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熱戀現形香閨環抱王心凌 姚元浩認了
1m 34s view      71,212
Dakara Boku wa H, ga Dekinai ending - だから僕は, Hができない, So, I can't play H!
1m 40s view      72,246
Jesse McCartney - Blow Your Mind with Lyrics
3m 12s view      10,011
5m 28s view      18,304
Melody(1971) - Melody Fair (Reprise)
1m 23s view     502,533
Whitney Houston is Dead - TRIBUTE by Charice, I will always love you, Body guard medley
7m 12s view     191,547
王菲演唱會走音片段 場面尷尬
2m 2s view      63,659
These Days - Bon Jovi (acoustic cover)
6m 15s view      40,866
Bee Gees-You Should Be Dancing.flv
4m 19s view      18,667
媽媽像花兒一樣 第23集(許晴、林永健、薛之謙、溫升豪等主演)
35m 41s view      81,281
2m 39s view   16,439,007
[Vietsub+Kara] Miss you - Westlife
3m 54s view     410,514
シド 嘘  by osamu0419
3m 25s view     133,252
13m 12s view      33,719
Adele - Someone like you (cover)
4m 43s view     244,700
Enrique Iglesias - Ring my bells (live)
5m 23s view    7,883,671
WSJ-12-004 女々しくて/ゴールデンボンバー(吹奏楽J-POP)
4m 13s view     665,690
把悲傷留給自己 - 蔡琴
5m 25s view    1,176,547
Don McLean - Vincent (Live)
3m 49s view      90,363
Leona Lewis - Footprints In The Sand [Lyrics]
4m 9s view     640,612
How to Play Maggie May by Rod Stewart on Acoustic Guitar - Easy Song Lessons
7m 40s view     355,888
Kalafina one Light
6m 46s view     131,956
20160727 電影『大顯神威』記者會 - 玖壹壹 表演 9453
1m 50s view       8,754
3m 51s view     176,986
3m 53s view     133,157
10m 10s view       8,935
Yann Thiersen (Guilty)
3m 17s view     155,518
炎亞綸 Aaron Yan 被忘錄 Bei Wang Lu Lyrics
4m 17s view      37,371
陳慧琳@10x10我至愛音樂會 - 愛與痛的邊緣
57s view      10,622
9m 8s view      97,139
小幸运 歌词版
4m 21s view      99,479
蘇打綠 再遇見 【完整歌詞版】
4m 38s view     349,398
2012-02-10 小鬼打量來賓的頭髮,被小豬抓包後超害羞
59s view     100,392
豬哥會社 -20120519 許富凱 為什麼離開我
1m 31s view      24,691
西野カナ - トリセツ‘ヒロイン失格’主题歌 (Acoustic Ver.) | Eurie
4m 42s view      14,162
丁噹 夜貓簽唱會 現場演唱-你為什麼說謊
5m 37s view       9,018
Enrique Iglesias - Addicted Lyrics
4m 14s view      23,385
信(蘇見信)唱'幹什麼' 突來舉動嚇到攝影師
24s view      12,768
Zhou Xuan - Kao Hong 周璇 - 拷紅
3m 15s view      68,355
1m 53s view      99,742
SMAP×気志団 ‘喧哗上等’
7m 42s view      46,521
余天 夢追酒
3m 50s view      88,662
Nat King Cole - On The Street Where You Live With Lyrics
3m 11s view     114,631
Rihanna - Wait Your Turn
3m 53s view   27,733,442
黃文星 - 無字的情批
3m 38s view      35,385
Uriah Heep - Free Me
3m 33s view    1,986,164
2m 54s view      14,830
私立恵比寿中学 “ハイタテキ!”Music Video
5m view    2,623,879
レイニーブルー 徳永英明
4m 34s view       9,373
Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore | Pani Da Rang (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) (ft. Saili Oak)
4m 24s view     662,881