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Celine Dion - The Power Of Love ( Tradução ) By Sara Aguilar.wmv
5m 45s view    4,652,850
Don't Stop Believin' - Various Artists (From 'Rock Of Ages') [HD]
4m 25s view    4,088,359
Best Of Westlife Songs
1h 56m 54s view    4,688,356
(EASY No Capo) Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift Guitar Tutorial
7m 57s view     681,102
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Lyrics & Sub Español) Official Video
4m 45s view    7,306,259
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Blues Medley
10m 16s view      80,792
Connie Talbot - Hero
2m 13s view     241,792
Taylor Swift Last Christmas (traducida a español)
3m 34s view      28,175
Jason Mraz - Geek in the Pink @ Ootmarsum
5m 39s view     387,612
Elton John - Blues Never Fade Away (Captain & Kid 6 of 10)
4m 46s view      38,936
Sarah Brightman-Eden Lyrics
4m 1s view     121,084
Shaggy - Only love ft Pitbull & Gene Noble - Official Lyric Video
3m 44s view    1,610,999
Adele - Rolling in the deep (Live Royal Albert Hall)
5m 9s view   15,932,204
老鷹合唱團Eagles Because I Love You 因為我愛你KTV
3m 28s view    1,621,703
Andrea Faustini sings Whitney Houston's One Moment In Time | Live Week 2 | The X Factor UK 2014
2m 51s view    1,268,891
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
3m 40s view      55,609
Selena Gomez Cries For Justin Bieber At Taylor Swift Bday Party
1m 46s view     194,235
John Mayer - Daughters
3m 58s view   16,538,170
Radiohead - True Love Waits (band version)
4m 50s view     906,353
Westlife - Queen Of My Heart (With Lyrics)
4m 23s view    3,389,176
Rihanna - We Ride (Cover)
4m 4s view      10,581
John Mayer - Gravity @ Crossroads 2007
7m 18s view     120,992
Britney Spears - Shattered Glass
2m 57s view     296,572
Starlight- Taylor Swift LIVE 3.27 HD
3m 20s view     105,015
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable Ending (Savage Garden - I Want You)
1m 9s view      63,080
David Bowie 1999 – Hours – 10 Titres MP3
47m 5s view      46,863
Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy
4m 17s view    1,619,293
I Write the songs (Lyrics) - Barry Manilow
3m 51s view      35,105
Ariana Grande Love The Way You Lie (Lyrics)
3m 58s view     237,505
(3/7)1993麥可傑克森接受歐普拉專訪 中文字幕
9m 29s view      38,164

George Harrison - Here comes the sun (Subtitulada)
3m 34s view    9,215,876
‘起终点駅 ターミナル’予告3
1m 21s view     147,783
3m 3s view      37,821
【UTAGE150427】④ Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love(globe)/二宫爱・横尾渉【ペアタイム】
5m 33s view      61,683
Дарья Ковтун - My heart will go on - Celine Dion - Седьмой прямой эфир - Х-фактор 4 - 07.12.2013
12m 31s view     188,661
1m 36s view     373,302
Henry 헨리_Playing 'TRAP' Violin & Piano ver. with SeoHyun 서현 of Girls' Generation
1m 47s view    2,956,655
MUSE | New Born | Español | HD ver. OFICIAL
5m 58s view     214,307
蔡依林-舞孃 KTV
3m 43s view     112,983
依存性 椎名林檎
6m 20s view      39,905
4m 19s view       5,126
與星共舞dancing stars:周杰倫Jay Chou老婆昆凌Hannah Quinlivan因大婚退賽 昆凌舞姿集錦
19m 58s view     183,369
郭富城&陳艾湄 誰說我不在乎
4m 13s view     191,348
Avril Lavigne - Complicated (Live in Toronto) HD
4m 28s view    3,103,745
Teresa Teng - Ni zen me shuo. 你怎麼說 What Do You Have To Say ?
3m 38s view    1,506,336
1m 10s view     272,728
《我是歌手3》看點 I Am A Singer 3 03/06 Recap: 蕭煌奇秀絕技引驚奇鄭淳元綵排突發險情-Xiao Huang-chi shows his talents【湖南衛視官方版】
13m 1s view     106,207
三代目J Soul Brothers/R.Y.U.S.E.I.@a-nation2014
7m 13s view    2,163,157
プロポーズ大作戦(求婚大作战) - 小さな恋のうた(小小恋歌) 歌词付き
3m 49s view      98,955
林俊傑 - 一千年以後( I AM世界巡迴演唱會) 現場版
6m 55s view      76,138
制服 - 松田圣子《歌词付き》 8th.シングル / B-Side
3m 36s view      97,712
S.H.E《SHERO》10 - 愛就對了 (CD Version)
4m 11s view      66,315
AKB48 - ハート型ウイルス (Heart gata virus) - A5th 11.05.30
3m 58s view     236,279
加藤ミリヤ ‘ピース オブ ケイク―爱を叫ぼう― feat. 峯田和伸 ’Short Ver.
2m 13s view     202,201
Christina Aguilera - Mother (John Lennon Cover) InstantKarma
5m 8s view     172,178
林淑容 - 我怎麼哭了 MV
3m 34s view     112,520
:HD:張懸 玫瑰色的你 / 坪林很近 自然限定音樂會
8m 34s view       8,625
DEEN-2008武道馆Special Ballad Medley -01
8m 31s view       7,330
周蕙 Where Chou - Hold Me Tight (官方版MV)
4m 41s view      25,835
Writing's On The Wall - Sam Smith (Violin) [Sheet Music by MMC] ► James Bond: Spectre
4m 37s view      31,259