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8m 31s view     172,894
CNBLUE - Live ~392~ Part.1
46m 13s view      99,873
粉雪 歌词有レミオロメン
5m 13s view    2,172,275
10m 1s view     302,956
Let it go! / FTISLAND : ピアノ(ソロ) / 中级
50s view      37,303
薬师丸ひろ子 故郷/冬の星座/梦で逢えたら (2013年10月)
12m 35s view     162,258
陳奕迅 紅玫瑰
4m 4s view    1,530,957
4m 29s view     386,246
5m 59s view     235,132
[終極一班2原聲帶] 曾沛慈-數不盡的星空
4m 31s view     133,529
Sarah Chang plays Bruch - 3rd Movement
7m 14s view     509,443
豬哥會社 201000605 (4/8) HQ 完整
10m 1s view      10,912
AKB48 ヘビーローテーション 振り付け 全体ver 反転&速度90%
2m 59s view    1,202,135
相逢情歌 by 戴梅君&莊振凱 KTV 左伴右唱 HD1080P
3m 22s view     106,138
I for You 【神啊!请在给我多一点时间】主题曲 by Luna Sea 【月の海】
5m 30s view     476,396
麋先生Mixer【 筆劃 Strokes 】Official Lyrics Video
4m 18s view      42,239
Lady Gaga-Paparazzi (Metal Version)
3m 51s view    1,138,861
羅志祥Show Lo -【 舞極限世界巡迴演唱會】 跟著小豬的口令做(^ 0^)/
2m view      31,650
How to Play 'Heart Of Gold' by Neil Young on Guitar
6m 39s view     316,488
1m 33s view      41,485
2m 30s view     262,773
久保田利伸 “TOSHINOBU KUBOTA CONCERT TOUR 2015 L.O.K Supa Dupa”Digest
6m 50s view      31,993
くるり さよなら春の日
4m 46s view     134,798
Crystal Kay 恋におちたら LIVE
2m 59s view     151,645
雨の赤坂 ♪cover  三原纲木
3m 42s view      68,043
4m 27s view     140,264
2m 30s view       6,223
Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2: Michael Bolton Special (2014.11.08)
1h 37m 1s view    1,357,034
海泉戰隊 派對動物 - 五月天
4m 25s view     183,034
嚴藝丹 - 無·果
4m 57s view      45,654
Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies (Music Video)
4m 18s view      78,896
Wanderlust - The Weeknd (Pharrell remix)
5m 10s view     211,510
2Pac - It Ain't Easy
4m 55s view    2,030,663
Backstreet Boys - I Still...
3m 47s view   24,330,391
Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Official Video)
4m 1s view   25,274,695
Bathroom Sessions. Beyonce - Halo (cover) by Lisa Scinta
3m 7s view      44,064
瞳 - 大原樱子(フル)
4m 58s view    2,861,929
Glee Cast - Born This Way
3m 10s view       6,987
Eminem - Im Not Afraid [HeBsuB] מתורגם לעברית
4m 10s view     149,923
【MV】风は吹いている(DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! ver.)ダイジェスト映像/AKB48[公式]
32s view    3,157,300
《快樂大本營》20150328期: 李晨鄭愷變大白 賈玲謝娜同台PK Happy Camp: Jia Ling VS. Xie Na【湖南衛視官方版1080P】
1h 29m 39s view    1,069,288
ヤキモチの答え 歌ってみた【luz】
3m 39s view     154,364
月光 ~トモダチRemix~ 処方笺Ver.β 月光ラップRAP
5m 25s view     397,428
4m 49s view     319,131
ジェラシーズナイト 稲垣润一
4m 23s view      42,162
容祖兒+陳奕迅 Joey Yung + Eason Chan - 不容錯失
8m 11s view      13,615
Kalafina - Alleluia LIVE Budokan (HiKei and WaKei Moments)
2m 49s view     118,177
Whitney Houston - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire, HD)
3m 13s view     131,026
John - Spartan 117 (Imagine Dragons: Warriors - Halo Music Video)
3m 4s view     141,086
Kim Jong Kook-Men are all like that Romanization+ English Translation Lyrics
4m 49s view      73,875