Various Artists 所有影片

Various Artists

所有歌曲 ( 共 3237 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.100$ Bill - JAY Z
(歌詞)2.100% Pure Love
(歌詞)3.12 Stones- My Life
(歌詞)4.21 Questions
(歌詞)6.26 Miles
(歌詞)7.3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone
(歌詞)8.3 Doors Down / Be Like That
(歌詞)9.A Beautiful Life
(歌詞)10.A Boat On The Sea
(歌詞)11.A Boy Like That
(提供)12.A Brief Introduction On Dubstep Production
(歌詞)13.A Change Is Gonna Come
(歌詞)14.A Christmas to Remember
(歌詞)15.A Cinema In Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952
(歌詞)16.A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
(歌詞)17.A Few Good Men
(歌詞)18.A Girl in Trouble
(歌詞)19.A House Is Not a Home
(歌詞)20.A Little Bit in Love
(歌詞)21.A Little Bit Stronger
(歌詞)22.A Little Bitter
(歌詞)23.A Little More
(歌詞)24.A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
(歌詞)25.A Message 2010
(歌詞)26.A Musician I Am
(歌詞)27.A New England
(歌詞)28.A New Life
(歌詞)29.A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing
(歌詞)30.A Quiet Girl
(歌詞)31.A Rumor in St. Petersburg
(歌詞)32.A Rush Of Blood To The Head
(歌詞)33.A Star Is Born
(歌詞)34.A Thousand Miles Away
(歌詞)35.A Thousand Miles
(歌詞)36.A Thousand Years, Pt. 2
(歌詞)37.A Thousand Years
(歌詞)38.A Tisket a Tasket
(歌詞)39.A Trick With No Sleeve
(歌詞)40.A Victim Of Gravity
(歌詞)41.A Well Respected Man
(歌詞)42.A Whisper
(歌詞)43.A Whole New World
(歌詞)45.A.D.I.D.A.S./Good God
(歌詞)46.Aaliyah - Miss You
(歌詞)47.Aaliyah- I Care 4 You
(歌詞)48.Aaron's Party
(歌詞)50.Abie Baby
(歌詞)52.Able to Love
(歌詞)54.Above All - Lenny LeBlanc
(歌詞)55.Above All
(歌詞)56.Absolutely Not
(歌詞)57.Across The Nation
(歌詞)58.Act a Fool
(歌詞)59.Addicted to Love
(提供)60.Addicted To My Ex
(歌詞)62.Aerosmith - Theme From Spider Man
(歌詞)64.After All
(歌詞)65.After the Goldrush
(歌詞)67.Against All Odds
(歌詞)68.Agnus Dei
(歌詞)69.Ailee – Rose
(歌詞)70.Ain't Got No
(歌詞)71.Ain't Got No Home
(歌詞)72.Ain't No Mountain High Enough
(歌詞)73.Ain't No Other Man
(歌詞)74.Ain't No Sunshine
(歌詞)75.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
(歌詞)76.Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
(歌詞)77.Ain't That a Shame
(歌詞)78.Ain't That Pretty At All
(歌詞)79.Ain't Too Proud to Beg
(歌詞)80.Air Force Ones
(歌詞)82.Alien Ant Farm / Good
(提供)83.Alien Bangers - Snow Crush
(歌詞)84.Alient Ant Farm - Bug Bites
(歌詞)86.All About the Benjamins
(歌詞)87.All American Boy
(歌詞)88.All By Myself
(歌詞)89.All Creatures of Our God and King
(提供)90.All Electric
(歌詞)91.All For Love
(歌詞)92.All Good Gifts
(歌詞)93.All I Do
(歌詞)94.All I Have
(歌詞)95.All I've Ever Needed
(歌詞)96.All in All
(歌詞)97.All My Life
(歌詞)98.All My Love
(歌詞)99.All My Money Back
(歌詞)100.All My Only Dreams
(歌詞)101.All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
(歌詞)102.All Night Long
(歌詞)103.All of You Fascists Bound to Lose
(歌詞)104.All The Days
(歌詞)105.All the Places
(歌詞)106.All The Pretty Little Ponies
(提供)107.All The Way Up
(歌詞)108.All the Young Dudes
(歌詞)109.All Things
(歌詞)110.All This Love
(歌詞)111.All Through The Night
(歌詞)112.All You Have To Do [london 1993]
(歌詞)113.All You Need Is Love
(提供)114.Allah Hi Reham
(提供)115.Almas Gemelas
(歌詞)117.Almost Paradise
(提供)118.Aloha E Komo Mai
(歌詞)119.Alone And Forsaken
(歌詞)120.Along Comes Mary
(歌詞)121.Along For The Ride
(歌詞)122.Already Gone
(提供)123.Alsatia's Lullaby
(歌詞)124.Always and Forever
(歌詞)125.Always Be My Sunshine
(歌詞)126.Always On My Mind
(歌詞)127.Always On Time
(歌詞)128.Always There
(歌詞)130.Amanda Perez- Angel
(歌詞)132.Amazing Grace
(歌詞)133.America The Beautiful
(歌詞)134.America, Fuck Yeah
(歌詞)135.American Dream
(歌詞)136.American Woman
(歌詞)141.An Affair to Remember
(提供)142.An Dro Nevez
(提供)143.An Innocent Warrior
(歌詞)144.An Old Fashioned Love Song
(提供)145.An Open Letter
(歌詞)147.Anchors Aweigh
(歌詞)148.Ancient Of Days - Ron Kenoly
(歌詞)149.And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
(歌詞)150.And I'm Telling You
(歌詞)151.And She Was
(歌詞)152.And the Beat Goes On
(歌詞)153.And The Crowd Goes
(歌詞)154.And the Money Kept Rolling In
(歌詞)155.Angel Band
(歌詞)156.Angel of the Morning
(歌詞)158.Angels We Have Heard On High
(提供)161.Anna and Christian
(歌詞)163.Another Day in Paradise
(歌詞)164.Another Day
(歌詞)165.Another Man Done Gone
(歌詞)166.Another Time, Another Place
(歌詞)168.Anti Country Song
(歌詞)169.Any Way You Want It
(歌詞)170.Anybody Wanna Pray
(歌詞)172.Anything But Lonely
(歌詞)173.Anything For You
(歌詞)175.Apple of Sodom
(歌詞)178.Arabian Nights
(提供)179.Area 151 - The Gaiking Party
(提供)180.Around the Horn
(歌詞)181.Around the Way Girl
(提供)182.Around The World
(歌詞)183.As I'm Leaving
(歌詞)184.As If We Never Said Goodbye
(歌詞)185.As Lovers Go
(歌詞)186.As The Deer
(歌詞)188.Ashes, Ashes
(提供)189.Aspect Sploosh
(歌詞)190.At Last
(歌詞)191.At Seventeen
(歌詞)192.At the Beginning
(歌詞)193.At Your Best
(提供)196.Auto Rock
(歌詞)198.Aves De Noche
(歌詞)199.Avril Lavigne - Complicated
(歌詞)200.Away In A Manger
(歌詞)201.Awesome God
(歌詞)202.Awesome In The Place - Kent Henry
(提供)203.Ay Vamos
(歌詞)204.B2K - Bump, Bump, Bump
(歌詞)205.Baby Come Back
(歌詞)206.Baby I Love You So
(歌詞)207.Baby I Need Your Loving
(歌詞)208.Baby I'm for Real
(歌詞)209.Baby It's Cold Outside
(歌詞)210.Baby Love
(歌詞)211.Baby Please Don't Go
(歌詞)212.Baby, Come to Me
(歌詞)214.Back at One - Rickey Smith
(歌詞)215.Back At One
(歌詞)216.Back Door Man
(歌詞)217.Back Here
(歌詞)218.Back in the Day
(提供)219.Back in Time
(歌詞)220.Back Stabbers
(歌詞)221.Back To Black - Beyoncé & André 3000
(歌詞)222.Back to the Hotel
(歌詞)223.Backpack, Backpack!
(歌詞)224.Bad Boys' Reply
(歌詞)225.Bad Day
(歌詞)226.Bad Girls
(歌詞)227.Bad Motorcycle
(歌詞)228.Bad News
(歌詞)229.Bajo Las Estrellas
(歌詞)230.Ballad of a Teenage Queen
(歌詞)231.Ballad of Jayne
(提供)232.Baloo, Lammy
(歌詞)233.Band of Gold
(歌詞)234.Bang Bang -
(歌詞)235.Barely Breathing
(歌詞)236.Baroque Hoedown
(歌詞)238.Baseball Baseball, Fun In The Sun
(歌詞)239.Bate Bate Chocolate
(歌詞)240.Battle Hymn of the Republic
(提供)241.Battle Introduction
(提供)242.Battle of Wills
(提供)245.Bawaku Berkelana
(提供)246.Bazerk Vs Dubstep Mafia - Hello America
(提供)247.Be Alright
(歌詞)248.Be Born In Me
(提供)249.Be Free
(歌詞)250.Be Glorified
(歌詞)251.Be Magnified - Randy Rothwell
(歌詞)252.Be My Baby
(歌詞)253.Be Our Guest
(歌詞)254.Be Prepared
(歌詞)255.Be Quiet and Drive
(歌詞)256.Be Without You
(提供)258.Beast of Burden
(歌詞)259.Beat It
(歌詞)260.Beautiful Day
(歌詞)261.Beautiful in My Eyes
(歌詞)262.Beautiful One
(歌詞)263.Beautiful Scandalous Night
(提供)264.Beautiful World
(歌詞)266.Beauty and the Beast
(歌詞)267.Beauty Queen
(歌詞)269.Because I Got High
(歌詞)270.Been so Long
(歌詞)271.Beenie Man Featuring Janet - Feel It Boy
(歌詞)272.Before Your Love
(歌詞)273.Begin the Beguine
(歌詞)275.Behind Closed Doors
(歌詞)276.Being Alright
(歌詞)277.Being With You
(歌詞)278.Believe In
(歌詞)280.Belle [reprise]
(歌詞)284.Besame Mucho
(歌詞)285.Best of My Love
(歌詞)286.Bette Davis Eyes
(歌詞)287.Better Class of Losers
(歌詞)288.Better Is One Day
(歌詞)289.Better The Devil You Know
(歌詞)290.Better Things
(歌詞)291.Between Something and Nothing
(提供)293.Beyond The Sea
(歌詞)294.Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
(歌詞)295.Big Bad John
(歌詞)296.Big Bang Theory
(歌詞)297.Big Big World
(歌詞)298.Big Bull Rider
(歌詞)299.Big Rock Candy Mountain
(歌詞)300.Bikini Bottom
(歌詞)302.Billy, Don't Be a Hero
(歌詞)305.Bittersweet Faith
(歌詞)306.Black Boys
(歌詞)307.Black Coffee
(歌詞)308.Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
(歌詞)309.Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
(歌詞)310.Black Lab - Learn To Crawl
(歌詞)311.Black Mamba
(歌詞)312.Black Or White
(歌詞)313.Black Out
(歌詞)314.Black Water
(提供)316.Blackburner - Electric Flesh
(提供)317.Blackburner - Tony Montana
(提供)318.Blackburner - Too Close
(歌詞)319.Blame It on Your Heart
(提供)320.Blast Off
(歌詞)321.Bleeding Mascara
(歌詞)322.Blessed Be Your Name
(歌詞)323.Bleu - Somebody Else
(歌詞)324.Blind Ambition
(歌詞)326.Blood Is Pumping
(歌詞)327.Blowin' In The Wind
(歌詞)328.Blue Christmas
(歌詞)329.Blue Moon
(歌詞)330.Blue Moon of Kentucky
(歌詞)331.Blue Suede Shoes
(歌詞)332.Blue World
(歌詞)335.Bon Jovi - Everyday
(歌詞)337.Boogie Nights
(歌詞)338.Boogie Wonderland
(歌詞)339.Book of Love
(歌詞)340.Boom Boom Boom
(提供)342.Boots The Monkey!
(歌詞)343.Boots' Special Day
(歌詞)344.Born for This
(歌詞)345.Born to Be Wild
(歌詞)346.Born to Boogie
(歌詞)347.Born to Bounce
(歌詞)348.Born Under A Wanderin' Star
(歌詞)349.Bottom of the Glass
(歌詞)351.Bouncy Ball
(歌詞)352.Bound To You
(提供)353.Bow & Arrow
(歌詞)354.Bowling For Soup - Girl All The Bad Guys Want
(提供)355.Boy and the Beast
(歌詞)358.Boyz In the Hood
(歌詞)359.Boyz-N-The Hood
(歌詞)360.Braided Hair
(提供)361.Brand Blank - Don't You Follow Me
(歌詞)362.Brand New Day
(歌詞)363.Brass Monkey
(歌詞)364.Break Down Here
(歌詞)365.Break It Off
(歌詞)366.Break My Stride
(歌詞)367.Break Stuff
(歌詞)369.Breaking up Is Hard to Do
(歌詞)373.Breathe, Stretch, Shake
(歌詞)376.Brick House
(歌詞)378.Bridal Ballad
(歌詞)379.Bridge Over Troubled Water
(歌詞)380.Bridge Over Troubled Waters
(歌詞)381.Brighter Than Sunshine
(歌詞)382.Bring Me Down
(歌詞)383.Bring on the Bling
(歌詞)384.Bring tha Noize
(歌詞)385.Bring the Noise
(歌詞)386.Bring the Pain
(歌詞)387.Bring Us Home
(歌詞)388.Britney Spears - Overprotected
(歌詞)389.Broken Bridges
(歌詞)390.Broken Heart
(歌詞)391.Broken Praise
(提供)392.Broken String
(歌詞)394.Brown Eyed Blues
(歌詞)395.Brown Eyed Girl
(歌詞)398.Buenos Aires
(歌詞)399.Build Me Up Buttercup
(歌詞)400.Built for This
(歌詞)402.Burned With Desire
(歌詞)403.Burnin' Love
(歌詞)404.Bus-A-Bus Remix
(歌詞)405.Bust Shots
(歌詞)406.But I Am A Good Girl
(歌詞)407.But Not for Me
(歌詞)408.Butterfly Kisses
(提供)409.By My Side
(歌詞)410.By Myself
(歌詞)411.By Surprise
(歌詞)412.By Your Side
(歌詞)413.Bye Bye Love
(歌詞)414.Byun Jin Sub – I'm Missing You
(歌詞)415.C. Kroeger Featuring J. Scott - Hero
(歌詞)416.Cab Driver
(提供)418.Cabinet Battle 3
(歌詞)419.Cadillac Car
(歌詞)421.Call It What U Want
(歌詞)422.Call Me Irresponsible
(提供)423.Call Me Maybe
(歌詞)424.Call On Me
(歌詞)425.Call the Police
(歌詞)426.Call to the Heart
(歌詞)427.Calling Your Name
(歌詞)429.Camptown Races
(歌詞)430.Can I Get A...
(歌詞)431.Can the Circle Be Unbroken
(歌詞)432.Can You Feel It!
