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泳兒 VINCY《愛我的人和我愛的人》 [Official MV]
5m 35s view     148,791
Mr.Children“君が好き”Music Video
5m 33s view    5,815,548
Beast (비스트) - Beautiful Night Inkigayo Comeback Performance 3rd Pre-recording 2012/07/26
3m 37s view      69,906
小魚兒老師MV舞蹈教學~郭書瑤 Honey
3m 53s view      35,015
Ashanti Instagram Twerk Video (NO GUY VERSION + SLOW MOTION REPLAY)
48s view      35,877
★ Ŀ☼√Ξ★ 黃小琥 - 心愛的人(Lover) ★ Ŀ☼√Ξ★
4m 7s view       5,879
140727 - BABYMETAL - Akatsuki @ Fonda Theatre
5m 14s view     412,882
癡情玫瑰花 x 慢搖逆襲02 (DJ家群-2016) 噪反音樂
1h 13m 55s view    3,031,757
Bad Day (legendada) Daniel Powter
3m 27s view     119,635
Michael Jackson's 17 year friendship with the lucky Taiwanese Fan and her twins
3m 39s view      10,090
霍建華林心如戀情曝光 十年緋聞早有蹤跡
5m 23s view       9,303
[eng] 한선화 Sunhwa got slapped + FT Island Hongki ran away from home 121008 (see info)
1m 21s view      33,222
【TFBOYS】天使的翅膀 王源Live
3m 29s view      55,905
【Full HD 60fps】 HKT48 Seventeen (2013.11.16) Ver.3.5.0
2m 41s view     292,310
【超燃】少年致敬EXO 聯手蔡依林華晨宇展示炫酷舞蹈
17m 4s view      14,495
{Vietsub by GLVN} GuiGui in show Chong chong (talk about Aaron)
9m 20s view     220,645
7m 3s view      49,515
Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd Performs 'Really Don't Care' on GMA | LIVE 6-6-14
4m 1s view     773,411
Last Christmas - Taylor Swift - Lyrics on Screen
3m 25s view      37,658
周杰倫 Jay Chou【簡單愛 Simple Love】Official MV
4m 30s view    3,687,519
鳳飛飛 - 噢!蘇珊娜 [598]
2m 35s view       6,674
フルートによる“少年时代 ”井上阳水 kimono flautist Momo Sakura
3m 17s view       7,606
6m 41s view     130,800
林峯-讓我愛你一小時 (2011 Light Up My Live)
6m 13s view      49,979
20140603 恆大冰泉大型歌舞晚會 楊宗緯 空白格 洋蔥
10m 38s view      52,280
張惠妹-都對也都錯- [字幕]
3m 34s view     130,647
西野カナ 好き Music fair 【HD】mp4.
2m 59s view      70,948
[HD] 130126 씨엔블루CNBLUE - I'm sorry@Yu Huiyeol's Sketch Book柳熙烈的写生簿
3m 50s view      99,109
3m 45s view     508,906
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing in Indonesia
16s view    1,263,382
【ハプニング】 AKB48 达家真姫宝 ライブ中ハプニング
55s view      61,258
微電影 心如如影 #2917 愛就一起 HTC
19m 48s view     127,828
吳宗憲 - 永保安康
5m 12s view     299,081
20090213 娛樂百分百 我家也有大明星 林心如 part 1
9m 51s view      40,203
Carpenters - I Need To Be In Love - live
3m 39s view     563,834
MICHAEL BOLTON - Til the end of forever (2005) HQ
4m 46s view     166,075
“関白失脚2016 ~父さんと闲古鸟 篇~”トレーラー/さだまさし
2m 23s view      54,218
[Karaoke] Taeyeon & Tiffany (SNSD) - Lost in love [Thai Sub]
3m 46s view     130,008
20130511 超級接班人《唱跳團體主唱選拔賽》04
12m 53s view      10,009
Simple Plan - Jet Lag ft. Tantri Kotak (Live in Jakarta, 17 January 2012)
3m 53s view     786,837
Celine Dion - The Power of Love - Live - Celine's Apology to Kansas City - 1/3/09 - Sprint Center
5m 5s view     154,268
仓木麻衣- Like a star in the night
5m 48s view      85,285
'Good Life' One Republic + Lyrics
4m 13s view    9,899,818
Cascada: Bad Boy (Unofficial Video)
3m 10s view      88,325
Sam Hui 許冠傑 - 天才白痴往日情 (電影『天才與白痴 』插曲)
3m 4s view      85,540
Eagles - Hotel California [加州旅館] - 2015
6m 58s view      39,607
4m 30s view      12,347
3m 17s view      41,333
Play With Me Sesame: Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn Bake Make-Believe Cookies
3m 42s view     312,630
Jimmy Buffett-Love in the Library
4m 49s view      99,650