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七重門 ~ 潘越雲
3m 57s view      78,334
坂本冬美 おかえりがおまもり 风がはこんできたもの音楽の原风景.avi
6m 48s view      65,075
#TereyKena | Bruno Mars - Marry you, Gay Proposal
4m 39s view      80,629
三歲唱戲的可愛女童張欣怡 3 year old singing and acting talent Zhang XinYi
1m 13s view     118,024
C AllStar - 一刻戀上 (Official MV)
4m 43s view     194,300
Eminem- White America
5m 25s view      64,824
蕭亞軒2014新單曲'Carry Me' Elva Hsiao - Carry Me (2014 New Single)
3m 6s view     101,254
BOOWY BAD FEELINGのギターカッティングをTAB谱付で超ゆ~~っくり弾いてみました。
3m 58s view      50,868
陳今佩木瓜秀訪問 余天、李亞萍
21m 3s view      88,894
Avenging Fist (Kuen Sun) (HK - 2001) w/ Leehom Wang (+ English Captions)
1h 32m 22s view      66,935
陳乃榮Nylon 音樂特輯之[24小時瘋狂] (上)
5m 6s view      18,743
38.- 幸せを抱きしめよう - by FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
5m 21s view      62,925
One Direction - Act My Age ~piano version~
3m 17s view      48,388
西川贵教のイエノミ!!~第三十一夜~ゲスト ゴールデンボンバー
11m 32s view     231,160
山口百恵 乙女座宫 1978春
2m 54s view     200,045
BoA(Feat.SHINee Tae-min) - Only One, 보아(Feat.SHINee 태민) - 온리원, Music Core 20120825
3m 36s view     884,260
9m 50s view     128,020
Bruno Mars - Count On Me (MTV Sessions Live HD)
2m 42s view     885,060
Fifty Shades Darker - Zayn and Taylor Swift Lyric Video - 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' (2017)
4m 7s view   20,943,026
3m 19s view      50,612
3m 29s view     759,872
2m 27s view      33,235
“ようこそ!ENKAの森” シークレットレッスン#005 天童よしみ“女のあかり”
7m 58s view      43,277
The Eagles-Lyin' Eyes (Lyrics)
6m 21s view     308,818
Stela Petrova - Price Tag (Jessie J Cover)
2m 29s view      61,604
6m 19s view     127,237
4m 11s view      92,460
ABBA - The Name Of The Game/Eagle (Live)
9m 38s view      79,708
我的自由年代 第2集
1h 25m 31s view     919,795
BBT 2007-03-13 黑角敖傑緯 - 棒棒堂精舞門
2m 57s view      39,124
Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us ( letra en español) sub. español 2013
3m 18s view      28,106
Taylor Swift I Almost Do Lyrics HQ
4m 1s view     164,593
黃貫中 Paul Wong《我有分數》official Music Video
4m 33s view      29,507
陳奕迅 Eason Chan - 七百年後 [鋼琴 Piano - Klafmann]
4m 18s view      30,792
中岛みゆき_糸 弾き语り 寺町御池
2m 49s view      22,167
4m 20s view     120,267
松田圣子 夏の扉
3m 21s view      19,933
風中的玫瑰~龍千玉 (台語流行卡拉OK)
3m 58s view      16,092
【ニコカラ】 初音ミクの激唱ーConcept Movie PV 【OnVocal】
5m 17s view     287,899
Elisa - 'Ecco che' - (official video - 2013)
3m 56s view    4,723,268
[ENG] Magic Power 魔幻力量 You Are My Most Beloved 你是我最親愛的
4m 31s view      39,405
PARTITION - Beyonce Dance Video | @MattSteffanina Choreography (@DanceMillennium Hip Hop Class)
2m 22s view    2,374,585
G-Dragon kiss SeungRi (full)
49s view     235,036
小宇 - 美麗的力量
3m 59s view       9,568
張國榮 Leslie Cheung&林憶蓮 Sandy Lam【From now on】Official Music Video
4m 8s view      61,298
► Roxette ~♫~ Joyride (With Lyrics)
4m 14s view     495,891
9m 17s view     676,680
Karaoke Please Come Home For Christmas - The Eagles *
3m 7s view      95,937
Karaoke When A Man Loves A Woman - Michael Bolton *
4m 12s view     570,401
One Direction - You & I cover by Carson Lueders
4m 3s view    1,502,929