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khusus dewasa 17 tahun keataS

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Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass - Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
2m 27s view     247,355
eminem feat rihanna love the way you lie
4m 24s view     979,117
'Shake It Off' Taylor Swift choreography by Jasmine Meakin (Mega Jam)
2m 50s view    3,939,360
Ferrari「The Jewels of The Madonna」
5m view      43,751
Connie Talbot - Amazing Grace
4m 19s view    1,106,393
Whitney Houston - Run To You (Male Version)
4m 25s view     895,121
Connie Talbot - All I Want For Christmas Is You
4m 4s view     824,086
2m 59s view     246,090
[Vietsub+Kara] Now and Forever - Richard Marx
3m 30s view     103,827
7. Talking To The Moon - Bruno Mars [Lyrics]
2m 52s view     392,011
Michael Jackson History [Audio HQ]
6m 39s view     148,068
Sting - All this time (Album The Soul Cages)
4m 48s view     109,862
Bruno Mars - Somewhere in Brooklyn (Live at Myx Mash Official)
3m 46s view     210,263
John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)
3m 26s view    5,309,399
Richard Marx - One Thing Left To Do (Live)
3m 59s view      69,945
Stay with you - karaoke - john legend
3m 52s view     112,657
Eagles - 'Heartache Tonight' (lyrics in description)
4m 23s view      47,985
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - CELINE DION
4m 21s view      52,542
Snoop Dogg: A Bitch I Knew
4m 33s view      71,919
Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away (Fan Version)(Subtitulos Español)(LPSTM)
4m 4s view     806,354
The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There (live)
2m 48s view    2,909,778
Frank Sinatra 'I Fall in Love Too Easily'
3m 12s view      45,338
George Michael - I can`t make you love me (LIVE) - MTV
5m 30s view     179,646
Rihanna ~ Take A Bow (Lyrics - Sub. Español) Official Video
3m 51s view     233,555
Sarah Brightman- Fleurs Du Mal
3m 59s view     105,906
Selena Gomez - Birthday [Lyrics]
3m 22s view    2,470,189
Jimmy Fallon & Idina Menzel Take on 'Let It Go' with Classroom Instruments
1m 47s view      52,109
Justin Bieber - Mistletoe - On Screen Lyrics [Studio Version]
3m 10s view    2,697,411
Babyface - The Day (That You Gave Me A Son) - Live - MTV Unplugged NYC.flv
7m 42s view     217,045
Mariah Carey-America The Beautiful(Live NBA Finals 1990)High Quality
2m 10s view     108,402

太阳スキャンダラス+Welcome home 水と绿の物语2012.08.18
9m 24s view     128,426
久保田利伸 - トランペット吹きながら
5m 33s view      22,546
宮鎖心玉 第19集
42m 43s view      91,072
Michael Jackson - Nite Line (Unreleased Song) (Demo Version) (1982)
4m 49s view      53,248
东方神起 (tvxq) -呪文- MIROTIC DANCE
3m 39s view      59,087
1m 31s view     147,149
周杰倫 - 退後 KTV
5m 2s view      32,591
李茂山 Li Mao San - Zuo Ye Xun she
3m 23s view      44,915
《好朋友只是朋友》 - 郁可唯
4m 21s view    6,608,434
昭和・露地里话 小林旭 ちゅう太カバー
3m 50s view      34,988
Leona Lewis- Run Live at Royal Variety (True HD Available)_(HD) 2.mp4
9m 28s view     126,307
鳳飛飛好歌 MV - 《何時能遺忘》
3m 12s view      48,110
SCANDAL - So easy
3m 21s view       7,980
Nightmare - 'Nothing you lose' (live @Budokan 2009)
4m 52s view      39,238
8m view      69,892
小肥 - 時光機ktv(純音樂)
3m 26s view      13,245
Marlene & Rebecca - Part 63-2 (closed captions)
11m 46s view     268,275
=終極混音= Will.I.Am 威爾 ft. Justin Bieber 小賈斯汀 - #That Power '中英文字幕'
5m view      86,257
6m 35s view     286,112
INSIDE KAELA -- Created on Surface Book : 木村カエラ“BOX”MVメイキング / Microsoft
4m 34s view     474,453
4m 7s view     145,130
9m 50s view      31,918
The Beatles- For No One
2m 6s view     474,570
140813 古劍男神 李易峰 - 我的紀錄片 Eng Sub
22m 52s view      29,805
星 (昴-すばる) テレサ・テン 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng**
4m 59s view      30,219
12m 55s view      12,073
魯豫有約 2013-05-07 趙薇 韓庚同學會
42m 21s view      12,538
ORION 中岛美嘉 cover Ryo
4m 51s view      85,723
La voce del silenzio- Andrea Bocelli- Subtítulos en español
4m 59s view      59,162
青山黛玛 - 留在我身边
5m 9s view      69,961