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khusus dewasa 17 tahun keataS

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I Knew You Were Trouble Remix - Eppic (feat. Alex G.) (Originally by Taylor Swift)
2m 53s view     306,323
Highway Don't Care (with Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban) Live @ CMA Fest
4m 53s view     313,600
Beach Boys & Chicago - Darlin LIVE (1975)
2m 34s view      43,258
Avril Lavigne Unwanted Live In Buffalo 2003
4m 50s view      76,504
Giulia Haidău - Emilia - 'Big Big World' - Next Star
3m 16s view     822,029
Love Story (Taylor Swift) Guitar Lesson- Part 1 of 2
9m 15s view    1,243,197
1m 47s view      44,546
One Direction- Olivia (Lyrics)
2m 29s view     954,217
May J.『Rewind』MUSIC VIDEO / Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter 先行試聴音源
3m 22s view     179,154
1977 Bee Gees - How deep is your love (Alternate Version)
3m 23s view      75,831
UNISON SQUARE GARDEN ラジオゲストトーク~曲カット~2013-01-29
23m 51s view      14,351
Celine Dion & Bee Gees - Immortality (live, subtitulado en español)
5m 19s view     163,247
Angels - Robbie Williams Karaoke
4m 36s view    1,777,520
The Best of ABBA - Greatest Hits (Full Album)
1h 18m 19s view     494,484
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - sung Live Victory Tour 1984 - High Quality
9m 2s view     642,617
Michael Learns To Rock - Strange Foreign Beauty
4m 2s view      61,061
FAME ('90 REMIX) - DAVID BOWIE (with lyrics)
3m 33s view      39,757
Elton John- Kiss The Bride
4m 27s view     145,538
No one to Depend On, Santana, HD 1080P
5m 34s view     122,035
Kylie Minogue - 'Illusion' [Live in London]
6m 4s view     116,703
raks keek 9hab way way 2015
41s view     418,996
I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston (greek subs) ★♥ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ★
4m 35s view     245,653
Sinéad O'Connor - How Insensitive
3m 29s view      57,494
They Might Be Giants - S E X X Y
3m 5s view      27,564
Shakira - Si te vas
3m 26s view    5,817,781
David Bowie - Heroes + lyrics
6m 11s view    6,497,347
Johnny Cash - Jackson - Live at San Quentin (Good Sound Quality)
3m 28s view     647,279
Simply Red - Stars Live At Montreux Jazz Festival 1992
4m 8s view     106,341
'Memory' - Sarah Brightman - HD - Sub Castellano
4m 18s view      72,301
Rainbow Connection - Sarah McLachlan
3m 31s view      32,890

4m 32s view      37,649
齊豫 齊秦 羅大佑 心事誰人知 LIVE 1988
6m 15s view      31,003
20131207 SpeXial 偉晉 @ 終極一班2/3 香港宣傳活動《兄妹》
3m 20s view      23,743
2m 9s view      10,899
Have I told You lately - Van Morrison - HD Lyrics on Screen
4m 21s view     134,926
4m 46s view      70,403
every woman in the world - air supply (live in hawaii)
4m 14s view     110,507
初恋 秦基博 cover 吉田拓矢
4m 18s view      22,648
Selena-Dreaming of you lyrics
5m 27s view    4,392,624
女の海峡 中村美律子 Nakamura Mitsuko
3m 8s view      42,827
5m 38s view     554,622
2006 Tantra Yoga 譚崔瑜珈世紀講座-2
4m 22s view     138,791
Shojo S - Rina angle version SCANDAL
3m 14s view      11,991
【モノマネ】第1回、2亿4千万のものまねメドレー选手権 2 / とんねるず 神奈月 清水ミチッコ 古贺シュウ/とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした
25m 26s view     211,381
Elvis Presley - See See Rider
2m 29s view      38,377
3m 11s view     105,679
Neil Diamond - Song sung blue 1972
3m 25s view     191,909
Phil J - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe - Drum Cover Remix
3m 15s view     268,508
Britney Spears - Work Bitch
6m 9s view     915,173
Mnet [엠카운트다운] Ep.384 : 에이핑크(Apink) - 노노노 + 미스터 츄(NoNoNo + Mr. Chu)@M COUNTDOWN_140710
7m 12s view    1,315,905
藤あや子 - 红
2m 58s view      47,253
《金星秀》第20151014期: 伊能靜暢談姐弟戀 The Jinxing Show EP.20151014【東方衛視官方高清版】
1h 40m 43s view     405,590
椎名林檎 - 丸の内サディスティック ドラム カバー
4m view     113,132
王菲 - 清平調 / 獨上西樓 鄧麗君60周年紀念演唱會 .
5m 10s view     101,161
20111204 曼青(爵士鼓)~天生歌姬A-Lin(黃麗玲)四季(自彈自唱)
4m 56s view      16,550
----The Beatles----Yesterday----Original Version----
2m 10s view     249,996
4m 47s view      34,030
悲しみがとまらない  杏里  いい音どうぞ
4m 20s view      62,013
大桥トリオ - Rainy Day
4m 4s view      23,332
張惠妹-WHAT'S UP 官方MV
5m 15s view     114,328