(歌詞)433.Can You Feel The Love Tonight
(歌詞)434.Can You Stand the Rain
(歌詞)435.Can't Back Down
(歌詞)436.Can't Believe
(歌詞)437.Can't Erase It
(歌詞)438.Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe
(歌詞)439.Can't Hardly Wait
(提供)440.Can't Help Falling In Love
(歌詞)441.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
(歌詞)442.Can't Live Without Your Love and Affection
(提供)443.Can't Repeat the Past? - Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire
(歌詞)444.Can't Stop
(歌詞)445.Can't Take It
(歌詞)446.Can't We Try
(歌詞)447.Can't You Hear Me Calling
(歌詞)448.Candle In The Wind
(歌詞)450.Canned Heat
(提供)452.Capriccio on the Departing of his Most Beloved Brother in B-flat Major, BWV 992: I. Arioso
(歌詞)453.Car Underwater
(歌詞)454.Car Wash
(歌詞)456.Careless Whisper
(歌詞)458.Carry Me Across the Mountain
(歌詞)459.Carry On Wayward Son
(歌詞)461.Case of the Ex
(歌詞)462.Catch the Moon
(歌詞)463.Catch the Wind
(歌詞)464.Causing a Commotion
(歌詞)469.Cemetery Drive
(歌詞)471.Chad Kroeger
(歌詞)472.Chain of Fools
(歌詞)474.Chances Are
(提供)475.Chang Duong Bao Xa
(提供)478.Changing All Those Changes
(歌詞)479.Chanson D'enfance
(提供)481.Charlene Kaye - Animal Love I
(歌詞)482.Charlie's Angels 2000
(提供)483.Chas 10 - Daybreaker
(歌詞)485.Cheek to Cheek
(歌詞)487.Cherry Oh Baby
(歌詞)488.Chevelle - Family System
(歌詞)489.Chevelle - The Red
(歌詞)490.Children Go
(歌詞)491.Children's Story
(歌詞)495.Christmas Bells
(歌詞)496.Christmas Brings Me Down
(歌詞)497.Christmas Day
(歌詞)498.Christmas Rock
(歌詞)499.Christmas Time Again
(歌詞)500.Christmas With You
(歌詞)502.Cinderfella Dana Dane
(歌詞)503.Circle of Life
(提供)504.Circles Of Sin
(歌詞)505.City Of Blinding Lights
(提供)506.City Of Love
(歌詞)507.Claudine Hooper Bukowski [1969 Script]
(歌詞)510.Clouds of Smoke
(歌詞)513.Coldplay- In My Place
(提供)514.College House Mafia - Big Sky Mountain
(歌詞)515.Colored Spade
(歌詞)516.Colors of the Wind
(歌詞)518.Come All You Coal Miners
(歌詞)519.Come And Follow Me
(歌詞)520.Come Clean
(歌詞)521.Come Now Is the Time to Worship
(歌詞)522.Come On Come On
(歌詞)523.Come Rain or Come Shine
(歌詞)524.Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
(歌詞)525.Come Thru
(歌詞)526.Come What May
(歌詞)528.Comin' Home
(歌詞)529.Coming Home
(歌詞)530.Coming Out Of The Dark
(歌詞)531.Comment Te Dire Adieu
(歌詞)532.Como Un Tatuaje
(歌詞)536.Conjunction Junction
(歌詞)538.Cool Rider
(歌詞)539.Copperhead Road
(歌詞)540.Corey Taylor - Bother
(歌詞)541.Could This Be Magic
(提供)542.Could This Be Real
(提供)543.Count Me Out
(歌詞)544.Country Bumpkin
(歌詞)545.Country Grammar
(歌詞)546.Country Strong
(歌詞)547.Cousin Kevin
(歌詞)548.Cover Your Tracks
(歌詞)550.Craig David - 7 Days
(歌詞)551.Crash and Burn
(歌詞)552.Crash Here Tonight
(歌詞)554.Crazy In Love
(歌詞)555.Crazy Love
(歌詞)557.Creed - One Last Breath
(歌詞)558.Cripple Creek
(歌詞)560.Cruella De Vil
(歌詞)563.Cruising Down The River
(歌詞)565.Cry to Me
(歌詞)567.Crying in the Chapel
(歌詞)568.Crying Time
(歌詞)569.Crystal Chandeliers
(歌詞)570.Crystal Clear
(提供)571.Cupid Shuffle
(提供)572.Cut It
(歌詞)573.Cut Me Some Slack
(歌詞)574.Cutie Pie
(歌詞)575.D'Yer Mak'er
(歌詞)576.Da B Side
(歌詞)577.Daddy's Hands
(歌詞)578.Daddy's Home
(提供)580.Dance For Life
(歌詞)581.Dance With Me Tonight
(歌詞)582.Dancing in the Street
(提供)583.Dancing On The Perimeter
(歌詞)584.Dangerous Politics
(歌詞)586.Dani California
(歌詞)588.Danke Schoen
(提供)589.Danny Elfman - Farewell
(提供)590.Danny Elfman - Main Titles
(歌詞)591.Date to Church
(歌詞)592.Daughters Of Triton
(歌詞)594.Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going?
(歌詞)595.Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
(歌詞)596.Days Go By
(歌詞)597.Days Of Elijah - Robin Mark
(歌詞)598.Days of Elijah
(歌詞)600.Dead Air
(歌詞)601.Dead Cell
(歌詞)602.Dead End [1969 Script]
(歌詞)603.Dead End [london 1993]
(歌詞)604.Dead Homiez
(歌詞)605.Dead London
(提供)606.Dear Theodosia
(提供)608.Death Around the Corner
(歌詞)609.Deck The Halls
(歌詞)610.Deep in the Heart of Texas
(歌詞)611.Deep Purple
(提供)612.Deeper Love
(歌詞)613.Deepest Blue
(歌詞)614.Default - Blind
(歌詞)616.Desolation Row
(歌詞)617.Destroy She Said
(歌詞)619.Detroit Rock City
(歌詞)620.Devil or Angel
(歌詞)621.Devil Town
(歌詞)622.Dial My Heart
(歌詞)623.Diamond Dogs
(歌詞)624.Diamond in the Rough
(歌詞)625.Diamonds On the Inside
(提供)627.Did That Hurt?
(歌詞)628.Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby
(歌詞)629.Didn't Mean
(歌詞)630.Die for the Government
(歌詞)631.Different Stars
(歌詞)632.Different Summers
(提供)634.Dile A El
(提供)635.Dillusion - Mirror Image
(歌詞)636.Dim All The Lights
(歌詞)637.Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead
(提供)638.Dirt and Roses
(歌詞)639.Dirty Cash
(歌詞)640.Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
(歌詞)641.Disco Lady
(歌詞)642.Dixie Chicks - Landslide
(歌詞)643.Dizz Knee Land
(提供)645.Dj Waley Babu
(歌詞)646.Do It Again
(提供)647.Do It Like Me
(歌詞)648.Do That to Me One More Time
(歌詞)649.Do The Circulation
(歌詞)650.Do The Robot Walk
(歌詞)651.Do What You Gotta Do
(歌詞)652.Do You Believe Me Now?
(歌詞)653.Do You Know
(歌詞)654.Do You Love Me
(歌詞)655.Do You Want to Know a Secret
(歌詞)656.Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
(歌詞)657.Dog-Eared Page
(歌詞)660.Doin' It
(提供)661.Domino - Blindfold
(歌詞)662.Don't Answer the Door, Pts. 1 & 2
(歌詞)663.Don't Bogart Me
(歌詞)664.Don't Bring Me Down
(歌詞)665.Don't Close Your Eyes
(歌詞)666.Don't Cry For Me Argentina
(歌詞)667.Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer
(歌詞)668.Don't Fear The Reaper
(歌詞)669.Don't Get Above Your Raising
(歌詞)670.Don't Knock Upon My Door
(歌詞)671.Don't Know Much
(歌詞)672.Don't Know What You Got
(歌詞)673.Don't Leave Me This Way
(歌詞)674.Don't Let Go
(歌詞)675.Don't Let Us Get Sick
(歌詞)676.Don't Look Any Further
(歌詞)677.Don't Look Away
(歌詞)678.Don't Mess With Bill
(歌詞)679.Don't Pull Your Love
(歌詞)680.Don't Put It Down
(歌詞)681.Don't Say Goodbye
(歌詞)682.Don't Start Me to Talkin'
(歌詞)683.Don't Stop the Dance
(歌詞)684.Don't Stop the Music
(提供)685.Don't Stop
(歌詞)686.Don't Tell Me You Love Me
(歌詞)687.Don't Tell Your Mother
(歌詞)688.Don't Turn Around
(歌詞)689.Don't Worry Be Happy
(歌詞)690.Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?
(歌詞)691.Don't You Forget It
(歌詞)692.Don't You Want Me?
(歌詞)693.Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
(歌詞)695.Doo Wop
(歌詞)696.Dora The Explorer Theme
(歌詞)698.Down at the Twist and Shout
(歌詞)699.Down In The Boondocks
(歌詞)700.Down In The River To Pray - Alison Krauss
(歌詞)701.Down to the River to Pray
(提供)702.Down To Us
(歌詞)703.Down Under
(歌詞)704.Down With The Sickness
(歌詞)705.Drama Queen
(歌詞)706.Dream A Little Dream
(歌詞)707.Dream Scream
(歌詞)708.Dream Weaver
(歌詞)710.Dreaming With Tears in My Eyes
(歌詞)714.Drink Your Whiskey Down
(歌詞)715.Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie
(歌詞)716.Drive Faster
(歌詞)717.Drive My Car
(歌詞)719.Driven To Tears
(歌詞)720.Drivin' My Life Away
(歌詞)721.Drowning In the Sea of Love
(歌詞)722.Dru Hill - I Should Be
(提供)723.Drumstep Vampire - Fat Bass Charlie
(提供)724.Drumstep Vampire - Machine Bass
(提供)725.Drunk On You
(提供)726.Dubstep Division - Total Recall
(提供)727.Dubstep Junkies - Shotgun
(提供)728.Dubstep Junkies - West End Girls
(提供)729.Dubstep Warriors - Dial Tone Glitch
(歌詞)730.Dust of the Chase
(歌詞)732.Early in the Morning
(歌詞)733.Earned It
(歌詞)734.Easter Parade
(歌詞)735.Easy Come, Easy Go
(歌詞)736.Easy To Be Hard
(歌詞)737.Easy Tonight
(歌詞)741.Edge of the Ocean
(歌詞)742.Einstein on the Beach
(歌詞)743.El Coqui
(歌詞)744.El Juicio
(歌詞)745.El Llanto De Un Ilegal
(歌詞)746.El Monje Ha Muerto
(歌詞)747.El Mundo Y Cristina
(歌詞)748.Elbow Room
(歌詞)749.Electric Blues
(歌詞)750.Electricity, Electricity
(歌詞)751.Elementary, My Dear
(歌詞)752.Eminem - Without Me
(歌詞)754.Endless Love
(歌詞)757.England Reigns
(歌詞)758.Englishman In New York
(歌詞)759.Enjoy the Silence
(歌詞)761.Enter Sandman
(歌詞)762.Entombed We Collide
(歌詞)763.Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
(歌詞)765.ESPN Presents The Jock Jam
(歌詞)766.Este Corazon
(歌詞)767.Eternal Flame
(歌詞)768.Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering
(提供)769.Euro Trash Express - Hotel Transylvania
(歌詞)770.Eve Featuring Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin'
(歌詞)771.Even If I Could
(歌詞)773.Everlasting Love
(歌詞)774.Every Day
(歌詞)775.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
(歌詞)776.Every Morning
(歌詞)777.Every Move I Make
(歌詞)778.Every Rose Has Its Thorn
(歌詞)779.Every Shade Of Blue
(歌詞)780.Everybody Dance
(歌詞)781.Everybody Have Fun Tonight
(歌詞)782.Everybody Hurts
(歌詞)783.Everybody Loves A Hero
(歌詞)784.Everybody Plays the Fool
(提供)785.Everybody Talks
(歌詞)786.Everybody Wants to Rule the World
(歌詞)787.Everybody's Changing
(歌詞)788.Everybody's Free
(歌詞)789.Everybody's Talkin'
(歌詞)791.Everyone Has Aids
(歌詞)792.Everyone Makes Mistakes
(歌詞)793.Everything and Nothing
(歌詞)794.Everything Counts
(歌詞)795.Everything's Archie
(歌詞)796.Everything's Coming Up Roses
(歌詞)797.Everything's Ruined
(歌詞)798.Everytime You Go Away
(歌詞)799.Everytime You Say Goodbye
(歌詞)800.Exactly What You Wanted
(提供)801.Execute: Intentions
(歌詞)803.Extreme - More Than Words
(歌詞)805.F-Stop Blues
(歌詞)807.Face Down
(歌詞)809.Fairy Godmother Song
(歌詞)810.Faith in Me, Faith in You
(歌詞)812.Fake Your Way To The Top
(歌詞)813.Falling Away from Me
(歌詞)815.Family Affair
(歌詞)816.Family First
(歌詞)818.Fathoms Below
(歌詞)819.Feed Me
(歌詞)820.Feel the Fire
(提供)821.Feelin' Hypnotized
(歌詞)822.Feeling You
(歌詞)823.Feels Like Home
(歌詞)824.Feels So Good
(提供)827.Fever To The Form
(歌詞)829.Fight for Your Right
(歌詞)830.Fight the Power
(歌詞)831.Figure Eight
(歌詞)832.Finale 'Wicked'
(歌詞)834.Finale B
(提供)835.Finally Home
(歌詞)837.Find Yourself
(歌詞)838.Fire and Desire
(歌詞)839.Fire in the Water
(提供)840.Fire Of Love
(歌詞)843.First Cut Is the Deepest
(歌詞)844.First Degree
(歌詞)845.First Love
(歌詞)846.Fishin' in the Dark
(歌詞)847.Five O, Five O,
(歌詞)848.Flash Light
(歌詞)849.Flashdance...What a Feeling
(歌詞)851.Flightless Bird, American Mouth
(提供)852.Float Away
(歌詞)853.Float On
(歌詞)854.Fly Me To The Moon
(歌詞)855.Follow the Leader
(歌詞)856.Fools Fall In Love
(提供)858.For All Time
(歌詞)859.For Fiona
(歌詞)860.For No One
(歌詞)861.For the Good Times
(歌詞)862.For the Love of You, Pts. 1 & 2
(歌詞)863.Forever and Ever, Amen
(歌詞)864.Forever In Your Eyes
(歌詞)865.Forever My Lady
(歌詞)866.Forever, for Always, for Love
(歌詞)869.Fox On The Run
(歌詞)870.Frank Mills
(歌詞)871.Freak Me
(歌詞)872.Freak On a Leash
(歌詞)873.Freakin' It
(歌詞)874.Free Bird
(歌詞)876.Freedom Isn't Free
(歌詞)878.Fried Neck Bones and Some Home Fries
(歌詞)879.Friend Like Me
(歌詞)880.Friend Of God - Lakewood Church
(歌詞)881.Friend of the Devil
(歌詞)882.Friends and Lovers
(歌詞)883.Friends in Low Places
(歌詞)884.From a Distance
(歌詞)885.From California
(歌詞)886.From Can to Can't
(歌詞)887.From My Head to My Heart
(歌詞)888.From Now On
(歌詞)889.From Out of Nowhere
(歌詞)890.Frosty the Snowman
(歌詞)892.Funny How Time Slips Away
(歌詞)893.Funny Little Feeling
(歌詞)894.Further On Up The Road
(歌詞)898.Garden Path To Hell
(歌詞)899.Gaston [reprise]
(提供)901.Gatsby Believed In the Green Light - Tobey Maguire & Craig Armstrong
(歌詞)903.Generations Of Love
(歌詞)904.Genie in a Bottle
(歌詞)905.Gentle on My Mind
(歌詞)906.Georgia On My Mind
(歌詞)908.Get at Me Dog
(歌詞)909.Get Down On It
(歌詞)910.Get Happy
(歌詞)911.Get Here
(歌詞)912.Get It On
(歌詞)913.Get It While You Can
(提供)914.Get Low
(歌詞)915.Get Me Home
(歌詞)916.Get the Party Started
(歌詞)917.Get Together
(歌詞)918.Get Your Shine On
(歌詞)919.Get Your Way
(歌詞)920.Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
(歌詞)921.Ghetto Jam
(提供)923.Giant Peach
(歌詞)924.Gimme A Break
(歌詞)925.Gimme Some Lovin'
(歌詞)926.Ginuwine- Stingy
(歌詞)927.Girl All The Bad Guys Want- Bowling For Soup
(歌詞)928.Girl Can Rock
(歌詞)929.Girl For All Seasons
(歌詞)930.Girl Meets Boy
(歌詞)932.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
(歌詞)933.Girls Just Want to Have Fun
(歌詞)934.Give In To Me
(歌詞)935.Give It to Me Baby
(歌詞)936.Give Me Love
(歌詞)937.Give Thanks - Don Moen
(歌詞)938.Give Thanks
(歌詞)939.Give Up the Funk
(歌詞)940.Give Us Clean Hands
(歌詞)941.Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation
(提供)942.Give Your Heart a Break
(提供)944.Glitch Bitch - Life On Mars
(提供)945.Glitch Bitch - Rock With Me
(提供)946.Glitch Dubbers - Wobble In My Speakers
(提供)947.Glitchtech - Mockingjay
(提供)948.Glitchtech - Super Human
(歌詞)950.Go Back
(歌詞)951.Go DJ
(提供)952.Go Hard or Go Home
(歌詞)953.Go Light Your World
(歌詞)954.Go Rest High on That Mountain
(歌詞)955.Go The Distance
(歌詞)956.Go With the Flow
(歌詞)957.God Bless America
(歌詞)958.God Bless the Child
(歌詞)959.God Bless the U.S.A.
