Kelly Clarkson 所有影片

Kelly Clarkson

所有歌曲 ( 共 157 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.4 Carats
(歌詞)2.A Moment Like This
(歌詞)4.All I Ever Wanted
(歌詞)5.All I Know
(歌詞)7.Already Gone
(提供)11.Baby It's Cold Outside
(歌詞)12.Bad Reputation
(歌詞)13.Be Still
(歌詞)14.Beautiful Disaster
(歌詞)15.Because Of You
(歌詞)16.Before Your Love
(歌詞)17.Behind These Hazel Eyes
(歌詞)18.Blue Christmas
(歌詞)19.Break The Silence
(歌詞)21.Breaking Your Own Heart
(歌詞)22.Can I Have A Kiss
(歌詞)23.Can We Go Back
(歌詞)24.Catch My Breath
(歌詞)26.Close Your Eyes
(歌詞)27.Come Here
(歌詞)29.Dance With Me
(歌詞)30.Dark Side
(歌詞)31.Did You
(歌詞)32.Dirty Little Secret
(歌詞)33.Does He Love You
(歌詞)34.Don't Be A Girl About It
(歌詞)35.Don't Leave Me
(歌詞)36.Don't Let Me Stop You
(歌詞)37.Don't Play That Song
(歌詞)38.Don't Rush
(歌詞)39.Don't waste your time
(歌詞)40.Don't You Wanna Stay Ft Jason Aldean
(歌詞)41.Don't You Wanna Stay
(歌詞)44.Empty Handed
(歌詞)45.Every Christmas
(歌詞)47.Fed Up
(歌詞)48.Get Up
(歌詞)51.Good Goes The Bye
(歌詞)53.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(歌詞)54.Hear Me
(歌詞)55.Heartbeat Song
(歌詞)59.How I Feel
(歌詞)60.I Can't Make You Love Me
(歌詞)61.I Do Not Hook Up
(歌詞)62.I Forgive You
(歌詞)63.I Had A Dream
(歌詞)64.I Hate Myself For Losing You
(歌詞)65.I Hate Myself
(歌詞)66.I Never Loved A Man
(歌詞)67.I Surrender
(歌詞)68.I Want You
(歌詞)69.I'll Be Home For Christimas
(歌詞)70.I'll Be Home for Christmas
(歌詞)71.If I Can't Have You
(歌詞)72.If No One Will Listen
(歌詞)74.In The Blue
(歌詞)77.It's Raining Men
(歌詞)79.Just For Now
(歌詞)80.Just Missed The Train
(歌詞)81.Let Me Down
(歌詞)82.Let Your Tears Fall
(歌詞)84.Long Shot
(歌詞)87.Miss Independent
(歌詞)88.Miss Independent*
(歌詞)89.Mr. Know It All
(歌詞)90.My Favorite Things
(歌詞)91.My Grown Up Christmas List
(歌詞)92.My Life Would Suck Without You
(歌詞)93.Never again
(歌詞)95.Not Today
(歌詞)96.Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel
(歌詞)97.Oh Holy Night
(歌詞)98.One minute
(歌詞)99.Piece By Piece
(歌詞)100.Please Come Home For Christmas
(歌詞)103.Run Run Rudolph
(歌詞)104.Run Run Run
(歌詞)105.Save You
(歌詞)106.Second Wind
(提供)107.Silent Night
(歌詞)108.Since U Been Gone
(歌詞)109.Since You've Been Gone
(歌詞)111.Some Kind Of Miracle
(歌詞)113.Standing In Front Of You
(歌詞)114.Star Spangled Banner
(歌詞)116.Stuff Like That There
(歌詞)118.Take You High
(歌詞)120.That I Would Be Good / Use Somebody
(歌詞)121.The Day We Fell Apart
(歌詞)122.The Last Day Of The Year
(歌詞)123.The Sun Will Rise
(歌詞)124.The Touble With Love Is
(歌詞)125.The Trouble With Love Is
(提供)126.The War Is Over
(提供)127.This Is For My Girls
(歌詞)128.Tie It Up
(歌詞)131.Tip Of My Tongue
(歌詞)132.To Make You Feel My Love
(歌詞)133.Underneath The Tree
(歌詞)135.Walk Away
(歌詞)136.Walk On By
(歌詞)137.Walking After Midnight
(歌詞)138.War Paint
(歌詞)139.What Doesn't Kill You
(歌詞)140.What's Up Lonely
(歌詞)141.Where Are You Now
(歌詞)142.Where Is Your Heart
(歌詞)143.White Christmas
(歌詞)144.Why Don't You Try
(歌詞)145.why you wanna bring me down
(歌詞)146.Winter Dreams
(歌詞)147.Without You
(歌詞)148.Wrapped In Red
(歌詞)150.You Can't Win
(歌詞)151.You Found Me
(歌詞)152.You Love Me
(歌詞)153.You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
(歌詞)154.You Thought Wrong
(歌詞)155.You're All I Need
(歌詞)156.Your Cheatin' Heart
(歌詞)157.'People Like Us'

Kelly Clarkson


> This Is For My Girls (Single)
> Piece By Piece
> 紅色耶誕 Wrapped in Red
> Tie It Up
> Wrapped in Red
> 星光十年傳奇精選(Greatest Hits - Chapter One)
> Smoakstack Sessions Vol. 2
> Catch My Breath - Single
> stronger(堅定不移)
> The Smoakstack Sessions (EP)
> All I Ever Wanted
> My December
> Breakaway
> Thankful
> Low (Single)
> Before Your Love A Moment Like This
> 暫存

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