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幸田来未 Koda Kumi - Get up & Move [Dance]
3m 29s view     160,489
好心分手 - 刀郎
3m 27s view      12,335
★★★『神祕女「聲」爆紅!四十萬網友問何方神聖? 』★★★
4m 5s view     351,356
G.E.M 鄧紫棋《如果沒有你》 我是歌手第二季第七期
2m 42s view      12,223
1m 31s view      92,258
Whitney Houston - How will I know - Solid Gold - 1985
4m 29s view     271,075
【Acoustic ver.】ワタリドリ/ [Alexandros](Covered by コバソロ) 歌词付き
3m 58s view     802,101
周璇 - 慈母心 194x
3m 9s view      45,859
走天涯-降央卓瑪(A) KTV
4m 28s view      48,894
[20130131] 蕭敬騰, 方大同 - 誰才是多才多藝的歌手 @ 康熙來了 3/3
18m 24s view      34,579
Whitney Houston . I Was Made To Love Him
4m 29s view      23,931
Ariana Grande - 'Better Left Unsaid' (Live in Los Angeles 9-9-13)
4m 45s view     355,754
Mariah Carey 'Almost Home' Music Video (Oz The Great and Powerful)
3m 54s view     113,952
4m 45s view      52,769
2007.01.09康熙來了完整版 星光大道的小女子-陶晶瑩《下》
43m 56s view      76,569
47m view       8,042
Wada Ayaka & Fukuda Kanon - DERO!
30m 36s view      59,312
家入レオ 10thシングル“君がくれた夏”【キャンペーン実施中♪】 - スチャラカステーション
2m 18s view      10,454
part 8 最佳女主角 趙薇 親愛的 第三十四屆香港電影金像獎2015
6m 56s view     149,980
港町 涙町 别れ町 (カラオケ) 石原裕次郎
3m 12s view      34,284
Danger-Japanese Ver.- / 防弾少年団 (Official MV)
4m 13s view    5,421,751
Elvis Presley - TONIGHT IS SO RIGHT FOR LOVE (new edit)
2m 24s view      63,592
Hilcrhyme No.109 (Live in TOKIMESSE)Live ver
5m 54s view      72,483
Rock In Rio IV: Stevie Wonder
1h 54m 4s view     530,269
4m 32s view      45,652
david bowie the width of a circle subtitulada
8m 10s view      18,985
the GazettE - DEUX [DOGMA] Drum Cover
4m 1s view       7,326
(TAB)[ギルティクラウン] OP 2 The Everlasting Guilty Crown guitar cover
1m 33s view      56,639
Skeeter Davis's Greatest Hits | The Very Best of Skeeter Davis
1h 9m 29s view     363,984
原浪潮 Het Eylond Formosa Part I (官方完整版MV)
4m 18s view       8,201
SHINee Up&Down Live HD The SHINee World
3m 36s view      46,558
Christina Aguilera - Hurt (Hanna)| The Voice Kids 2014 | FINALE | SAT.1
2m 57s view    6,962,538
黎明 ( Leon Lai ) : [ 情深說話未曾講 ] 2005 LIVE ~ [ H - F ]
4m 5s view     191,207
[FANCAM] Key SHINee dancing Bubble Pop - HyunA
44s view      13,774
LeAnn Rimes - I Fall To Pieces [Live] HQ Audio
2m 59s view    1,601,261
6m 17s view    3,061,713
One Direction singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' in Icarly
2m 28s view     112,084
1m 35s view      14,529
Dark Horse ft. Juicy J - Katy Perry (Official Video) [Letra Español-English]
3m 41s view     725,553
譚詠麟 & 李克勤 - 一生中最愛
4m 12s view     526,153
羅時豐 林淑容 雲頂演唱會- 無言的結局
4m 46s view       6,556
突然好想你 - Mayday五月天 (十萬人出頭天演唱會)
4m 31s view     182,455
五木ひろし / 心
4m 22s view      24,193
OneRepublic - Counting Stars (Rajiv Dhall & TwentyForSeven Cover)
3m 42s view    2,184,120
Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo
3m 46s view   33,361,936
譚詠麟 - 此刻你在何處
4m 36s view     173,414
1999-05-16 - Backstreet Boys Live - 08 - All I Have to Give
4m 5s view     275,625
ぱるるの塩対応 握手会なんて大嫌いとマジギレ!!
37s view      62,022
Enrique Iglesias .. Ring My Bells مترجمة
3m 58s view     483,368
綜藝女人國 鳳飛飛V四騎士
11m 45s view      22,961