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khusus dewasa 17 tahun keataS

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Miss You (Subtitulado) - The Rolling Stones
3m 54s view     250,227
Selena Gomez & the Scene - Love You Like A Love Song Live on Good Morning America (6/17/2011)
3m 59s view    2,138,179
Simple Plan - I'd Do Anything (Official Video)
3m 20s view    9,776,849
John Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) feat. Ludacris
3m 58s view    5,720,852
Best Songs Of OneRepublic - OneRepublic 's Greatest Hits 2015
1h 56m 26s view     147,392
Shakira - Lo Hecho Está Hecho - Gala Premios 40 Principales 2009
3m 49s view     305,530
Coldplay - Fix You (Live at Toronto)
6m 28s view    4,263,318
6m 11s view     247,630
Olivia Newton-John - Deeper Than The Night
3m 20s view    1,585,458
Abba Chiquitita Karaoke
5m 23s view      43,336
Michael Jackson: It's Your Thing
3m 38s view     123,197
Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta
3m 49s view    1,813,796
4m 35s view     505,831
Maroon 5 - This Love Live at Rock in Rio (HD)
5m 42s view     669,042
My Mamma said by Aqua
3m 41s view      29,523
[ Bee Gees ] - Tragedy (HD-HQ)
4m 47s view      63,204
Waylon Jennings - If You Could Touch Her at All
3m 4s view     204,352
Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby (Chipmunks)
4m 18s view      93,760
Coldplay - The Hardest Part
4m 31s view     622,216
michael learns to rock-take to your heart subtitulada al español
4m 22s view      33,263
All of Me - John Legend (Jessi Malay Cover)
4m 32s view     285,951
Rose of My Heart-with lyrics-Johnny Cash
3m 17s view     272,255
One Direction - Diana (Official Video)
3m 6s view     389,449
Paul McCartney & Wings - London Town (Full Album)
1h 58s view     243,449
Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Album Version) - NO DEMO!!
4m 38s view    1,331,120
Taylor Swift Singing Tim McGraw by Amanda
3m 45s view      94,328
Paul McCartney - Hey Jude (2012 05 10 - Zócalo DF México) (32/38)
10m 41s view      58,109
LET IT GO/LIBRE SOY - Frozen by Demi Lovato/Martina Stoessel (Cover Jes Castillo)
4m 37s view      35,911
Chris Brown - Lucky Me (Lyrics)
5m 10s view     829,863
Kun Harapit Na An Adlaw Matunod_Mabuhay Singers
2m 54s view      61,913

倍赏千恵子 かあさんの歌
2m 56s view     146,077
fripSide - Flower of Bravery
4m 7s view     780,283
韓紅 #我是歌手 3 《我很醜可是我很溫柔》 - I am a Singer 3
12m 44s view     124,229
郭采潔- 愛情定格 MV
3m 38s view     489,006
Elvis Presley - Relax (1963)
4m 45s view     146,060
Mayday五月天【愛情的模樣】鋼琴版 piano by CHM
5m 22s view       9,798
にじいろ/绚香/ソロピアノ 上级
3m 45s view      49,676
Christina Aguilera - Oh Mother (Acapella)
3m 23s view      33,003
翁倩玉(ジュディ・オング ) 溫情滿人間 棚內LIVE版 チャリティー番組
3m 49s view       8,427
松本人志 竹原ピストルの起用について闻かれ悔し涙を浮かべる
56s view      54,950
Scandal 3x16 Olivia and Fitz argue 'You're being disgusting!'
3m 38s view     417,642
張靚穎 - 天下無雙 (Unparalleled)
5m 19s view     152,959
14m 58s view      46,381
中岛美嘉 ‘【HD】ONE SURVIVE( ショートver.)’
1m 3s view      80,200
INSIDE วง Hcute [Official MV] Debut Single
5m 24s view      68,626
azemaru あぜ丸 リンゴ 半音下げ 吉田拓郎 石川鹰彦
3m 13s view      70,138
“君の名は。”声优・上白石萌音が骂声を绝賛に変えたこととは。相互チャンネル登录 SUB4SUB 明るく芸能ちゃん
4m 28s view      32,819
Take it to the limit-The Eagles 3.avi
5m 20s view     883,042
hide - D.O.D. (Drink or Die - live)
4m 30s view      71,234
鄧麗君 - 奈何 雲河 原鄉人 甜蜜蜜 1984
3m 40s view     150,102
7m 56s view     279,280
Can you feel the love tonight (Elton John / Tim Rice - Arr. John R. Durant)
5m 14s view      18,378
高田渡 コーヒーブルース
1m 38s view     234,300
Andy Lau 劉德華 - 真我的風采 My True Presence
4m 34s view      10,991
Maroon 5-Sugar (Official)
3m 59s view    2,465,162
大桥トリオ / Bing Bang
2m 35s view     818,481
4m 37s view     378,237
4m 46s view      10,317
20110101 明日之星 許富凱 女人的故事
3m 36s view      32,402
一滴の影响 UVERworld
1m 18s view     264,225