(歌詞)960.God Bless The Usa
(歌詞)961.God Blessed Texas
(歌詞)962.God Give Me Strength
(歌詞)963.God Has Not 4got
(歌詞)964.God of Wonders
(歌詞)965.God Only Knows
(歌詞)966.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(歌詞)967.God Will Make A Way - Don Moen
(歌詞)968.Goin' Back to Georgia
(歌詞)969.Goin' On A Berry Hunt
(歌詞)970.Going Back to Cali
(歌詞)971.Going Down
(歌詞)972.Going Up The Country
(歌詞)973.Gold Digger
(提供)974.Gold Dust
(歌詞)975.Golden Brown
(歌詞)976.Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
(歌詞)977.Gone So Young
(歌詞)978.Gone Till November
(歌詞)979.Gonna Make You Sweat
(歌詞)981.Good Golly Miss Molly
(歌詞)982.Good Lovin'
(歌詞)983.Good Morning Baltimore
(歌詞)984.Good Morning Blues
(歌詞)985.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
(歌詞)986.Good Morning Starshine
(歌詞)987.Good Night
(歌詞)988.Good Souls - Starsailor
(歌詞)989.Good Time
(歌詞)990.Good Times
(歌詞)991.Good Vibrations
(歌詞)992.Goodbye Love
(歌詞)994.Goody Two Shoes
(歌詞)995.Goofy Goober Rock
(歌詞)996.Got the Life
(歌詞)997.Got to Be Real
(歌詞)998.Got to Be There
(歌詞)999.Got To Believe
(歌詞)1000.Got to Give It Up
(歌詞)1002.Gravity Of Love
(歌詞)1003.Grazing in the Grass
(歌詞)1004.Grease - Summer Lovin'
(歌詞)1006.Greased Lightnin'
(提供)1007.Great Escape
(歌詞)1008.Great I Am - New Life Worship with Jared Anderson
(提供)1009.Green Is the Mountain
(提供)1010.Green Light - Green Light
(歌詞)1012.Greenwheel - Shelter
(歌詞)1013.Greg's Last Day
(歌詞)1014.Groove Thang
(歌詞)1015.Grow For Me
(歌詞)1016.Guerillas in tha Mist
(歌詞)1017.Guerra Tibia
(歌詞)1018.Guess Who's Back
(歌詞)1020.Guitars, Cadillacs
(提供)1021.Gusto Kita
(歌詞)1022.Guy What Takes His Time
(提供)1023.Gyasi Went Home
(歌詞)1025.Hakuna Matata
(歌詞)1028.Halo of Gold
(歌詞)1030.Hand Me The Wine And The Dice
(提供)1031.Hand of a God
(歌詞)1032.Hand Springs
(歌詞)1033.Hands of Time
(歌詞)1034.Hang 'Em High
(歌詞)1036.Happy Ending
(歌詞)1037.Happy New Year B
(歌詞)1038.Happy New Year
(歌詞)1039.Happy Together
(歌詞)1040.Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
(歌詞)1041.Harbor Lights
(歌詞)1042.Harbor of Love
(歌詞)1043.Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
(歌詞)1044.Hard Times Come Again No More
(歌詞)1045.Hard To Say Goodbye
(歌詞)1046.Hard To Say I'm Sorry
(歌詞)1047.Harden My Heart
(歌詞)1049.Hasish [london 1993]
(歌詞)1050.Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard
(歌詞)1052.Have a Little Fun With Me
(歌詞)1053.Have I Told You Lately?
(歌詞)1054.Have You Ever Been in Love
(歌詞)1055.Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
(歌詞)1056.Have You Seen Her
(歌詞)1057.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
(提供)1058.Hawaiian Wedding Song
(提供)1059.He Was You
(提供)1060.He's Not Here
(歌詞)1061.Head Above Water
(歌詞)1062.Healer - Kari Jobe
(歌詞)1063.Healing Hands of Time
(歌詞)1064.Hear Our Praises
(歌詞)1065.Heard It In a Love Song
(歌詞)1066.Heart and Soul
(歌詞)1067.Heart of Stone
(歌詞)1069.Heartaches By The Number
(歌詞)1071.Hearts a Mess - Gotye
(歌詞)1072.Heat of the Moment
(歌詞)1073.Heaven and All
(歌詞)1074.Heaven Is a Place On Earth
(歌詞)1075.Heaven's What I Feel
(歌詞)1077.Heirate Mich
(歌詞)1079.Hello, Goodbye
(歌詞)1081.Help Me Make It Through the Night
(歌詞)1082.Help Me
(歌詞)1084.Here And Now Luther Vandross
(歌詞)1085.Here Comes Santa Claus
(歌詞)1086.Here Comes the Sun
(歌詞)1087.Here I Am to Worship
(歌詞)1088.Here I Am
(歌詞)1089.Here I Go Again
(歌詞)1090.Here We Go
(歌詞)1091.Here Without You
(歌詞)1092.Here's That Rainy Day
(提供)1093.Here's to Us
(提供)1095.Hero's Agony
(歌詞)1097.Heroes - The Wallflowers
(歌詞)1098.Hey Baby
(歌詞)1099.Hey Bartender
(歌詞)1100.Hey Man, Nice Shot
(提供)1101.Hey Now Now
(歌詞)1102.Hey Porter
(歌詞)1103.Hey You
(歌詞)1104.Hey Young World
(歌詞)1105.Hide And Seek
(歌詞)1107.High Enough
(歌詞)1108.High Flying, Adored
(歌詞)1109.High Noon
(歌詞)1110.High On A Mountain
(歌詞)1111.High School Confidential
(歌詞)1112.Higher Love
(歌詞)1113.Hinahanap-hanap Kita
(歌詞)1114.His Eye Is On the Sparrow
(提供)1115.History Has Its Eyes On You
(歌詞)1116.Hit or Miss
(歌詞)1117.Ho Ho Hopefully
(歌詞)1118.Hockey Monkey
(歌詞)1119.Hold Me Jesus
(歌詞)1120.Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart
(歌詞)1121.Hold On For Your Dearest Life
(歌詞)1122.Hold On Loosely
(歌詞)1123.Hold On
(歌詞)1124.Hold Your Head Up
(歌詞)1125.Holding Out for a Hero
(歌詞)1126.Hole Hearted
(歌詞)1127.Holla Holla
(提供)1128.Holler If Ya Hear Me
(歌詞)1129.Holy and Anointed One
(歌詞)1130.Holy Is the Lord
(歌詞)1131.Holy Moment
(提供)1135.Hong Kyung Min - I Cram
(歌詞)1136.Hoobastank - Running Away
(歌詞)1137.Hoots Mon
(歌詞)1138.Hope Can Change Everything
(歌詞)1139.Hope to Carry On
(歌詞)1140.Hosanna - Paul Baloche
(歌詞)1141.Hot Chocolate
(歌詞)1142.Hot Hot Hot
(歌詞)1143.Hot In Here
(歌詞)1144.Hot in Herre
(歌詞)1145.Hot Stuff
(歌詞)1146.Hound Dog
(歌詞)1147.How Am I Suppose To Live Without You
(歌詞)1148.How Am I Supposed to Live Without You
(提供)1149.How Bad Do You Want It
(歌詞)1150.How Beautiful
(歌詞)1151.How Blue Can You Get?
(歌詞)1152.How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
(歌詞)1153.How Can I Live Without Her
(歌詞)1154.How Come
(歌詞)1155.How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
(歌詞)1156.How Far I'll Go
(歌詞)1157.How Great Is Your Love
(歌詞)1158.How He Loves – John Mark McMillan
(歌詞)1159.How I Could Just Kill a Man
(歌詞)1160.How Love Wins
(歌詞)1161.How Many Moons
(歌詞)1162.How Sweet It Is
(歌詞)1163.How to Dream
(歌詞)1164.How to Save a Life
(歌詞)1165.How's the World Treating You
(歌詞)1167.Hurry! Hurry!
(歌詞)1168.Hush Little Baby
(歌詞)1170.Hypnotic Tango
(提供)1172.I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
(歌詞)1173.I Am Changing
(歌詞)1174.I Am Free - New Life Worship
(提供)1175.I Am Moana
(歌詞)1176.I Am Weary
(歌詞)1177.I Am What I Am
(提供)1178.I Am
(歌詞)1179.I Believe I Can Fly
(歌詞)1180.I Believe In Love
(歌詞)1181.I Cain't Say No
(歌詞)1182.I Call It Pretty Music But the Old People Call It the Blues Pt. 1
(歌詞)1183.I Can Be Your Friend
(歌詞)1184.I Can Only Imagine
(歌詞)1185.I Can't Be Satisfied
(歌詞)1186.I Can't Get Next to You
(歌詞)1187.I Can't Help Myself
(歌詞)1188.I Can't Live Without My Radio
(歌詞)1189.I Can't Stay Mad at You
(歌詞)1190.I Caught Your Act
(歌詞)1191.I Close My Eyes
(歌詞)1192.I Could Be Happy
(歌詞)1193.I Could Love a Man Like That
(歌詞)1194.I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
(歌詞)1195.I Didn't Mean It
(歌詞)1196.I Do
(歌詞)1197.I Don't Have the Heart
(歌詞)1198.I Don't Know
(提供)1199.I Don't Like You
(歌詞)1200.I Don't Mind
(歌詞)1201.I Don't Need Your Love
(歌詞)1202.I Don't Wanna
(歌詞)1203.I Don't Want To Be
(歌詞)1204.I Don't Want to Do Anything
(歌詞)1205.I Enjoy Being a Girl
(歌詞)1206.I Exalt Thee - Pete Sanchez, Jr.
