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Gina Hong | Body Party by Ciara

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***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I own no rights to this music. For inspirational purposes only.***

Song by Ciara - Body Party

Hey guys! This is my very first choreography video and I hope you enjoy it! I've been wanting to make my own YouTube account for a very long time, and I finally felt ready to share my artistry with you guys.

This is only the beginning for me, and I hope you guys join me on my journey as a growing choreographer :)

Choreography by: Gina Hong
Angelica ''Aika'' Cortes
Chanelle Wang
Sakiko Arai
Chantelle ''Telly'' Maybir

A big thanks to our VERY talented videographer, Jeremy Fabunan for helping me with my first video.

Filmed & Edited by
Jeremy Fabunan




All songs
( 124 songs in total ) (Lyrics)1.1 2 Step Feat. Missy Elliott
(Lyrics)2.1, 2 Step Ft Missy Elliott
(Lyrics)3.1,2 Step
(Lyrics)6.All I Wanna Do
(Lyrics)7.And I
(Lyrics)8.Bang It Up
(Lyrics)9.Basic Instinct
(Lyrics)11.Body Party
(Lyrics)12.Boy Outta Here
(Lyrics)14.Can't Leave 'Em Alone
(Lyrics)15.Ciara To The Stage
(Lyrics)16.Click Flash
(Lyrics)19.Dance Like We're Making Love
(Lyrics)21.Deuces Remix
(Lyrics)23.Do It
(Lyrics)27.Feeling On My A
(Lyrics)28.Fit Of Love
(Lyrics)29.G Is For Girl
(Lyrics)30.Get In, Fit In
(Lyrics)31.Get It Girl
(Lyrics)32.Get Up
(Lyrics)33.Gimme Dat
(Lyrics)34.Gimmie Dat
(Lyrics)35.Girls Get Your Money
(Lyrics)36.Go Girl
(Lyrics)37.Goodies - Album Version
(Lyrics)38.Goodies - Featuring Petey Pablo
(Lyrics)39.Goodies Ft. Petey Pablo
(Lyrics)41.Gotta Be
(Lyrics)42.Heavy Rotation
(Lyrics)43.High Price
(Lyrics)45.I Bet
(Lyrics)46.I Don't Remember
(Lyrics)47.I Found Myself
(Lyrics)48.I Proceed
(Lyrics)49.I Run It
(Lyrics)50.I'm Just Me
(Lyrics)51.I'm On
(Lyrics)52.I'm Out
(Lyrics)53.If Only
(Lyrics)54.Keep Dancin' On Me
(Lyrics)55.Keep On Lookin'
(Lyrics)56.King And Queen
(Lyrics)57.Like a Boy
(Lyrics)58.Like A Surgeon
(Lyrics)59.Listen To My Song
(Lyrics)60.Livin' It Up
(Lyrics)61.Lookin' At You
(Lyrics)62.Looking at you
(Lyrics)63.Love Sex Magic
(Lyrics)64.Love You Better
(Lyrics)65.Love's Funny
(Lyrics)66.Lover's Thing
(Lyrics)67.Make It Last Forever
(Lyrics)68.My Goodies
(Lyrics)69.My Love
(Lyrics)70.Never Ever
(Lyrics)71.Next To You Feat. R. Kelly
(Lyrics)72.Next To You Ft. R.Kelly
(Lyrics)73.Next to you
(Lyrics)75.Oh [feat. Ludacris]
(Lyrics)76.Oh Featuring Ludacris
(Lyrics)77.Oh Ft. Ludacris
(Lyrics)78.Oh Round Here We Ride Slow
(Lyrics)79.One, two step
(Lyrics)80.Ooh baby
(Lyrics)81.Other chicks
(Lyrics)83.Pick up the phone
(Lyrics)84.Pretty Girl Swag
(Lyrics)86.Pucker Up
(Lyrics)88.Read My Lips
(Lyrics)89.Represent Me
(Lyrics)91.Roll With You
(Lyrics)93.Shut Em Up
(Lyrics)94.So Hard
(Lyrics)98.Super Turnt Up
(Lyrics)101.Take Me Wit U
(Lyrics)102.Tell Me What Your Name Is
(Lyrics)103.That's Right
(Lyrics)104.The Evolution of C
(Lyrics)105.The Evolution of Dance
(Lyrics)106.The Evolution of Fashion
(Lyrics)107.The Evolution of Music
(Lyrics)108.The title
(Lyrics)109.The Way You Move
(Lyrics)110.This Is What Love Is
(Lyrics)111.Thug style
(Lyrics)112.Turn It Up
(Lyrics)114.Twerk A Little
(Lyrics)115.Uh Uh Uh
(Lyrics)117.Up And Down
(Lyrics)118.Wants For Dinner
(Lyrics)119.What's Your Name
(Lyrics)120.When I
(Lyrics)121.Where You Go
(Lyrics)123.Yeah I Know
(Lyrics)124.You Can Get It


All albums

> Dance Like We're Making Love
> I Bet
> Ciara(2013)
> Sorry (Single)
> Basic Instinct
> Fantasy Ride
> The Evolution
> Goodies
> Speechless (Single)
> Gimme Dat (Single)
> 暫存

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