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出局 易欣 DJ Remix
5m 53s view     101,586
1R(3) #21, Yim Jae-beum : You, 임재범 : 여러분 I Am A Singer 20110522
6m 22s view    3,522,306
小鬼 ( 黃鴻升 ) - 誰比我還懂你
4m 52s view     212,415
ぼくらが旅に出る理由 / 小沢健二(安藤裕子ヴァージョン) by PAX
6m 29s view      31,794
humbert humbert - しろつめくさ
2m 50s view     349,361
Ju Hua Tai; Jay Chou Piano Version 菊花台(傑倫鋼琴演奏版)
7m 14s view      55,289
阿密特 夢中做憨人
2m 1s view      45,106
3m 30s view      41,151
【娛樂百分百】2013.06.19 終極一班3校園宣傳+演員棚內宣傳
11m 2s view     140,762
George Strait - Am I Blue
3m 9s view      52,004
MC HotDog '不吃早餐才是一件很嘻哈的事' 熱狗x蛋堡聯手出擊 mv幕後花絮
2m 21s view      31,879
4m 46s view      38,919
MEGARYU / Day by Day(岐阜メガトンパンチvol.3ライヴ映像)
4m 22s view      63,843
蕭敬騰 背叛
6m 3s view       7,644
郁可唯 Yu Kewei - 我的心給了你 首專《藍短褲》Track 08
4m 47s view     244,057
陳奕迅&苦榮 - 孤兒仔
3m 41s view      19,329
4m 35s view     119,517
少女时代 @ 亲友ノート2 [090828] [3/6]
14m 52s view      69,040
6m 26s view      96,188
Reacting with Shakira to Her Old Videos!
11m 49s view    2,641,699
【TFBOYS】獨家藍光《少年說》央視中秋晚會 綵排官方版 160914【KarRoy凱源頻道】
4m 37s view      66,931
【愛上兩個我】幕後花絮 女神李毓芬生日 劇組偷偷送驚喜 20140520完全娛樂
10m 23s view     286,925
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
3m 16s view     279,930
ONE OK ROCK、スペースシャワーTV‘モンスターロック’に登场!!
1m 12s view      18,004
【高音质】 Kind of Love / Mr.Children
52m 23s view      77,009
【就是要你愛上我】第5集精彩預告 - 刮鬍篇【HD】
31s view      16,231
猛虎巧克力ChocolateTiger - 重生橋Across The Bridge of Rebirth from《怡君》
4m 42s view      21,601
Lenka - Free
3m 21s view     112,444
Taylor Swift's Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive Interview For Music Video 'Mine'
2m 51s view      81,955
夜市人生片頭曲 愛你的理由_江志豐+張秀卿(KTV) 正式版
4m 4s view      69,199
Simon And Garfunkel Mrs Robinson 1968
2m 16s view     630,774
Billy Joel - The Longest Time
4m 5s view   25,013,017
エレファントカシマシ“Destiny”TV-SPOT 30' Ver.
31s view     193,099
Justin Bieber singing Never let you go live - Mexico 2012
3m 7s view    7,253,089
《致青春》by 王菲(Faye WONG)(Official Music Video)(HD)
3m 19s view      57,552
Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (Live at AXE Lounge)
1m 51s view    1,064,365
1m 34s view     255,791
Mariah Carey-One Sweet Day- Live In Miami 2006
58s view      48,801
情け川 中村美律子
4m 59s view      85,488
槇原敬之 - どうしようもない仆に天使が降りてきた
5m 2s view    1,772,479
伊藤左千男 ‘野菊の墓’ Sachio Ito - Nogiku no haka
1h 42m 17s view      12,245
ミラクルひかる ユーミン&竹内まりや
1m 47s view     397,691
ET-KING - 晴レルヤ(TOUR“どてっぱらにどっかん'LIVE Ver.)
4m 44s view     111,534
Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love Will Remember (Audio)
3m 23s view     395,727
Strong - One Direction (Traducida Al Español)
3m 5s view     605,814
4m 55s view     855,224
GET UGLY - @Jasonderulo DANCE | @Mitchedzad Mitch Zadorozny Choreography
2m 44s view      77,339
4m 21s view     196,471
2m 52s view     242,990