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きのこ帝国 - 怪獣の腕のなか
3m 50s view     585,329
4m 10s view    1,706,085
BIGBANG - Love Dust (Let's Not Fall In Love Remix)
4m 7s view      36,818
Super Junior - 圭贤 厉旭 毒舌利特
58s view     108,419
明日晴れるかな  2013アカペラ cover 桑田佳祐
5m 6s view      70,267
Eyes On Me - Faye Wong
5m 44s view     173,321
Lady Gaga performs 'Venus' at G-A-Y Heaven in London - 27/10/13
5m 27s view     248,170
Ellie Goulding - Burn (Maths Time Joy Remix)
4m 17s view    2,354,704
1m 17s view      49,135
4m 4s view      12,122
辛曉琪 Winnie Hsin【You can't say】Official Music Video
3m 8s view      42,057
5m 56s view      16,115
Hayley Westenra - Sleigh ride
3m 12s view      17,171
Last Night On Earth - Green Day [Lyrics]
4m 3s view     880,828
【大自然三部曲】黃玠xSuming舒米恩「一路向東」(Official Music Video)
4m 23s view      52,830
矢沢永吉 YOUR SONGS5 アリよさらば
4m 11s view     107,620
Backstreet Boys - Helpless When She Smiles ( Live From the O2 Arena ) HD
4m 13s view     112,203
3m 19s view      17,142
Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Lyric Video)
3m 47s view   31,472,245
【 15周年特輯】張智霖、佘詩曼:老拍擋,你還安好嗎?
5m 7s view      39,992
センスブランド 16アリスト ワンオフマフラーサウンド
31s view      84,451
20150214 MUSIC FAIR guest: Kalafina cut
11m 13s view     215,555
ひとつ 长渕刚Cover  ゆうみん♪
5m 16s view      61,629
Michael Jackson - Copenhagen Smooth Criminal Live in Copenhagen 1997 HWT HD
9m 20s view     233,131
Teresa Teng - The Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心 arr. Gordon Murray, piano 鋼琴
4m 11s view     138,603
SHINee~ 2min Imposible love (Haru Haru)
4m 17s view      58,417
基隆女中88th校慶 李佳薇-煎熬
3m 58s view      37,249
DJ LAO LANG REMIX 2016下輩子 x 慢搖逆襲 (3小時 ~ 40首歌曲)
3h 1s view     342,022
ELVA蕭亞軒 鑽石糖MV (MTV台標版)
4m 21s view     220,052
影視留聲機 聞歌起武 武俠歌曲展播 01
19m 47s view     148,875
董事長樂團 - 對我打 Tuè Guá Phah [The Chairman Official Music Video]
4m 4s view      69,831
3m 4s view      36,753
American Pie - Madonna With Lyrics
4m 34s view     143,355
藤田麻衣子 - 涙が止まらないのは(30sec.SPOT)
31s view      24,778
Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat - Lucky (Cover) HD
5m 26s view     687,166
KANA-BOON 2nd ALBUM“TIME”初回生产限定盘特典DVDダイジェスト
1m 57s view      92,733
1h 9m 2s view      25,118
Namie amuro BEST tour 'Live Style 2006'~NEVER END~
8m 20s view    1,326,165
1m 58s view     159,504
[四千金] 龍頭大隊賀新年 -- 同歡共樂 (Official MV)
3m 17s view      27,560
娛樂百分百 韓國天團SJ-M大駕光臨 自由發揮演藝
5m 10s view      47,649
香水有毒mv 胡楊林
5m 2s view     240,064
Madonna London O2 Opening Night - Holiday (MJ Tribute Medley)
6m 1s view     218,606
Avril Lavigne - Why (Acoustic cover)
4m 26s view     437,215
The One - Shakira HD
3m 42s view     234,012
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (En El Zocalo De México Oficial HD)
3m 52s view      83,568
长渕刚 勇次 (LIVE AID)
5m 12s view      31,612
【Cover by Kezlin】多遠都要在一起-鄧紫棋
1m 48s view       6,858
3m 26s view    1,669,275
Crazy Party Night ~ぱんぷきんの逆袭~/Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - piano cover
4m 36s view       8,619