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scandal sa loob ng kotse
3m 1s view     159,578
Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love lyrics (parole)
3m 24s view     325,459
Don’t look back! パンキッシュ NMB48 20150225
8m 14s view     223,663
5m 11s view     138,362
Michael Jackson - Dangerous مترجم
7m 1s view      79,054
Bee Gees Jive - Talkin + To Love Somebody HQ Princes Trust Concert 2006 Live
7m 40s view      56,574
PG 74ers LACK
5m 15s view      53,458
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself - Lyrics On Screen
4m 7s view     101,255
【HD】东方神起 4th ~The Secret Code~ ウィーアー!★Break up the shell 21/25
6m 47s view     639,897
Sarah Brightman Heaven is Here
3m 56s view     121,796
C AllStar - 星海 (紅館回顧篇)
4m 8s view      73,360
鍾明軒 - 後知後覺(原唱:張雨生)
1m 44s view      84,576
香港歲月演唱會 之 梅艷芳 - 夢伴 得不到的愛情
4m 24s view       8,308
Ellie Goulding - Believe Me
4m 4s view     133,023
4m 4s view     103,203
劉文正 - Liu Wen Zheng -如果你在心中 Ru Guo Ni Zai Xin Zhong
2m 54s view       7,983
Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture
15m 25s view     316,129
Love Story - Originally sung by Andy Williams (with Lyrics) [HD]
3m 26s view    5,761,641
Olivia Newton-John - Xanadu
3m 23s view     757,168
Olivia Ong - I Believe (Mandarin) [Bonus Track]
4m 52s view       7,091
[HD繁中字] 150227 SHINHWA神话 - Sniper @musicbank
3m 18s view     128,171
Z-Chen 張智成 - 愛情樹
4m 27s view     158,625
Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho Scandal Part 3
30s view    5,362,134
2篇 TOKIO CM ヤマト运输 “宅急便コンパクト登场”“ネコポス登场”
30s view     113,449
旅行的意義 - 陳綺貞@誠品信義
4m 9s view     122,892
sm7902754 【PV完全版】 初音ミクの消失 DEAD END 【MotionGraphics】tw
5m 3s view    5,322,076
王識賢-孫淑媚 雲中月圓
4m 28s view    1,166,350
Price Tag - Jessie J - Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover
2m 32s view    1,020,809
【泪光闪闪】夏川里美 - 日语歌
4m 28s view     110,933
エソラ Mr.Children 3歳 ほぼ完コピ
2m 18s view      91,904
HD 音樂萬萬歲 周湯豪 Wake Up
4m 35s view       8,278
4m 11s view      30,426
Berryz工房 - 日直~芸能人の会话 (徳永千奈美) ~ フラれパターン ~ 君の友达
10m 42s view       5,296
Michael Jackson - Making of Whatzupwitu
3m 29s view     367,875
徐佳瑩 你敢不敢 (POP Radio全球大首播)
3m 27s view     104,199
對李宗偉撒嬌 葉倩文:我的手有點痛!
1m 1s view      45,625
Always(ピアノ) ~ 西野カナ ~
5m 44s view      72,096
Feel Again - OneRepublic - Native (2013 Deluxe Edition)
3m 6s view     115,634
1h 9m 2s view     199,187
Alicia Keys Distance and Time (Video)
4m 30s view     293,506
One Night Carnival(カラオケ) / 气志团
4m 52s view      93,465
圣饥魔II - 世界一のくちづけを、STAINLESS NIGHT、地狱へ突撃!
12m 42s view      34,824
蕭敬騰 城裡的月光(歌詞)
7m 26s view       5,599
A-5 ' S×6! ' 呪文(MIROTIC) / 东方神起 ' @ K-POP FESTIVAL ' Show! Show! Show! '
3m 32s view      26,207
4m 40s view      81,395
090619 SHINee Juliette winning & encore
4m 17s view      61,783
Japanese Female Boxing
4m 7s view      33,170
Sing Along With Mitch (1 of 4)
8m 1s view     548,462
3m 22s view     142,157
4m 15s view    2,042,441