Queen 所有影片


所有歌曲 ( 共 265 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.A Human Body
(歌詞)2.A Kind of 'A Kind of Magic'
(提供)3.A Kind Of Magic
(歌詞)4.A Winter's Tale
(歌詞)5.Action This Day
(歌詞)6.All Dead All Dead
(歌詞)7.All God's People
(提供)8.Another One Bites The Dust
(歌詞)9.April Lady
(歌詞)11.Baby I Don't Care
(歌詞)12.Back Chat
(歌詞)13.Back To The Light
(歌詞)15.Battle Theme
(歌詞)16.Bet Your Bottom Dollar Bill You're A Playboy
(歌詞)17.Bicycle Race
(歌詞)18.Big Bad Caused A Mighty Fine Sensation
(歌詞)19.Big Spender
(歌詞)22.Blurred Vision
(歌詞)23.Body Count
(歌詞)24.Body Langauge
(歌詞)25.Body Language
(歌詞)26.Bohemian Raphsody
(提供)27.Bohemian Rhapsody
(歌詞)29.Brighton Rock Solo
(歌詞)30.Brighton Rock
(歌詞)31.Bring Back That Leroy Brown
(歌詞)32.C Lebrity
(歌詞)33.Call Me
(歌詞)34.Calling All Girls
(提供)35.Calling You
(提供)37.Chinese Torture
(歌詞)38.Coming Soon
(歌詞)40.Cool Cat
(歌詞)41.Cosmos Rockin
(歌詞)42.Cowboys And Indians
(提供)43.Crash Dive On Mingo City
(提供)44.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(歌詞)46.Dead On Time
(歌詞)47.Dear Friends
(歌詞)48.Death On Two Legs
(歌詞)50.Dog With A Bone
(歌詞)51.Doin' Alright
(歌詞)52.Doing All Right
(歌詞)53.Don't Lose Your Head
(提供)54.Don't Stop Me Now
(歌詞)55.Don't Try So Hard
(歌詞)56.Don't Try Suicide
(歌詞)57.Don't Try Too Hard
(歌詞)58.Dragon Attack
(歌詞)59.Dreamer's Ball
(歌詞)60.Driven By You
(提供)63.Escape From The Swamp
(提供)64.Execution Of Flash
(歌詞)65.Fat Bottomed Girls
(歌詞)66.Father To Son
(歌詞)67.Feel Like Makin' Love
(歌詞)68.Fight From The Inside
(提供)70.Flash To The Rescue
(提供)71.Flash's Theme Reprise
(歌詞)72.Flash's Theme
(歌詞)73.Flick Of The Wrist
(提供)74.Football Fight
(歌詞)76.Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends...
(歌詞)77.Friends Will Be Friends
(歌詞)78.Fun It
(歌詞)79.Funny How Love Is
(歌詞)81.Get Down, Make Love
(提供)82.Gimme Some Lovin
(歌詞)83.Gimme The Prize
(提供)84.God Save The Queen
(提供)85.God Save The Queesn
(歌詞)86.Goin' Back
(歌詞)87.Going Back
(歌詞)88.Good Company
(歌詞)89.Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
(歌詞)90.Great King Rat
(提供)91.Guitar Solo
(歌詞)92.Hammer To Fall
(歌詞)93.Hang On In There
(提供)95.Heaven For Everyone
(歌詞)96.Hello Mary Lou
(歌詞)97.Hijack My Heart
(歌詞)98.How Can I Go
(歌詞)99.Human Body
(歌詞)100.I Can Hear Music
(歌詞)101.I Can't Live With You
(提供)102.I Go Crazy
(提供)103.I Want It All
(歌詞)104.I Want To Be Free
(提供)105.I Want To Break Free
(歌詞)106.I Was Born To Love You
(歌詞)107.I'm Going Slightly Mad
(歌詞)108.I'm In Love With My Car
(歌詞)109.If You Can't Beat 'em
(歌詞)110.If You Can't Beat Them
(歌詞)112.In Only Seven Days
(提供)113.In The Death Cell
(歌詞)114.In The Lap Of The Gods
(歌詞)115.In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited
(歌詞)116.In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
(提供)117.In The Space Capsule
(歌詞)119.Is Everybody Happy?
(歌詞)120.Is This The World We Created... ?
(歌詞)121.Is This The World We Created?
(歌詞)122.It's A Beautiful Day
(歌詞)123.It's A Hard Life
(歌詞)124.It's Late
(歌詞)125.Jailhouse Rock
(歌詞)128.Keep Passing The Open Windows
(歌詞)129.Keep Yourself Alive
(歌詞)130.Khashoggi's Ship
(提供)131.Killer Queen
(歌詞)133.Las Palabras De Amor
(歌詞)134.Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
(歌詞)135.Leaving Home Ain't Easy
(歌詞)136.Let Me Entertain You
(歌詞)137.Let Me Live
(歌詞)139.Life Is Real
(歌詞)140.Lily Of The Valley
(歌詞)141.Living On My Own
(歌詞)142.Long Away
(歌詞)143.Lost Opportunity
(歌詞)144.Love Lies Bleeding
(歌詞)145.Love Of My Life
(歌詞)146.Love On A Tightrope
(歌詞)147.Machines / Back to Humans
(歌詞)149.Mad The Swine
(歌詞)150.Made In Heaven
(歌詞)151.Man On The Prowl
(歌詞)152.March Of The Black Queen
(提供)153.Marriage Of Dale And Ming
(提供)154.Ming's Theme
(歌詞)156.Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
(歌詞)157.More Of That Jazz
(歌詞)158.Mother Love
(歌詞)159.Mr. Bad Guy
(歌詞)161.My Baby Does Me
(歌詞)162.My Fairy King
(歌詞)163.My Life Has Been Saved
(歌詞)164.My Melancholy Blues
(歌詞)165.Need Your Loving Tonight
(歌詞)167.No-One But You
(歌詞)168.Now I'm Here
(歌詞)169.Ogre Battle
(提供)170.One Vision
(歌詞)171.One Year Of Love
(歌詞)172.Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
(提供)173.Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
(歌詞)175.Play The Game
(歌詞)176.Polar Bear
(歌詞)177.Princes Of The Universe
(歌詞)178.Put Out The Fire
(歌詞)179.Queen-Fat Bottom Girls
(提供)180.Radio Ga Ga
(歌詞)181.Rain Must Fall
(歌詞)182.Reaching Out
(歌詞)183.Ride The Wild Wind
(歌詞)184.Rock It
(歌詞)185.Rough Justice
(歌詞)186.Sail Away Sweet Sister
(歌詞)187.Save Me
(歌詞)188.Say It's Not True
(歌詞)190.Seaside Rendezvous
(歌詞)191.See What A Fool I've Been
(歌詞)192.Seven Seas Of Rhye 6:36
(提供)193.Seven Seas Of Rhye
(歌詞)194.She Blows Hot And Cold
(歌詞)195.She Makes Me
(歌詞)196.Sheer Heart Attack
(歌詞)197.Shove It
(歌詞)198.Sleeping On The Sidewalk
(歌詞)200.Some Day One Day
(歌詞)201.Some Things That Glitter
(歌詞)202.Somebody To Love
(歌詞)203.Son And Daughter
(歌詞)204.Soon It's Round Your Street I'm Creeping
(歌詞)205.Soul Brother
(歌詞)206.Spread Your Wings
(歌詞)207.Stand Up For Love
(提供)208.Staying Power
(歌詞)210.Step On Me
(歌詞)211.Still Burnin'
(歌詞)212.Still Burning
(歌詞)213.Stone Cold Crazy
(歌詞)214.Stop All The Fighting
(歌詞)215.Surf's Up... School's Out!
(歌詞)216.Surf's UpSchool's Out
(歌詞)217.Sweet Lady
(歌詞)218.Tear It Up
(歌詞)219.Tenement Funster
(歌詞)220.Teo Torriate
(歌詞)221.Teo Torriatte
(歌詞)222.Thank God It's Christmas
(歌詞)223.The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke
(歌詞)224.The Great Pretender
(歌詞)225.The Hero
(歌詞)226.The Hitman
(歌詞)227.The Invisible Man
(提供)228.The Kiss
(歌詞)229.The Loser In The End
(歌詞)230.The March Of The Black Queen
(歌詞)231.The Millionaire Waltz
(歌詞)232.The Miracle
(歌詞)233.The Night Comes Down
(歌詞)234.The Prophet's Song
(提供)235.The Ring
(提供)236.The Show Must Go On
(提供)237.The Wedding March
(提供)238.These Are The Days Of Our Lives
(歌詞)239.Through The Night
(歌詞)240.Tie Your Mother Down
(歌詞)241.Time To Shine
(歌詞)243.Tutti Frutti
(提供)244.Under Pressure
(提供)247.Vultan's Theme
(歌詞)248.Wants to Live Forever
(歌詞)250.Was It All Worth It
(提供)251.We Are The Champions
(歌詞)252.We Believe
(歌詞)253.We Will Rock U
(歌詞)254.We Will Rock You
(歌詞)255.We Will We Will Rock You
(歌詞)256.White Man
(歌詞)257.White Queen
(歌詞)258.Who Needs You
(提供)259.Who Wants To Live Forever
(歌詞)260.You And I
(歌詞)261.You Don't Fool Me
(歌詞)262.You Take My Breath Away
(提供)263.You're My Best Friend
(歌詞)264.You're So Square Baby I Don't Care



