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David Bowie- Scary Monsters (And super creeps)
5m 13s view     781,838
[Official Video] OLDCODEX - WALK -
4m 24s view    1,153,062
Barbra Streisand with Alec Baldwin - The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened
2m 8s view     248,890
五月天 你不是真正的快樂
5m 5s view     455,939
A-Lin《不要放棄 Aka pisawad》- 2016夏戀嘉年華
4m 13s view      34,920
王馨平 愛債幾時還
2m 12s view      87,172
[JOY RICH] [新歌] Supper Moment - 小夥子(完整版)
4m 52s view     251,171
1m 9s view      52,932
Enrique Iglesias - Love To See You Cry (White Wedding Remix)
3m 15s view     114,502
吳大頭-jason mraz-I'm yours 木箱鼓 Cajon 教學 & 示範
4m 39s view      39,135
MISIA - 恋する季节
5m 1s view      40,583
Betty White spoofs Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video in new promo
26s view    2,128,745
1m 59s view      23,370
榉坂46 平手友梨奈が歌うEveryday,カチューシャ
2m 50s view      54,828
11m 56s view    1,427,894
1m 6s view     246,257
艾薇兒My Happy Ending
4m 9s view      83,273
One Direction - Act My Age ~piano version~
3m 17s view      48,577
BigBang - Lie ( Acoustic Ver. ) (Apr,2,2011)
3m 25s view    1,392,226
Ed Sheeran - Photograph - Tyler Ward & Anna Clendening (Acoustic Cover) - Official Music Video
4m 55s view    4,123,285
【HD】李宇春 - 似火年華 (MV) Li Yuchun Chris Lee
4m 30s view      20,914
Elvis Presley - It Is No Secret (Take 12 Binaural)
3m 58s view      63,133
今夜有戲 當年'紫薇'如今'皇妃' 林心如 Ruby Lin
1h 17m 27s view      34,772
I'll Be Home For Christmas - Tony Bennett
2m 3s view     109,453
Taylor Swift - Full Concert - The Fearless Tour
52m view     156,838
Jessie J Eden Sessions 14.07.2013
1h 21m 39s view      46,497
泣ける恋爱 【プロポーズ】 彼女へ送る指轮
3m 13s view      10,352
4m 36s view      27,070
許冠傑紅館騷 坐UFO從天而降
1m 37s view       6,753
SID シド “アリバイ” cover
4m 1s view      43,921
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Live ARIA Awards
3m 59s view     312,095
星屑のステージ コピー (チェッカーズ 佐藤トシミ)
3m 59s view      10,664
Welcome By Phil Collins (Brother Bear)
3m 39s view     222,785
Scandal 5x05 Promo 'You Got Served' (HD)
20s view      55,785
步步驚心 劇照MV HD(720P) (一念執著+等你的季節+三寸天堂)
13m 2s view     129,408
夏川りみ さようならありがとう ~天の风 ~
4m 50s view      10,921
It has to be you (Cinderella's Sister OST) Super Junior Yesung piano cover
4m 12s view     108,174
MISIA あの夏のままに Ano Natsu no Mama de LIVE Ⅵ 2010 Maishima - Osaka
5m 57s view      37,360
孫盛希 - 少一點天份【歌詞】
4m 43s view     314,661
掀衣拥吻Popu宝儿 MP嘎嘎惨遭勒令退团
1m 47s view     466,150
紀曉君 - 神話
4m 13s view      45,716
富士通 FMV CM【高仓健 倍赏千恵子】1996 FUJITSU
31s view      66,773
Simply K-Pop _ EXID(이엑스아이디) _ L.I.E _ Ep.220 _ 062416
3m 35s view      71,188
張偉文 / 呂珊 - 分飛燕 (張偉文唱好女人演唱會)
3m 25s view     203,097
3m 39s view      78,057
Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer - No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (Extended Version)
8m 28s view   18,676,632
The Rolling Stones - Just Your Fool (2016 new song!)
2m 20s view     473,270
【郁可唯 Yisa Yu/哈哈一笑很傾城】《站在高崗上》蒙面唱將猜猜猜第八期-哈哈大笑很傾城
4m 2s view      30,360
[HQ]The Flowers-wo de guo zhi fen ni yi ban 花兒樂隊-果汁分你一半
3m 43s view      33,312
Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face - Live At Las Vegas 2009
3m 46s view      50,749