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Gina Hong | Body Party by Ciara

             2m 13s   view 912615

***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I own no rights to this music. For inspirational purposes only.***

Song by Ciara - Body Party

Hey guys! This is my very first choreography video and I hope you enjoy it! I've been wanting to make my own YouTube account for a very long time, and I finally felt ready to share my artistry with you guys.

This is only the beginning for me, and I hope you guys join me on my journey as a growing choreographer :)

Choreography by: Gina Hong
Angelica ''Aika'' Cortes
Chanelle Wang
Sakiko Arai
Chantelle ''Telly'' Maybir

A big thanks to our VERY talented videographer, Jeremy Fabunan for helping me with my first video.

Filmed & Edited by
Jeremy Fabunan



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