Beyonce 所有影片


所有歌曲 ( 共 210 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.03 Bonnie & Clyde
(歌詞)3.6 Inch
(歌詞)5.A Woman Like Me
(歌詞)6.After All Is Said And Done
(歌詞)7.All I Could Do Was Cry
(歌詞)8.All Night
(歌詞)9.Amor Gitano
(歌詞)11.At Last
(歌詞)12.Ave Maria
(歌詞)13.Baby Boy
(歌詞)14.Back Up
(歌詞)15.Be With You
(提供)16.Beautiful Liar
(歌詞)17.Beautiful Liar/Bello Embustero
(歌詞)18.Bello Embustero
(提供)19.Best Thing I Ever Had
(歌詞)20.Best Thing I Never Had
(歌詞)21.Best Thing You Never Had
(歌詞)22.Beyonce Interlude
(提供)23.Beyoncé Interlude
(提供)25.Bills, Bills, Bills
(歌詞)28.Bonnie & Clyde '03
(歌詞)29.Bonnie & Clyde
(歌詞)31.Broken Hearted Girl Lyrics
(歌詞)32.Broken-Hearted Girl
(歌詞)33.Brown Eyes
(提供)34.Bug A Boo
(歌詞)35.Cards Never Lie
(歌詞)36.Check on It
(提供)37.Check Up On It
(歌詞)40.Crazy In Love Featuring Jay-Z
(歌詞)41.Crazy In Love
(歌詞)43.Daddy Lessons
(歌詞)45.Dance for You
(歌詞)46.Dangerously In Love 2
(歌詞)47.Dangerously In Love
(提供)48.Deja Vu 2
(提供)49.Deja Vu [Live]
(歌詞)50.Deja Vu
(歌詞)53.Don't Hurt Yourself
(歌詞)57.Drunk In Love
(歌詞)59.Encore For The Fans
(提供)60.End Of Time
(歌詞)61.Everything I Do
(歌詞)66.Flaws And All
(歌詞)69.Freakum Dress
(歌詞)71.Get Me Bodied [Extended Mix]
(歌詞)72.Get Me Bodied
(歌詞)73.Gift From Virgo
(歌詞)74.God Bless The USA
(提供)75.Good In Good Bye
(歌詞)76.Green Light
(歌詞)77.Grown Woman
(歌詞)80.Have Your Way
(歌詞)81.He Still Loves Me
(提供)82.He's My Man
(歌詞)86.Hip Hop Star
(歌詞)87.Hold Up
(提供)88.Holly Wood
(歌詞)90.I Care
(提供)91.I Love You
(歌詞)92.I Miss You
(提供)93.I Wanna Be Where You Are
(提供)94.I Wanna Be Where You AreWelcome To Hollywood [Live]
(提供)95.I Was Here
(提供)96.I'd Rather Be With You
(歌詞)97.I'd Rather Go Blind
(歌詞)98.I'm Leaving
(歌詞)99.I'm Somebody
(歌詞)100.If I Were A Boy
(歌詞)101.If I Were A Boy / You Oughta Know
(歌詞)102.If I Were A BoyCalifornia LoveYou Oughta Know [Live]
(歌詞)103.If Looks Could Kill
(歌詞)106.In Da Club
(提供)107.Independent Women Part 1
(歌詞)111.Irreplaceable [Live]
(提供)112.It's Hard To Forget You
(提供)115.Jumpin' Jumpin'
(歌詞)116.Keep Giving Your Love To Me
(提供)117.Kick Him Out
(歌詞)118.Kitty Kat
(歌詞)120.Krazy In Luv
(歌詞)121.Lay Up Under Me
(歌詞)123.Lorrell Loves Jimmy/Family
(歌詞)124.Lost Yo Mind
(歌詞)125.Love Drought
(提供)126.Love On Top
(提供)129.Me, Myself And I
(提供)131.Mixed Snakes
(歌詞)132.My First Time
(歌詞)133.My Heart Still Beats
(提供)134.Naughty Girl
(歌詞)136.No Angel
(提供)137.No, No, No
(歌詞)138.Once In A Lifetime
(歌詞)144.Pray You Catch Me
(歌詞)145.Pretty Hurts
(提供)146.Put A Ring On It
(提供)148.Rather Die Young
(歌詞)151.Ring Off
(歌詞)152.Ring The Alarm
(歌詞)153.Rise Up
(歌詞)155.Run The World
(歌詞)158.Save the Hero
(歌詞)159.Say My Name
(歌詞)160.Scared Of Lonely
(歌詞)161.Schoolin' Life
(提供)162.Sensation Of Pain
(歌詞)164.Sexy Lil' Thug
(歌詞)165.Si Yo Fuera Un Chico
(提供)167.Single Ladies
(歌詞)168.Single Ladies - Put A Ring On It
(提供)169.Smash Into You
(歌詞)172.Standing on the Sun
(歌詞)173.Start Over
(提供)174.Step On Over
(歌詞)175.Still In Love
(歌詞)176.Stop Sign
(歌詞)177.Stop That!
