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6m 13s view      41,901
9/11/2008 康熙來了2 棒棒堂及黑澀會 - Part 1
9m 45s view     179,530
宇多田ヒカル メドレー 16曲 (off vocal) 【作业用】
1h 13m 10s view     140,580
Justin Bieber All around the world + Take you River Plate Stadium 10 de noviembre FULL HD
8m view     135,474
1m 18s view     239,442
【台灣壹週刊】天菜劉以豪不敵 吳映潔索吻狂電周湯豪
1m 49s view     110,009
容祖兒 JOEY YUNG《陪我長大》OFFICIAL官方完整版[LYRICS][HD][歌詞版][MV]
3m 44s view      30,319
贵船の宿 川中美幸
3m 5s view      13,606
flumpool/MY HOME TOWN(スカパー! ‘2015 Jリーグ’イメージソング)
3m 41s view      13,349
西野カナ / Have a nice day  【covered by 矢田玲华】
2m 57s view      40,670
Rod Stewart - Way Back Home
4m 39s view     867,378
Fang Ji Wei 方季惟 - 愛情的故事 Ai Qing De Gu Shi (優必勝 - 原聲 KTV)
4m 42s view      63,607
Bon Jovi - Hook Me Up
3m 57s view      85,674
4m 27s view     683,484
張惠妹 A-Mei - 假惺惺 Fake It (華納 official 官方完整版MV)
3m 36s view     110,071
我是我的(張靚穎 )cover蕭小M
3m 13s view      72,685
Madonna - Love Spent (Audio)
3m 49s view     281,557
03吳宗憲 這個梗讓你笑到肚子痛,教你髒話怎麼說?
37s view     852,326
4m 20s view      16,514
59s view     260,471
gucci mane ft ludacris - freaky girl
4m 5s view       7,642
aiko/信号 (“SEIKO LUKIA”CMソング)
4m 19s view      37,818
楊丞琳 - 太煩惱(1分鐘版)
1m view       5,177
The Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun (Vinyl)
2m 5s view    1,449,894
[STAR ZOOM IN] SHINHWA - Wild eyes (와일드아이즈) 170103 EP.159
2m 20s view      18,355
Selina亂比百分百拳 小豬取笑並貼心教導
51s view     340,440
愛你 by 謝雷 & 喬幼 KTV 左伴右唱 HD1080P
5m 9s view     249,753
Taylor Swift You Belong With Me CLUB REMIX Techno Dance Mix
4m 22s view      12,433
Josh Groban - Un Giorno Per Noi (Romeo e Giulietta)
5m 11s view     425,626
[新歌] 劉若英 - 親愛的路人
5m 28s view     481,150
4m 57s view     126,900
RADWIMPS 七ノ歌 歌词付き full
6m 28s view      65,497
4m 51s view      78,225
BORUTO! Naruto Next Generation Capitulo 3 SUB ESPAÑOL!!! BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS EP. 3
0s view      38,967
Beyond - 輝きの日々 (光輝歳月 - 日文歌詞 - 非洲實地拍攝)
5m 21s view      27,964
齊豫 Chyi Yu【哭泣的駱駝 Tearless weeping】Official Music Video
3m 58s view      66,118
The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow (MattyBRaps Cover)
3m 33s view   36,284,756
Nona Reeves - LOVE ALIVE feat.宇多丸 (from RHYMESTER) (320kbps)
6m 18s view     186,417
TaylorSwift - 22 (Letra en Español)
3m 56s view     600,700
Celine Dion - Overjoyed (Feat Stevie Wonder)
4m 1s view      31,002
SEND爱(Tokyo) MONKEY MAJIK - アイシテル
4m 28s view     350,584
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Official Video) HD Quality
3m 48s view     715,728
Kelly Clarkson - Tie It Up subtitulos Español + Lyrics
2m 53s view      16,859
Scandal (ABC) - Trailer
2m view     532,793
aiko / Smooch! 〈ピアノ弾き语りcover〉
4m 1s view      20,949
HD 音樂萬萬歲 葉璦菱 殘缺的溫柔
4m 42s view     124,123
Bon Jovi - Blood On Blood (New Jersey Sessions)
6m 16s view      74,861
Hey! Say! JUMP/Give Me Love (フジテレビ月9ドラマ“カインとアベル”主题歌) (News Video)
4m 21s view      27,399
SKE48 松井珠理奈が好きになるスライドショー
7m 3s view      42,761
Yae ・加藤登纪子 “名も知らぬ花のように”
6m 14s view      47,900