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影音● 華語 女歌手
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影音● 歐美 歌手
影音● 日韓 歌手

林峰 Raymond Lam-浮生若水 Life is water
3m 14s view      81,927
松任谷由実 今すぐレイチェル~LOVE WARS
11m 19s view      12,383
月下送君 鄧麗君 1972 曲: 古月 詞:宗宜
2m 10s view       6,537
5m 31s view     282,545
Elton John - Sorry seems to be the hardest word
4m 30s view     858,707
SNOW DOMEの约束(ピアノ) Kis-My-Ft2
4m 58s view      39,804
Elvis Presley - I'Ve Lost You (take 6)
4m 22s view      52,408
梁靜茹-情歌 MV(字幕清晰版)
4m 19s view    1,533,228
Dermablend Professional- Tattoo Cover Up Makeup: Go Beyond The Cover
2m 53s view   33,548,719
5m 1s view    1,424,023
アンジェラ・アキ“手纸 ~拝启 十五の君へ~”MV 映画ver.
5m 32s view    1,348,693
Tell Me a Lie - One Direction (Tampa, FL 6/29/12) [FRONT ROW]
3m 17s view     136,164
4m 31s view     192,834
[Tamia ~ Officially Missing You] x [周杰倫 ~ 好久不見] by JCee
3m 43s view      89,517
Madonna - Evita - 16. Waltz for Eva and Che (1996)
3m 49s view     234,226
银杏BOYZ “夜王子と月の姫”ギター弾き语り
1m 47s view      17,072
051 詹雅雯-路燈了解我心意+懷春曲 (台灣演歌秀)
6m 54s view     606,481
Ai Mei - Rainie Yang - Devil Beside You OST
4m 58s view     921,350
畢書盡 Bii - 到不了的幸福 (官方版MV)
3m 29s view    2,986,159
化物语 羽川翼 op full
4m 25s view     696,284
五月天阿信過敏缺席 蔡依林:因為我魅力太大-東森新聞HD
2m 30s view      11,209
Ed Sheeran - Afire Love (Karaoke Version)
5m 27s view     115,385
KAT-TUN ‘喜びの歌’
4m 5s view      54,409
Cruiser 903 孫耀威演唱會 - 會過去的
3m 55s view       8,260
Let it Be by The Beatles (Lyrics)
3m 47s view     955,737
潘美辰 不要問我 MTV
4m 24s view      23,465
大冢 爱 ai otsuka / さくらんぼ (from LOVE IS BORN 9th Anniversary 2012)
4m 5s view     480,328
Latch - Sam Smith (KAYE CAL Acoustic Cover)
3m 27s view     345,233
8m 28s view     808,922
[Teaser 1] IU(아이유) _ The shower(푸르던)
53s view     891,117
風箏誤 —— 劉珂矣
3m 59s view     139,439
The Bee Gees 'Timber!' 1965
1m 48s view       9,954
レミオロメン 3月9日 ピアノ
4m 26s view     131,690
陳淑樺 失樂園
5m 14s view     167,175
不分手的戀愛 汪蘇瀧 mv
3m 24s view      30,337
スキマスイッチ New Single“Ah Yeah!!”Music Video Making Documentary
8m 59s view     116,528
《SpeXial 스페셜》SpeXial-心流感
3m 17s view     642,327
2m 54s view     113,210
「Panther Live」陳奕迅 - 愛情轉移 (富士山下 國語版)cover
4m 10s view     165,289
越吻越傷心 (Yuet Man Yuet Seung Sum) - 蘇永康 William So 中文/拼音(Chinese/Pinyin) 歌詞
4m 2s view      48,774
Rihanna - A Child Is Born (Reggae Remix)
3m 55s view     578,942
張棟樑02年新秀大賽-shall we talk
1m 42s view      71,512
蔡幸娟 無情人請你離開 棚內LIVE版
4m 39s view      51,083
3m 22s view      56,163
120420 EXO-M 音悅台完整訪問 yinyuetai interview
41m 41s view     124,065
周杰倫 Jay Chou【說了再見 Say Goodbye】Official MV
4m 48s view   14,951,852
[上來,哥帶你去婚姻的殿堂。] 林芯儀 Shennio Lin - 等一個人 MV (上癮網路劇)
5m 32s view      31,000
喜愛夜蒲2 電影歌曲MV 連詩雅 - 好好過
2m 35s view     164,835
'蜀山奇俠'主題曲 年少無情 完整版 張學友 關淑儀
3m 18s view      74,376
羅時豐 Luo Shi Feng Hokkien Song 有緣來作伙 You Yuan Lai Zuo Huo
4m 7s view       9,064