(歌詞)1207.I Fall to Pieces
(歌詞)1208.I Feel Love
(歌詞)1209.I Feel Lucky
(歌詞)1210.I Feel You
(歌詞)1211.I Fell in Love Again Last Night
(歌詞)1212.I Forgot to Be Your Lover
(歌詞)1213.I Get a Kick Out of You
(歌詞)1214.I Go Crazy
(歌詞)1215.I Go Hard
(歌詞)1216.I Got It Made
(歌詞)1217.I Got Life
(歌詞)1218.I Got Me A Rooster
(歌詞)1219.I Got Six
(歌詞)1220.I Guess Things Happen That Way
(歌詞)1221.I Heard It Through the Grapevine
(歌詞)1222.I Just Can't Wait to Be King
(歌詞)1223.I Just Don't Understand
(提供)1224.I Just Wanna Dance
(歌詞)1225.I Just Want to Celebrate
(歌詞)1226.I Know a Little
(歌詞)1227.I Know You Got Soul
(歌詞)1228.I Know You
(歌詞)1229.I Left My Heart in San Francisco
(提供)1230.I Like Large Parties - Elizabeth Debicki
(歌詞)1231.I Love a Rainy Night
(歌詞)1232.I Love Music
(歌詞)1233.I Love My Boots
(歌詞)1234.I Love Trash
(歌詞)1235.I Love You Always Forever
(歌詞)1236.I Love You so Much It Hurts
(歌詞)1237.I Love You, Samantha
(歌詞)1238.I Meant You No Harm / Jimmy's Rap
(歌詞)1239.I Miss You
(歌詞)1240.I Must Be High
(歌詞)1241.I Need a Girl, Pt. 2
(歌詞)1242.I Need Love
(歌詞)1243.I Need Some Sleep
(歌詞)1244.I Need You
(歌詞)1245.I Need You Tonight
(歌詞)1246.I Need Your Lovin'
(歌詞)1247.I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
(歌詞)1248.I Put A Spell On You
(歌詞)1249.I Remember You
(歌詞)1250.I Say A Little Prayer For You
(歌詞)1251.I Say a Little Prayer
(歌詞)1252.I Second That Emotion
(歌詞)1253.I See a Victory
(歌詞)1254.I See the Rain
(歌詞)1255.I See You
(歌詞)1256.I Should Tell You
(歌詞)1257.I Still Believe
(歌詞)1258.I Still Miss Someone
(歌詞)1259.I Stole Your Love
(歌詞)1260.I Swear
(歌詞)1261.I Think God Can Explain
(歌詞)1262.I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
(歌詞)1263.I Think We're Alone Now
(歌詞)1264.I Touch Myself
(歌詞)1265.I Try
(歌詞)1266.I Walk the Line
(歌詞)1267.I Wan'na Be Like You
(歌詞)1268.I Wanna Be Bad
(歌詞)1269.I Wanna Be Loved
(歌詞)1270.I Wanna Be With You
(歌詞)1271.I Wanna Get Next to You
(歌詞)1272.I Wanna Live
(歌詞)1273.I Wanna Love You Forever
(歌詞)1274.I Wanna Love You
(歌詞)1275.I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
(歌詞)1276.I Want to Be Your Man
(歌詞)1277.I Want to Hold Your Hand
(歌詞)1278.I Want To Know What Love Is
(歌詞)1279.I Want to Know You
(歌詞)1280.I Want You
(歌詞)1281.I Want You Baby
(歌詞)1282.I Want You Back
(歌詞)1283.I Want You to Want Me
(歌詞)1284.I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You
(歌詞)1285.I Will Be Here
(歌詞)1286.I Will Follow Him
(歌詞)1287.I Will Follow You Into The Dark
(提供)1288.I Will Return
(歌詞)1289.I Will Sing
(歌詞)1290.I Will Survive
(歌詞)1291.I Wish You Would
(歌詞)1292.I Wish
(歌詞)1293.I Won't Be Home for Christmas
(歌詞)1294.I Won't Run Away
(歌詞)1295.I Won't Say
(歌詞)1296.I Wonder If I Take You Home
(歌詞)1297.I Wonder
(提供)1298.I Worship You Almighty God - Leann Albrecht
(歌詞)1299.I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
(歌詞)1300.I'll Be Home for Christmas
(歌詞)1301.I'll Be Home
(歌詞)1302.I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By
(提供)1303.I'll Be There For You
(歌詞)1304.I'll Be There
(歌詞)1305.I'll Be Waiting
(歌詞)1306.I'll Be
(歌詞)1307.I'll Cover You
(歌詞)1308.I'll Fly Away
(歌詞)1309.I'll Make Love To You
(歌詞)1310.I'll Never Stop Loving You
(歌詞)1311.I'll Stand By You
(歌詞)1312.I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
(提供)1313.I'm Alive
(歌詞)1314.I'm Already There
(歌詞)1315.I'm Bad
(歌詞)1316.I'm Black, Ain't Got No
(歌詞)1317.I'm Coming Out
(歌詞)1318.I'm Deranged
(歌詞)1319.I'm Gonna Be Alright
(歌詞)1320.I'm Gonna Be Ready
(歌詞)1321.I'm Gonna Get
(提供)1322.I'm Gonna Love You Too
(歌詞)1323.I'm Good
(歌詞)1324.I'm Just A Bill
(歌詞)1325.I'm No Angel
(歌詞)1326.I'm Not In Love
(歌詞)1327.I'm Not Scared
(提供)1328.I'm On Fire
(歌詞)1329.I'm On My Way
(歌詞)1330.I'm Over You
(歌詞)1331.I'm Ready to Go
(歌詞)1332.I'm Ready
(歌詞)1333.I'm Real
(歌詞)1334.I'm Really Gonna Hit The Ball
(歌詞)1335.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
(提供)1336.I'm So Love With You
(歌詞)1337.I'm So Ronery
(歌詞)1338.I'm Still Here
(歌詞)1339.I'm Still Standing
(歌詞)1340.I'm That Type of Guy
(歌詞)1341.I'm The Grumpy Old Troll
(歌詞)1342.I'm The Map!
(歌詞)1343.I'm Walkin'
(歌詞)1344.I'm With You
(歌詞)1345.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
(歌詞)1346.I've Always Loved You
(歌詞)1347.I've Been Loving You Too Long
(歌詞)1348.I've Got a Little Something for You
(歌詞)1349.I've Got That Old Feeling
(歌詞)1350.I've Never Been To Me
(歌詞)1351.Ice Box
(歌詞)1352.Ice Cream
(歌詞)1353.If Everyone Cared
(歌詞)1354.If I Ain't Got You
(歌詞)1355.If I Can't Love Her
(歌詞)1356.If I Didn't Care
(歌詞)1357.If I Don't Tell You Now
(歌詞)1358.If I Give My Heart to You
(歌詞)1359.If I Had No Loot
(歌詞)1360.If I Stand
(歌詞)1361.If I Were Me
(提供)1362.If I Were the Ocean
(歌詞)1363.If I Were Your Woman
(歌詞)1364.If We Could Remember
(歌詞)1365.If We Hold On Together
(歌詞)1366.If You Asked Me To
(歌詞)1367.If You Believe
(歌詞)1368.If You Come Back
(歌詞)1369.If You Don't Know Me By Now
(歌詞)1370.If You Leave Me Now
(歌詞)1371.If You Wanna Get to Heaven
(歌詞)1372.If You're Not The One
(歌詞)1373.If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time
(歌詞)1378.In a Big Country
(歌詞)1379.In a Manner of Speaking
(歌詞)1380.In a Sentimental Mood
(歌詞)1381.In America
(歌詞)1382.In Christ Alone
(歌詞)1383.In His Eyes
(歌詞)1384.In Love With the DJ
(歌詞)1385.In My Dreams
(歌詞)1386.In My Life
(歌詞)1387.In My Place
(提供)1388.In Remembrance Of Me
(歌詞)1389.In the Belly of the Whale
(歌詞)1390.In the Dark of the Night
(歌詞)1391.In The Darkest Place
(歌詞)1392.In the Highways
(歌詞)1393.In the Jailhouse Now
(歌詞)1394.In the Palm of Your Hand
(歌詞)1395.In the Summertime
(歌詞)1396.In Your Arms Tonight
(歌詞)1397.Incense and Peppermints
(歌詞)1399.Independence Day
(歌詞)1400.Independent Love Song
(歌詞)1401.Independent Women Pt. 1
(歌詞)1402.Indian Reservation
(提供)1403.Indian War Whoop
(歌詞)1405.Injected - I - IV - V
(歌詞)1407.Insane in the Brain
(歌詞)1411.Instant Replay
(歌詞)1415.Interplanet Janet
(提供)1416.Into The Blue
(歌詞)1417.Into the Groove
(歌詞)1418.Into the Past - Nero
(歌詞)1419.Into the West
(歌詞)1420.Introducing Me
(歌詞)1421.Invisible Touch
(歌詞)1423.Is It Any Wonder
(歌詞)1424.Is This Love
(歌詞)1425.Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
(歌詞)1426.Isn't He
(歌詞)1427.Isn't This The World
(提供)1429.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
(歌詞)1430.It Ends Tonight
(歌詞)1431.It Had to Be You
(歌詞)1432.It Is Well With My Soul
(歌詞)1433.It Is You
(歌詞)1434.It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas
(歌詞)1435.It Must Be You
(歌詞)1436.It Will Rain
(歌詞)1437.It's a Small World
(歌詞)1438.It's About Time
(歌詞)1439.It's All Coming Back to Me Now
(歌詞)1440.It's All Over
(歌詞)1441.It's All Right
(歌詞)1442.It's All Too Much
(歌詞)1443.It's Alright
(歌詞)1444.It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas
(提供)1445.It's Called Wayfinding
(歌詞)1446.It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
(歌詞)1447.It's Gonna Be Alright
(提供)1448.It's Kinda Like A Bodybag
(歌詞)1449.It's Like That
(歌詞)1450.It's My Turn
(歌詞)1451.It's Not for Me to Say
(歌詞)1452.It's Not Over
(歌詞)1453.It's Not Right But It's Okay
(歌詞)1454.It's Not Too Late
(歌詞)1455.It's Oh So Quiet
(歌詞)1456.It's On
(提供)1457.It's Quiet Uptown
(歌詞)1458.It's Raining Men
(提供)1459.It's So Easy
(歌詞)'s the End of the World As We Know It
(歌詞)1461.It's the Hard-Knock Life
(歌詞)1462.It's Tricky
(提供)1463.Italian Concerto, BWV 971: I. Allegro
(提供)1464.Italian Concerto, BWV 971: II. Andante
(提供)1465.Italian Concerto, BWV 971: III. Presto
(歌詞)1466.Jack the Ripper
(歌詞)1468.Jacky Don Tucker
(歌詞)1469.Jailhouse Rock
(歌詞)1471.James Taylor - October Road
(歌詞)1472.Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles - '03 Bonnie & Clyde
(歌詞)1474.JC Chasez - Blowin Me Up
(歌詞)1476.Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block
(歌詞)1477.Jennifer Love Hewitt - Barenaked
(歌詞)1478.Jenny Wren
(歌詞)1479.Jerry Cantrell - She Was My Girl
(提供)1480.Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
(歌詞)1481.Jesus Freak
(歌詞)1482.Jesus Is Alive
(歌詞)1483.Jesus Take The Wheel
(歌詞)1484.Jesus, Lover of My Soul
(歌詞)1486.Jimmy Brown
(歌詞)1487.Jimmy Mack
(歌詞)1488.Jingle Bell Rock
(提供)1489.Jingle Bells
(歌詞)1490.John Lennon - Imagine
(歌詞)1491.John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland
(歌詞)1492.Johnny Angel
(歌詞)1493.Johnny Too Bad
(歌詞)1494.Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky
(歌詞)1495.Join Into The Game
(歌詞)1496.Josie & The Pussycats
(歌詞)1498.Journey Of A Lifetime
(歌詞)1499.Journey to the Past
(歌詞)1500.Joy to the World
(提供)1502.Juju On That Beat
(歌詞)1503.Juke-Joint Jezebel
(歌詞)1504.Jump, Jive, An' Wail
(歌詞)1505.Jumpin', Jumpin'
(歌詞)1506.Jungle Boogie
(歌詞)1507.Just a Closer Walk with Thee
(歌詞)1508.Just a Ride
(歌詞)1509.Just Blowin' in the Wind
(歌詞)1510.Just in Time
(歌詞)1511.Just Like I Remember
(歌詞)1512.Just My Imagination
(歌詞)1513.Just Once
(歌詞)1514.Just One of Those Things
(歌詞)1515.Just the Way You Are
(歌詞)1516.Just to Be Close to You
(歌詞)1517.Just to See Her
(歌詞)1518.Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You
(提供)1519.K-Step - Gangnam Style
(歌詞)1520.K.Will – A Farewell to Sorrow
(提供)1523.Kal Ho Naa Ho
(提供)1524.Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe
(歌詞)1525.Keep Hope Alive
(歌詞)1526.Keep On Smilin'
(歌詞)1527.Keep On the Sunny Side
(歌詞)1528.Keep On Truckin'
(歌詞)1529.Keep Your Hands to Yourself
(歌詞)1530.Keith Urban - Somebody Like You
(歌詞)1531.Kelis - Milk Shake
(歌詞)1532.Kelly Osbourne - Papa Don't Preach
(歌詞)1533.Kelly Rowland - Stole
(提供)1534.Khoon Chala
(提供)1536.Kidnap and Reunion
(歌詞)1537.Kill and Run - Sia
(提供)1538.Kill The Hero
(歌詞)1540.Killing in the Name
(歌詞)1541.King Creole
(歌詞)1542.King of Pain
(歌詞)1543.King of the Road
(歌詞)1545.Kiss and Say Goodbye
(歌詞)1546.Kiss Me
(歌詞)1547.Kiss The Girl
(歌詞)1548.Kissing You
(提供)1549.Klaypex - Let It Go
(歌詞)1550.Knock On Wood
(歌詞)1551.Knockin' On Heaven's Door
(提供)1552.Know Who You Are
(提供)1553.KOAN Sound - Jumpsuit Adventures
(歌詞)1554.Kung Ako Ba Siya
(歌詞)1555.Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight
(歌詞)1556.L'amour C'est Comme Une Cigarette
(歌詞)1558.La Boca
(歌詞)1559.La Otra Virgen
(歌詞)1560.La Vie Boheme
(歌詞)1561.La Vie Boheme B
(歌詞)1562.Ladder Song
(歌詞)1564.Lady Marmalade
(歌詞)1565.Lamento Boliviano
(歌詞)1566.Land Of Hope And Dreams
(歌詞)1568.Last Christmas
(歌詞)1569.Last Dance
(歌詞)1570.Last Hit
(歌詞)1571.Last Thing On My Mind
(歌詞)1572.Laughing Stock
(歌詞)1573.Le Disko
(提供)1574.Lean and Dab
(歌詞)1575.Lean On Me
(歌詞)1576.Learn To Do It
(提供)1578.Leave Here
(提供)1579.Lee Jung - or too lonely to dance alone chugin
(歌詞)1580.Lee Young Hyun – Distant Memory Of You
(歌詞)1581.Lenny Kravitz - American Woman
(歌詞)1582.Les Poissons
(歌詞)1583.Lessons Learned
(歌詞)1584.Let Everything That Has Breath
(歌詞)1585.Let It Be
(提供)1586.Let Joy And Innocence Prevail
(歌詞)1587.Let Me Be the One
(歌詞)1588.Let Me Blow Ya Mind
(歌詞)1589.Let Me Go Lover
(歌詞)1590.Let Me Ride
(歌詞)1591.Let the Music Play
(歌詞)1592.Let the Sunshine In
(歌詞)1593.Let's All Move Like The Animals Do!
(歌詞)1594.Let's Chill
(歌詞)1595.Let's Do It For Our Country
(歌詞)1596.Let's Face The Music And Dance
(歌詞)1597.Let's Get It On
(歌詞)1598.Let's Get Married
(歌詞)1599.Let's Get Together
(歌詞)1600.Let's Go Driving
(歌詞)1601.Let's Go to the Movies
(歌詞)1602.Let's Go to Vegas
(提供)1603.Let's Go
(歌詞)1604.Let's Groove
(歌詞)1605.Let'S Have Lunch
(歌詞)1606.Let's Hear It for the Boy
(歌詞)1607.Let's Misbehave
(歌詞)1608.Let's Ride
(歌詞)1609.Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good
(歌詞)1610.Let's Sing A Song That Everybody Knows
(歌詞)1611.Liars Lie
(歌詞)1612.Lie in the Sound
(歌詞)1614.Life Support
(歌詞)1616.Lift Me Up
(歌詞)1617.Light My Candle
(歌詞)1618.Light My Fire
(提供)1619.Light Up The Dark
(歌詞)1620.Lights, Camera, Action!
