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我們戰鬥吧 EP6 實力上演打工記 蕭敬騰王嘉爾互拼撩妹技能 160819
1h 20m 11s view     232,523
3m 20s view      38,542
Andy Lau 劉德華 - 你怎麼捨得我難過 (MV)
5m view     104,550
[ 音樂 ] 溫嵐_不吵不鬧
3m 20s view       5,535
東來東往 我不想把話說太清楚 MV.mp4
4m 18s view     102,027
水果冰淇淋 歌曲欣賞(MV)~無尾熊進行曲.wmv
2m 6s view      67,566
記得是最好的遺忘 張智成
5m 13s view      14,420
李玉剛 傾情演唱之 新貴妃醉酒
4m 17s view      51,597
Shakira - La Historia Detras Del Mito Parte 2 De 4
10m 3s view     956,161
LIVE福岛 RIP SLYME(16) Good Times
4m 39s view     124,046
謝雷 張琪 戲鳳
4m 41s view       8,189
Elvis Presley- That's Alright Mama / With Lyrics
2m 4s view     289,246
【HD】スター姫さがし太郎 #51(1/2) NMB48富士登山最终章(前半)
10m 24s view     174,441
Elton John - I Need You to Turn to - Live in Australia 1986 HD
2m 50s view      12,662
Libera Rest In Peace
4m 32s view     146,987
爱し君へ(ピアノ) GReeeeN
4m 20s view      53,827
Shakira - Te espero sentada (english subtitles)
3m 20s view     223,125
Chi Lam - 張智霖我係外星人 - 未婚.妻
7m 28s view      64,641
The Beatles - Yesterday (piano cover)
2m 14s view     649,332
FTISLAND - Beloved (Korean ver) [Sub Español]
4m 28s view       9,306
4m 39s view      35,228
鄭伊健 - 仍能深情愛上
4m 8s view      34,659
t-ara Bye Bye Unofficial MV
3m 35s view       6,085
容祖兒 穿花蝴蝶 Joey Yung Number 6 Concert (DVD版本)
4m 43s view      69,166
Lana Del Rey & Barrie-James O'Neill - Summer wine lyrics
4m 27s view     251,383
The Beatles - She's A Woman
3m 3s view     183,822
Kesha - Tik Tok (Official Music Video)
3m 29s view     999,332
Westlife - Leaving
4m view      76,470
張傑 - 因為愛情來得不容易 (新歌)(完整發行版)
3m 28s view       5,054
3m 38s view      54,139
雑念エンターテイメント live rip slyme
4m 15s view      45,628
【歌ってみた】月光花/Janne Da Arc【ぐれん】
4m 54s view     275,316
ムック(MUCC) - 涂り溃すなら臙脂 [Live]
4m 36s view      54,644
9m 59s view     576,025
4m 6s view      32,316
Rene劉若英 [半路 ] Official Music Video-電視劇「半路父子」片頭曲
4m 24s view    1,166,724
でんぱ组.inc“ノットボッチ...夏”MV Full【ちっとも羡ましくなんてないんだぁ〜】
4m 16s view    4,656,874
ABBA - Arrival (HD)
3m 1s view     122,715
Bee Gees This Is Where I Came In LIVE @ TOTP 2001 ** Brilliant audio/video!!!***
5m 22s view      11,186
周杰倫 李雲迪 四手聯彈 土耳其進行曲
3m 25s view      51,494
SEKAI NO OWARI “Love the warz”PV(Half Ver.)
1m 20s view      62,901
3m 25s view     379,189
20110108 明日之星 黃妃+許富凱 秋雨彼一暝
3m 11s view     164,805
Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss
3m 55s view   38,520,862
Cecilia Cheung - Official MV 2011 曾經 官方版 -張柏芝
5m 45s view      45,092
4m 25s view      71,181
PT 1 - Justin Bieber Opens Up And Gets Raw With Us
19m 1s view    1,340,515
家入レオ - サブリナ(予告篇)
19s view     106,521
1m 46s view      23,224
董貞 湖畔
4m 1s view      49,899