Wiz Khalifa(威茲哈利法) 所有影片

Wiz Khalifa(威茲哈利法)

所有歌曲 ( 共 362 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.100 Bottles
(提供)4.A Drop in The Ocean
(歌詞)5.All My Life Freestyle
(歌詞)7.Ass Drop
(歌詞)9.Aunts n Uncles
(歌詞)10.Aw Shit
(提供)12.Bad Bitch
(歌詞)13.Bad Guy
(歌詞)14.Bake Sale
(歌詞)15.Banger ft. Ty$
(歌詞)16.Be My Girl
(提供)17.Beat It Up Freestyle
(歌詞)18.Best Night Of My Life
(提供)19.Beverly Hills
(提供)20.Big Dreams
(歌詞)21.Big Screen
(歌詞)22.Black & Yellow Remix
(提供)23.Black And Yellow
(歌詞)24.Blowin Kush
(歌詞)26.Boarding Pass
(提供)27.Bombay Sippin
(歌詞)28.Bout Me
(歌詞)29.Bout That
(歌詞)31.Burn Slow
(歌詞)32.Buss Down
(歌詞)33.Cabin Fever
(歌詞)35.Call Again
(歌詞)36.Call Waiting
(歌詞)43.City View
(歌詞)44.Comb Over
(提供)46.Countin Faces
(提供)49.Cruisin Rollin
(歌詞)52.Damn It Feels Good To Be a Taylor
(提供)53.Day In The Life
(歌詞)54.Deep Sleep
(提供)56.Die Today
(歌詞)57.Different Cloth
(歌詞)58.Different So Fast ft. Uzi
(歌詞)59.Do Sumtin
(歌詞)60.Dot Dot Dot
(歌詞)64.Drunk Dialing
(提供)65.Dumb Geeked
(提供)68.Everything Trill
(歌詞)69.Exit Row
(歌詞)70.Extra Credit
(歌詞)71.Extra Extra Credit
(歌詞)72.EZ Wider With Hash
(提供)73.F'd Up
(歌詞)74.Fall Asleep
(提供)75.Fallen Star
(提供)78.Far Places
(提供)80.Feel Dat Heat
(歌詞)81.Finish Line
(提供)84.Flight Rules
(提供)85.Flowers Bombs
(歌詞)86.Fly Solo
(歌詞)87.Foreign Bitches Freak Dips
(歌詞)91.Fucc Day
(提供)92.Fuck Shit
(歌詞)93.Fuck The Money
(歌詞)94.Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
(歌詞)95.G'd Up
(提供)96.Gang Gang
(歌詞)99.Gangster 101
(歌詞)100.Get Sum
(歌詞)101.Get That Zip Off
(歌詞)102.Get Your Shit
(歌詞)104.Glass House
(歌詞)105.Go Hard or Go Home
(提供)106.Go On
(歌詞)108.Good Dank
(歌詞)109.Good Life
(歌詞)111.Got Everything
(歌詞)112.Ground Up
(歌詞)113.Guilty Conscience
(歌詞)115.Handle My Biz ft. JR Donato
(歌詞)117.Heart Soul
(歌詞)119.Hit Tha Flo
(歌詞)120.Hit The Flo
(歌詞)121.Hollywood Hoes
(歌詞)122.Home Run
(歌詞)125.Hopes & Dreams
(歌詞)126.Hopes And Dreams
(歌詞)128.House In the Hills
(歌詞)129.House Party [Rich People]
(歌詞)130.How To Be Real ft. Curtis Williams
(歌詞)131.Huey Newton
(歌詞)132.Hustle Hard
(提供)134.I Don't Wanna Be You
(歌詞)135.I Know
(歌詞)136.I Still Remember
(歌詞)137.I'm Feelin
(歌詞)138.I'm Good
(歌詞)139.I'm That Nigga
(歌詞)140.If I Were A Lame
(歌詞)141.In My Car
(歌詞)142.In Tha Cut
(歌詞)146.Ink My Whole Body
(提供)147.Intro - Rolling Papers In Stores 3.29.11
(歌詞)151.It's Nothin
(歌詞)152.James Bong
(歌詞)153.Jim Brown
(歌詞)154.Keep The Conversation
(歌詞)155.King of Everything
(歌詞)158.Knock U Down
(歌詞)160.Let 'em Know
(歌詞)161.Let It Go
(歌詞)163.Like A Star
(歌詞)164.Like Jimmy
(歌詞)166.Look Into My Eyes
(歌詞)167.Lose Control
(歌詞)170.Make a Play
(歌詞)171.Make It Hot
(歌詞)172.Make Me Remember You
(提供)173.Make The Floor Shake
(歌詞)174.Mary 3x
(歌詞)175.Mary Jane
(歌詞)178.Meet New People
(歌詞)181.Middle Of You
(提供)183.Moment For Life Freestyle
(提供)184.Money Affiliated
(歌詞)185.Moola & The Guap
(歌詞)186.Moola And The Guap
(歌詞)188.Most of Us
(歌詞)189.Move On
(歌詞)190.Ms. Rightfernow
(歌詞)191.Mt. Money
(歌詞)192.My Favorite Song
(歌詞)193.My Nigs ft. Currensy
(歌詞)194.Name On A Cloud
(歌詞)196.Never Been Part 2
(歌詞)197.Never Been
(歌詞)198.Never Ever
(歌詞)199.No Gain
(歌詞)200.No Limit
(歌詞)201.No Permission
(歌詞)202.No Sleep
(歌詞)203.No Worries
(歌詞)204.Nothin Like The Rest
(歌詞)207.Ode To Naked Pop Stars
(歌詞)208.OG Bobby Tayloy ft. Chevy Woods
(歌詞)209.Oh Gee La
(歌詞)210.On A Plane
(提供)211.On Me
(歌詞)212.On My Level
(歌詞)213.On Tha Pill
(歌詞)214.On The Way
(歌詞)215.One Way
(歌詞)218.Pacc Talk
