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Michael Jackson ft Janet Jackson- Scream (Original Uncut)
4m 39s view     435,996
【中字+空耳】少女时代 SNSD - Lion Heart
5m 37s view      53,599
母のマフラー 小田纯平 Cover aki1682
5m 31s view       8,102
4m 51s view    1,726,397
2013.04.05康熙來了完整版 誰說白斬雞就不一定MAN?!
44m 31s view     228,154
SHISHAMO 花 弾いてみた ギター
4m view      71,024
Acid Black Cherry 冬の幻
7m 57s view      35,079
Infinite - Season 2 Full Album [Track Select] Click and Play
44m 38s view     122,332
讓我歡喜讓我憂 by李宗盛&周華健
3m 19s view      12,181
5m 35s view      24,214
F.I.R. 飛兒樂團-向日葵盛開的夏天 繽紛萬千在升菘 The Sheng Siong Show 2010-02-27
5m 41s view       6,085
3m 21s view      21,448
5m 15s view      68,192
Global Request Show : A Song For You 3 - Ep.15 with Super Junior
43m 27s view     705,814
Shiny Pantyhose
1m 37s view     452,683
Eva Longoria performs Flo Rida's 'Low' feat. T-Pain | Lip Sync Battle
43s view    1,304,490
張宇 - 這一生我只牽你的手
4m 59s view     371,490
終極一班2電視原聲帶 - 一個人想著一個人(曾沛慈 - 華納 official HD 完整版 MV)
4m 5s view    5,654,578
Scream & Shout Will.I.Am (Feat. Britney Spears) [Official lyric video] (HQ)
4m 42s view    1,613,709
How to play Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley - Guitar Lesson
9m 9s view     298,710
放得太遲 (原曲:愛得太遲)
4m 12s view     141,208
Taylor Swift Vs. 5SOS: Ultimate Rap Battle! (VIDEO)
3m 14s view      40,407
1m 23s view     259,318
2015新北市歡樂耶誕城 -畢書盡
28m 57s view      47,432
[LIVE] INFINITE (SUNGKYU) - 60 SECONDS [2012.12.09][繁体中字]
3m 10s view      56,696
符瓊音 - Loving You
3m 31s view      54,823
Kit Chan 陳潔儀 - Home
3m 46s view     166,859
萬秀豬王 20121222
1h 34m 55s view      49,629
徐佳瑩小嗓變大將 「喜歡你」逾57萬人點閱
1m 47s view      37,421
℃-ute ‘君は自転车 私は电车で帰宅’ (萩原舞 Train Lip Ver.)
4m 58s view      58,544
明日晴れるかな 桑田佳祐
5m 9s view     175,858
眠れない夜に、少しの音楽♪【三浦大知 LIVE】
1h 1m 11s view     203,492
[PART 4] APINK's fanboys (EXO, SHINee, BEAST, BTOB, VIXX, CNBlue)
12m 1s view     580,776
The Beatles - All Things Must Pass (Full Band Demo - 1969)
3m 14s view     759,106
福山雅治 - 家族になろうよ x INFINITY 16 - ずっと君と...
5m 9s view     115,596
来生たかお スペシャル
1h 14m 31s view    1,041,434
5m 42s view      11,680
[Backup] 20130525 娛樂百分百 汪東城電吉他solo Poker Face
1m 28s view     706,548
4m 6s view     293,598
神田川 / 南こうせつ
3m 29s view      68,070
Westlife - Us Against The World (Tradução)
3m 59s view      33,004
《無盡 Supper Moment》魔音版COVER 【35000訂閱慶祝片】
28m 24s view      30,432
5m 1s view      88,755
梁振英《犯賤》feat. 陳小春
43s view      34,119
五月天 - 擁抱 (吉他指彈)
3m 35s view      51,114
【ギター】Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas/Virtue and Vice 弾いてみた
3m 30s view      37,472
3m 24s view      40,826
WAVEYA _Girls' Generation 소녀시대_You Think cover dance
1m 50s view    1,281,447
4m 57s view      13,600
ぱわわぷたいそう おかあさんといっしょ モノランモノラン 踊るよ
3m 26s view     162,041