Video Petula Clark - I Don`t Know How To Love Him

Petula Clark - I Don`t Know How To Love Him

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1971 single
#47 in the UK

Petula Clark

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( 105 songs in total ) (Lyrics)1.A Groovy Kind Of Love
(Lyrics)2.A Sign Of the Times
(Lyrics)3.A Song For You
(Provided)4.All My Life
(Lyrics)5.American Boys
(Provided)6.Another Christmas Without You
(Lyrics)7.Away In A Manger
(Provided)8.Butterfly In The Snow
(Provided)9.C Est CaMa Chanson
(Lyrics)10.Call Me
(Lyrics)11.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
(Provided)12.Christmas Lullaby
(Lyrics)13.Color My World
(Lyrics)14.Colour My World
(Provided)15.Colours Of Love
(Provided)16.Come To Me For Love
(Provided)18.Cry Like A Baby
(Lyrics)19.Cut Copy Me
(Provided)20.Didn't I Say I Love You
(Provided)21.Dont Give Up
(Provided)22.Dont Sleep In The Subway
(Lyrics)23.Downtown 2004
(Lyrics)25.Every Word You Say
(Lyrics)26.Fixing To Live
(Lyrics)27.Games People Play
(Provided)28.Going Out Of My Head
(Provided)29.Good Things
(Provided)30.Got It
(Lyrics)32.Happy Heart
(Provided)33.He Is Born, The Divine Child
(Lyrics)34.He Loves And She Loves
(Provided)36.I Am Your Song
(Lyrics)37.I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
(Lyrics)38.I Dont Know How To Love Him
(Lyrics)39.I Know A Place
(Provided)40.I Want To Sing In Your Band
(Lyrics)41.I Will Follow Him
(Provided)42.I Won't Care
(Lyrics)43.I'll Be Home For Christmas
(Provided)44.If You Ever Go Away
(Provided)47.In The City
(Provided)48.It's OK
(Lyrics)49.Kiss Me Goodbye
(Lyrics)50.Let It Be Me
(Provided)51.Little Bit Of Lovin
(Provided)52.Look At Mine
(Lyrics)53.Lost In You
(Lyrics)54.Love Me Tender
(Lyrics)55.Love Me With All Your Heart
(Provided)56.Melody Man
(Provided)57.More Love
(Lyrics)58.Mother Of Us All
(Provided)60.My Friend The Sea
(Lyrics)61.My Love
(Lyrics)62.Never Enough
(Lyrics)63.Next To You
(Provided)64.Open Your Heart
(Provided)65.Reach Out Ill Be There
(Provided)68.Send Away The Clowns
(Provided)69.Serenade Of Love
(Lyrics)70.Sign Of The Times
(Lyrics)71.Silent Night
(Lyrics)72.Silver Spoon
(Provided)73.Simple Gifts
(Provided)74.Super Loving Lady
(Provided)75.Swiss Valley
(Provided)76.Tears Of A Clown
(Lyrics)77.Tell Me
(Provided)78.Thank You For Christmas
(Provided)79.Thank You My Love
(Lyrics)80.The Cat in the Window The Bird in the Sky
(Provided)81.The Cat In The Window
(Lyrics)82.The Fool On The Hill
(Provided)83.The Happiest Christmas
(Lyrics)84.The Little Drummer Boy
(Lyrics)85.The Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener
(Provided)86.The Show Is Over
(Provided)87.The Song Of My Life
(Lyrics)88.The Wedding Song
(Provided)89.The Windmails Of My Mind
(Lyrics)90.These Are The Days Of Our Lives
(Lyrics)91.This Girl's In Love With You
(Provided)92.This Is Christmas
(Lyrics)93.This Is Goodbye
(Lyrics)94.This Is My Song
(Provided)95.Turn To Me
(Provided)96.Walking On Air
(Provided)97.We'll Still Be Friends
(Provided)98.Where Am I Going
(Lyrics)99.Who Am I?
(Provided)100.With All My Heart
(Lyrics)101.You're The Only One
(Lyrics)102.Youd Better Come Home
(Provided)103.Youre The One
(Lyrics)104.'Round Every Corner
(Lyrics)105..The last waltz Engelbert Humperdinck

Petula Clark

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> Lost In You
> This Is Christmas
> Open Your Heart: A Love Song Collection
> Legendary Petula Clark
> My Greatest
> Greatest Hits
> The Classic Collection
> Misc Songs
> Greatest Hits Of Petula Clark
> Down Town
> 暫存

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