(歌詞)1622.Like A Drug
(歌詞)1623.Like A Friend
(歌詞)1624.Like a Lover
(歌詞)1625.Like a Man Possessed
(歌詞)1626.Like a Pimp
(歌詞)1627.Like a Prayer
(歌詞)1628.Lilac Wine
(歌詞)1629.Limbo Rock
(歌詞)1631.Line Up
(歌詞)1633.Listen to the Music
(歌詞)1635.Little Girls
(歌詞)1636.Little Green Apples
(歌詞)1637.Little Hands
(歌詞)1638.Little Star
(歌詞)1639.Little Twelvetoes
(歌詞)1640.Little Wild One
(歌詞)1641.Live to Rise
(歌詞)1642.Livin La Vida Loca
(歌詞)1643.Livin' On A High Wire
(歌詞)1644.Living after Midnight
(歌詞)1645.LL Cool J - Luv U Better
(歌詞)1646.Llevame Contigo
(歌詞)1648.Lo Intentamos
(提供)1649.Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
(歌詞)1650.Local God
(歌詞)1651.Locked Up
(提供)1654.Logo Te Pate
(歌詞)1655.Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here
(歌詞)1656.Lonesome Valley
(歌詞)1657.Long Black Train
(歌詞)1658.Long Cool Woman
(歌詞)1659.Look at Me Now
(歌詞)1660.Look Through My Eyes
(歌詞)1661.Lookin' for Love
(歌詞)1662.Looking for a New Love
(歌詞)1663.Lord Have Mercy - Eoghan Heaslip
(歌詞)1664.Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
(歌詞)1665.Lord I Lift Your Name on High
(歌詞)1666.Lord Reign In Me
(歌詞)1667.Lord Reign Me In
(歌詞)1668.Lord, You Have My Heart
(歌詞)1669.Lose My Life With You
(歌詞)1670.Losing My Mind
(歌詞)1671.Lost In The Darkness
(歌詞)1672.Lost Souls
(提供)1673.Lost Without You
(歌詞)1674.Love @ 1st Sight
(提供)1675.Love Actually
(歌詞)1676.Love Changes Everything
(提供)1677.Love Death Birth
(歌詞)1678.Love for Sale
(歌詞)1679.Love Grows
(歌詞)1680.Love Hurts
(歌詞)1681.Love Is a Crime
(提供)1682.Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
(歌詞)1683.Love Is All Around
(歌詞)1684.Love Is Blindness - Jack White
(歌詞)1685.Love Is Like A Heat Wave [Single Version]
(歌詞)1686.Love Is Like A Heat Wave
(歌詞)1687.Love Is Strange
(歌詞)1688.Love Is the Drug - Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
(歌詞)1689.Love Jones
(歌詞)1690.Love Letters
(歌詞)1691.Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
(歌詞)1692.Love Lost in a Hale of Gunfire
(歌詞)1693.Love Machine, Pt. 1
(歌詞)1694.Love Me Like You Do
(歌詞)1695.Love Me Right
(歌詞)1696.Love Me Tender
(歌詞)1697.Love My Style
(歌詞)1698.Love of My Life
(歌詞)1699.Love Sneakin' Up On You
(歌詞)1700.Love Song Für Inge
(歌詞)1701.Love Song
(歌詞)1702.Love The Lord - Lincoln Brewster
(歌詞)1703.Love to Love You Baby
(歌詞)1704.Love Will Take You
(歌詞)1705.Love Will
(歌詞)1706.Love Without End, Amen
(歌詞)1707.Love Won't Let Me Wait
(歌詞)1708.Love You Down
(歌詞)1709.Love You I Do
(提供)1710.Love's Declaration
(歌詞)1712.Lovely Day
(歌詞)1713.Lover Man
(歌詞)1715.Lovesick Blues
(歌詞)1716.Lovin' You Lots And Lots
(歌詞)1717.Lovin' You
(歌詞)1718.Loving Her Was Easier
(歌詞)1720.Lucky Seven Sampson
(歌詞)1721.Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
(歌詞)1723.Lullaby of Broadway
(歌詞)1725.Luv U Better
(歌詞)1726.Mack the Knife
(歌詞)1727.Macy Gray
(歌詞)1728.Mad About You
(歌詞)1729.Maggie May
(歌詞)1730.Magic Music Box
(提供)1732.Mah-Na, Mah-Na
(歌詞)1733.Make Luv
(歌詞)1734.Make Out Kids
(歌詞)1735.Mama Didn't Lie
(歌詞)1736.Mama Talk to Your Daughter
(歌詞)1737.Mama Told Me Not to Come
(歌詞)1739.Mambo No. 5
(歌詞)1740.Man On A Mission
(歌詞)1741.Manchester England
(提供)1743.Manna From Heaven
(歌詞)1745.Many a New Day
(歌詞)1746.Many Rivers to Cross
(歌詞)1747.March of the Witch Hunters
(歌詞)1750.Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht
(歌詞)1751.Mary Had A Little Lamb
(歌詞)1752.Mary, Did You Know
(歌詞)1753.Mas Que Nada
(歌詞)1754.Master of Puppets
(提供)1755.Maui Battles
(提供)1756.Maui Leaves
(歌詞)1757.Maybe Baby
(歌詞)1758.Maybe It's Just Me
(歌詞)1759.Maybe This Christmas
(歌詞)1761.Me Against the World
(歌詞)1762.Me and Bobby McGee
(歌詞)1763.Me and Mrs. Jones
(歌詞)1764.Me and Paul
(歌詞)1765.Me And Tennessee
(歌詞)1766.Me Vs. Morrissey In THe Pretentious Contest
(歌詞)1767.Mean Green Mother From Outerspace
(歌詞)1768.Mean to Me
(提供)1769.Meet Me In the Middle
(歌詞)1770.Meet Virginia
(提供)1776.Mercado Nuevo
(歌詞)1777.Mercedes Boy
(歌詞)1778.Mercy Mercy Me
(歌詞)1779.Mermaid Song
(歌詞)1780.Merry Christmas, Baby
(歌詞)1782.Michelle Branch - All You Wanted
(歌詞)1783.Microphone Fiend
(歌詞)1784.Midnight At the Oasis
(提供)1785.Midnight City
(歌詞)1786.Midnight Rider
(歌詞)1787.Midnight Shift
(歌詞)1788.Mile High Christmas
(歌詞)1791.Minnie the Moocher
(歌詞)1792.Miracle of Love
(歌詞)1795.Mississippi Queen
(歌詞)1796.Mister Sandman
(歌詞)1799.Mo Money, Mo Problems
(歌詞)1800.Molly's Chambers
(歌詞)1801.Moments to Remember
(歌詞)1802.Mona Lisa
(提供)1804.Monni – With You
(歌詞)1806.Moon River
(歌詞)1808.More and More
(歌詞)1809.More Than A Band
(歌詞)1810.More Than A Feeling
(歌詞)1811.More Than This
(歌詞)1812.More Than Words Can Say
(歌詞)1813.More Than Words
(歌詞)1815.Mother Necessity
(歌詞)1816.Motherless Child
(歌詞)1817.Motherless Children
(歌詞)1819.Move In Me
(歌詞)1820.Move It On Over
(歌詞)1821.Move It
(歌詞)1822.Move On
(歌詞)1824.Movin' On Up
(歌詞)1825.Mr Downtown
(歌詞)1826.Mr. Blue
(歌詞)1827.Mr. Lee
(歌詞)1828.Mrs. Robinson
(歌詞)1830.Mula Noon, Hanggang Ngayon
(歌詞)1831.Mule Skinner Blues
(提供)1832.Murder On Their Minds
(歌詞)1833.Music of My Heart
(歌詞)1834.Music of the Night
(歌詞)1835.My All
(提供)1836.My Angel
(歌詞)1837.My Babe
(歌詞)1838.My Baby's Gone
(歌詞)1839.My Boyfriend's Back
(歌詞)1840.My Cherie Amour
(歌詞)1841.My Christmas List
(歌詞)1842.My Conviction
(歌詞)1843.My Culture
(歌詞)1844.My Darling, My Darling
(歌詞)1845.My Drink
(歌詞)1846.My Favorite Things
(歌詞)1847.My Funny Valentine
(歌詞)1848.My Girl
(歌詞)1849.My Glorious
(歌詞)1850.My Grown-Up Christmas List
(歌詞)1851.My Guy
(歌詞)1852.My Heart Belongs To You
(歌詞)1853.My Heart Will Go On
(歌詞)1854.My Hero, Zero
(提供)1855.My House
(歌詞)1856.My Humps
(歌詞)1857.My Ideal
(歌詞)1858.My Love
(歌詞)1859.My Man
(歌詞)1860.My My My
(提供)1861.My Oh My
(歌詞)1862.My Only Wish
(歌詞)1863.My Prerogative
(歌詞)1864.My Redeemer Lives
(歌詞)1865.My Savior Lives - New Life Worship
(歌詞)1866.My Secret Love
(歌詞)1867.My Sensitivity
(歌詞)1868.My Shot
(歌詞)1869.My Stupid Mouth
(歌詞)1870.My Way
(歌詞)1871.My World Is Over
(歌詞)1872.Mysterious Ways
(歌詞)1873.N Sync - Girlfriend
(歌詞)1874.N.O.R.E. - Nothin'
(歌詞)1875.Na Na, Hey Hey
(歌詞)1876.Nag-Iisang Bituin
(歌詞)1878.NAS - Made You Look
(歌詞)1879.Nasty Girl
(歌詞)1880.Naughty Number Nine
(歌詞)1881.Navi – Lightless Window
(提供)1882.Navigating Home
(提供)1883.Necesito Mas De Ti
(歌詞)1884.Need You Tonight
(歌詞)1885.Needles and Pins
(歌詞)1888.Neither One of Us
(歌詞)1889.Nelly - Air Force Ones
(歌詞)1890.Nelly - Hot In Herre
(歌詞)1891.Nervous Heart
(歌詞)1892.Never Again
(歌詞)1893.Never Been Any Reason
(歌詞)1894.Never Can Say Goodbye
(歌詞)1895.Never Find Someone Like You
(歌詞)1896.Never Gonna Let You Go
(歌詞)1897.Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh!
(歌詞)1898.Never Let Me Down Again
(歌詞)1899.Never The Luck
(歌詞)1901.New Boyfriend
(歌詞)1902.New for You
(歌詞)1903.New Friend Request
(歌詞)1904.New Jack Hustler
(歌詞)1905.New San Antonio Rose
(歌詞)1906.New Way to Bleed
(歌詞)1907.New Ways To Dream
(歌詞)1908.New World In My View
(歌詞)1909.Next Time You Fall In Love
(歌詞)1910.Next Time
(歌詞)1911.Nice Work If You Can Get It
(歌詞)1912.Nickelback - How You Remind Me
(歌詞)1913.Night and Day
(歌詞)1914.Nights in White Satin
(歌詞)1916.Nivea - Don't Mess With My Man
(歌詞)1917.No Church In the Wild
(歌詞)1918.No Compromise
(歌詞)1919.No Depression In Heaven
(歌詞)1920.No Diggity
(歌詞)1921.No Doubt Featuring Lady Saw- Underneath It All
(歌詞)1922.No Easy Way Out
(歌詞)1923.No Good Can Come From Bad
(歌詞)1924.No John Trumbull
(歌詞)1925.No More
(歌詞)1926.No More Drama
(歌詞)1927.No More Kings
(歌詞)1928.No More Words
(歌詞)1929.No One Left
(歌詞)1930.No One to Love
(歌詞)1931.No Ordinary Love
(歌詞)1932.No Parking
(提供)1933.No Regrets
(歌詞)1934.No Sleep Till Brooklyn
(歌詞)1935.No Sleep Tonight
(提供)1936.No Te Extrano
(歌詞)1937.No Way Out
(歌詞)1938.Nobody's Fault but Mine
(歌詞)1939.Nobody's Supposed to Be Here
(歌詞)1941.Norah Jones - Don't Know Why
(歌詞)1942.Northern Lights
(歌詞)1943.Not Fade Away
(提供)1944.Not In Our House
(歌詞)1945.Not Meant For Me
(歌詞)1946.Not Ready To Make Nice
(提供)1947.Not Too Young
(歌詞)1948.Note To Self
(歌詞)1950.Nothing Compares 2 U
(歌詞)1951.Nothing Else Matters
(歌詞)1952.Nothing Takes The Place Of You
(歌詞)1953.Now I Have Everything
(歌詞)1954.Now That We Found Love
(歌詞)1955.Now That We're Men
(歌詞)1956.Now We're Together
(歌詞)1957.Now You Know
(歌詞)1958.Nowhere to Run
(歌詞)1960.Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang
(歌詞)1961.O Death
(歌詞)1962.O Holy Night
(歌詞)1963.O Little Town of Bethlehem
(歌詞)1964.O Praise Him
(歌詞)1965.O the Blood - Gateway Worship with Kari Jobe
(歌詞)1966.Object of My Desire
(歌詞)1967.Obstacle 1
(歌詞)1968.Ocean Man
(歌詞)1971.Of All the Gin Joints in All the World
(歌詞)1972.Off With Your Head
(歌詞)1974.Oh Boy
(歌詞)1975.Oh Holy Night
(歌詞)1976.Oh What A Circus
(歌詞)1977.Oh Yeah
(歌詞)1978.Oh, Pretty Woman
(歌詞)1979.Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
(歌詞)1981.Ohio Is For Lovers
(歌詞)1982.Old Enough to Know Better
(歌詞)1984.On Bended Knees
(歌詞)1985.On My Own
(歌詞)1986.On the Other Hand
(歌詞)1987.On the Radio
(歌詞)1988.On the Road Again
(歌詞)1989.On The Street
(歌詞)1990.On the Wings of Love
(歌詞)1991.On Wings of Lead
(歌詞)1992.Once Upon a December
(歌詞)1993.One Bud Wiser
(歌詞)1994.One Chord Wonders
(提供)1995.One Day at a Time
(歌詞)1996.One Day I'll Fly Away
(歌詞)1997.One Hundred Ways
(歌詞)1998.One Jump Ahead
(歌詞)1999.One Last Breath
(歌詞)2000.One Last Hope
(歌詞)2001.One Last Night
(歌詞)2002.One Mic
(歌詞)2003.One More Night
(歌詞)2004.One More Try
(歌詞)2005.One Night Only
(歌詞)2006.One Of These Mornings
(歌詞)2007.One Song Glory
(歌詞)2008.One Summer Night
(歌詞)2009.One Thing Leads to Another
(提供)2010.One Thing
(歌詞)2011.Only A Woman
(歌詞)2012.Only in California
(歌詞)2013.Only You
(歌詞)2014.Ooh Child
(歌詞)2015.Ooo La La La
(歌詞)2016.Open Arms
(歌詞)2017.Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche
(歌詞)2018.Open the Eyes of My Heart
(歌詞)2019.Open the Eyes
(歌詞)2021.Original Beast
(歌詞)2022.Other Pleasures
(提供)2024.Our Generation
(歌詞)2025.Our Great God
(歌詞)2026.Our House
(歌詞)2027.Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
(歌詞)2028.Our Love Is Loud
(歌詞)2029.Out Of Control
(歌詞)2030.Out Of My Dreams
(歌詞)2031.Out Of Reach
(提供)2032.Out To Lunch
(歌詞)2033.Out Tonight
(歌詞)2036.Over My Head
(歌詞)2037.Over the Hills and Far Away
(歌詞)2038.Over the Love
(歌詞)2039.Over the Love - Florence + The Machine
(歌詞)2040.Over The Moon
(提供)2041.Over The Rainbow
(提供)2043.Oxybator - Insurgency
(歌詞)2045.Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
(歌詞)2046.Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer
(歌詞)2047.Ozzy Osbourne - Mama, I'm Coming Home
(歌詞)2048.Pancho and Lefty
(歌詞)2049.Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
(歌詞)2050.Paradise by the Dashboard Light
(歌詞)2051.Paradise City
(歌詞)2052.Parchman Farm Blues
(歌詞)2053.Paris Holds the Key
(歌詞)2054.Park Sang Min - After This Night
(歌詞)2055.Parlez-Vous Francais?
