wore It Best? (Dirty Laundry)
9m 32s view    1,550,189
Taylor Swift - 22 @ Billboard Music Awards 2013
4m 7s view     857,201
Christina Aguilera - Come On Over (All I Want is You) lyrics.wmv
3m 38s view    2,783,436
Britney Spears PIECE OF ME Las Vegas 11/11/15 (Master File)
1h 7m 33s view     238,989
Mariah Carey - Best LIVE Whistles 1990 - 2013 (Live High Notes)
9m 1s view     871,056
The Rolling Stones - Like a Rolling Stone - Live 1998
6m 26s view     477,063
The Lucky One - Taylor Swift Music Video
4m 25s view      34,117
Katy Perry - Not Like the Movies - Music Video
3m 58s view    1,246,232
Celine Dion - At Seventeen (LIVE)
7m 21s view     261,084
Avril Lavigne - Live at Roxy Theatre 2007 - Full concert HD / 50 Fps
50m 29s view      36,784
2Pac Still Ballin
2m 57s view    1,911,591
Justin Bieber Roller Coaster Lyrics HD
3m 6s view     324,452
OneRepublic - Tyrant (The Last Song Soundtrack)
5m 39s view      97,514
24m view     108,273
Justin Bieber - First Dance Music Video.flv
3m 40s view      15,421
Backstreet Boys - If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)
4m 46s view      55,168
Justin Bieber: Boyfriend (BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards 2015) [+#tb]
4m 36s view    4,089,657
Love is a wonderful thing - Michael Bolton
5m 32s view     336,203
alicia keys best songs
35m 27s view     635,358
The look of love - Nina Simone
3m 27s view      71,236
To Love Somebody (Amar A Alguien) - Michael Bolton (Subtitulos Inglés - Español)
4m 9s view     231,236
George Harrison ~ Give Me Love
5m 3s view     492,154
Que Sera de Mi Vida (Video CLIP) - El Lobo y La Sociedad Privada 2014 (Fullcumbia.Net)
4m 38s view     742,322
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (Zakk Wylde style) :by Gaku
4m 28s view     845,352
Imagine Dragons - Demons (Live From The Artists Den)
3m 4s view    2,476,532
Rihanna - Take A Bow (Karaoke)
3m 55s view    2,704,653
Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking Weed -- And Now We Can't Stop Listening To Wrecking Ball
1m 1s view     257,713

Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue - 01 Mood Indigo
4m 4s view      25,265
蔡黃汝(豆花妹) 2014全新單曲『安全感』Official MV
4m 30s view     447,768
木村カエラ - A winter fairy is melting a snowman (hiphop mix)
3m 59s view      55,111
[HD] AKB48 - お仕事コスプレ ヘビーローテーション 2013/11/27 Heavy Rotation ベストアーティスト
2m 33s view      37,573
Martin Papp - 《傳奇》王菲的英文版本 Forever Hold Your Hand
3m 46s view     175,623
BARBEE BOYS さあ どうしよう
2m 34s view      71,684
TM NETWORK“Happiness×3 Loneliness×3”【PV】
4m 58s view      42,017
許廷鏗 Alfred Hui - 如你是我 If You Were Me (Official Audio)
3m 26s view      34,145
'奧運玩得叻' 張智霖, 阮兆祥, 官恩娜, 洪天明.. 等
20m 46s view      26,654
5m 29s view      11,983
[M-Girls 四個女生] 美麗的春天 -- 新春佳期 2015 (Official MV)
3m 34s view      41,079
ハナミズキ /一青窈(Cover)
4m 19s view     333,057
HERO 葛城ユキ
4m view      16,550
Super Girls 『蓓蕾』(Blossom) Official Lyrics MV
3m 44s view     217,935
osu! ‘Zips’ - T.M.Revolution
4m 2s view     139,705
110108 FT Island 综艺大国民 / FT Island @ Super King 2/5
10m 45s view      83,963
我是歌手 第三季 第六期 - 李健 《袖手旁觀》
5m 27s view      52,341
Believe(カラオケ) / 西野カナ
4m 4s view     160,845
對你愛不完(棒棒堂版本) - 王子
45s view      17,093
Jolin蔡依林《愈慢愈美麗》幕後花絮 01
2m 59s view      13,062
3m 18s view      61,574
西野カナ [Darling]
3m 45s view     211,561
黃品源 - 你怎麼捨得我難過 (piano version)
2m 8s view      56,845
It's Only Love - Bryan Adams & Tina Turner
4m 51s view    4,063,562
藍心湄 - 你的電話 (1999)
3m 53s view     109,158
1m 17s view       6,878
4m 2s view     107,259
1h 12m 39s view     451,775
ケツメイシ はじまりの合図
4m 26s view     605,278
酒とふたりづれ 【カラオケ】 秋冈秀治
4m 58s view      75,124