Ashanti 所有影片


所有歌曲 ( 共 170 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Always On Time
(歌詞)3.Baby Remix
(提供)5.Black Child
(歌詞)7.Body On Me
(提供)8.Bonafide Survivor
(歌詞)9.Break Up To Make Up
(歌詞)10.Breakup 2 Makeup
(提供)11.Buck 3000
(歌詞)14.Carry On
(提供)15.Christmas Is the Time
(歌詞)16.Christmas Love
(歌詞)17.Christmas melody
(歌詞)18.Christmas Time Again
(歌詞)19.Colors Of The Wind'
(歌詞)21.Don't Leave Me Alone
(歌詞)22.Don't Let Them
(歌詞)23.Don't Need You
(提供)24.Don't Tell Me No
(歌詞)25.Down 4 U
(歌詞)26.Down For You
(歌詞)28.Edyta Gorniak - The Story So Far
(歌詞)29.Every Lil' Thing
(歌詞)30.Feel So Good
(歌詞)31.Feels So Good
(提供)36.Get It
(提供)37.Get Lost Together
(提供)39.Girls In The Movies
(提供)40.Give Love On Christmas Day
(歌詞)41.Good Good
(提供)42.Gotta Get Out
(歌詞)43.Happy Ft. Ja Rule
(歌詞)44.Happy Remix
(歌詞)46.Hey Baby
(歌詞)47.Hey Santa
(歌詞)48.I Don't Mind
(歌詞)49.I Don't Need You
(歌詞)50.I Found It In You
(歌詞)51.I Found Lovin'
(歌詞)52.I Got It
(歌詞)53.I Know
(歌詞)54.I Love You
(歌詞)55.I'm Real
(歌詞)56.I'm So Horny
(歌詞)57.I've Got What You Need
(歌詞)58.Imagine Life
(歌詞)59.In These Streets
(歌詞)61.Into you
(歌詞)62.Intro / Medley
(歌詞)64.Is Your Love All For Me
(提供)65.It's Christmas
(歌詞)66.Joy to the World
(歌詞)68.Justify My Love
(提供)71.Let It Snow
(歌詞)72.Let's Do Something Crazy
(歌詞)73.Living My Life
(歌詞)74.Love Again
(歌詞)76.Message To The Fans
(歌詞)80.Mrs. So So
(歌詞)81.Narrative Call
(歌詞)82.Narrative Conversation
(歌詞)83.Never Know
(提供)84.Never Should Have
(提供)85.Never Too Far Away
(歌詞)86.No One Does It Better
(提供)87.No One Greater
(歌詞)88.No Words
(歌詞)89.Not Scared
(歌詞)90.Ohhh Ahhh
(歌詞)91.Only U
(歌詞)92.Oooh Ahhh
(提供)96.Perfect So Far
(歌詞)97.Pretty Little Flower
(歌詞)99.Rain On Me
(提供)101.Rock Wit U
(歌詞)102.rock wit you
(歌詞)103.Rock With U
(歌詞)104.Rock With You[Aww Baby]
(歌詞)105.Rock With You
(提供)106.Santa Baby
(歌詞)108.Saw Your Face
(歌詞)109.Scared II
(提供)111.Shany Shia
(歌詞)112.Shanys world
(歌詞)113.Sharing Christmas
(提供)114.She Can't
(歌詞)115.Shi Shi
(歌詞)117.Show You
(歌詞)118.Silent Night
(歌詞)119.Sister Stories
(提供)120.Sleigh Ride
(歌詞)121.So Hot
(歌詞)122.So Into You
(歌詞)123.So Over You
(提供)125.Still Down
(歌詞)126.Still On It
(歌詞)127.Story Of 2
(歌詞)130.Sweet Baby
(歌詞)132.Take Me Tonight
(歌詞)133.Thank You
(提供)134.That's What We Do
(歌詞)135.The Christmas Song
(歌詞)136.The Declaration
(歌詞)137.The Decleration
(歌詞)138.The Pledge Remix
(歌詞)139.The Pledge'
(歌詞)140.The Story Of 2
(歌詞)141.The sugar shack
(歌詞)142.The Way That I Love You
(歌詞)143.The Woman You Love
(歌詞)144.Then Ya Gone
(歌詞)145.Things You Make Me Do
(歌詞)146.This Christmas
(提供)147.Three Words
(歌詞)148.Time of Year
(歌詞)149.To The Club
(歌詞)150.Touch My Body
(歌詞)151.True Love Never Dies
(歌詞)152.Turn It Up
(歌詞)153.U Say, I Say
(歌詞)156.Unfoolish Remix
(歌詞)158.Wats Luv?
(歌詞)159.We Wish You A Merry Christmas
(歌詞)160.What are they gonna say now
(歌詞)161.What's Luv?
(歌詞)162.When A Man Does Wrong
(歌詞)163.Where I Stand
(提供)164.White Christmas
(歌詞)166.Winter Wonderland
(歌詞)169.You're Gonna Miss
(歌詞)170.Your Gonna Miss



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