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War Of Ages - Collapse (Lyrics)
4m 2s view      41,334
Jason Derulo - It Girl (Live At The 2011 Jingle Bell Ball)
3m 45s view     203,498
EXO-M - Love, Love, Love (夢中夢) [Chinese/PinYin/English] Color Color & Picture Coded HD
3m 53s view     109,400
Sebastian Bach - Kicking And Screaming (Official Video)
3m 17s view    1,595,908
Elvis Presley - Softly, As I Leave You
2m 57s view     198,954
Global We Got Married鬼澤花絮EP7-4【中字】
7m 14s view     271,928
R. Kelly - Just Like That (New) 2010 'Love Letter'
3m 19s view     768,514
Jefferson Airplane - Let's Get Together
3m 38s view     132,800
Yael Naim - Far Far
4m 42s view    1,103,519
比嘉セリーナ Selena Higa sings 'Sunday Morning' STAGE4 - X Factor Okinawa Japan
2m 9s view      46,173
Krzysztof Piasecki - Autobiografia - Hotel California
4m 31s view     146,717
Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Live in Houston)
4m 16s view   15,874,910
Blues Traveler - Run-Around
4m 27s view    4,034,518
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
6m 49s view    1,025,698
Paul Simon -Peace Like A River
3m 20s view     219,656
For Always - Lara Fabian & Josh Groban (polski tekst)
4m 46s view      61,348
Demi Lovato Performs 'Heart Attack' live with Kelly and Michael
2m 59s view     163,679
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
4m 1s view    2,689,668
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love (Karaoke)
4m 19s view      66,358
Westlife - I Have A Dream [Abbamania 1999]
4m 18s view     169,359
justin bieber song first dance..fanmade music video..
1m 5s view     118,125
Jackie Wilson - Danny Boy
4m 36s view     309,274
Girl's Generation(SNSD) Star Dance Battle 2009
2m 6s view     131,463
cover...PARK BOM-YOU AND I (Thai version) เวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทย
3m 53s view      25,505
Celine Dion- when I need you (subtitulos en español)
4m 16s view     775,466
Westlife - Difference In Me
3m 29s view      44,891
HyunAh Change dance move slow, mirrored TUTORIAL by BLACKQUEEN
4m 2s view     138,227
5m 0s view      44,790
30.000 feet Above Ground Wedding Proposal Mob
8m 8s view    1,275,705
You get me Talking Tom and Angela FMV
2m 44s view      23,055

CHA CHA [ Tekno ] - DJ ROWEL [Tekno RowMix]
7m 35s view     207,778
蘇盈之 - 組曲(不應該勇敢、過得去、幸福就好)
12m 41s view    1,272,616
同伴MV - 農夫
4m 8s view     223,874
Angel Eyes Teaser 1 [english sub]
0m 41s view     132,918
【HD】若さほとばしる冲撃!旧チームKの 自己绍介伝说!!前编
7m 24s view      41,281
U-KISS(유키스) '내 여자야(She's Mine) 안무연습 영상 Dance Practice Concept Video ver.
3m 16s view     604,836
I Say A Little Prayer Dionne Warwick Cover
3m 22s view      44,828
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (2008) (Live on Today 02-16-2012) [HD 1080p]
3m 9s view      17,823
搖滾夏令營 Camp Rock: Play My Music MV 中文字幕完整版
3m 10s view      16,326
4m 23s view     349,903
汪小敏&王璐《月半小夜曲》 Live 助唱2012花兒朵朵全國總決賽第七場120817
2m 57s view      40,794
SBS [그겨울바람이분다] - 애틋한 설원 눈싸움..♥
2m 4s view      54,928
3m 46s view      44,347
松下奈绪 ~Together~
4m 13s view     401,708
m-flo - LOVER (el poco maro remix)
7m 5s view      11,312
Z-Ro - Life (feat. Mr 3-2 & H2O)
4m 37s view     130,821
木村カエラ - A winter fairy is melting a snowman (Beatbox remix)
1m 3s view     320,226
dugem closing party of bangil crew by dj jimmy on the mix station top 10 surabaya gettarrrr
01h 2m 47s view      88,614
晚安北京 汪峰
7m 30s view      80,220
ガキの使いやあらへんで! サイレント図書館 1
16m 49s view    2,601,340
楊宗緯 情歌組曲
6m 29s view      44,307
8m 42s view      31,856
권리세 폭탄 발언 '봉태규 알몸 봤다' @화신 130903
2m 44s view      33,814
Sita Chan 陳僖儀 - 勇敢
3m 56s view      26,740
手话 歌 ‘ 世界に一つだけの花 ’
5m 28s view     135,844
松永千鶴 「ルージュ」 第16回?ポプコンライブ音源
5m 48s view       5,567
Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time
5m 26s view    7,358,502
サラリーマンがMr.ChildrenのEverything(It's you)を弾いてみた
5m 23s view      39,269
Hérobrine x Steve yaoi
1m 16s view      34,380
Bad News Bear in Breaking Training Theme
3m 9s view     122,791