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パズドラ「ヘラウルズ 降臨!」超地獄級 黎明の熾天使・ルシファーPT(Sギガグラ×4) ノーコン攻略
21m 22s view     251,242
羅志祥(Show Lo / ショウ・ルオ)-「 但丁 DANTE」 PV
4m 7s view     838,027
One Direction 'I Would' Lyrics
3m 20s view   41,495,784
矢沢永吉 未来をかさねて
4m 21s view      16,858
2m 23s view     134,556
陳盈潔 《情網》
3m 49s view      17,962
One Direction - Best Song Ever
6m 13s view  505,214,858
【獨家】探望高凌風病魔難勝改變心境 身體虛弱暴瘦只能走10分鐘
6m 58s view      73,590
黃金舞台 20110514 SJ-M_01
10m 49s view     146,917
R Kelly - I believe I can fly (Voice)
9m 37s view     189,689
SUKIYAKI 坂本九 上を向いて歩こう 古泽刚 Gibson 1965 J-50 ギブソン J50
4m 4s view      85,544
4m 46s view     332,882
船歌 費玉清
3m 17s view      37,917
2m 17s view      39,186
ウルフルズ - ガッツだぜ!!
5m 20s view    3,840,780
我的快樂就是想你 91KBOX練唱版
5m 1s view       9,743
Cliff Richard - Evergreen Tree (Live 1967)
2m 31s view     342,911
活佛濟公1 - 第11集
41m 20s view      83,349
❁Magic Power / Hey! Say! JUMP❁
2m 33s view     182,836
未収录映像 モーニング娘。'16 ‘私のなんにもわかっちゃない’ 鞘师パートまーちゃん EMOTION IN MOTION
8m 12s view      44,794
5m 18s view      29,027
1m 32s view       7,774
動力火車 Power Station [ 不甘心不放手 Wouldn't Let Go ] Official Music Video
5m 19s view    1,114,082
李玟 CoCo Lee-想你的365天
5m 27s view      72,587
เติ้งลี่จวิน 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng - I Just Called To Say I Love You
5m 5s view     299,858
羅大佑 盲聾
3m 41s view      14,089
(432Hz) Eminem - Superman (feat. Dina Rae)
5m 51s view      84,836
hayden kho vicky belo scandal
3m 53s view     163,809
5m 20s view      31,957
Super Junior - Y
3m 31s view     423,515
Kanye Checks Taylor Swift & Drops 'Fade' Video At MTV VMAs
2m 34s view     360,772
張國榮 長盤貴子 星月童話首映
3m 47s view      26,903
SNSD - Taeyeon vs Sunny aegyo battle 太妍Sunny撒娇对决
1m 10s view      36,545
孟庭葦 往事
3m 48s view     159,199
劉德華女兒返德望 朱麗倩如臨大敵 short
41s view      28,288
Abba Gimme Gimme Gimme Played on Tyros 2
5m 24s view      98,558
Mariah Carey New AT&T Commercial
37s view      60,313
CCTV星光大道超級版 Kelly於文文《紅色高跟鞋》
6m 33s view      42,127
Dir en Grey Dead Tree (Live)
5m 1s view     162,406
4m 52s view     161,599
3m 39s view      15,179
Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean (lyrics in description)
3m 48s view     595,894
青梅 by 篱清
5m 39s view      14,105
Michael Learns To Rock【ツ】Out Of The Blue Lyrics【HD】
4m 3s view      73,993
松田圣子 Canary (カナリー)
4m 37s view     373,762
5m 24s view      33,845
王心凌 - Fly ! Cyndi 這就是愛
4m view      58,640
[ซับไทย] 嚴藝丹-如果緣只到遇見 หากวาสนาได้เพียงแค่พบเจอ
2m 50s view      49,966
Adele - Someone like you live at Royal Albert Hall HD
5m 44s view   21,524,048
ONE OK ROCK - We are (NHKサッカー・テーマ)
4m 58s view      42,997