Ed Sheeran 所有影片

Ed Sheeran

所有歌曲 ( 共 55 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Afire Love
(歌詞)2.Autumn Leaves
(歌詞)3.Be Like You
(歌詞)5.Castle On The Hill
(歌詞)6.Cold Coffee
(歌詞)8.Drown Me Out
(歌詞)10.Even My Dad Does Sometimes
(歌詞)12.Fire Alarms
(歌詞)13.Give Me Love
(歌詞)14.Gold Rush
(歌詞)15.Goodbye To You
(歌詞)16.Grade 8
(歌詞)18.I See Fire
(提供)19.I Will Take You Home
(歌詞)20.I'm A Mess
(歌詞)21.Kiss Me
(歌詞)23.Lego House
(歌詞)24.Let It Out
(歌詞)25.Little Bird
(歌詞)26.Little Lady
(歌詞)27.Make It Rain
(歌詞)30.One Night
(歌詞)35.Shape Of You
(歌詞)39.Small Bump
(歌詞)41.Take It Back
(歌詞)42.Tenerife Sea
(歌詞)43.The A Team
(歌詞)44.The City
(歌詞)45.The Fault In Our Stars
(歌詞)46.The Man
(歌詞)47.Thinking Out Loud
(歌詞)49.U. N. I.
(歌詞)51.Wake Me Up
(歌詞)52.Wayfaring Stranger
(歌詞)53.You Need Me
(歌詞)54.You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Ed Sheeran


> Shape Of You
> Bloodstream
> x - Deluxe Edition
> Sing
> 無限延伸(+)
> + (plus)
> The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack
> One Take EP
> No. 5 Collaborations
> 暫存

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[EngSub] YU Kewei - Time Boils the Rain 郁可唯 時間煮雨(電影《小時代》主題曲)
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L.O.V.E. by Michael Bublé (with lyrics)
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You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Laura Pausini Michael Bublé 04 LouRawls 1976 Gamble & Huff
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Gloria Gaynor and Roachie perform 'Oh Happy Day' at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio City Music Hall
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ayumi hamasaki - Over ~piano version~
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西野カナ 远くても
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【ももクロ】猛烈宇宙交响曲・第七楽章“无限の爱” クラリネット四重奏 【Momoiro Clover Z】
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Guerrilla Date with CNBLUE [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.04.15]
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胡歌 [ 好好過 ] 官方戲劇版Music Video - 戲劇「風中奇緣」插曲
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CCS: Proud of You - Fiona Fung [withlyrics]
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Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You (Solo Remix) (2010 Private Acoustic Live at OMD L.A.)
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Yuja Wang - Scriabin, Selections for Solo Piano
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【殭屍LIVE】麥浚龍 x 海洋公園嘔心瀝血之作
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宇多田光 - Deep River (Acoustic)
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新倚天屠龍記 黃衫女子 劉詩詩 鄧超 華夏英雄 倚天屠龍記
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“くるりんぱ”で清楚なハーフアップアレンジ【ミディアム编】 | KamiMado动画
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李克勤 - 飛花 [HQ]
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FT Island- 집착 (Attachment) lyrics [Eng. | Rom. | Han.]
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エレファントカシマシ 赤い蔷薇
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andymori 'FOLLOW ME'
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