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周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 小白 Little White (Official Music Video)
4m 15s view    2,867,934
あなたの爱になりたい 辛岛美登里
5m 53s view     359,692
BEYONCÉ: 14 songs. 17 videos.
16s view     682,261
Where are you now 你在哪裡 羅百吉 Dj jerry
4m 6s view      36,820
岑寧兒Yoyo Sham - 空隙 with 盧凱彤 Studio Live MV
5m 47s view     212,988
14m 51s view      11,685
Taylor Swift - Love Story (Bachata Remix 2014, Daeil Cha)
3m 43s view      64,262
8m 21s view     149,373
龍飄飄 - 財神到我家 [Original Music Audio]
3m 26s view      18,712
Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable [Lyrics/Karaoke]
3m 45s view    1,549,710
ヒロイン/back number(Cover)
4m 33s view    2,732,613
9m 11s view      59,413
韓紅 青藏高原 video playinmel com 360p
4m 2s view     609,601
石井竜也 - MY FATHER
9m 57s view      48,967
Sting- A thousand Year Subtitulado al español
6m view      93,819
Dragon Ash/‘VIDEO THE FACES’ YouTube Video Sampler
12m 35s view     131,148
Porno Graffitti@Saudade / music box
4m 9s view       9,559
豬哥亮訪問歌廳秀 崔愛蓮 舞女
10m 20s view      30,696
Elton John - Live @ Festival de Viña 2013 (HD) (FULL CONCERT)
1h 22m 23s view     372,011
Miracle廣告,超人mv花絮 五月天
7m 36s view      57,650
來自星星的事 驚魂鬼燈獎 你確定你看到的是人嗎? 向蕙玲,殷琦,周健,Gino,胡孝誠 ,愛喲我的媽,來自星星的事
45m 26s view      29,878
爆烈!ナイトメア パリピおじさん
5m 11s view       9,614
蕭敬騰.林宥嘉4男孩 綵排練唱紀念金曲
1m 48s view     135,042
Megpoid Gumi “DISTANCE 宇多田ヒカル”
5m 33s view     125,497
T-ara - Day By Day [Thai Version By ShaNeWJiE]
3m 32s view      38,254
鄧麗欣 - 電燈膽(100 Watt) KTV
3m 49s view     567,579
RADWIMPS/前前前世(映画“君の名は。”主题歌)Lyric Video
5m 34s view     110,357
Miley Cyrus NEW PICTURES Breakout
3m 26s view      22,775
青春修煉手冊 Manual of Youth(TFBOYS)鋼琴 Jason Piano Cover
2m 53s view      83,697
3m 28s view      17,851
Carol of the Bells Hayley Westenra
3m 2s view     146,517
愛情看透透 - 孫淑媚
4m 10s view      40,573
Innocence - Avril Lavigne ( traduction française )
3m 54s view     942,310
超級星光大道 第一季 ep.11 pt.5/7 sugoi回顧 石破天驚 快歌指定賽
10m 56s view      16,569
詹雅雯【當店 】Official Music Video
3m 40s view     242,552
'The Shadow of Your Smile' Barbra Streisand
2m 46s view       9,486
whiteeeen“キセキ~未来へ~”(映画‘青空エール’主题歌)Lyric Video
5m 39s view     160,576
Ed Sheeran (EXCLUSIVE) - We Are & The City
13m 11s view     120,978
2m 56s view     170,824
2m 5s view      41,088
3m 38s view      32,156
AKB48 桜の花びらたち2008 感动と涙で・・・・
5m 53s view     364,635
王菲 - 但願人長久
4m 17s view    3,239,395
Knocking On Heaven's Door Eric Clapton Lyrics
4m 26s view     542,045
Merle Haggard - The Bottle Let Me Down (Karaoke)
3m view     138,338
MAYDAY五月天-第23屆流行音樂金曲獎 6/23YouTube全程線上直播預告
14s view     144,628
7m 53s view     133,110
【タブ谱】AKB48 team4 ‘走れ!ペンギン ’ Acoustic Edition 【Aimar】
2m 10s view      61,188
4m 35s view      53,571
[HD] 浪花兄弟 痛了才懂 MV
4m 29s view     239,493