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《滾滾紅塵》第35集 秦嵐/鄭嘉穎/徐婕兒
41m 45s view      18,540
107 Lady Gaga Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #22) - MicDrop
25m 44s view      46,391
角松敏生 SEA LINE(20thリベンジ)
5m 44s view     103,519
flumpool 'Snowy Nights Serenade~心までも繋ぎたい~ Xmas ver.'(Short)
2m 28s view     583,900
1m 49s view      47,438
清木场俊介 “いつか・・・” Setstock 2005
5m 18s view     160,904
鳳飛飛 - 愛的禮物 (1973)
3m 3s view      43,883
Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Video Scandal
57s view      79,415
EXO-K (엑소케이) - Let Out The Beast (짐승을 보자) Lyrics (Member Coded/Color Coded) [Eng/Rom/Han - HD/1080p]
3m 27s view     246,593
bb from
12s view     136,365
The Carpenters - Goodbye To Love - Acapella
1m 38s view     171,977
星語心愿 Xing Yu Xin Yuan - 張柏芝 Cecilia Cheung - Guitar Solo
3m 27s view      48,272
請借問心愛的人 哽咽版 喬幼演唱
3m 41s view      28,153
天外飛仙 第8集(胡歌、林依晨、韓雪等主演)
46m 19s view      47,073
Yellow Magic Orchestra Firecracker
5m 55s view     101,778
百萬大歌星20090328-第44集_顏志琳(動力火車) (1/3)
3m 42s view      35,636
3m 41s view       7,990
1m 57s view      32,673
Beyonce - Haunted | Soundtrack Fifty Shades of Grey - Trailer #2
4m 3s view    3,341,161
Rice gall Japanese scandal.mp4
30s view     119,137
羅志祥show 蔡依林jolin-愛情限時批(完整合版)
3m 44s view      35,860
1m 26s view      39,055
Ayumi Hamasaki and boyfriend in Paris
1m view     175,308
鄧麗君 - 我只在乎你 KTV Wǒ zhǐ zàihū nǐ
4m 15s view      12,188
莊心妍 - 越笑越難過 [新歌][歌詞字幕][完整高音質] Ada Zhuang - Smile Brings Sorrow
4m 46s view    1,058,128
ナノ/“Rock on.” New Album 2015.1.28
1m 57s view      11,635
清木场俊介 - “10th Anniversary Acoustic Live 'MY SOUNDS' 2014.5.6 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL”【ダイジェスト】
4m 18s view     179,083
Frank Sinatra - 'Witchcraft'
2m 18s view     171,167
SNSD 少女时代 into the new world (remix ver)&仲宗根梨乃 “GENIE”
5m 8s view     260,602
[ CLIP ] 王思遠《Love !》《夢想的聲音》第5期 20161202 /浙江衛視官方HD/
3m 34s view      47,016
Let Her Go - Passenger | SLOW & Easy Piano Tutorial (Right Hand & Full Song)
12m 26s view    1,071,039
Uangel Voice_English_A Thousand Winds 내 영혼 바람되어 영어버전
5m view      10,696
福山雅治 魂リク‘ I love you & I need you ふくしま ’(歌词付) 2014.03.08〔youku等転载禁止〕
5m 22s view      33,588
陸貞傳奇未刪減版] 第40集 HD
42m 2s view      45,857
Justin Bieber - Be Alright (Karaoke/Instrumental)
3m 11s view      96,383
夜雾の慕情 石原裕次郎
3m 13s view      83,990
Taeyeon ft Hyoyeon - Up and Down Lyrics (Han|Rom|Eng Color Coded) | Soshi Lyrics
2m 58s view     221,622
Enya: May It Be (Live Appearances)
3m 42s view      45,696
겨울왕국(Frozen) ost, Idina Menzel - Let It Go piano cover,RD-700NX
3m 50s view     723,350
大陸網友爆料 劉文正費翔紐約愛相隨
1m 52s view     199,516
'Darkest Child' - Mysterious & Creepy Music (Kevin MacLeod)
3m 59s view     294,503
2m 54s view      23,415
順子- 寫一首歌
4m 51s view    2,638,859
Vae: Acouasm 許嵩 幻聽
4m 45s view     201,558
东方神起 - Kiss したまま、さよなら (3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~)
5m 54s view     199,158
二只の舟(two boats) / 中岛みゆき(Miyuki Nakajima)
2m 27s view     151,704
3m 25s view      79,389
Monkey Majik**Around The World**
4m view    1,210,377
Shakira - Whenever Wherever / Live in Dubai 2007
9m 31s view    3,056,848
Flo Rida - Right Round - Ellen Degeneres Show 31.03.09
4m 10s view     134,332