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She's a Woman - Karaoke HD (In the style of The Beatles)
3m 38s view      20,029
Bond - Shine
3m 51s view    9,960,132
炎亞綸 Aaron Yan [一刀不剪 No Cut] 官方歌詞版 Official Audio
3m 39s view     151,975
Usher - Dive (Live at iTunes Festival 2012)
3m 54s view      89,664
20100515 超偶 4 ~ 吳汶芳 - Bitter Heart
2m 36s view      24,979
BUCK-TICK / キャンディ【Victor Years】
1m 3s view      58,222
鍾舒漫-給自己的信 MV(TVB version)
4m 17s view     717,979
鳳飛飛 _ 追夢人 (KTV版)
4m 4s view     232,137
君がいるだけで × 梦で逢えたら
6m 16s view    1,053,815
4m 19s view      20,792
滅火器 Fire EX. - 欲走無路 Going Nowhere
3m 15s view     112,969
GReeeeN - 忍 (Short version)
1m 44s view    1,620,044
Pong Nan 藍奕邦 - 六月
7m 51s view      47,905
Aerosmith - Walk This Way (Audio)
3m 42s view    1,156,064
7m 3s view     342,448
Air Supply - Goodbye
4m 3s view     620,919
Leona Lewis • Hurt (Acoustic) • Live Ustream Chat
4m 44s view      16,924
[陳乃榮中文網_製作]召喚獸 陳乃榮
5m 3s view      29,402
小虎隊 青蘋果樂園(首演)
2m 26s view     161,530
鄧麗君-甜蜜蜜(등려군-첨밀밀)[Teresa Teng - I'm Still Loving You]
3m 33s view    1,004,525
楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 仰望
3m 42s view     962,267
解偉苓 - 悲傷止步
2m 29s view      93,496
楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 不見
3m 19s view     143,098
2008.06.27超級星光大道3 林芯儀 / 無情的情書
8m 36s view      93,147
4m 16s view     211,700
ALI PROJECT - 堕落论 (Darakuron, On Decadence)
4m 28s view      85,267
小魚兒老師MV舞蹈教學~蔡依林 無言以對
2m 3s view      33,630
Mario Loritz - Egal was andere sagen (deutsche Version von 'No matter what' -Boyzone)
4m 20s view      43,965
【TFBOYS偶像手記】第六集 06 高清完整版 part 3
6m 7s view      11,404
未来 / コブクロ (cover)
5m 11s view    3,634,322
东方神起 Stand by U  A cappella
36s view      45,409
容祖兒 Joey Yung《謝謝你愛我》[MV]
4m 44s view     151,244
Air Supply - The Vanishing Race
4m 58s view      38,758
Michael Jackson - They Don』t Care About Us (Brazil Version) (Official Video)
4m 42s view  319,090,249
あさみちゆき / かすみ草エレジー
1m 47s view     135,619
GOT7 - Mayday (Color Coded Lyrics/Eng/Rom/Han)
3m 36s view    1,081,170
Don't Go Breakin' My Heart- Elton John and Kiki Dee w/ lyrics
4m 30s view    1,027,862
Anri Sugihara
3m 42s view     135,427
黃小琥版《我要你的愛》Chinese cover version of the classic chic I Want Your Love
3m 4s view      15,699
梁漢文 Edmond Leung - 終身贊助 (Official MV)
4m 37s view      34,423
Try Colbie Caillat - Arden Cho
2m 38s view     135,584
下一站,幸福 第18集 480p 清晰版
1h 11m 46s view      54,147
UVERworld ‘Just break the limit!’
3m 44s view     612,340
ONE OK ROCK Yokohama Arena - Nobody's Home (PT-PT)
6m 4s view      81,046
1m 37s view     868,859
午夜的戀歌 喬幼演唱
4m 56s view     194,995
David Guetta feat. Sia - She Wolf (Nick Kech & John Rous Remix)
5m 49s view      53,024
How to Whistle Tone!!!! With Frankie & Ariana Grande
2m 44s view    1,648,297
Britney Spears - Hot Songs [Full HD]
6m 29s view      49,335
ABBA - The Visitors
5m 46s view     114,333