(提供)2056.Part of Me
(歌詞)2057.Part Of Your World
(歌詞)2058.Party At Ground Zero
(提供)2059.Party In The House Today
(歌詞)2060.Party Up
(歌詞)2063.Pat Boone - Crazy Train
(歌詞)2066.Paul Revere
(歌詞)2067.Pay to Play
(歌詞)2070.Peace in the Valley
(歌詞)2071.Peaceful World
(歌詞)2072.Peggy Sue Got Married
(歌詞)2073.People Ain't No Good
(歌詞)2074.People Got to Be Free
(歌詞)2075.People Will Say We're In Love
(歌詞)2079.Pete Yorn - Undercover
(歌詞)2080.Peterpan Complex – The Yellow Shirt Man
(歌詞)2082.Phil Of The Future Theme Song
(提供)2083.Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 23: I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso
(提供)2084.Piano Tune
(歌詞)2085.Pick It Up
(歌詞)2086.Picture Book
(歌詞)2087.Pictures of Matchstick Men
(歌詞)2088.Piece of My Heart
(歌詞)2089.Pink - Get The Party Started
(歌詞)2090.Pirate Looks At 40
(歌詞)2091.Pistol Pistol
(提供)2092.Pistols at Dawn
(歌詞)2093.Plan the Escape
(歌詞)2094.Play That Funky Music
(歌詞)2095.Please Be Careful w/ My Heart
(歌詞)2096.Please Come Home for Christmas
(歌詞)2097.Please Come to Boston
(歌詞)2098.Please Don't Tease
(歌詞)2099.Please Mr. Postman
(提供)2101.Plus que ma propre vie
(歌詞)2102.Po Lazarus
(歌詞)2103.Poetry In Motion
(歌詞)2104.Points of Authority
(歌詞)2105.Poison Arrow
(歌詞)2107.Police & Thieves
(歌詞)2108.Policy of Truth
(歌詞)2109.Polk Salad Annie
(歌詞)2111.Poor Unfortunate Souls
(歌詞)2112.Popping Bubbles
(歌詞)2113.Pour Me
(歌詞)2114.Praise Adonai
(歌詞)2115.Prana – At Any Time
(歌詞)2116.Prince Ali
(歌詞)2117.Proceed With Caution
(歌詞)2120.Protect Ya Neck
(歌詞)2121.Public Enemy No. 1
(歌詞)2122.Pumpin' And Blowin'
(歌詞)2123.Purple Hills
(歌詞)2124.Purple Pills
(歌詞)2125.Put It On Me
(歌詞)2126.Put On a Happy Face
(歌詞)2127.Put Ya Hands Up
(歌詞)2128.Put Your Records On
(歌詞)2129.Puttin' On the Ritz
(歌詞)2130.Queen of Apology
(提供)2131.Quiereme Mas
(歌詞)2132.Quiero Que Me Quieras
(歌詞)2133.Radar Love
(歌詞)2134.Rainbow Connection
(提供)2135.Raining In My Heart
(歌詞)2136.Rainy Night In Georgia
(提供)2137.Raised In Harlem
(歌詞)2139.Ramblin' Man
(提供)2141.Rave On
(歌詞)2145.Reach Out I'll Be There
(歌詞)2146.Reach Up & Catch The Stars!
(歌詞)2147.Reach Up for The Sunrise
(歌詞)2148.Ready For Love
(歌詞)2149.Ready Or Not, Here I Come
(歌詞)2150.Real Love
(提供)2153.Rebel of the Underground
(歌詞)2154.Rebel Without a Pause
(歌詞)2156.Redneck Woman---Gretchen Wilson
(歌詞)2161.Relight My Fire
(歌詞)2162.Remember to Feel Real
(提供)2164.Reminiscing with Grandma
(歌詞)2166.Requiem For Evita - Oh What A Circus
(歌詞)2167.Requiem On Water
(歌詞)2169.Respect Yourself
(歌詞)2171.Return to Paradise
(歌詞)2173.Revelation Song - Gateway Worship
(歌詞)2174.Reversal Of A Dog
(歌詞)2175.Rhinestone Cowboy
(歌詞)2176.Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003
(歌詞)2177.Rhythm of the Night
(提供)2178.Ride Out
(歌詞)2179.Riders in the Sky
(歌詞)2180.Ring of Fire
(歌詞)2181.Rise to the Occasion
(歌詞)2182.River Deep, Mountain High
(歌詞)2184.Rivers Of Babylon / Yele
(歌詞)2185.Rivers of Blood
(歌詞)2186.Road Runner
(歌詞)2187.Roc the Mic
(歌詞)2188.Rock 'n Roll High School
(歌詞)2189.Rock 'n Roll, Hoochie Koo
(歌詞)2190.Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay
(歌詞)2191.Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo
(歌詞)2192.Rock Hard Go Home
(歌詞)2193.Rock of Ages
(歌詞)2194.Rock the Bells
(歌詞)2195.Rock the Boat
(歌詞)2196.Rock You Like a Hurricane
(歌詞)2197.Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
(歌詞)2198.Rockin' Down the Highway
(歌詞)2199.Rockin' On Top of the World
(歌詞)2200.Rockin' Robin
(歌詞)2201.Rocky Mountain Way
(歌詞)2202.Rodeo Road
(提供)2203.Roll The Dice
(歌詞)2204.Roll With the Changes
(歌詞)2206.Romans 12:1
(歌詞)2207.Rooftops And Invitations
(歌詞)2208.Rose Colored Glasses
(歌詞)2209.Round and Round
(歌詞)2211.Rubber Duckie
(歌詞)2212.Ruff Ryders Anthem
(歌詞)2213.Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
(歌詞)2214.Ruido De Estrella
(歌詞)2217.Run, Dora, Run!
(歌詞)2218.Runaround Sue
(歌詞)2221.Running Blind
(歌詞)2222.Rusted Pipe
(歌詞)2223.Sadie Hawkins Dance
(提供)2224.Sails to Te Fiti
(歌詞)2226.Saliva - Always
(歌詞)2228.Salted Wound
(提供)2229.Same Song
(歌詞)2230.San Franciscan Nights
(歌詞)2231.San Francisco
(歌詞)2233.Santa Baby
(歌詞)2234.Santa Claus Is Back in Town
(歌詞)2235.Santa Claus Is Comin'
(歌詞)2236.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(歌詞)2237.Santa Claus Is Watching You
(歌詞)2238.Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
(歌詞)2239.Santa Fe
(歌詞)2241.Satin Sheets
(提供)2243.Saturday In The Park
(歌詞)2245.Save Me
(提供)2246.Save My Life
(歌詞)2247.Save Room
(歌詞)2248.Save The Best For Last
(歌詞)2249.Save Tonight
(歌詞)2250.Save Your Love
(歌詞)2251.Savoy Truffle
(歌詞)2252.Say Goodbye
(歌詞)2253.Say I Yi Yi
(歌詞)2254.Say It Right
(提供)2255.Say The Word
(提供)2256.Say Yes To This
(提供)2257.School's Out
(歌詞)2258.Score Tonight
(歌詞)2259.Scream My Name
(歌詞)2261.Se Me Antoja Tu Piel
(提供)2262.Sea Monsters
(歌詞)2263.Sea of Love
(歌詞)2264.Sealed With A Kiss
(歌詞)2265.Searching for My Love
(歌詞)2266.Seasons Of Love B
(歌詞)2267.Seasons of Love
(提供)2268.Seb'rapa Jauh Ku Melangkah
(歌詞)2269.Second Star to the Right
(歌詞)2270.Secret Love
(提供)2271.Secrets Of The Heart
(提供)2272.See You Again
(歌詞)2273.Seeing Is Believing
(歌詞)2274.Seek and Destroy
(歌詞)2275.Self Conscience
(歌詞)2276.Self Control
(歌詞)2277.Selfish Man LIVE In L.A.
(歌詞)2278.Send for Me
(歌詞)2279.Send Me An Angel
(歌詞)2280.Send Me On My Way
(歌詞)2281.Sentimental Journey
(歌詞)2283.Sesame Street Theme - The People In Your Neighborh
(歌詞)2284.Set It All Free
(歌詞)2285.Seven Days In Sunny June
(歌詞)2286.Seven Spanish Angels
(歌詞)2287.Seven Year Ache
(歌詞)2292.Shake It Off
(提供)2293.Shake It Up
(歌詞)2294.Shake Me
(歌詞)2295.Shake That Thing
(提供)2296.Shake The Ground
(歌詞)2297.Shake Ya Ass
(歌詞)2298.Shake Your Coconuts
(歌詞)2299.Shakira - Objection
(歌詞)2300.Shall We Gather
(歌詞)2301.Shape Of My Heart
(歌詞)2302.Sharp Dressed Man
(歌詞)2303.She Believes
(歌詞)2304.She Is a Diamond
(歌詞)2305.She Knows It
(歌詞)2306.She'd Be Far Better Off With You
(歌詞)2307.She's a Bad Mama Jama
(歌詞)2308.She's Actin' Single
(歌詞)2309.She's Got You
(歌詞)2310.She's Not There
(歌詞)2311.She's So Gone
(歌詞)2312.Sheila Franklin [1969 Script]
(歌詞)2313.Shelter Me
(歌詞)2314.Sheryl Crow - Soak Up the Sun
(歌詞)2316.Shine On Us
(歌詞)2317.Shine Your Light
(歌詞)2318.Shine, Jesus, Shine
(提供)2319.Shiny Heart
(歌詞)2321.Shit On You
(提供)2322.Shoot To Thrill
(歌詞)2323.Shoot Your Gun
(歌詞)2324.Shop Around
(歌詞)2325.Shortie Like Mine
(歌詞)2326.Shotgun down the Avalanche
(歌詞)2328.Shout It Out Loud
(提供)2329.Shout It
(歌詞)2330.Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech
(歌詞)2331.Shout to the Lord
(歌詞)2333.Show Me How You Burlesque
(歌詞)2334.Show Me the Way
(歌詞)2335.Show Me
(歌詞)2336.Shut 'Em Down
(歌詞)2337.Shy Guy
(歌詞)2338.Siamese Cat Song
(歌詞)2340.Signed, Sealed, Delivered
(歌詞)2343.Silent All These Years
(歌詞)2344.Silent Night
(歌詞)2345.Silver Bells
(歌詞)2346.Simmer Down
(歌詞)2347.Simply Being Loved
(歌詞)2348.Since I Fell for You
(歌詞)2349.Since I Lost My Baby
(歌詞)2350.Since U Been Gone
(歌詞)2351.Sing After Me
(歌詞)2352.Sing Alleluia
(歌詞)2353.Sing It Back
(歌詞)2354.Sing Out
(歌詞)2355.Singin' In the Rain
(歌詞)2356.Singing the Blues
(歌詞)2357.Sinner's Prayer
(歌詞)2359.Sister Christian
(歌詞)2360.Sister Rosetta
(歌詞)2361.Sittin' on The Dock of the Bay
(提供)2363.Six Days
(歌詞)2364.Six Directions of Boxing
(歌詞)2365.Six Little Grouches
(歌詞)2366.Sizzler Promotional Commercial 1991
(提供)2367.Skeleton Jar
(歌詞)2368.Skid Row
(歌詞)2369.Skin Tight
(歌詞)2371.Slave to Love
(歌詞)2373.Sleigh Ride
(歌詞)2374.Slow Motion
(歌詞)2375.Slow Surprise
(歌詞)2376.Smashed Into Pieces
(歌詞)2377.Smile 'n' Shine
(歌詞)2378.Smile a Little Smile for Me
(歌詞)2380.Smiling Faces Sometimes
(歌詞)2381.Smoke Two Joints
(歌詞)2382.Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!
(歌詞)2383.Smokey Joe's Cafe
(歌詞)2385.Smooth Operator
(提供)2386.Snakes on a Plane - The Theme
(歌詞)2387.Snakes On A Plane
(歌詞)2388.Snoop Dogg - Beautiful
(歌詞)2389.So Fly
(歌詞)2390.So Fresh So Clean
(歌詞)2391.So In Love
(歌詞)2392.So Many Ways
(歌詞)2393.So Nice
(歌詞)2394.So This Is Love
(歌詞)2395.So Wrong
(歌詞)2396.Sodomy, Holy Orgy
(歌詞)2398.Sohyang – Never Ending Story
(歌詞)2400.Solo Por Ti
(歌詞)2401.Some Enchanted Evening
(歌詞)2402.Some Fun Now
(歌詞)2403.Somebody Lied
(歌詞)2404.Somebody Like You
(歌詞)2405.Somebody Should Leave
(歌詞)2406.Somebody's Watching Me
(歌詞)2408.Someone Else's Story
(歌詞)2409.Someone to Hold
(歌詞)2410.Someone to Love You
(歌詞)2411.Someone to Love
(歌詞)2412.Something 'Bout You
(歌詞)2413.Something About The Sunshine
(歌詞)2414.Something About You
(歌詞)2415.Something There
(歌詞)2416.Something To Believe In
(歌詞)2417.Something's Got A Hold On Me
(歌詞)2420.Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
(歌詞)2421.Somewhere That's Green
(歌詞)2422.Son-Of-A Preacher Man
(歌詞)2423.Song for a Winter's Night
(歌詞)2424.Song To The Siren
(歌詞)2425.Sooner or Later
(歌詞)2427.Sorry Na Pwede Ba
(歌詞)2428.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
(歌詞)2429.Soul Creation
(歌詞)2430.Soul Finger
(歌詞)2431.Soul Man
(歌詞)2432.South American Way
(歌詞)2433.Sowing The Seed Of Love
(歌詞)2434.Speak Low
(歌詞)2435.Speak Up
(提供)2436.Speaking of Sophie
(歌詞)2439.Spent On Rainy Days
(歌詞)2440.Spider Song
(歌詞)2441.SpongeBob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy
(歌詞)2442.SpongeBob SquarePants Theme
(歌詞)2443.Spring Of Life
(歌詞)2444.Squeaky I Love You
(歌詞)2445.St. Elmos Fire
(歌詞)2446.Stand By Me
(提供)2447.Stand By You
(歌詞)2448.Stand by Your Man
(歌詞)2449.Stand Up And Walk
(歌詞)2450.Star Spangled Banner
(提供)2451.Starin' Through My Rear View
(歌詞)2453.Start Wearing Purple
(歌詞)2454.State of Love and Trust
(提供)2455.Static Fiend - Android Lesbian Lover
(提供)2456.Stay Alive
(歌詞)2457.Stay Tuned
(歌詞)2458.Stay With Me
(歌詞)2459.Stayin' Alive
(歌詞)2460.Step by Step
(提供)2461.Step Right In
(歌詞)2462.Step Up
(歌詞)2463.Steppin' To The Bad Side
(歌詞)2466.Still Here
(歌詞)2467.Still Loving You
(歌詞)2468.Still of the Night
(歌詞)2469.Still Tippin
(歌詞)2471.Sting - Fragile
(歌詞)2474.Stormy Monday Blues
(歌詞)2476.Strange Fruit
(歌詞)2477.Street Glory
(歌詞)2478.Street of Dreams
(歌詞)2479.Strict Machine
(歌詞)2480.Strong Enough
(歌詞)2481.Stuck in the Middle with You
(歌詞)2482.Stupid Girls
(歌詞)2483.Suddenly I See
(歌詞)2484.Suddenly, Seymour
(歌詞)2485.Sufferin' Til Sufferage
(歌詞)2486.Suffragette City
(歌詞)2488.Suga Suga
(歌詞)2489.Sugar and Spice
(歌詞)2490.Sugar Daddy
(歌詞)2491.Sugar Sugar
(提供)2493.Suite From The Devil Wears Prada
(歌詞)2494.Sum 41 - What We're All About
(歌詞)2495.Summer Breeze
(歌詞)2496.Summer Nights
(提供)2497.Summer Was A Day
(歌詞)2498.Summertime Blues
(歌詞)2499.Summertime Girls
(歌詞)2501.Sunday Bloody Sunday
(歌詞)2502.Sungkyu of INFINITE – I Will Give You Everything
(歌詞)2503.Sunny Came Home
(歌詞)2504.Sunset Boulevard
(歌詞)2505.Sunshine Highway
(歌詞)2507.Super Bowl Sundae
(歌詞)2508.Super Freak
(歌詞)2509.Super Map!
