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Shawn mendes - bad reputation
3m 19s view      60,601
Coldplay - Paradise Live at Rose Bowl Pasadena 2016
6m 46s view     148,121
椎名林檎 - IT WAS YOU
3m 56s view     429,553
靜婷 - 搖船曲 (女兒相陪和唱)
2m 43s view      77,886
L'Arc~en~Ciel Driver's High [ live ]
5m 10s view     153,635
comme toi 散了吧 林志炫
4m 35s view     143,516
[1080P KTV]MP魔幻力量-我還是愛著你
5m 11s view      34,002
中天新聞》小胖日本秀「First Love」惹哭堀北真希
1m 26s view     589,653
Indah Nevertari - All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor - Rising Star Indonesia TOP 14 - 17 10 2014
8m 44s view    2,417,111
周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 莫失莫忘 Don』t Forget (Official LYRIC Video)
4m 17s view    1,973,410
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Ridon, Robin, Merdan) | The Voice Kids 2016 | Battles | SAT.1
3m 2s view    1,421,420
岩崎宏美&岩崎良美 スペシャルライブステージ 13曲
36m 26s view     345,231
“VICTORY” JAM Project ~ Go! Go! GOING! TOUR ~ Sub Español
5m 47s view      74,049
160806 綻放魅力2❤陳展鵬 從未知道你最好
4m 27s view     375,974
Lobo : Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
3m 18s view      21,365
4m 47s view      72,943
FT Island - SATISFACTION (yomiuri)
4m 6s view      39,226
偶像劇「花是愛 What is Love」搶先看 (片尾曲 - 陳勢安【再痛也沒關係】)
1m 42s view      66,960
[FULL] Leanne Mitchell - Run To You (Whitney Houston)- Semi finals- The Voice UK
6m 11s view     471,353
京の恋呗 舟木一夫 さん
3m 52s view      78,486
Britney Spears ft Will.I.Am It Should Be Easy (Greg Cerrone Remix)
4m 58s view      25,539
血界戦線ED「シュガーソングとビターステップ/UNISON SQUARE GARDEN」をピアノでアレンジしてみた
2m 8s view      96,386
張學友 - 總有一天等到你 ( 超級學校霸王 ).mp4
2m 54s view     129,420
2016.8.15 蔡佳麟~最美的歌--隨緣.歡喜就好.無緣的牽掛.戀戀戀
17m 7s view      23,871
Adele 'I Can't Make You Love Me' San Diego 8/18/
4m 26s view     102,299
Phil Collins - Look Through My Eyes
4m 1s view     707,591
豬哥會社 20091010 (5/7) HQ
10m 1s view      36,898
42s view      92,109
RADWIMPS/前前前世 映画 ‘君の名は。’ 主题歌 歌词 コード 付き piano cover
1m 17s view     267,931
3m 48s view      77,300
【初音ミク】マジンガーZ【VOCALOID Mazinger Z】
1m 55s view      53,347
3m 28s view      33,792
3m 21s view      48,128
Madonna - Don't Tell Me
4m 39s view     783,528
鄭敬基 黎瑞恩 ~ 誰令你心痴 + 一人有一個夢想
6m 41s view       6,689
蔡琴 -《12月22 》Official Music Video
4m 18s view     157,455
Ke$ha - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Full Song)
4m 39s view     168,658
容祖兒Joey Yung - 分身術 (容祖兒李克勤演唱會2015)
4m 36s view     324,955
My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle with Baby Flurry Heart, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor
8m 42s view    5,919,223
2013 11 19 中天青年論壇 陳文茜 vs 周杰倫
1h 38m 42s view      36,690
Britney Spears - Alien
3m 57s view    4,131,640
渥美二郎 / 釜山港へ帰れ
3m 52s view      37,680
山口百恵 青い果実
1m 30s view     251,855
4m 12s view      42,465
Masayume Chasing BoA Full (Official Full Version)
3m 34s view     987,461
Adele - Rolling in the deep HD
3m 51s view      92,469
Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
5m 44s view     487,182
1m 45s view      31,801
林晏如 - 酒啊
4m 11s view      26,227
[가요대제전] Apink - No No No, 에이핑크 - 노노노, KMF 20131231
3m 51s view    2,144,829