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The Who

所有歌曲 ( 共 308 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.1921 [Live]
(歌詞)5.A Legal Matter
(歌詞)6.A Little Is Enough
(歌詞)7.A Man In A Purple Dress
(歌詞)8.A Man Is A Man
(歌詞)9.A Quick One While He's Away
(歌詞)10.Acid Queen
(提供)11.All Sold Out
(歌詞)12.Amazing Journey [Live]
(歌詞)13.Amazing Journey/Sparks
(歌詞)14.Amazing Journey
(歌詞)15.Another Tricky Day
(歌詞)16.Anytime You Want Me
(歌詞)17.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
(歌詞)18.Armenia City In The Sky
(歌詞)20.Baba O'Reilly
(歌詞)21.Baba O'Reily
(歌詞)22.Baba O'Riley
(歌詞)23.Baby Don't You Do It
(歌詞)24.Bald-Headed Woman
(歌詞)25.Barbara Ann
(歌詞)26.Bargain [Live]
(提供)29.Before the Fall
(歌詞)30.Behind blu i's
(歌詞)31.Behind Blue Eyes
(歌詞)32.Bell Boy
(歌詞)33.Black Widow's Eyes
(歌詞)34.Blue Red And Grey
(歌詞)35.Bony Moronie
(歌詞)36.Boris The Spider
(歌詞)37.Bucket T
(歌詞)38.Cache Cache
(歌詞)39.Call Me Lightning
(歌詞)40.Can't Explain
(歌詞)41.Christmas [Live]
(歌詞)43.Circles [Stereo]
(提供)45.Cobwebs and Strange
(歌詞)46.Coke 2
(歌詞)47.Cooks Country
(歌詞)48.Cooks County
(提供)49.Cousin Kevin Model Child
(歌詞)50.Cousin Kevin
(歌詞)51.Cry If You Want
(歌詞)52.Cut My Hair
(歌詞)53.Daddy Rolling Stone
(歌詞)54.Daily Records
(歌詞)55.Dancing In The Street
(歌詞)57.Did You Steal My Money
(歌詞)60.Do You Think It's Alright
(歌詞)61.Doctor Jimmy
(歌詞)62.Doctor, Doctor
(提供)63.Dogs Pt.2
(歌詞)65.Don't Let Go The Coat
(歌詞)66.Don't Look Away
(歌詞)67.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(歌詞)68.Dr. Jimmy
(歌詞)69.Dreaming From The Waist
(歌詞)70.Dreaming From The Waist [Live]
(歌詞)72.Early Morning Cold Taxi
(歌詞)73.Eminence Front [Live]
(歌詞)74.Eminence Front
(提供)75.End of an Era
(歌詞)76.Eyesight To The Blind
(歌詞)77.Face The Face
(歌詞)78.Faith in Something Bigger
(歌詞)79.Fiddle About
(歌詞)80.Fortune Teller
(歌詞)81.Four Faces
(歌詞)82.Fragments Of Fragments
(提供)84.From Pop Idols to Rock Gods
(歌詞)85.Get Out And Stay Out
(歌詞)86.Gettin' In Tune
(歌詞)87.Getting In Tune
(歌詞)88.Girl's Eyes
(歌詞)89.Glittering Girl
(歌詞)90.Glow Girl
(歌詞)91.Go to the Mirror Boy
(歌詞)92.Go to the Mirror!
(歌詞)93.Goin' Down
(歌詞)94.Goin' Mobile
(歌詞)95.Going Mobile
(歌詞)96.Good Lovin'
(歌詞)97.Guitar And Pen
(歌詞)98.Had Enough
(提供)99.Hall of the Mountain King
(歌詞)100.Hand Me Down World
(歌詞)101.Happy Jack
(歌詞)102.Heart To Hang Onto
(歌詞)103.Heat Wave
(歌詞)104.Heaven and Hell
(歌詞)105.Heinz Baked Beans
(歌詞)106.Helpless Dancer
(歌詞)107.Here 'Tis
(歌詞)108.Here for More
(歌詞)109.How Can You Do It Alone
(歌詞)110.How Many Friends
(歌詞)111.However Much I Booze
(歌詞)112.I Am The Sea
(歌詞)113.I Can See For Miles
(歌詞)114.I Can't Explain [Stereo]
(歌詞)115.I Can't Explain
(歌詞)116.I Can't Reach You
(歌詞)117.I Don't Even Know Myself
(歌詞)118.I Don't Mind
(歌詞)119.I Need You
(歌詞)120.I'm A Boy
(歌詞)121.I'm A Man
(歌詞)122.I'm A Road Runner
(歌詞)123.I'm Free
(歌詞)124.I'm One
(歌詞)125.I'm the Face
(歌詞)126.I've Been Away
(歌詞)127.I've Had Enough
(歌詞)128.I've Known No War
(歌詞)129.Imagine A Man
(歌詞)130.In A Hand Or A Face
(歌詞)131.In the City
(歌詞)132.In The Ether
(歌詞)133.Instant Party
(歌詞)135.Is It In My Head
(歌詞)136.It's A Boy [Live]
(歌詞)137.It's a Boy
(歌詞)138.It's Hard
(歌詞)139.It's Not Enough
(歌詞)140.It's Not True
(歌詞)141.It's Your Turn
(歌詞)143.Join Together/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues
(歌詞)144.Join Together
(提供)145.Joker James
(提供)146.Just You And Me, Darling
(歌詞)147.Just You And Me
(歌詞)148.La La La Lies
(歌詞)149.Leaving Here
(歌詞)150.Legal Matter
(提供)151.Legal Matters
(歌詞)152.Let's See Action
(提供)153.Life With The Moons