(歌詞)2510.Super Silly Fiesta
(歌詞)2511.Super Spies!
(歌詞)2516.Surrey with the Fringe on Top
(歌詞)2519.Suzie Q
(歌詞)2521.Sweet By and By
(歌詞)2522.Sweet Home Alabama
(歌詞)2523.Sweet Life
(歌詞)2524.Sweet Lullaby
(歌詞)2525.Sweet Thing
(歌詞)2527.Swinging On a Star
(歌詞)2528.Swipper No Swipping!
(歌詞)2532.System of a Down - Snowblind
(提供)2536.Take A Break
(歌詞)2537.Take Me Away
(歌詞)2538.Take Me Home
(歌詞)2539.Take Me Just As I Am
(歌詞)2540.Take Me Or Leave Me
(歌詞)2541.Take Me Out To The Ball Game
(提供)2542.Take My Hand
(歌詞)2543.Take On Me
(歌詞)2544.Take This Job and Shove It
(歌詞)2545.Take Ya Home
(歌詞)2546.Take Your Time
(歌詞)2547.Takin' Care of Business
(提供)2548.Tala Returns
(提供)2549.Tala's Deathbed
(歌詞)2550.Talk About Sufferin'
(歌詞)2551.Talk Show Host
(歌詞)2552.Talkin' All That
(提供)2553.Tamatoa's Lair
(歌詞)2554.Tango: Maureen
(歌詞)2555.Tarde De Amor
(歌詞)2556.Taxi Driver
(歌詞)2557.Te Amo
(提供)2558.Te Fiti Restored
(提供)2559.Te Ka Attacks
(提供)2560.Te Llame
(歌詞)2561.Teach Me Tiger
(歌詞)2562.Teach Me Tonight
(歌詞)2563.Tear It Down
(歌詞)2564.Tear Me Down
(歌詞)2565.Tears At The Birthday Party
(歌詞)2566.Tears In Heaven
(歌詞)2567.Tears of a Clown
(歌詞)2568.Tears on My Pillow
(提供)2570.Teenage Color - We Are Young
(歌詞)2571.Teenage Love
(歌詞)2572.Telegraph Line
(歌詞)2573.Telepopmusik - Breathe
(歌詞)2574.Tell Laura I Love Her
(歌詞)2575.Tell Me
(歌詞)2576.Tell Me Something Good
(歌詞)2577.Tell Me What You Already Did
(歌詞)2578.Temple of Dreams
(歌詞)2580.Tenemos Amigos
(提供)2582.Tere Naina
(歌詞)2583.Texas Flood
(歌詞)2584.Thank Heaven for Little Girls
(歌詞)2585.Thank You For The Venom
(歌詞)2586.That Old Black Magic
(歌詞)2587.That Thing You Do!
(提供)2588.That Would Be Enough
(提供)2589.That'll Be The Day
(歌詞)2590.That's Entertainment
(歌詞)2591.That's My Story
(歌詞)2592.That's What I Believe
(歌詞)2593.That's What I Want for Christmas
(歌詞)2594.That's When I'll Come Back to You
(歌詞)2595.The ABC's of Love
(歌詞)2596.The Antidote
(歌詞)2597.The Archer
(歌詞)2598.The Baddest Man Alive
(歌詞)2599.The Ballad of Jayne
(歌詞)2600.The Bare Necessities
(歌詞)2601.The Battle Of New Orleans
(歌詞)2602.The Bear Went Over The Mountain
(歌詞)2603.The Beautiful People
(歌詞)2604.The Beauty of Simplicity
(歌詞)2605.The Bed You Made for Me
(歌詞)2606.The Bed
(歌詞)2607.The Best Day Ever
(歌詞)2608.The Body Machine
(歌詞)2609.The Boy From...
(歌詞)2610.The Bramble and the Rose
(提供)2611.The Breach
(歌詞)2612.The Busy Prepositions
(歌詞)2613.The Cars - Drive
(歌詞)2614.The Chicken Dance
(歌詞)2615.The City Is Mine
(歌詞)2616.The City Of Lost Toys
(歌詞)2617.The Closing Of The Year, Happy Workers
(歌詞)2618.The Closing Of The Year
(歌詞)2619.The Cup of Life
(歌詞)2620.The Dance
(歌詞)2621.The Darkest Places
(歌詞)2622.The Devil Went Down to Georgia
(歌詞)2623.The Eagle
(歌詞)2624.The Eensy Weensy Spider
(歌詞)2625.The End Of An Act
(歌詞)2626.The End
(歌詞)2627.The Energy Blues
(歌詞)2628.The Eve of the War
(歌詞)2629.The Final Countdown
(歌詞)2630.The Fireman
(歌詞)2631.The First Cut Is the Deepest
(歌詞)2632.The First Man You Remember
(歌詞)2633.The First Noel
(歌詞)2634.The Fix-It Machine
(歌詞)2635.The Flame
(歌詞)2636.The Flesh Failures, Let The Sunshine In
(歌詞)2637.The Flesh Failures
(歌詞)2638.The Forgotten
(歌詞)2639.The Four-Legged Zoo
(歌詞)2640.The General
(歌詞)2641.The Gentle Rain
(歌詞)2642.The Ghost of You
(歌詞)2643.The Girl from Ipanema
(歌詞)2644.The Good Eleven
(歌詞)2645.The Good Kind
(歌詞)2646.The Gospel Truth 1
(歌詞)2647.The Gospel Truth 2
(歌詞)2648.The Gospel Truth3
(歌詞)2649.The Great American Melting Pot
(歌詞)2650.The Great Day
(歌詞)2651.The Great Pretender
(歌詞)2652.The Greatest Love of All
(歌詞)2653.The Greatest Star Of All
(歌詞)2654.The Hairbrush Song
(歌詞)2655.The Hanging Tree
(歌詞)2656.The Happy Song
(歌詞)2657.The Happy Worker
(歌詞)2658.The Harder They Come
(歌詞)2659.The Heart of Worship
(歌詞)2660.The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
(提供)2661.The Hook
(歌詞)2662.The Hoppity Song
(歌詞)2663.The House Is Rockin'
(歌詞)2664.The Hunted Child
(歌詞)2665.The Itsy Bitsy Spider
(歌詞)2666.The Kinks - You Really Got Me
(歌詞)2667.The Lady In Red
(歌詞)2668.The Lady's Paying
(歌詞)2669.The Leap
(歌詞)2670.The Lion Sleeps Tonite
(歌詞)2671.The Little Drum Machine Boy
(歌詞)2672.The Little Drummer Boy
(歌詞)2673.The Long and Winding Road
(歌詞)2674.The Look Of Love
(歌詞)2675.The Loser
(歌詞)2676.The Love of God
(歌詞)2677.The Love She Found in Me
(歌詞)2678.The Love You Save
(歌詞)2679.The Man That Never Was
(歌詞)2680.The Meek Shall Inherit
(歌詞)2681.The Middle
(歌詞)2682.The Mirror Song
(歌詞)2683.The Mob Song
(歌詞)2684.The More That We're Together - Let's Sing A Song T
(歌詞)2685.The Morning After
(歌詞)2686.The Nearness of You
(歌詞)2687.The Next Episode
(歌詞)2688.The Night Chicago Died
(提供)2689.The Nightmare
(歌詞)2690.The Notion
(提供)2691.The Ocean Chose You
(歌詞)2692.The Old Rugged Cross
(歌詞)2693.The Ones
(歌詞)2694.The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
(歌詞)2695.The Perect Year
(歌詞)2696.The Perfect Drug
(歌詞)2697.The Perfect Year
(歌詞)2698.The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
(歌詞)2699.The Polar Express
(歌詞)2700.The Preamble
(歌詞)2701.The Promise
(歌詞)2702.The Pusher
(歌詞)2703.The Rain
(歌詞)2704.The Rainbow Connection
(歌詞)2705.The Real Slim Shady
(歌詞)2706.The Red Light
(提供)2707.The Return to Voyaging
(歌詞)2708.The Rhythm of the Night
(歌詞)2709.The Ride
(歌詞)2710.The Rising End
(歌詞)2711.The Road
(歌詞)2712.The Rose
(歌詞)2713.The Same Love - Paul Baloche
(歌詞)2714.The Second Time Around
(歌詞)2715.The Shot Heard Round The World
(歌詞)2716.The Sound of Goodbye
(歌詞)2717.The Sound of Silence
(歌詞)2718.The Sounds of Silence
(歌詞)2719.The Star Spangled Banner
(歌詞)2720.The Stars
(歌詞)2721.The Stone
(歌詞)2722.The Strokes - When It Started
(歌詞)2723.The Sun Shines Down On Me
(歌詞)2724.The Sweetest Thing
(歌詞)2725.The Tale Of Mr Morton
(歌詞)2726.The Tears of a Clown
(歌詞)2727.The Things We Do for Love
(歌詞)2728.The Things We Don't
(歌詞)2729.The Three Ring Government
(歌詞)2730.The Thrill Is Gone
(歌詞)2731.The Tracks of My Tears
(提供)2732.The Truth Comes Out
(歌詞)2733.The Truth
(歌詞)2734.The Unicorn
(歌詞)2735.The Very Thought of You
(提供)2736.The Vine
(歌詞)2737.The Voice Within
(提供)2738.The Waiting Game
(歌詞)2739.The Way I Feel Inside
(歌詞)2740.The Way You Do the Things You Do
(歌詞)2741.The Way You Look Tonight
(歌詞)2742.The Will
(歌詞)2743.The Wind Beneath My Wings
(歌詞)2744.The Wind
(歌詞)2745.The Winner Takes It All
(歌詞)2746.The World I Know
(歌詞)2747.The Yellow Rose of Texas
(歌詞)2749.Them Not-So-Dry Bones
(提供)2750.Theme from Bad Boys
(歌詞)2751.Theme From Spider Man
(歌詞)2752.Theme From The Facts Of Life
(歌詞)2753.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
(歌詞)2754.Theory Of A Dead Man - Invisible Man
(歌詞)2755.There Goes My Baby
(歌詞)2756.There He Is
(歌詞)2757.There Is More To Love
(歌詞)2758.There Is None Like You - Lenny Le Blanc
(歌詞)2759.There Is None Like You
(歌詞)2760.There You Are
(歌詞)2761.There's A Hero
(歌詞)2762.There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
(歌詞)2763.There's a Tear in My Beer
(歌詞)2764.There's Gotta Be More to Life
(歌詞)2765.There's Never Been A Night
(歌詞)2766.These Arms of Mine
(歌詞)2767.These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
(歌詞)2768.They Can't Take That Away from Me
(歌詞)2769.They'll Soon Discover
(提供)2770.They're Callin' Him Hero
(歌詞)2772.This Christmas
(歌詞)2773.This I Swear
(提供)2774.This Is How It Happened
(歌詞)2775.This Is How We Do It
(歌詞)2776.This Is Not a Game
(歌詞)2777.This Is Our Emergency
(歌詞)2778.This Is Our Song
(歌詞)2779.This Land Is Your Land
(歌詞)2780.This Love
(歌詞)2781.This Magic Moment
(歌詞)2782.This Masquerade
(歌詞)2783.This Old Heart of Mine
(歌詞)2784.This Old Man
(歌詞)2785.This One's for the Girls
(歌詞)2786.This Temporary Life
(歌詞)2787.This Time Next Year
(歌詞)2788.This Will Be Our Year
(歌詞)2789.Three Is A Magic Number
(歌詞)2790.Three Times a Lady
(歌詞)2792.Through the Fire
(歌詞)2793.Through the Test of Time
(歌詞)2794.Thugz Mansion
(歌詞)2795.Thunder Child
(歌詞)2796.Tick, Tock
(歌詞)2797.Timber I'm Falling in Love
(歌詞)2798.Time After Time
(歌詞)2799.Time Has Come Today
(歌詞)2800.Time of Our Lives
(歌詞)2801.Time Slowing Down
(歌詞)2802.Time To Love / Bridge Over Troubled Water
(歌詞)2803.Timing Is Everything
(歌詞)2805.To Be With You
(歌詞)2806.To Deserve You
(歌詞)2807.To the End
(歌詞)2808.To The World
(歌詞)2809.To Zion
(歌詞)2810.Today 4 U
(歌詞)2811.Today Is The Day - Lincoln Brewster
(提供)2812.Toe Feiloa'i
(歌詞)2813.Together - The xx
(歌詞)2814.Together Again
(歌詞)2815.Tom's Diner
(歌詞)2817.Tongue Twister
(歌詞)2819.Tonight's Da Night
(歌詞)2821.Too Beautiful To Last
(提供)2822.Too Close
(歌詞)2823.Too Much Fun
(歌詞)2824.Too Much In Love To Care
(歌詞)2825.Too Much Time On My Hands
(歌詞)2826.Top of the World
(歌詞)2829.Tortured, Tangled Hearts
(歌詞)2830.Total Eclipse of the Heart
(歌詞)2831.Touch Me
(歌詞)2832.Tough Lover
(歌詞)2834.Trading My Sorrows - Darrell Evans
(歌詞)2835.Trading My Sorrows
(提供)2836.Transbot - Space Road Trip
(提供)2837.Transcribed in the Light of Harpsichord Technique
(歌詞)2838.Travel Song Medley
(提供)2840.Tres Tres Chic
(歌詞)2843.True Colors
(歌詞)2844.True Love Ways
(歌詞)2845.True To Your Heart
(歌詞)2847.Truly Madly Deeply
(歌詞)2849.Tryin' Ta Win
(提供)2851.Tu Meri
(歌詞)2852.Tuesday's Gone
(歌詞)2853.Tuff Enuff
(提供)2854.Tukur Tukur
(提供)2855.Tulou Tagaloa
(歌詞)2856.Tunay Na Ligaya
(歌詞)2857.Tune Up #1
(歌詞)2858.Tune Up #2
(歌詞)2859.Tune Up #3
(歌詞)2860.Turn Back the Hands of Time
(提供)2861.Turn Down for What
(歌詞)2862.Turn the Beat Around
(歌詞)2863.Turn Up The Music
(歌詞)2865.Turning Page
(歌詞)2866.Twenty Five Miles
(歌詞)2867.Twice As Hard
(歌詞)2868.Twice the First Time
(歌詞)2869.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
(提供)2870.Twist My Hips
(歌詞)2872.Two Lovers
(歌詞)2873.Two Sides
(歌詞)2874.Two to Make It Right
(歌詞)2875.Two Worlds
(歌詞)2877.U.R.A. Fever
(歌詞)2878.Uh Huh
(提供)2879.UKF Dubstep 2010
(歌詞)2880.Un Angelo
(歌詞)2881.Un Dia Especial
(歌詞)2882.Un-Break My Heart
(歌詞)2883.Una m�s cerveza
(歌詞)2885.Unchained Melody
(歌詞)2886.Uncle Pen
(歌詞)2887.Uncloudy Day
(歌詞)2888.Under My Rock
(歌詞)2889.Under the Sea
(歌詞)2896.Unpack Your Adjectives
(歌詞)2900.Up on the Housetop
(歌詞)2901.Up Where We Belong
(提供)2902.Upside Down
(提供)2905.Valley Forge
(歌詞)2906.Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
(歌詞)2907.Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day
(歌詞)2908.Vanessa Carlton - Pretty Baby
(歌詞)2909.Ventura Highway
(歌詞)2911.Verb: That's What's Happening
(歌詞)2912.Viaje Tiempo Atrás
(歌詞)2913.Victory 2004
(歌詞)2914.Victory In Jesus
(歌詞)2916.Video Killed the Radio Star
(提供)2919.Village Crazy Lady
(歌詞)2920.Virtual Insanity
(提供)2921.Virus Syndicate - Rago
(歌詞)2922.Vision of Love
(提供)2923.Vodex - Generation Monsters
(歌詞)2925.Voice Mail #1
(歌詞)2926.Voice Mail #2
(歌詞)2927.Voice Mail #4
(歌詞)2928.Voice Mail #5
(歌詞)2929.Voice Mail 3
(歌詞)2930.Voice Mail 4
(歌詞)2931.Voice Mail 5
(歌詞)2932.Voodoo People
(提供)2934.Voyager Tagaloa
(歌詞)2935.Wages Of Sin
(歌詞)2936.Wait For It
(歌詞)2937.Waitin' for You
(歌詞)2938.Waiting for a Train
(歌詞)2939.Waiting for Tonight
(歌詞)2940.Waiting On The World To Change
(歌詞)2941.Wake Up Everybody
(歌詞)2942.Wake Up
(歌詞)2943.Walk Away from Love
(歌詞)2944.Walk Down This Mountain
(歌詞)2945.Walk Like A Man
(歌詞)2946.Walk Like an Egyptian
(歌詞)2947.Walk On By
(歌詞)2948.Walk Right In
(歌詞)2949.Walkin' In My Shoes
(歌詞)2950.Walking In Space
(歌詞)2951.Wang Dang Doodle
(歌詞)2952.Wanna Praise You
(提供)2953.Want U Back
(歌詞)2954.Wanted Dead or Alive
(歌詞)2956.Warmth of the Sand
(提供)2957.Warrior Face
(歌詞)2958.Washingtons By Your Side
(歌詞)2959.Wat Da Hook Gon Be
(歌詞)2960.Watch Me
(歌詞)2961.Watch Your Back
(歌詞)2963.Wave On Wave
(歌詞)2965.We Are the One
(歌詞)2966.We Are The Pirates
(歌詞)2967.We Are The World
(歌詞)2968.We Can Work It Out
(歌詞)2969.We Delight
(歌詞)2970.We Did It!
