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Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Live)
1m 51s view    2,172,244
TFBOYS - 剩下的盛夏The Rest of Our Summer(官方完整版 MV)
5m 22s view     615,520
王心凌 - 第一次愛的人 (original name The Day You Went Away by M2M )
3m 38s view     411,753
侯湘婷 【為你流的淚】
3m 55s view     101,476
アリス & 山口百恵 - 君の瞳は10000ボルト
2m 19s view     412,656
[JR-F]Dir en Grey - Cage.avi (sub español)
5m 34s view      81,218
初音ミク Heart Groove colate remix【リミックス】
5m 28s view      32,997
One Direction's Liam Payne Drunk At Brit Awards 2014! (VIDEO)
3m 42s view     986,558
WSD-09-003 J-BEST'08 (吹奏楽メドレー)
6m 16s view      46,750
8m 11s view      67,168
2013Hito流行音樂獎頒獎典禮-想幸福的人/ 楊丞琳
4m 31s view      63,465
AKB48 ガチンコ対决 罚ゲームの部屋
9m 11s view     997,400
Adele - Someone like you live at Royal Albert Hall HD
5m 44s view   21,737,085
4m 15s view      48,283
Blowing in the wind Peter Paul n Mary
2m 39s view      51,960
[ALiEN Dance Studio] Britney Spears - Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) choreography by Euanflow
2m 15s view     424,397
由纪さおり 手纸
2m 56s view      52,060
Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
4m 45s view     358,344
Nicki Minaj · The Legend Of Roman (Pink Friday Roman Reloaded)
10m 24s view      71,306
'H' SAKURA いきものがかり
5m 58s view     355,692
[AKB149恋爱総选挙] 酒井萌衣 キス&神告白 [Sakai Mei] SKE48 AKB1/149
1m 5s view       5,474
張智成 - 保佑我 (官方版MV)
4m 36s view      24,358
方大同 x 王菀之 x 陳奕迅 @ 08叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮
8m 47s view     129,579
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [ Hayden Summerall & Chanel Loran ] Furious 7
4m 25s view     753,605
大俠霍元甲 主唱: 葉振棠 (1981麗的電視劇「大俠霍元甲」主題曲)
2m 49s view     157,205
X Japan - Weekend (Instrumental) (カラオケ)
5m 43s view      75,570
Westlife - I wanna grow old with you [ With lyrics ] x
4m 10s view    2,914,164
X Japan - Yoshiki's Piano Solo
6m 39s view     284,155
Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal)
3m 47s view    9,197,721
雪狼湖 張學友 林憶蓮, Snow Wolf Lake Jacky & Sandy
4m 7s view     239,399
狂潮KTV (1976年電視劇《狂潮》主題曲)
2m 21s view      65,873
Rod Stewart - 'You Wear It Well'
4m 58s view      46,662
Shawn Mendes - Stitches
3m 55s view   18,734,417
Jeremih - I Think Of You (Audio) ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean
3m 38s view    3,469,399
Bon Jovi - Seat Next to You (rehearsal 2007)
5m 32s view      57,417
Love You More / GENERATIONS (ピアノ)
3m 53s view      36,513
Hey Stephen Taylor Swift lyrics
4m 13s view     643,469
張宇MTV之1994《溫故知心》之用心良苦 大滾紀念版
4m 53s view       6,436
BigBang 빅뱅 (Seungri) – Strong Baby : 2015 WORLD TOUR 'MADE' in Singapore
5m 1s view     110,027
Sid Vicios-My Way (シド・ヴィシャス/マイ・ウェイ)
4m 14s view      61,620
水树奈々の声量 せとうちのど自慢大会(荒らし)
1m 24s view     306,144
[avex官方]伍佰 & China Blue 活下去(MV完整版)
3m 33s view      15,903
'Un Giorno Per Noi' by Josh Groban
5m 12s view     114,676
See You Again - Drum Cover - Furious 7 Soundtrack - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
4m 9s view   10,441,486
金曲20年回顧 常勝軍歌后江蕙造型多變
2m 3s view      64,622
小虎隊 The Little Tigers / 放心去飛【歌詞】
4m 27s view      62,792
Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 - 雨 夜 花
2m 50s view     254,190
[HD LIVE][100205] 少女时代 SNSD - Oh!
3m 45s view    1,704,563
Elvis Presley - A little less conversation
1m 48s view     233,103
[新歌DJ版2010] 戴雪兒(Sissi Dai) - 也許你只是愛我的美 - (Dj Sunny王繹龍 dj)
5m 23s view      60,336