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The Trishas perform 'Little Sweet Cigars' on The Texas Music Scene
4m 47s view     102,507
我猜 2008-06-07 - BY2姐妹 Talk + Dance (大BY)(小BY)
8m 30s view     195,623
8m 25s view      97,737
2m 28s view       7,209
I've Never Seen Anything like you
4m 54s view      45,505
Nhớ mẹ lý mồ côi - Phương Mỹ Chi
5m 41s view     915,252
EXO Lay Cuteness Compilation
14m 30s view     321,506
Nano - Neophobia Full!
3m 51s view     382,343
Chris Cornell - You Know My Name Live @ MSN
4m 5s view     633,050
Roger Waters & Sinead O'Connor - Mother
7m 1s view    8,359,585
Lindsay Lohan - Ultimate Lyrics
3m 7s view     143,846
Call your name lyrics Daughtry
4m 3s view    1,052,544
Earth, Wind & Fire - My Love (Audio)
4m 40s view      16,586
slow jamz LOVESONG vol.2 nonstop music
01h 0m 47s view      61,287
The Man That Got Away - Judy Garland (The Judy Garland Show)
4m 48s view     148,586
2012/1/25 on sale 8th.Single 片想いFinally MV(special edit ver.)
1m 1s view    2,610,078
James Blunt - Telephone (lyrics)
3m 22s view      58,820
John Lennon Oh Yoko!
4m 21s view     296,937
Zero 7 - Futures [HQ]
3m 46s view      64,752
Mt Eden Dubstep - Sarah McLachlan: Silence
4m 44s view   17,353,399
Paloma Faith - New York
3m 17s view    2,715,748
Meat Loaf - Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Bat Out Of Hell - Original Tour)
9m 8s view     893,769
ENIGMA MCMXC a.D. Mea Culpa translation & lyrics
4m 53s view     633,332
Nas - Daughter [Lyrics On Screen] HD
3m 30s view     220,199
Jamaica Farewell With Lyrics
2m 54s view     267,296
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats on Jack Parr/Fantasie Impromptu, Galloping Comedians
4m 46s view      36,624
(You're) Having My Baby - Paul Anka and Odia Coates
3m 51s view     447,828
Mix Bachatas Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, Rommel Hunter
30m 48s view     106,798
Eric Clapton - Layla
8m 1s view   57,368,335
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift by Runforthecube No Autotune Cover Song Parody
3m 33s view      55,982

Mink - Innocent Blue
5m 58s view     126,398
Huang Hun (Dusk)-by Nicholas Teo
5m 22s view      90,985
☆ SEKAI NO OWARI @ 东京湾岸公园 2013 #02【HD】
4m 44s view     166,064
4m 50s view     173,005
2m 26s view     728,558
TEEN TOP(틴탑)_Rocking(장난아냐) MV Dance ver.
3m 27s view    1,514,804
我想更懂你 ktv MV - 潘瑋柏 & 蘇芮
4m 26s view     151,217
偶然 2010 -- 齊秦 陳秋霞
4m 56s view      63,888
包偉銘 - 跑!向前跑!
2m 51s view     209,369
Madcon - Beggin (Drum Cover)
3m 40s view      54,169
I Feel Good - James Brown - Pomplamoose
3m 47s view    1,288,272
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On @ Show Celine (live In Las Vegas)
6m 30s view     458,327
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Screamo Cover)(NEW!)
3m 11s view     346,688
【Append合唱団】YELL いきものがかり【初音ミク】(singer ikimonogakari)
4m 2s view     169,115
MMD マトリョシカ - IA・GUMI
3m 31s view     170,687
3m 38s view     115,784
容祖兒 李克勤《刻不容緩》Official 官方完整版 [首播] [MV]
4m 12s view      46,584
4m 7s view     150,174
ジョニー大仓 “レッツ・ツイスト №1”
3m 10s view      13,081
大地讃頌~合唱~ / 佐藤 眞(ピアノ伴奏楽譜&歌詞)
2m 55s view      90,968
The Wanted on The Ellen Degeneres - Glad You Came
4m 37s view      86,431
《告別》-- 李泰祥&唐曉詩 (自編).wmv
5m 26s view      48,092
4m 20s view       9,050
Nino suckin melissas toes
0m 38s view     114,259
Beyond黃家駒《漆黑的空間》- 《天若有情》電影原聲
4m 10s view     489,475
陳百強- 當我想起妳 MV
4m 13s view      36,454
Roxette Live in South Africa 1995 Full Concert
01h 26m 44s view     740,114
何韻詩 hocc 神經痛 KTV
4m 9s view      39,527
Jason Donovan on Piers Morgan's Life Stories
46m 44s view     129,255
2m 8s view     111,995