(歌詞)2971.We Didn't Start the Fire
(歌詞)2972.We Fall Down
(歌詞)2973.We Go Together
(歌詞)2974.We Got Annie
(歌詞)2975.We Know The Way
(歌詞)2976.We Lift You Up
(歌詞)2977.We Right Here
(歌詞)2978.We Shall Overcome
(歌詞)2979.We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
(歌詞)2980.We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going
(歌詞)2981.We're Dancing
(歌詞)2982.We're in This Love Together
(提供)2983.We're No Here
(歌詞)2984.We're Okay
(歌詞)2985.Weapons Of Mass Deception
(歌詞)2986.Weather Girls - It's Raining Men
(提供)2987.Wedding Celebration
(歌詞)2988.Weird Science
(歌詞)2989.Welcome to Atlanta
(歌詞)2990.Welcome To Burlesque
(歌詞)2991.Welcome To The Pleasuredome
(歌詞)2992.Welcome to the Terrordome
(提供)2994.Well All Right
(歌詞)2995.Were You There
(歌詞)2996.Werewolves of London
(歌詞)2997.Westside Slaughterhouse
(歌詞)2998.What a Crying Shame
(歌詞)2999.What A Piece Of Work Is Man
(提供)3000.What A Wonderful World
(歌詞)3001.What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
(歌詞)3002.What Child Is This?
(歌詞)3003.What Do I Have to Do to Prove My Love to You
(歌詞)3004.What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?
(歌詞)3005.What Does It Take
(歌詞)3006.What I Did for Love
(歌詞)3007.What I Got
(歌詞)3008.What If I Said
(歌詞)3009.What Is Love Reloaded
(歌詞)3010.What Is This Thing Called Love?
(歌詞)3011.What Is This
(歌詞)3012.What It Is
(歌詞)3013.What the Hell Have I
(歌詞)3014.What the World Needs Now Is Love
(歌詞)3015.What We Came Here For
(歌詞)3016.What You Mean To Me
(歌詞)3017.What You Own
(歌詞)3018.What You Want
(歌詞)3019.What's Come Over Me?
(歌詞)3020.What's Up With That
(歌詞)3021.What's Your Fantasy
(歌詞)3022.What's Your Name
(歌詞)3023.Whatever Will Be, Will Be
(歌詞)3024.Whatever You Want
(歌詞)3025.When Christmas Comes to Town
(歌詞)3026.When I Call Your Name
(歌詞)3027.When I Fall in Love
(歌詞)3028.When I First Saw You
(歌詞)3029.When I'm Gone
(歌詞)3030.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
(歌詞)3031.When Love Comes to Town
(歌詞)3032.When Love Sees You
(歌詞)3033.When She Loved Me
(歌詞)3034.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
(歌詞)3035.When the Children Cry
(歌詞)3036.When the Stars Go Blue
(歌詞)3037.When the Thought of You Catches Up with Me
(歌詞)3038.When Will I See You Again
(歌詞)3039.When You Close Your Eyes
(歌詞)3040.When You Grow Up What Will You Be?
(歌詞)3041.When You Know
(歌詞)3042.When You Say Nothing at All
(歌詞)3043.When You Tell Me That You Love Me
(提供)3044.When You Wish Upon A Star
(歌詞)3045.Whenever There Is Love
(歌詞)3046.Where Are You
(歌詞)3047.Where Did I Go Right?
(歌詞)3048.Where Did Our Love Go
(歌詞)3049.Where Do I Go?
(歌詞)3050.Where I Come From
(歌詞)3051.Where the Hood At
(歌詞)3052.Where the Streets Have No Name
(歌詞)3053.Where the Wind Blows - Coco O.
(提供)3054.Where You Are
(提供)3055.Where You Belong
(提供)3056.Wherever I Go
(歌詞)3057.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(歌詞)3058.Whip It
(歌詞)3060.Whiskey River
(歌詞)3061.White And Gold
(歌詞)3062.White Boys
(歌詞)3063.White Christmas
(歌詞)3064.White Dress
(歌詞)3065.White Flag
(歌詞)3066.Who But You
(歌詞)3067.Who Needs Forever?
(提供)3068.Who Tells Your Story
(歌詞)3069.Who's Johnny
(歌詞)3070.Who's That Girl?
(歌詞)3071.Why Do Fools Fall In Love
(歌詞)3072.Wide Open Spaces
(歌詞)3073.Wild Thing
(歌詞)3074.Wild World
(歌詞)3075.Will I?
(歌詞)3076.Will the Circle Be Unbroken
(歌詞)3077.Willie and the Hand Jive
(歌詞)3079.Wine Red
(歌詞)3080.Wine-Colored Roses
(提供)3082.Winter Reveries
(歌詞)3083.Winter Wonderland
(歌詞)3084.Wir Wollen Sündigen
(歌詞)3085.Wish I Didn't Miss You
(歌詞)3086.Wish You Were Here
(歌詞)3087.Wishin' and Hopin'
(歌詞)3088.Wishing Well
(歌詞)3090.Witchy Woman
(歌詞)3091.With One Look
(歌詞)3092.With or Without You
(歌詞)3093.With This Ring
(歌詞)3094.With You I'm Born Again
(歌詞)3095.With You
(歌詞)3096.Without Me
(歌詞)3097.Without You
(歌詞)3098.Wkrp In Cincinnati
(歌詞)3100.Wolverton Mountain
(歌詞)3101.Wonderful Night
(歌詞)3102.Wonderful World
(歌詞)3104.Word of God Speak
(歌詞)3105.Word Up
(歌詞)3106.Words I Couldn't Say
(提供)3107.Words Of Love
(歌詞)3109.Work Me Slow
(歌詞)3110.Worked Up So Sexual
(歌詞)3112.Working for the Weekend
(歌詞)3113.Working Man Blues
(歌詞)3114.World On Fire
(歌詞)3115.Would They Love Him Down in Shreveport
(歌詞)3116.Wouldn't Change A Thing
(歌詞)3117.Wrong Side of Memphis
(歌詞)3118.Wrote My Way Out
(歌詞)3119.Wurlitzer Prize
(歌詞)3120.XXX's and OOO's
(提供)3121.Ya Es Muy Tarde
(歌詞)3122.Ya Ya
(提供)3123.Yell Out
(歌詞)3124.Yellow Flicker Beat
(歌詞)3125.Yellow Submarine
(歌詞)3127.Yesterday Once More
(歌詞)3128.Yesterday's Wine
(歌詞)3130.Ynot? – Shining Future
(歌詞)3131.Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
(歌詞)3132.You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
(歌詞)3133.You Alone
(歌詞)3134.You Always Hurt the One You Love
(歌詞)3135.You and Forever and Me
(歌詞)3136.You and I
(歌詞)3137.You And Me Song
(歌詞)3138.You Are Good - Lakewood Church
(歌詞)3139.You Are Good
(歌詞)3140.You Are Holy
(歌詞)3141.You Are My Flower
(歌詞)3142.You Are My King
(歌詞)3143.You Are My Sunshine
(歌詞)3144.You Are Not Alone
(歌詞)3145.You Are So Beautiful
(歌詞)3146.You Are So Good to Me
(歌詞)3147.You Are the One!
(提供)3148.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
(歌詞)3149.You Are
(歌詞)3150.You Asked Me To
(歌詞)3151.You Can Close Your Eyes
(歌詞)3152.You Can't Fix This
(歌詞)3153.You Can't Hurry Love
(歌詞)3154.You Cant Stop the Beat
(歌詞)3155.You Do Something to Me
(歌詞)3156.You Don't Even Know Who I Am
(歌詞)3157.You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
(歌詞)3158.You Don't Know
(歌詞)3159.You Don't Know Me
(歌詞)3160.You Don't Love Me
(歌詞)3161.You Dropped a Bomb on Me
(歌詞)3162.You Give Me Something
(歌詞)3163.You Gotta Be
(歌詞)3164.You Gotta Fight for Your Right
(歌詞)3165.You Gotta Love Someone
(歌詞)3166.You Had Me
(歌詞)3167.You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me
(歌詞)3168.You Keep Me Hangin' On
(歌詞)3169.You Keep Me Hanging On
(歌詞)3170.You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
(歌詞)3171.You Lost, You're Crazy
(歌詞)3172.You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
(歌詞)3173.You Move Me
(歌詞)3174.You Must Love Me
(歌詞)3175.You Okay Honey?
(歌詞)3176.You Really Got Me
(歌詞)3177.You Really Had Me Going
(歌詞)3178.You Said
(歌詞)3179.You Sang to Me
(歌詞)3180.You Shine
(歌詞)3181.You Talk Too Much
(歌詞)3182.You'd Be so Nice to Come Home To
(歌詞)3183.You'll Be Back
(歌詞)3184.You'll Be Mine
(歌詞)3185.You'll Never Know
(歌詞)3186.You'll Never Walk Alone
(歌詞)3187.You'll See
(歌詞)3188.You're All I Need to Get By
(歌詞)3189.You're Beautiful
(歌詞)3190.You're Just in Love
(歌詞)3191.You're My Everything
(歌詞)3192.You're My Favorite Song
(歌詞)3193.You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
(歌詞)3194.You're No Good
(歌詞)3195.You're Not Alone
(提供)3196.You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care
(歌詞)3197.You're Still The One
(歌詞)3198.You're the First, the Last, My Everything
(歌詞)3199.You're the Top
(提供)3200.You're Welcome
(歌詞)3201.Young and Beautiful
(歌詞)3202.Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey
(歌詞)3203.Young Girl
(歌詞)3204.Young Hearts Run Free
(歌詞)3205.Younha – Don't Leave Me By My Side
(歌詞)3206.Your Cheatin' Heart
(歌詞)3207.Your Eyes
(歌詞)3208.Your Good Thing
(歌詞)3209.Your Heart
(歌詞)3210.Your Love Is a Miracle
(歌詞)3211.Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
(歌詞)3212.Your Love Is Extravagant
(歌詞)3213.Your Love, Oh Lord
(歌詞)3214.Your Name - Paul Baloche
(歌詞)3215.Your Precious Love
(歌詞)3216.Your Song
(提供)3217.Your Time
(歌詞)3218.Your Wife Is Calling
(提供)3219.Yours To Shake
(歌詞)3220.Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme
(歌詞)3221.Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
(歌詞)3222.Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
(提供)3223.Z-Drive - Skyfall Speed
(提供)3224.Z-Drive - Zombie Kill Campaign
(歌詞)3225.Zero To Hero
(歌詞)3226.Zig Zag Stop
(歌詞)3227.Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
(歌詞)3228.#1 Crush
(提供)3229.'Bout Time
(歌詞)3231.'Bout a Thang
(歌詞)3232.'Til Tomorrow
(歌詞)3233.'Cause I Love You
(提供)3234.¿Quien Es Usted?
(歌詞)3236.'Crying, Waiting, Hoping'
(歌詞)3237.'Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow'

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