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Yellow- Coldplay in Tampa HD (Chris Martin sings What Makes You Beautiful lyrics)
4m 45s view      16,300
CNBLUE (씨엔블루) - CINDERELLA (신데렐라) (Opening Trailer Ver.)
25s view      65,550
Lifecasting Tutorial: Gel-10 Body Mold Part 1
15m 46s view    2,455,777
卓依婷 - 梅花三弄 (HD)
4m 18s view      48,143
容祖兒 JOEY YUNG 李克勤 HACKEN LEE|紙牌屋 Live(容祖兒李克勤演唱會2015)DVD Version
5m 35s view     306,516
Elton John - Rock n' Roll Medley - Wembley 1984 (HQ Audio)
6m 18s view      85,257
GLAY 春を爱する人
5m 4s view    1,366,949
11m 58s view      39,229
シクラメン ♪エール
4m 4s view     217,839
百鬼夜行 Hyakkiyakou Hello Sleepwalkers Sub español
3m 59s view       9,723
Lady Gaga Mary Jane Holland Official Album Version HQ
4m 39s view      56,605
One Direction - Over Again (LYRICS)
3m 3s view     505,101
Rocko - U.O.E.N.O. (Remix Pt 4) feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2Chainz, Future & More
9m 12s view   10,250,134
「Panther Live」陳奕迅 - 兄妹 (歲月如歌 國語版) cover
3m 11s view      78,014
君がいないから 安全地帯
3m 31s view     169,509
關淑怡 - 天規 ( Live 08 )
4m 15s view       7,837
5m 13s view      43,595
British Kids React to | EXO and SHINee (Reactions) | ocUKids KPOP #3
2m 37s view     118,552
The Wake - Crush The Flowers (Audio)
3m 36s view     125,172
少クラ 11/4 ジパングおおきに大作戦 ジャニーズWEST
3m 6s view     228,663
恋のうた スピッツ
2m 31s view      35,045
Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore
5m 6s view      78,533
Apink - NoNoNo, 에이핑크 - 노노노 Music core 20130803
3m 24s view    1,524,419
Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) - The Beach Boys
3m 16s view     205,713
3m 47s view     139,465
宇多田ヒカル/二时间だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎(レコチョクTVCMソング/アルバム“Fantome”収录曲)
5m 5s view     169,028
[Vietsub+Kara] Miss you - Westlife
3m 54s view     406,772
LIFE(カラオケ) / 中岛美嘉
4m 8s view      89,347
[ 动态歌词 ] Super Junior 圭贤 - 希望是永无止尽的梦 ( 繁中 )
4m 42s view      67,713
王力宏 - 落葉歸根 (Luo Ye Gui Gen) Piano/Cello Cover
5m 1s view      72,763
Eminem fack lyrics dirty
5m 19s view      96,284
30 min Intermediate Invigorating Yoga Workout
32m 59s view     641,110
Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (An Intimate Performance)
3m 40s view    4,256,917
3m 51s view      36,245
Michael Jackson Billie Jean (Outtakes) Restored HD
3m 49s view     205,231
The Taker - Waylon Jennings
2m 24s view      46,285
Tank Lonely (Feat. Chris Brown)
4m 56s view     139,721
7m 17s view      32,586
8m 29s view     209,942
kiroro 未来へ(カラオケ)
5m 28s view      36,448
[HD 繁中字] 太妍(TaeYeon)-还有一个(And One) That Winter, The Wind Blows OST
4m 16s view    1,683,460
5m 14s view      10,097
2m view    1,037,301
4m 16s view      74,329
Impossible - 陳冠希
4m 9s view      62,004
一滴の影响/UVERworld 青の祓魔师京都不浄王编OP Cover
1m 37s view      82,107
东方神起 (동방신기) - Forever Love (Acapella) + Download
2m 59s view      74,390
1m 23s view       7,985
PV 尾崎豊(Yutaka Ozaki) - 永远の胸(Eternal Heart)
7m 49s view     434,133
SOUL'd OUT ‘“TooTsie pOp”MV’
4m 43s view      94,080