(歌詞)154.Little Billy
(提供)155.Little Is Enough
(歌詞)156.Long Live Rock
(歌詞)158.Love Ain't for Keepin'
(歌詞)159.Love Ain't For Keeping
(歌詞)160.Love Is Coming Down
(歌詞)161.Love Is Like A Heat Wave
(歌詞)162.Love Reign O'er Me
(歌詞)163.Love,Reign Oer Me
(提供)165.Madness in the Lifehouse
(歌詞)166.Magic Bus
(歌詞)167.Man With The Money
(歌詞)168.Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand
(歌詞)169.Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands
(歌詞)172.Mike Post Theme
(歌詞)173.Miracle Cure
(歌詞)174.Mirror Door
(歌詞)175.Motoring [Stereo]
(歌詞)177.Much Too Much
(歌詞)178.Music Must Change
(提供)180.My Generation Blues
(歌詞)181.My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory
(歌詞)182.My Generation
(歌詞)183.My Way
(歌詞)184.My Wife
(提供)185.Mysterious Death of the Ox
(歌詞)186.Naked Eye
(歌詞)187.New Song
(歌詞)188.No Road Romance
(歌詞)189.No Time
(歌詞)190.Now I'm A Farmer
(歌詞)192.Old Red Wine
(歌詞)193.One At A Time
(歌詞)194.One Life's Enough
(歌詞)195.Our Love Was, Is
(歌詞)196.Our Love Was
(歌詞)197.Out In The Street
(歌詞)198.Out On The Endless Wire
(歌詞)199.Overture/ It's A Boy
(歌詞)201.Pete Dialogue
(歌詞)202.Pick Up The Peace
(歌詞)203.Pictures Of Lily
(歌詞)204.Pinball Wizard
(歌詞)205.Poetry Cornered
(提供)206.Pop-Art Breakthrough
(歌詞)208.Pure and Easy
(歌詞)209.Put the Money Down
(歌詞)211.Rael 1
(歌詞)212.Rael 2
(歌詞)213.Rael II
(歌詞)215.Real Good Looking Boy
(歌詞)218.Rough Boys
(歌詞)219.Run, Run, Run
(歌詞)220.Sally Simpson
(歌詞)221.Saturday Night's Alright
(歌詞)222.Sea And Sand
(歌詞)223.See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You
(歌詞)224.See Me, Feel Me
(歌詞)225.See My Way
(歌詞)227.Shakin' All Over/Spoonful/Twist And Shout
(歌詞)228.Shakin' All Over
(歌詞)229.Shout and Shimmy
(歌詞)230.Silas Stingy
(歌詞)231.Sister Disco
(歌詞)232.Slip Kid
(歌詞)233.Smash the Mirror
(歌詞)234.So Sad About Us
(歌詞)235.Somebody Saved Me
(歌詞)236.Someone's Coming
(歌詞)237.Song Is Over
(歌詞)238.Sound Round
(歌詞)240.Squeeze Box [Live]
(歌詞)241.Squeeze Box
(歌詞)243.Success Story
(歌詞)244.Summertime Blues [Live]
(歌詞)245.Summertime Blues
(歌詞)248.Tea & Theatre
(歌詞)249.Teenage Wasteland
(歌詞)250.The Acid Queen
(歌詞)251.The Dirty Jobs
(歌詞)252.The Good's Gone
(歌詞)253.The Hawker
(歌詞)254.The Kids Are All Right
(歌詞)255.The Kids Are Alright [Stereo]
(歌詞)256.The Kids Are Alright
(歌詞)257.The Last Time
(歌詞)258.The Music Must Change
(提供)259.The Ox
(歌詞)260.The Punk and the Godfather
(歌詞)261.The Punk Meets The Godfather
(歌詞)262.The Quiet One
(歌詞)263.The Quite One
(歌詞)264.The Real Me
(歌詞)265.The Relay
(提供)266.The Rock
(歌詞)267.The Seeker
(歌詞)268.The Song Is Over
(歌詞)269.There's a Doctor I've Found
(歌詞)270.There's a Doctor
(歌詞)271.They Are All In Love
(歌詞)272.They Made My Dreams Come True
(歌詞)273.This Could Be
(歌詞)274.Time Is Passing
(歌詞)275.Tommy Can You Hear Me
(歌詞)276.Tommy's Holdiay Camp
(歌詞)277.Tommy's Holiday Camp
(歌詞)278.Too Much of Anything
(歌詞)279.Trick Of The Light
(歌詞)280.Trilby's Piano
(歌詞)281.Trying To Get Through
(歌詞)282.Twist And Shout
(歌詞)283.Two Thousand Years
(歌詞)284.Under My Thumb
(提供)285.Under New Management
(歌詞)287.Unholy Trinity
(提供)288.University Challenge
(歌詞)291.We Close Tonight
(歌詞)292.We Got A Hit
(歌詞)293.We Won't Get Fooled Again
(歌詞)294.We're Not Gonna Take It
(歌詞)296.When I Was a Boy
(歌詞)297.Whiskey Man
(歌詞)298.Who Are You
(提供)299.Who's Who
(歌詞)300.Why Did I Fall For That
(歌詞)301.Wont Get Fooled Again
(歌詞)302.You Better You Bet
(歌詞)303.You Didn't Hear It
(歌詞)304.You Stand By Me
(歌詞)306.Young Man Blues
(歌詞)307.Zoot Suit
(歌詞)308.'Please, Please, Please'

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