(歌詞)178.Suga Mama
(提供)182.Sweet Dreams
(歌詞)183.Sweet DreamsDangerously In LoveSweet Love [Live]
(提供)184.Sweet Illusion
(歌詞)185.Swing Low Sweet Chariot
(歌詞)186.That's How You Like It
(歌詞)187.That's Why You're Beautiful
(歌詞)188.That's Why You're BeautifulBeautiful Ones [Live]
(歌詞)189.The Closer I Get To You
(歌詞)190.The Last Great Seduction!
(提供)191.Tribute To Matthew Knowles
(歌詞)193.Trust In Me
(歌詞)194.Upgrade U
(提供)195.Video Phone
(歌詞)197.Welcome To Hollywood
(歌詞)198.What's It Gonna Be
(提供)199.Why Don't Love Me
(提供)200.Why Don't You Love Me
(歌詞)201.Wishing On A Star
(歌詞)202.Work It Out Sax IntroWork It Out [Live]
(歌詞)203.Work It Out
(歌詞)204.World Wide Woman
(歌詞)205.World Wide Women
(提供)208.You Are My Rock
(提供)209.You Don't Love Me, No No No



> Formation
> Lemonade
> BEYONCÉ Volume 2:
> Beyonce
> Partition
> 4:The Remix
> Live At Roseland: Elements Of 4
> 4 Deluxe Edition
> Run The World(Girls)
> Party (Remix) (Single)
> Heat (EP)
> Countdown (Single)
> 4
> I Am... World Tour
> B'Day
> I Am... Yours: An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas
> Above And Beyonce: Dance Mixes
> I Am...Sasha Fierce
> B'day Deluxe Edition
> Irreemplazable (EP)
> Dangerously In Love
> Beyonce: Live At Wembley
> The Fighting Temptations
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【「鏡花水月」第二場】江蕙開唱第二場, 請來嘉賓S.H.E Ella, High翻歌迷
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容祖兒 - Love Me Once Again@Back To Priscilla 30周年演唱會 2014.06.21
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陳慧琳 對不起不是你 第2版
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Janne Da Arc ‘月光花’
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20150104梁靜茹Fish Leong新歌《在愛裡等你》 首播 (只因單身在一起 主題曲)
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FTIsland Beautiful Journey 06 Baby Love
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The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio (Lyric Video)
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1946 HITS ARCHIVE: The Coffee Song - Frank Sinatra (original hit version)
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Barbra Streisand & II Volo live in Toronto, Canada Oct. 23, 2012 - 2 of 3
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Super Junior E.H.B Ep 5 part 3 [Eng sub]
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106.02.05 超級紅人榜 陳孟賢+蔡承融─妝乎水水(黃妃)+眾神護臺灣(董事長樂團)
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自由の森学园 音楽祭 3年1组 ばらばら
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back number花束LIVE
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Green Day - Extraordinary Girl (with lyrics)
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2013 Hami+音樂 音樂嘉年華 Popu Lady
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郷ひろみ“君だけを feat.童子-T” 异色コラボ
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片場直擊/汪東城坐著求婚 林心如: 沒誠意!
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矢沢永吉 Cruiser at harbor of L.A.'04
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20130706 鎖碼星聞 - Bii畢書盡
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陳僖儀 Sita Chan ~ 忘川 (師生悼念版)
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吳大頭-五月天-傷心的人別聽慢歌 電貝士 bass cover
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(2010.01.01) 流星ボーイ
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'&' - 空の向こうで咲きますように - OP
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Rihanna - P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You) (Subtitulado Español)
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Ellie Goulding - Starry eyed (lyrics on screen)
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洪榮宏 阿爸原諒我
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Winners Forever/机动戦士Vガンダム 8bit
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2016.12.4 楊坤&華晨宇-天籟之戰第八期配對環節演唱《我比從前更寂寞》,對戰歌曲《癢&我的滑板鞋2016(摩擦rap)》原唱:黃齡 音樂獨享!
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スーパーニュース 旧OP 2012年4月~ MISIA Can't take my eyes off you
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西野カナ 好き PV
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Ed Sheeran - Photograph VIDEO CLIPE (Tradução)
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150323 SHINee Downtown Baby
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100130 百萬大歌星 黃妃演唱愛我三分鐘
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VRビューワの使い方 byゴールデンボンバー
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Kelly Clarkson's Miracle on Broadway 'HARD CANDY CHRISTMAS' with Dolly Parton talk
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【CM】学生ラッパー/ちばしんfeat.USTR,Dragon Key,GASHIMA from WHITE JAM, pro. by SHIROSE from WHITE JAM
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