> We Will Rock You (Fast)
> Queen
> 經典溫布里(Live At Wembley Stadium)
> Deep Cuts Volume 3(1984 - 1995)
> Deep Cuts Volume 2(1977 - 1982)
> Deep Cuts 1973 - 1976 Vol. 1
> 絕對經典(Absolute Greatest)
> 捍金選(The Singles Collection - Volume 2)
> Queen: Absolute Greatest
> 火線悍將現場演唱會全紀錄(Queen on Fire Live at The Bowl)
> 精選 II(Greatest Hits II)
> 名曲精華第3輯(Greatest Hits III)
> Greatest Hits Iii
> The Jewels[悍將傳奇]
> Queen Rocks
> Dragon Attack
> Greatest Hits I&Ii
> Greatest Hits
> At The Bbc
> Five Live
> Live At Wembley 86
> Classic Queen
> Greatest Hits Ii
> Innuendo
> At The Beeb
> The Miracle
> The Cross
> Live Magic
> A Kind Of Magic
> Live At Wembley
> Greatest Hits I
> Flash Gordon[Sdtk]
> The Game
> Flash Gordon
> Live Killers
> Jazz
> A Day At The Races
> Queen In Nuce
> Smile
> The Works
> The Cosmos Rocks
> Sheer Heart Attack
> Return Of The Champions
> Queen Ii
> News Of The World
> Made In Heaven
> Hot Space
> Getting Smile
> Encino Man
> A Night At The Opera
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> 暫存

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