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さだまさしが歌う ホワイト学割with家族 CMソング! SoftBank
1m 1s view      19,876
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, It's On Again...Or So it Seems | TMZ
31s view     439,573
2009-12-12 棒棒堂廣州演唱會 ~ 阿緯SOLO (HD close-up胸肌+6塊腹肌版)
1m 46s view       7,338
涙の酒**坂本冬美(日文字幕/日文罗马拼音/ 中文翻译)
3m 40s view     384,360
手嶌葵 'The Rose” Full歌词 hanahana
3m 38s view      14,704
(yinyuetai) 變成陌生人 / 王心凌 @ 百變大咖秀 20121206
2m 30s view       9,213
45-Minute Epic Cardio Boxing Workout | Class FitSugar
45m 36s view    1,731,203
I Don't Know 몰라요_A Pink 에이핑크_TJ노래방 (Karaoke/lyrics/romanization/KOREAN)
3m 48s view     239,116
“SKE48 パラパラッチュ” メイキング
13m 25s view      30,968
DUET She is the king with Elvis Presley in Edge Of Reality (New edit)
3m 40s view      38,968
吳若希 Jinny Ng 炊煙 第四支「勁歌金榜」冠軍歌
3m 24s view      23,303
3m 48s view      73,866
John Mayer- 'Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey' (Unofficial Music Video)
4m 55s view      47,025
【BB Call 瓊瑤劇周慧敏!!九零年代都在迷這些玩意?!】20160708 綜藝大熱門
44m 7s view     239,218
ProSingKaraoke - Drake - Energy Explicit (Karaoke Version And Lyrics)
3m 5s view     722,977
[KTV] 2011夏天歐美流行樂最火混音Mash-Up 2011 New Remix (13合1)
5m 22s view     132,877
中天新聞》小胖日本秀「First Love」惹哭堀北真希
1m 26s view     589,653
心靈音樂創作~蔚藍天空 (高音質版)
3m 55s view      13,452
David Guetta - One Love Ft Estelle
4m 5s view     583,958
一段令人不忍看下去的表演 Part 2 : 經過劇烈表演後,高凌風體力不支!HD
6m 26s view     214,458
五月天 - 《諾亞方舟世界巡迴演唱會2012-香港站》(尾場Encore及記者會)
43m 52s view      55,450
Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (Lyric)
4m 15s view   15,487,613
Lisa and Lena Twins | Stop Don't Talk To Me (
8s view      68,996
【藤田麻衣子】あなたに恋して×イケメン戦国 ピアノソロアレンジ
2m 9s view       8,989
编み込みヘアスタイル 结婚式の髪型|简単!髪型ヘアアレンジカタログ
53s view     241,980
CATCH ME  中山美穂
3m 44s view     220,549
Bruno Mars - Marry you - String Quartet COVER - GTA Strings
4m 6s view      90,135
Eminem - Beautiful Pain Music Video (Cyberbully)
4m 26s view     264,153
5m 14s view      91,186
10m 40s view     656,195
浜田省吾 “家路” with Mr.Children桜井
7m 31s view     429,093
林俊傑 JJ Lin【你要的不是我 Scrubbed Out】官方完整版 MV
4m 10s view     879,390
소녀시대 소녀시대 SNSD - Girls' Generation , May04.2010 3/3 GIRLS' GENERATION 720p HD
3m 54s view     444,696
浜田省吾 君の名を呼ぶ  cover
6m 23s view      12,447
朱碧石嗆羅志祥去吃大便 自豪真正網紅人氣超夯
2m 1s view      59,031
鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng - 點火 Light My Fire (Official MV)
4m 12s view     180,200
Lady Gaga - The Epic Megamix - 2014
10m 8s view     282,451
3m 10s view      47,345
ELLA 陳嘉樺 [厚臉皮] MV 花絮 Making-of
1m 18s view     254,310
田亞霍-Elvis -【It』s You】- 偶像劇「如朕親臨」片頭曲 MV拍攝花絮(豐華唱片official HD官方正式版影片)
3m 5s view      33,158
Bon Jovi - Full Webcast (Lisbon 2011)
2h 23m 15s view    2,231,333
あさみちゆき バンド时代の曲 冬が来たなら
6m 42s view      34,776
5m 44s view     284,503
Justin Bieber Singing One Time Acoustic 2009 - 2012
2m 51s view     199,209
Broken Vow : Josh Groban
4m 31s view     820,671
劉文正 - 為青春歡唱
3m 2s view     249,231
游鴻明 我可以
5m 35s view       5,524
George Michael '' Hand To Mouth '' Unplugged
5m 14s view      60,951
中山美穂 & WANDS「世界中の誰よりきっと」Covered by satoko takada 高田聖子
4m 6s view      51,983
[COVER] 아이유(IU) - 푸르던(The Shower)
40s view      11,676