Don McLean 所有影片

Don McLean

所有歌曲 ( 共 104 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.1967
(提供)2.A Brand New World
(提供)3.Addicted To Black
(歌詞)5.American Pie
(歌詞)6.And I Love You So
(歌詞)7.Angry Words
(歌詞)9.Bad Girl
(提供)11.Beside Myself
(歌詞)12.Birthday Song
(歌詞)13.Building My Body
(歌詞)14.Castles In The Air
(歌詞)15.Chain Lightning
(歌詞)16.Circus Song
(歌詞)17.Color TV Blues
(歌詞)18.Crazy Eyes
(歌詞)20.Crying In The Chapel
(歌詞)22.Don't Burn The Bridge
(歌詞)23.Dream Lover
(歌詞)25.Empty Chairs
(歌詞)26.Everybody Loves Me, Baby
(歌詞)28.Fashion Victim
(歌詞)29.Fools Paradise
(歌詞)30.General Store
(歌詞)32.Going For The Gold
(歌詞)33.Have You Seen Me
(歌詞)35.Hit Parade Of Love
(歌詞)36.Homeless Brother
(提供)37.I Tune the World Out
(提供)38.I Was Always Young
(歌詞)39.I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
(歌詞)40.If We Try
(歌詞)41.If You Could Read My Mind
(提供)42.In A Museum
(歌詞)44.Isn't It Strange
(歌詞)45.It's A Beautiful Life
(歌詞)46.It's Just The Sun
(歌詞)49.La La I Love You
(歌詞)50.La La Love You
(提供)51.Lady in Waiting
(歌詞)52.Left For Dead On The Road Of Love
(歌詞)53.Little Cowboy
(歌詞)54.Love Hurts
(歌詞)55.Love Letters
(歌詞)56.Love Me Tender
(提供)57.Lovers Love The Spring
(歌詞)58.Magdalene Lane
(提供)59.Mary Lost A Ring
(歌詞)60.Maybe Baby
(歌詞)61.Mother Nature
(歌詞)62.Mountains O'Mourne
(歌詞)63.No Reason for Your Dreams
(歌詞)64.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
(歌詞)65.Oh My What A Shame
(歌詞)66.One In A Row
(歌詞)67.Orphans Of Wealth
(歌詞)68.Pretty Paper
(歌詞)69.Prime Time
(提供)70.Promise To Remember
(提供)72.Run, Diana Run
(歌詞)73.Sea Cruise
(歌詞)74.Sea Man
(歌詞)76.Siamese Twins
(歌詞)77.Since I Don't Have You
(歌詞)78.Sister Fatima
(歌詞)79.Sitting On Top Of The World
(歌詞)80.Starry Starry Night
(歌詞)81.Superman's Ghost
(歌詞)83.That's All Right
(歌詞)84.The Christmas Song
(歌詞)85.The Grave
(歌詞)86.The More You Pay
(歌詞)87.The Pride Parade
(提供)88.The Three Of Us
(歌詞)89.The Wrong Thing To Do
(提供)90.This Is America
(歌詞)91.Three Flights Up
(歌詞)92.Till Tomorrow
(歌詞)93.To Have And To Hold
(歌詞)95.When A Good Thing Goes Bad
(歌詞)96.When Love Begins
(歌詞)97.Winter Has Me In Its Grip
(歌詞)99.Wonderful Baby
(歌詞)100.Wonderful Night
(歌詞)101.Words And Music
(歌詞)102.You Have Lived
(歌詞)103.You Who Love The Truth
(提供)104.Your Cheatin' Heart

Don McLean


> Addicted to Black
> The Legendary(不朽傳奇 訪華影音紀念)
> 梵谷之歌
> Headroom
> The Best Of Don Mclean
> Believers
> Don Mclean
> American Pie
> Homeless Brother
> Chain Lightning
> Tapestry
> Legendary Songs Of Don Mclean
> 暫存

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