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2014.12.06 【Miu給你快樂live concert】朱俐靜 陳彥允 - 我們在同一個頻率
4m 36s view      10,940
Medley 愛的替身&夏日寒風 - 太極 & 譚詠麟 好有共嗚廿載情演唱會 720p HD.mp4
5m 31s view       9,759
芝麻龍眼 - 喜歡我
3m 37s view      35,175
THEO sings Kagerou Days / カゲロウデイズ
3m 57s view      43,667
聖闘士星矢 Ω OST 永遠の聖闘士 Eternal Saint
4m 6s view     793,840
Ariana Grande Last Christmas (Live, 2014)
3m 31s view    1,828,386
Please Please Me, The Beatles (Live In Washington, D.C. 1964)
2m 22s view      31,514
3m 46s view     151,422
T-ara - A-HA (Male Ver.)
4m 36s view       7,002
4m 24s view      40,568
FULL CHORUS 吉泽嘉代子 东京绝景 BSスカパー
4m 32s view       8,049
30s view     108,228
[Vietsub + Kara] Super Junior - Miracle Live []
3m 57s view     125,819
忘不了初戀情人 - 尤雅
3m 11s view    1,174,442
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 テレサ・テン - YouTube
2m 41s view      10,250
サライ(ピアノ) ~ 加山雄三・谷村新司 ~
5m 6s view      18,171
♬ 林欣彤 Mag Lam - 向玻璃鞋說再見 (Audio)
4m 29s view      48,883
【中字】071011 SNSD Tiffany Ep5 2/2 @ MTV 少女时代
14m 54s view      29,015
Jewel - I Love You Forever
4m 25s view     416,716
松たか子×阿部サダヲ 夫妇で结婚诈欺!
56s view     188,972
Elvis - Can't help falling in love - ALOHA FROM HAWAII
4m 17s view    1,178,822
1m 14s view      39,835
2m 36s view     129,517
小泉今日子 木枯しに抱かれて -cover- moco momo
4m 10s view      30,654
[KTV] 施文彬 - 秋風彼一瞑.mpg
4m 42s view      11,702
竹内まりや 元気をだして
2m 16s view      39,171
Angels103) Ayaka Sayama
10m 34s view     191,709
Josh Groban - You'll Never Walk Alone [Lyrics]
5m 35s view      34,430
신화 (SHINHWA) - TONIGHT (한글 가사 - Korean Lyrics)
3m 34s view      36,723
方大同 - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (Timeless live in hong kong 2009)
3m 9s view      39,163
風中的玫瑰 - 龍千玉
3m 54s view    3,650,541
浜田省吾 ‘悲しみは雪のように’ karaoke
5m 8s view      35,391
Baby Grand - Billy Joel & Ray Charles Lyrics [on screen]
4m 3s view      42,336
The Eagles - Hotel California - (Con la letra al Español)
6m 31s view    2,480,652
【MAD】JSDF たった一つの想い
4m 5s view     123,446
許冠傑難忘往日情演唱會(4-7 Sep 2009) - 天才白痴夢
2m 51s view      13,380
周杰倫 Jay Chou 【Now You See Me】完整歌曲 Intact Song
2m 53s view     945,984
謝安琪 烏托邦
2m 32s view      16,625
5m 40s view    3,402,223
[ICanSeeYourVoice3] Korea has Wonder Girls, and Vietnam has Wonderful Girls~ 20160714 EP.03
1m 38s view    4,408,578
Karaoke- 惡作劇- 林依晨
3m 46s view      15,571
Olivia Newton John - A Little More Love
3m 26s view      12,595
4m 31s view     156,609
忌野清志郎 & 间寛平 よォ―こそ
1m 9s view      67,124
Hilcrhyme TOCが结婚を発表
1m 2s view     113,975
Black Rock Shooter The Game - No scared - One Ok Rock - Opening Trailer
1m 56s view      57,653
【中天】5/8 「姚凌戀」時間兜不攏 盛竹如片尾短評
2m 11s view     610,914
1m 31s view      53,127
2m 11s view     114,935
'拋物線' - 蔡健雅(林威良 Live @ A House)
5m 19s view      10,468