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テレサ・テン&谷村新司 Return to the man,return to the woman
4m 23s view      57,929
4m 2s view      59,065
小泉今日子&渡辺彻 グリコアーモンドチョコレート
56s view      47,872
アジアの歌姫 テレサ・テンメドレー (BS181)
38m 24s view      14,295
Linkin Park - Burn It Down (Fire Kane Remix)
4m 23s view      55,720
Rip Slyme - Hotter Than July
4m 10s view      39,112
Olivia Ong & 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan 最新華語歌曲「最後一眼 」 (完整版 Full Version)
3m 34s view       6,805
花束を君に(宇多田ヒカル) とと姉ちゃん・高畑充希にそっくり!
1m 50s view      31,182
‘BIGBANG’fantastic baby 音无しver (爆笑注意)
31s view     125,229
張震嶽 A-Yue【我家門前有大海】Official Music Video
4m 19s view     763,495
20130706 超級歌喉讚 05
13m 38s view       8,190
Michael Buble - Lost With Lyrics
3m 38s view    1,471,508
毒害了 愛還在 (原著--惑青春) 完整版
27m 4s view     289,146
[HQ] MV 周杰倫 黑色幽默 - Jay Chou . Hei Se You Mo
4m 43s view      31,210
3m 52s view     302,066
神谷浩史・小野大辅のDearGirl~Stories~ 第343话
28m 51s view      42,119
인피니트(Infinite) - 시간아 (Woohyun Solo)
4m 29s view      53,666
幸田来未 / Black Cherry
4m 28s view      26,563
Romantik - GAY
4m 33s view      49,464
Can Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治 Dance?
3m 58s view      27,354
Glay - Will Be King Sub Español.
7m 31s view      13,352
德永英明 - “さよならの向う侧”(Short ver.)
2m 22s view     212,479
back number / だいじなこと <歌词つき>
4m 18s view      38,386
張靚穎 - 天下無雙 [神鵰俠侶主題曲]
4m 17s view      14,654
Linkin Park - Valentine's Day [ With Lyrics ]
3m 21s view    3,761,409
Beauty And The Beast Full Fandub Part 7 (Final Part)
14m 43s view     629,237
きのこ帝国 (Kinoko teikoku) - スクールフィクション
6m 3s view     360,347
張宇 曲終人散
4m 29s view     632,771
[HD FANCAM] 131228 Shindong & Eunhyuk - Confession @ SMTOWN WEEK Treasure Island (슈퍼주니어)
4m 28s view     107,486
2013.04.05康熙來了完整版 誰說白斬雞就不一定MAN?!
44m 31s view     227,602
miwa ‘miwa live at 武道馆 ~卒业式~ ダイジェスト’
1m 17s view     108,341
Mr.Children 风と星とメビウスの轮(LIVE)
5m 32s view     122,714
AOA (에이오에이) Mina (민아) cute moments
2m 29s view     111,499
難念的經 周華健 KTV
4m 45s view      37,178
[Fancam] 141225 티아라 (소연, Soyeon, T-ARA) - 17. TTL (Time To Love) @ 7pm By SSoLEE
4m 1s view     131,009
メロディ(Melody)/サザンオールスターズ.cover by taka
5m 6s view      57,409
何韻詩 尼古丁 HOCC(陳冠希X 何韻詩兩人幫派對)
3m 50s view       6,177
Have You Ever Seen the Rain-Rod Stewart (lyrics)
3m 7s view    3,111,970
under pressure lyrics by queen and david bowie
4m 2s view     812,521
3m 58s view     166,815
蘇打綠 sodagreen - 青峰馨儀台東勘景之旅
1m 39s view      86,906
One Direction - Fireproof [LEGENDADO/TRADUÇÃO]
4m 23s view     109,778
15m 3s view      55,731
12m 1s view     351,291
I Really like you - CL Justin bieber Ariana [Parody] Carly Rae
3m 27s view    3,230,779
2009.01.24天才沖沖沖 單位tempo飛輪海 01
11m 33s view      36,372
Rod Stewart performs 'Hold the Line' - Michael McIntyre's Big Show: Episode 3 - BBC One
3m 43s view      39,973
蔡琴 【愛像一首歌】MV
4m 1s view     117,940
枯叶(越路吹雪)~MURO ON STAGE(シャンソン)~
4m 26s view      39,884
4m 3s view     567,145