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Daniel Powter

所有歌曲 ( 共 45 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Am I Still The One?
(歌詞)2.Bad Day
(歌詞)3.Beauty Queen
(歌詞)4.Best Of Me
(歌詞)5.Best Of Me - Alternate Version
(歌詞)6.Best Of Me - From Under The Radar
(歌詞)7.Birthday Suits
(歌詞)8.Cheers To Us
(歌詞)9.Come Back Home
(歌詞)10.Come Home
(歌詞)11.Crazy All My Life
(歌詞)15.Doesn't Matter
(歌詞)16.Don't Give Up On Me
(歌詞)17.Except The Blue
(歌詞)18.Fall In Love
(歌詞)19.Fly Away
(歌詞)20.Free Loop
(歌詞)21.Give Me Life
(歌詞)24.If Only I Could Cry
(歌詞)25.Jimmy Gets High
(歌詞)26.Just Like Heaven
(歌詞)27.Lie To Me
(歌詞)28.Lose To Win
(歌詞)29.Lost On The Stoop
(歌詞)30.Love You Lately - Single
(歌詞)31.Love You Lately
(歌詞)32.My So Called Life
(歌詞)33.Negative Fashion
(歌詞)34.Next Plane Home
(歌詞)35.Not Coming Back
(歌詞)37.Song 6
(歌詞)38.Stupid Like This
(歌詞)41.Tell Them Who You Are
(歌詞)42.The Day We Never Met
(歌詞)43.UR My Radio
(歌詞)44.What I Meant To Say
(歌詞)45.Whole World Around

Daniel Powter


> Delicious
> 留一盞燈(Turn On The Light)
> Best Of Me (最好的我 2010全新新歌+最最精選)
> Daniel Powter(同名專輯)
> 暫存

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