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TM NETWORK / QUIT30 Trailer(music:Alive)
2m 15s view      71,807
Elvis Presley - One Night Of Sin.wmv
2m 45s view      20,197
四個朋友 - 因為有你 (短版預告搶先聽)
2m 11s view      65,138
X JAPAN - カーテンコール (Tokyo Dome 1995.12.31)
10m 57s view      20,486
恭一郎 ドーナツホールをフルで歌ってみた
3m 32s view     138,954
Ashanti ft. Lil Sis Shi Shi - Colors Of The Wind (Music Video)
4m 2s view    1,798,042
2m 48s view      68,240
Anh khong muon bat cong voi em 練習 劉德華
4m 22s view     171,918
想對你說 - 蘇打綠 「當我們一起走過」演唱會加場
2m 15s view      62,795
パンク蛹化の女 YAPOOS 戸川纯 HYS Noise
9m 28s view      11,865
3m 17s view     131,730
5m 21s view      86,972
我是歌手-第一季-第3期 黃貫中榮譽返場 楊宗緯天籟動人【湖南衛視官方版1080P】20130201
1h 38m 24s view     124,310
The Cranberries -- I Still Do
3m 17s view     487,055
Avril Lavigne greatest hits - best of Avril Lavigne 2015 HD/HQ
1h 32m 44s view      57,835
Estoy en Bronce (Parodia League Of Legends) Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
4m 8s view     962,906
スマイレージ “梦见る 15歳” (和田彩花Close-up Ver.)
3m 51s view      46,492
Adele - Hello (Piano Cover) by Clark Beckham
4m 47s view     221,800
Andy Williams - Yesterday When I Was Young(Lyrics)
3m 10s view      50,783
2m 16s view       8,588
周筆暢&楊宗緯 征服
4m 25s view      63,614
Twins - 我決定走了
3m 21s view     146,732
ELVIS Santa Claus Is Back In Town
1m 45s view     127,083
2yr old Makena sings cute
1m 45s view   13,709,785
ROBBIE WILLIAMS on The Graham Norton Show (2nd Nov 2012)
27m 19s view     479,652
Back - Infinite (인피니트) Dance Cover by St.319 from Vietnam
3m 56s view     747,268
1m 59s view      84,832
【歌ってみた】 福山雅治 桜坂 (カラオケ)
5m view      48,209
4m 21s view      59,606
本兮-再見 Baby (二次創作)
3m 49s view      12,536
4m 40s view      16,171
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ 新曲“み” アイスの実CMソング ''kyary pamyu pamyu“mi”'
1m 24s view      94,238
忌野清志郎 告别式
6m 48s view     987,200
9m 9s view     235,016
1h 33m 16s view     224,873
范瑋琪&胡維納《短髮》 最美和聲 第6期(20130824)
3m 21s view     704,092
moonlight / moumoon
3m 48s view      50,788
泳兒 Vincy《喜歡一個人好累》[Lyric MV]
3m 53s view      69,959
周杰倫 公主病 (高清完整版)
3m 36s view      14,118
Jay Chou 周杰倫 《怎麼了》 HD
3m 53s view     463,899
2篇 トヨタ ドラえもん CM 17 “ジャイ子と T子”“スネ夫と T子”
1m view     370,950
Colbie Caillat - Cruisin' (Official Audio)
3m 23s view      17,986
Depeche Mode Precious Live in Barcelona HD YouTube
4m 41s view     158,761
大切な君へ/幸田来未~Second Session~
4m 54s view      22,247
Lyrics + Vietsub || My Heart Belongs To You || Hayley Westenra
4m 45s view      61,235
仮面舞踏会 少年队 踊ってみた
2m 54s view     110,248
6m 26s view     290,141
Westlife - Uptown Girl (With Lyrics)
3m 10s view    5,773,256
B.A.P 1st Japan Tour: WARRIOR Begins 'COMA'
3m 49s view     226,232
松田圣子 Seiko Matsuda☆未来の花嫁
4m 26s view      85,325