One Direction 所有影片

One Direction

所有歌曲 ( 共 111 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.18
(歌詞)3.Act My Age
(提供)5.All I Have For You
(提供)6.All I Think About
(歌詞)7.Another World
(歌詞)8.Back For You
(歌詞)9.Best Song Ever
(歌詞)10.Better than words
(歌詞)11.C'mon, C'mon
(歌詞)12.Change My Mind
(歌詞)13.Change Your Ticket
(歌詞)16.Does He Know?
(歌詞)17.Don't Forget Where You Belong
(提供)18.Don't Let Me Go
(歌詞)19.Drag Me Down
(歌詞)20.End of the Day
(歌詞)21.Everything About You
(提供)23.First Time
(歌詞)24.Fool's Gold
(歌詞)25.Forever Young
(歌詞)26.Girl Almighty
(歌詞)27.Got To Be You
(提供)28.Gotta Be You
(歌詞)29.Half a heart
(歌詞)31.Heart Attack
(提供)32.Here's to He
(歌詞)33.Hey Angel
(提供)36.I Am
(歌詞)37.I Want to Write You a Song
(歌詞)38.I Want
(歌詞)39.I Wish
(歌詞)40.I Would
(歌詞)41.If I Could Fly
(提供)42.If You Could be Mine
(歌詞)47.Just Can't Let her Go
(提供)48.Just Fine
(歌詞)49.Kiss You
(提供)50.Larger Than Life
(歌詞)51.Last First Kiss
(歌詞)52.Little Black Dress
(歌詞)53.Little Things
(歌詞)54.Little White Lies
(歌詞)55.Live While We're Young
(歌詞)56.Long Way Down
(提供)57.Look Into Her Eyes
(提供)58.Lost in All the Memories
(歌詞)59.Love You Goodbye
(歌詞)60.Loved You First
(歌詞)62.Midnight Memories
(歌詞)64.More Than This
(歌詞)65.Na Na Na
(歌詞)66.Never Enough
(提供)67.Never Took the Time
(歌詞)68.Night Changes
(歌詞)69.No Control
(歌詞)70.Nobody Compares
(歌詞)72.Once In A Lifetime
(歌詞)73.One Thing
(提供)74.One Way Or Another
(歌詞)75.Over Again
(歌詞)77.Ready To Run
(歌詞)78.Right Now
(歌詞)79.Rock Me
(歌詞)80.Run Away
(歌詞)81.Same Mistakes
(歌詞)82.Save You Tonight
(歌詞)83.She's Not Afraid
(歌詞)84.Something Great
(歌詞)86.Stand Up
(提供)87.Stay With Me
(歌詞)88.Steal My Girl
(歌詞)89.Still the One
(歌詞)90.Stockholm Syndrome
(歌詞)91.Stole My Heart
(歌詞)92.Story Of My Life
(歌詞)94.Summer Love
(提供)95.Take You to Another World
(歌詞)97.Teenage Dirtbag
(歌詞)98.Tell Me A Lie
(歌詞)99.Temporary Fix
(歌詞)100.They Don't Know About Us
(歌詞)101.Through The Dark
(歌詞)102.Truly Madly Deeply
(歌詞)103.Up All Night
(歌詞)104.Walking in the Wind
(歌詞)105.What a Feeling
(歌詞)106.What Makes You Beautiful
(歌詞)107.Where Do Broken Hearts Go
(歌詞)108.Why Don't We Go There
(歌詞)109.With You
(歌詞)111.You & I

One Direction


> Made In The A.M.
> Four
> Steal My Girl
> Where We Are: Live from San Siro Stadium
> 青春午夜場(Midnight Memories - Deluxe)
> Story of My Life
> Best Song Ever
> One Way Or Another
> Where We Are
> 青春滿屋豪華紀念冊(Take Me Home -(Limited Yearbook Edition)
> 青春無敵(Up All Night)
> One Direction What Makes You Beautiful
> Gotta Be You (EP)
> 暫存

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