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2m 40s view      22,756
超面白いです Hey Say JUMP World 平成ジャンプの世界 2016
10m 59s view     137,550
五月花 蔡依林&五月天-你是我胸口永遠的痛 (2013.08.24 超犀利女子大趴 Live版)
4m 9s view       9,779
4m 44s view      24,452
Maesarah Nur Zakah ~ Jodoh Pasti Bertemu [Afgan Cover] TOP 12 Indonesian Idol 2014
9m 23s view      35,858
【HD Live】少女时代SNSD - 훗(Hoot) + Genie (101118)
5m 38s view     144,777
5m 21s view     609,755
X JAPAN “ART OF LIFE ”日本语訳词1993LIVE part 1/4
8m 42s view      62,600
One Direction - Never Enough w/ Lyrics | Made In The A.M.
3m 8s view      74,302
陳奕迅 軟硬天師 part 2
7m 46s view     231,289
Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin
4m 53s view      37,246
SHINee Dream Girl 挂け声 日本语ルビ
3m 1s view     116,476
3m 56s view     183,450
hard to say i'm sorry - westlife - lyrics
3m 58s view    4,406,676
Back In The USSR - The Beatles - Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy-ish)
5m 44s view      35,760
KinKi Kids “Hey! みんな元気かい?”
5m 19s view      13,172
Gigi Leung - 魔幻季節
3m 40s view     154,364
3m 46s view      20,116
Super Junior - 圭贤 厉旭 毒舌利特
58s view     108,249
山下智久“ERO 2012 version”を歌ってみた男
3m 58s view      59,658
Elton John - Lady Samantha (1969) With Lyrics!
3m 6s view      16,799
John Denver The Eagle and the Hawk Live
9m 34s view     104,810
GOT7 'Hard Carry(하드캐리)' M/V
3m 21s view   33,373,145
Cuộc Đua Kỳ Thú 2013 - Tập 2 (FULL HD) 02/08/2013
51m 58s view    1,172,322
百萬大歌星 2011-07-16 pt.4/7 蕭敬騰 盧廣仲 趙傳
15m 22s view      54,150
[ENG SUB] 130701 EXO CUTS BEATLES CODE 2 PART 1 (by @0420_lh)
13m 7s view     383,969
Mai Kuraki Summer Time Gone
4m 12s view      32,306
“マリオ”アンジャッシュ饮酒运転 うごメモ3DS
59s view     329,913
Demi Lovato In Case exclusive video for the iBookstore
3m 31s view     159,050
Daolang 刀郎 《手心裡的溫柔》Chengdu Concert 2012.6.22
5m 4s view     719,797
棉花糖_katncandix2 | 無以名狀的快樂與悲傷 | 完整有OS版 大首播
3m 49s view     199,784
胡琳(BIANCA LIVE) 2011 我為何讓你走.
4m 19s view      81,529
鄭融(Stephanie Cheng) - 小龍女
4m 2s view      48,728
4m 52s view    1,454,690
Elvis Presley Alive 2016-2017 #02
6m 48s view     489,164
契り 五木ひろし
4m 3s view     179,308
斉藤和义 “空に星が绮丽” ギター 弾き语り Cover
2m 41s view      15,797
[MV] T-ARA(티아라) _ You drive me crazy(너 때문에 미쳐)
3m 38s view     300,603
2m 35s view      31,953
3m 26s view     211,562
雨の湘南通り 横浜银蝿
4m 23s view      15,187
[Fate / Zero OP] Oath Sign - LiSA (Bass Cover) Full Version
4m 9s view      12,680
キャロル ユーブ・リアリー・ガッタ・ホールド・オン・ミー
2m 48s view      65,867
譚詠麟 - 愛的替身
3m 47s view      36,030
Tears - X JAPAN
10m 31s view    1,571,695
關喆 - 想你的夜 KTV
4m 26s view     202,681
單身美好 - 郭靜 (歌詞)
4m 6s view     101,994
Jade Thirlwall - Little Mix - Sings Beyonce Knowles - Ave Maria
3m 42s view     228,829
盜墓筆記-麒麟現世世無邪 雲傾
4m 9s view     102,774
劉思涵Koala Liu《一個人的森林》德布西森林Forêt Debussy電影概念主題曲 Official MV【HD】
4m 18s view     214,215