(歌詞)221.Petal To The Metal
(歌詞)222.Phone Numbers
(歌詞)223.Pittsburgh Sound
(提供)224.Popping Bottles Freestyle
(歌詞)226.Prince Of The City
(歌詞)229.Pull Up
(歌詞)231.Purple Flowers
(提供)234.Real As They Come
(歌詞)235.Real Estate
(提供)236.Real Hustler's Don't Sleep
(歌詞)237.Red Carpet
(歌詞)238.Reefer Party
(歌詞)239.Refresh / Say No More
(歌詞)240.Remember You
(歌詞)242.Rich People
(歌詞)243.Ridin Round
(歌詞)244.Right Here
(歌詞)245.Rise Above
(歌詞)246.Roll Up
(提供)250.Say Ahh Freestyle
(歌詞)251.Say U Will
(歌詞)252.Say Yeah
(歌詞)254.See You Again
(歌詞)255.Self Titled
(歌詞)257.Shit Starters
(提供)258.Shuttle Frame
(歌詞)259.Skit 3
(歌詞)260.Sky High
(歌詞)261.Slim Skit
(歌詞)262.Smoker Face
(歌詞)263.Smokin On
(提供)264.Smokin' Drinkin'
(歌詞)265.So High
(歌詞)266.Something Special ft. Thundercat
(歌詞)270.Stanky Leg
(歌詞)271.Star Of The Show
(歌詞)274.Stayin Out All Night
(歌詞)275.Still Blazin'
(歌詞)276.Still Down
(提供)278.Stoners Night
(歌詞)280.Studio Lovin'
(歌詞)282.Sucker For Pain
(提供)285.Swag It Out
(提供)286.Swag So Official
(歌詞)287.Take A Plane
(歌詞)288.Take Away
(歌詞)289.Take Yo Bitch
(提供)290.Tall Money
(歌詞)291.Taylor Gang
(歌詞)292.Taylor Hoe
(歌詞)293.Teach U To Fly
(歌詞)294.Teach You To Fly*
(歌詞)296.That Good
(歌詞)297.The Bluff
(提供)298.The Breeze
(歌詞)299.The California
(歌詞)300.The Cool
(歌詞)301.The Cruise
(歌詞)302.The Kid Frankie
(歌詞)303.The Last
(提供)304.The Motto
(提供)305.The Party
(歌詞)306.The Plan
(歌詞)307.The Race
(歌詞)308.The Rain
(歌詞)309.The Sleaze
(歌詞)310.The Statement
(歌詞)311.The Thrill
(提供)312.This Is The Life
(歌詞)313.This Plane
(歌詞)316.Til Im Gone
(歌詞)317.Till I Die
(提供)318.Till I'm Gone Remix
(提供)319.Till I'm Gone
(歌詞)322.Top Floor
(歌詞)323.True Colors
(歌詞)324.Tweak Is Heavy
(提供)325.Tyga Talks Beef With Wiz Khalifa
(提供)326.Tyler Perry
(歌詞)327.Up Down ft Berner
(歌詞)328.Up In It
(歌詞)331.Wake Up
(歌詞)332.Waken Baken
(歌詞)334.We Dem Boyz
(提供)335.We On
(歌詞)336.We're Done
(歌詞)337.Weed Brownies
(歌詞)339.What Iss Hittin
(提供)340.When I'm Gone Remix
(歌詞)341.When I'm Gone
(提供)342.When They See Me
(歌詞)343.When U Find
(歌詞)345.Whip It Around
(歌詞)346.Who Am I
(歌詞)347.Who I Am
(歌詞)348.Who U Are
(提供)349.Wiz Khalifa Talks Tyga Beef
(歌詞)350.Won't Land
(歌詞)351.Wont Stop ft. Tuki Carter
(歌詞)352.Word on The Town ft. Juicy J, Pimp
(歌詞)353.Word On the Town
(歌詞)354.Work Hard, Play Hard
(提供)356.Yellow Starships
(歌詞)357.You and Your Friends
(提供)358.You See It
(歌詞)359.Young Boy Talk
(歌詞)360.Young Khalifa
(歌詞)361.Zipped Up

Wiz Khalifa(威茲哈利法)


> Sucker For Pain
> Pull Up
> Khalifa
> King of Everything (Single)
> Furious 7:Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
> See You Again (Single)
> Cabin Fever 3 (Mixtape)
> Burn Slow (Single)
> Promises
> Blacc Hollywood
> We Dem Boyz (Single)
> 28 Grams
> 黑潮當道(O. N. I. F. C)
> Look Into My Eyes (Single)
> Remember You (Single)
> Work Hard, Play Hard (Single)
> Yellow Starships
> The Gangs Return
> Taylor Allderdice (Mixtape)
> O.N.I.F.C.
> Cabin Fever 2 (Mixtape)
> Rolling Papers
> The Dream
> Flight School (Mixtape)
> Deal Or No Deal
> Burn After Rolling (Mixtape)
> Prince Of The City 2
> Show And Prove
> The Race (Single)
> The Chronic 2010 (Mixtape)
> Rolling Papers Prequel (Mixtape)
> Roll Up (Single)
> Prince Of The City: Welcome To Pistolvania Mixtape
> On My Level
> Kush And Orange Juice (Mixtape)
> Exit Row (Mixtape)
> Cabin Fever (Mixtape)
> Before Taylor Allderdice
> 暫存

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