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4m 40s view      15,212
Tohoshinki (TVXQ) -- White [Very Merry Xmas] [MP3+DL]
4m 59s view      13,622
4m 3s view     109,401
2013-07-13 胡鴻鈞 - 明白了【『師父‧明白了』宣傳活動】@ 尖沙咀 THE ONE
3m 8s view      46,991
Kimberley - 愛你 (字幕)
3m 30s view    4,880,591
3m 29s view      80,122
Original Song - Invisible Tears - Connie Talbot
3m 15s view     229,937
5m 1s view    1,089,177
良生ちゃんとポプラ并木 松山千春 Covor song in tapirosu
5m 13s view      22,591
水果冰淇淋 歌曲欣賞(MV)~最重要的事.asx
1m 24s view      12,871
[歌詞&和訳] Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
3m 43s view     140,574
辛曉琪 Winnie Hsin【承諾 Promise】Official Music Video
4m 53s view     155,538
Alicia Keys ~ If I was your woman (unplugged version)
3m 21s view     119,257
蔡依林MUSE新歌演唱會 HIGH爆台南 20121010完全娛樂
8m 9s view      80,075
1m 5s view     165,077
儂本多情 MV (張國榮 梅艷芳)
3m 52s view     164,500
【中字】T-ara - 'First Love' 初恋 퍼스트 러브
3m 33s view      35,292
4m 12s view      12,370
2013-09-14 超級接班人 POPCORN - 對面女孩看過來 + 再出發 (任賢齊)
11m 50s view     162,438
安全地带 I Love You からはじめよう (Live)
5m 3s view      21,971
[G9-CF] Apink + 李国珠 - Mr.Chu [HD]
3m 19s view     425,139
Best Day of My Life - Glee Cast Version
3m 16s view      12,058
Six full songs by Elvis Presley taken from 1950's TV appearances & film clips
14m 54s view     754,802
3m 19s view      55,307
whiteeeen“ポケット”‘シンドバッド 魔法のランプと动く岛’Ver.
1m 43s view     120,166
蘇芮 酒矸倘賣嘸 (1988版)
4m 23s view    1,034,227
1m 31s view     506,755
でんぱ组.inc Sabotage LIVE(Beastie Boys)
3m 56s view      48,190
(The Beatles) Yesterday - Gabriella Quevedo
2m 7s view     712,502
Linda Ronstadt awarded Nat'l Medal of Arts for 'one-of-a-kind voice'
6m 52s view     138,124
“山贼の娘ローニャ” OP/ED
3m 6s view      75,314
Do As Infinity - Week!
4m 16s view      52,793
クミコ ‘ラストダンスは私に’
2m 38s view     123,380
江梨子   桥幸夫(COVER)
3m 52s view       8,799
初音ミクの消失 〔カラオケ〕 Off vocal
5m 4s view     295,139
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 19. Jam
12m 45s view    1,087,227
DESTINY (Dance Version) - INFINITE [1080p]
3m 52s view      50,317
Marlene & Rebecca - Part 50-1 (closed captions)
14m 36s view     629,054
Orange County Wing Chun | The Legend is Born: Ip Man
2m 36s view    2,289,283
Legend (傳奇) by Faye Wong (王菲) with English Subtitles (Live 2010)
3m 59s view      90,744
側田 - 男人KTV (KTV版)
5m 51s view     234,752
'Call Me Maybe' - Ft. Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and #PageLife
3m 52s view      35,063
星光大道 李玉剛 星光大道 2010年 第40期 1-2
37m 6s view      10,094
T-ARA - I go crazy because of you ( Mar,12,10 )
3m 15s view     299,392
[Sina Entertainment]黑人范范婚禮星光熠熠 新郎惡搞新娘
3m 18s view      39,711
20130203 華人星光大道2《華星2總冠軍賽》(完整版)
2h 26m 15s view      32,638
6m 53s view      67,407
真夜中すぎの恋 ~ 安全地帯完全复活コンサートツアー2010
4m 16s view     227,462
Gackt ~Platinum Box VI~ Part 1
33m 41s view      28,811
TVXQ 东方神起 ジュンス 20歳のファーストキス 日本语字幕
1m 45s view     366,434