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【初音ミク】きてよパーマン【VOCALOID Paaman】
3m 1s view      43,577
Tiësto - Summer Nights (Official Video) ft. John Legend
3m 14s view    9,815,951
Beyond - 大地
4m 22s view      41,363
4m 46s view      64,246
小兔棉花糖 原味跟草莓口味 BUNNY SU 可愛小點心 韓國杯子零食 cotton candy 有趣食玩 吃貨們 Like To Eat Sunny Yummy 的大姐姐一起來開箱
3m 22s view     443,416
吻和淚 合唱版
5m view      50,645
4m 32s view      49,334
Olivia inspi' REIRA - A Little Pain (NANA Premium Live)
5m 33s view     199,240
伍佰 & China Blue - 孤星淚.flv
5m 11s view       7,652
Wings to Fly by Hayley Westenra (翼をください)
5m 29s view     229,323
Celine Dion: Ave Maria-- With Lyrics
4m 57s view    6,728,858
光環之後 第26集 小小彬幫老爸泡妞 HD
20m 43s view     358,951
《十二道鋒味》第二季第10期20151010:謝霆鋒為張靜初打造「專屬」傳奇菜【中國藍TV官方版 720P】
1h 9m 17s view      52,022
Enrique Iglesias- Duele el corazon (Audio)
3m 19s view     370,664
[ 純享版 ] 林俊傑《你是我的唯一》《夢想的聲音》第3期 20161118 /浙江衛視官方HD/
4m 56s view     177,405
7m 41s view      10,964
100830 SNSD Girls' Generation Japan Showcase Gee, Genie, Interview
6m 49s view     106,582
吳鶯音 - 斷腸紅+ As Time Goes By 香港電台舊曲情懷演唱會1991
8m 38s view     203,437
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender (Colorized - Color - Debra Paget) HQ
1h 30m 5s view     243,610
3m 29s view     133,102
滅火器 - 站在這裡
3m 24s view     129,747
[Vietsub+Kara] Love Paradise - Kelly Chen
3m 17s view      28,343
KinKi Kids ~ UFO
1m 14s view     307,533
Insecticide/CRUDE PLAY Covered by たかはまゆう
3m 48s view      52,417
3m 5s view      25,632
2014.1.6ニッポン放送ありがとう大滝咏一さん、NIAGARA Forever(楽曲削除済)
1h 9s view      49,719
槇原敬之 远く远く 2006バージョン
4m 59s view      24,694
3m 5s view      59,378
蘇打綠 sodagreen - 獨處的時候 (低音質試聽版)
4m 32s view      49,619
孫燕姿 180度 HQ
5m 4s view     126,154
气志团 结婚闘魂行进曲练习用@スタジオ
2m 57s view      42,492
Runaway Love - Justin Bieber (LIVE Performance at Evening News Arena - Throwback Thursday)
3m 16s view     154,217
3m 18s view       9,014
いいなCM JR东日本 JR SKISKI 広瀬すず 村上虹郎 宇治清高 6本立て
2m view     163,691
6m view     216,216
4m 14s view      46,795
江玲 - 小河流 (1980年專輯)(2007年復刻版)
3m 4s view      62,701
Ricky Martin - Corazon (A Medio Vivir)
4m 16s view      96,113
Avril Lavigne Wish You Were Here Live in Jakarta 11 May 2011 Front Row Version
4m 58s view     162,486
Aquaterrarium - Nagi No Asukara ED Full
4m 52s view      51,172
Coldplay - Oceans (live)
3m 58s view      36,280
david guetta metropolis
3m 39s view     141,486
nat king cole
2m 1s view    2,376,777
John Legend - When We Were Young (Adele Cover)
4m 36s view     630,097
2m 33s view      29,050
George Michael - Everything She Wants (Rock In Rio)
8m 2s view       8,883
中山美穂 ただ 泣きたくなるの 1994年
3m 56s view      41,542
娛樂百分百2015.11.13(五) Popu Lady粉Meeting
44m 40s view     141,302
Whitney Houston & Chaka khan - I'm every woman Divas live 1999
5m 33s view     108,289
LamiGirls 謝金燕 姐姐 跳針舞
1m 29s view     139,067