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mi son2199 男の海峡 呗=神野美伽 MS
4m 33s view     107,891
160806 트와이스 (TWICE) 2pm 콜라보 - Go Crazy (미친거 아니야?) [쯔위] Tzuyu 직캠 Fancam (JYP NATION) by Mera
3m 3s view     224,206
甲子慧 想要跟你飛
4m 19s view      40,262
4m 25s view      54,571
Rihanna ft David Guetta Who's That Chick español
2m 57s view      34,745
北へ帰ろう 徳久 広司
4m 15s view      44,264
Bryan Adams - Somebody
4m 20s view    1,459,260
[HQ] Yu Kewei 郁可唯 - 玫瑰人生 La Vie en Rose
2m 38s view       6,359
【セクシーしりとり///文字起こし】藤井‘理性失いそうや!’ 放送事故 ジャニーズWEST 中间・桐山・滨田
2m 22s view     145,416
空耳 とある科学の超电磁砲 OP fripSide only my railgun
1m 34s view      47,369
2014.2.14 孫燕姿 克卜勒(台北演唱會)Part.11 天使的指紋(克卜勒新歌) Full HD 1080p
3m 58s view      34,506
AKB48 - Give Me Five Metal Cover by Nisekima
2m 50s view     265,818
Jason Mraz - Butterfly [Lyrics HD]
5m 8s view      47,205
4m 59s view     347,434
Green Day - Rusty James (HD Quality)
4m 12s view     193,274
jewel foolish games album version
5m 41s view     137,171
郭采潔 - 原諒
3m 39s view      87,352
[Thai Ver.] Secret - APink l Cover by Jeaniich & M2NT9
3m 58s view      42,446
Yang Man Ning楊曼寧超好聽自創曲大彙整
24m 3s view     357,672
Seems Like a long Time Rod Stewart
4m 2s view       8,487
At17 三分鐘後 mtv
3m 23s view     229,427
Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez (Lash Remix)
3m 22s view    1,247,030
10-FEET - every
3m 20s view     431,680
(They Long To Be) Close To You | The Carpenters | Lyrics [Kara + Vietsub HD]
4m 35s view      50,384
‘中居正広×木村拓哉 腐仲说集 前编’オレンジ 2TOP つとぷ
1h 43m 37s view     467,757
What A Feeling - One Direction (Reaction/Review)
3m 13s view      59,064
[PROJECT] BIGBANG - BANG BANG BANG (뱅뱅뱅) dance cover with 30 dancers from France
4m 33s view     274,142
George Michael - You've Changed
5m 32s view     260,662
陳慧琳- 多啦A夢 (中文)
3m 38s view     257,515
いただきハイジャンプ Hey! Say! JUMP 2017年3月15日 170315
23m 20s view      92,108
120222 Wonder Girls Girls Girls Be my baby @ Gaon Chart K-POP Awards
7m 7s view      62,963
4m 54s view      50,549
MTV 葬英雄--胡彥斌
4m 37s view      84,021
經典歷史劇《漢武大帝》EP46 陳寶國/焦晃/歸亞蕾/陶虹/楊童舒--古裝/歷史
46m 59s view     106,925
BEAST - We Up, 비스트 - 위 업, Music Core 20140621
3m 17s view      67,756
陳佳演唱《春風滿小城》《前生有緣》 (Voice not Teresa Teng 鄧麗君)
6m 29s view       7,235
Josh Groban - My December
5m 49s view      91,854
Miley Cyrus - Hands of Love (Audio)
3m 51s view    4,148,163
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Acoustic (Live - Le 6/9 NRJ)
4m 49s view     641,434
TÔI YÊU PARK SOYEON - WE WERE IN LOVE - T-ara - cover by An Nguyen
3m 38s view      56,703
コブクロ-ラブレター (カバー)
5m 29s view      10,848
R. Kelly - Happy People
5m 1s view   17,425,376
4m 44s view      82,580
Taylor Swift - Jump Then Fall - Dancing With the Stars (October 27, 2009)
3m 39s view     175,361
松田圣子 白いパラソル
3m 32s view     646,181
小幸运《我的少女时代》电影主题曲 Cover (无伴奏合唱版本) - SENZA A Cappella 之 后楼梯音乐会系列
4m 29s view     188,454
3m 43s view     760,415
银色の道 ザ・ピーナッツ
3m 2s view     433,015
Santana 2008 Adouma
3m 52s view      20,296
The Beatles 'Ticket To Ride' (Performance Montage)
3m 10s view      61,025