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'Get Over You' [HD] MV - G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
4m 21s view    3,444,208
梦先案内人 - 山口百恵
4m 6s view     623,035
宇宙の王者!ゴッドマーズ 水木一郎Ver.
3m 33s view      77,588
(娛樂百分百官方頻道)【殘酷排行大翻盤?!】Under Lover人氣超夯
1m 31s view      13,044
《如果緣只到遇見》首播吳奇隆獨唱完整版 (四爺穿越來了)
2m 51s view       7,954
Revolution 徳永英明
6m 31s view       5,651
張智霖 胡杏兒 - 魚至贏 | 姜羌 :一刀了斷 MV
3m 59s view       5,938
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood Live - 8/14/15 - Levi's Stadium - [HD]
1m 24s view     261,736
Jessie J - Preview of WHO YOU ARE [ALBUM SAMPLER] 25 Feb 2011
7m 38s view      56,274
楊宗緯挑戰連唱十首歌 (080330)
9m 23s view     248,989
滿江紅 - 羅文
2m 16s view     130,763
3m 34s view    2,155,727
汪佩蓉 Fengie Wang&CLON【請你恰恰】Official Music Video
4m 1s view      62,234
仆はペガサス君はポラリス / MISIA “S-最后の警官-”主题歌  COVER by Uru
2m 10s view     311,736
4m 50s view      38,391
LIKE ME!! by JOYCE CHU 四葉草@Red People [Ohhsome CrossXover With Hotlink]
4m 20s view    3,408,150
楊丞琳 Rainie Yang《缺陷美》Official Music Video
4m 14s view    1,714,221
小林旭  ヒットメドレー カバー  山城さくら 曲.mpg
5m 19s view       5,618
Justin Bieber - Swap It Out (Official)
3m 20s view    2,877,244
Beatles- P.S. I Love You.avi
2m 4s view     245,401
Get Down - Backstreet Boys
3m 55s view   21,758,653
李治廷 MV 一片痴 晴朗導演
4m 3s view      18,804
4m 11s view      13,484
Superfly - Always
5m 9s view    1,122,172
5m 39s view     136,605
6m 26s view       8,889
乃木坂46 ‘市来玲奈×白石达也’
4m 29s view      17,340
℃-ute ‘都会っ子 纯情’ (2012 神圣なるVer.)
4m 52s view     830,633
張棟樑-黃昏(Music Video)
5m 22s view     410,952
KinKi Kids ねぇ、がんばるよ
4m 21s view     138,081
20s view     552,994
【公式】日野SPウィーク!!“恋ダンス”日野+やっさん+ナツキ+柚ver.&第10话予告 12/13(火)‘逃げるは耻だが役に立つ’【TBS】
2m 5s view     840,752
氷川きよし_《北の旅人》演歌の花道 2013 新春スペシャル
3m 8s view      43,611
长渕刚 干杯
5m 45s view     121,822
2m 34s view      23,491
【PV】 河村隆一 / Glass
4m 27s view     284,935
Michael Jackson we are the world con letra
6m 56s view   10,162,232
步步驚情 01 HDTV 未刪減超清版
38m 29s view     149,832
放棄我抓緊我 03 預告 (陳喬恩、王凱、喬任梁、領銜主演)
4m 1s view     116,069
Jeannie aur Juju - Episode 156 - 11th June 2013
19m 20s view     385,127
All 4 One - I Swear
3m 57s view    6,342,716
李茂山 Li Mao San - Zuo Ye Xun she
3m 23s view      45,260
【ミュージックフェア】E-girls DanceDanceDance 10月3日
2m 57s view     157,215
【華晨宇個性改編《我的滑板鞋2016》】天貓雙11狂歡夜 20161110【浙江衛視官方超清】
3m 59s view     163,094
Johnny Cash - Green green grass of home lyrics
2m 29s view      40,830
20140810新聞當事人之《古劍奇譚》李易峰 陳偉霆 陳紫涵
28m 26s view      11,007
Paul McCartney - Pipes Of Peace (Full Album)
51m 1s view     141,931
《我是歌手》看點 I Am A Singer 3 01/16 Recap: 致哀好歌手姚貝娜I Am A Singer Grieves over Bella Yao【湖南衛視官方版】
1m 43s view      50,713
永遠的鳳飛飛 台灣歌謠演唱會歌單
1h 21m 34s view     116,642
Thank You- Jay-Z
4m 11s view     259,130