Carly Rae Jepsen 所有影片

Carly Rae Jepsen

所有歌曲 ( 共 61 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.All That
(歌詞)2.Almost Said It
(歌詞)4.Black Heart
(歌詞)5.Body Language
(歌詞)6.Both Sides Now
(歌詞)7.Boy Problems
(歌詞)9.Call Me Maybe
(歌詞)15.Favourite Colour
(歌詞)17.First Time
(歌詞)18.Gimmie Love
(歌詞)19.Good Time
(歌詞)20.Guitar String/Wedding Ring
(歌詞)21.Heavy Lifting
(歌詞)23.Hotel Shampoos
(歌詞)24.Hurt So Good
(歌詞)25.I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance
(歌詞)26.I Know You Have A Girlfriend
(歌詞)27.I Really Like You
(歌詞)28.Just a Step Away
(歌詞)29.LA Hallucinations
(歌詞)30.Let's Get Lost
(歌詞)31.Lost and Found
(歌詞)32.Love Again
(歌詞)33.Making The Most Of The Night
(歌詞)34.Melt With You
(歌詞)35.Money & The Ego
(歌詞)36.Money And The Ego
(歌詞)37.More Than a Memory
(歌詞)38.Never Get to Hold You
(歌詞)41.Run Away with Me
(歌詞)42.Sour Candy
(歌詞)44.Sunshine On My Shoulders
(歌詞)45.Sweet Talker
(歌詞)47.Take A Picture
(歌詞)48.Talk to Me
(歌詞)49.Tell Me
(歌詞)50.The One
(歌詞)51.This Kiss
(歌詞)52.Tiny Little Bows
(歌詞)53.Tonight I'm Getting Over You
(歌詞)54.Tug Of War
(歌詞)55.Turn Me Up
(歌詞)56.Warm Blood
(歌詞)57.When I Needed You
(歌詞)58.Worldly Matters
(歌詞)59.Wrong Feels So Right
(歌詞)60.Your Heart Is a Muscle
(歌詞)61.Your Type

Carly Rae Jepsen


> Tonight I'm Getting Over You(Remix)
> Take A Picture
> Kiss
> Curiosity
> Tug Of War
> 暫存

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