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李玖哲 Nicky Lee - 圍牆 (Wall)
2m view      47,007
Oblivious -Edited-[Female version]
4m 17s view      53,329
高桥优 希望の歌
3m 48s view     179,855
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Jason Chen Cover)
3m 40s view     328,646
鄭少秋、汪明荃 - 迎春花
3m 13s view     149,253
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You - Live
4m 20s view     620,026
Beyonce- i am world tour full
1h 39m 1s view    4,046,457
アヴリル・ラヴィーン Avril Lavigne Wish You Were Here 日本語訳&歌詞付き
3m 47s view      93,648
【弱音ハク】白ノ娘 详细に歌词付き
8m 1s view     153,935
星野源 crazy crazy 弾き语り おやすみ日本(1) hoshino gen
3m 8s view      11,119
朱俐靜 Miu Chu - 愧 Ghost (官方版MV)
3m 38s view     296,413
20110731蕭敬騰 盧廣仲\you are not alone\華山Legacy1
4m 28s view      87,855
8m 23s view      37,816
《顧家煇黃霑真友情演唱會》Part 13
8m 33s view      67,492
14m 45s view      95,767
[EXOPINK] Lovely Day - Chanyeol (EXO) & Hayoung (APINK)
1m 56s view      50,614
Fox And The Hound 2 Soundtrack - Blue Beyond
3m 9s view      41,445
Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding - Virtual Piano
55s view      10,106
蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - 單身公害
3m 44s view     461,879
KinKi Kids 10th Anniversary in TOKYO DOME 02 63
40m 11s view       8,646
2m 7s view      36,839
【華流花絮】方誌友霸佔炎亞綸 《愛上兩個我》歡歡圓夢
8m 8s view     262,305
岛谷ひとみ ‘亜麻色の髪の乙女’
3m 35s view      69,639
All Around - America
3m 27s view     392,287
5m 9s view      54,633
[KTV] 劉若英 - 我們沒有在一起 [揚聲]
9m 33s view      31,592
aokihagane Insert song (苍き钢のアルペジオ挿入歌) ‘Silver Sky’Piano arr.EgOistHiuMan HQ
3m 7s view      43,686
麻辣天後宮 10-03-24 鬼鬼CUT
5m 12s view      86,046
Rihanna Stay EASY Piano Tutorial SLOW 50% Speed
7m 12s view     440,260
我是歌手 第2季 第10期 2014-03-14預告 【鄧紫棋茜拉棋逢對手惺惺相惜】
41s view      38,598
20100719 林依晨 花一開就相愛吧 [美好的旅行] Hit Fm 首播
3m 31s view      35,002
Abheetha Diyaniya Sinhala Song ( අභීත දියණිය )
1m 20s view     236,153
张学友 / 谷村新司 - 遥远的她 / 浪漫鉄道
2m 48s view     264,235
韋禮安 - 人質 Live (audio)
2m 46s view     500,607
雷頌德 Mark Lui《Thank You》歌詞版
4m 31s view      13,418
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are @ Live in Jakarta 2014 [HD]
10m 36s view      46,933
爱絵里 なくもんか (卒业编)
4m 27s view      48,565
Steve Boedt - Zumba - Shakira - Belly Dance - the Nike Blast 2011 Sweden
4m 32s view     803,934
SHE! HER! HER!(カラオケ) / Kis-My-Ft2
4m 46s view     134,020
黄昏のビギン 高桥真梨子
3m 23s view      81,396
華人星光大道 20130120 pt.7/14 張礎安 & 小宇: 完整的浪漫
5m 39s view      27,409
斉藤和义 talking about ダーリング
2m 51s view      14,439
【歌ってみた】Save The One,Save The All/T.M.Revolution【vocal cover】
4m 14s view      53,372
葛饰区 盆踊り 东新小岩8丁目 荻野目洋子 ダンシングヒーロー 太鼓:十和会
3m 37s view      64,796
再見北極雪 - 周傳雄
3m 51s view      29,074
Priscilla Chan 陳慧嫻 - 幾時再見 1989 (16) - 去吧!
3m 53s view      10,876
[CD字幕]唐禹哲 - 美味的想念 (電視劇 美味的想念 片頭曲)
3m 33s view     929,327
Fleetwood Mac ~ Go Your Own Way
4m 2s view     821,090
[日本语字幕]121023 KTR - ゲスト 东方神起 3
4m 47s view     184,083
Sting - Mad about you [ HQ ]
3m 51s view     317,476