Rod Stewart 所有影片

Rod Stewart

所有歌曲 ( 共 538 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.A Kiss To Build A Dream On
(歌詞)2.A Night Like This
(歌詞)3.A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
(歌詞)4.A Reason To Believe
(歌詞)5.Ain't Love A Bitch
(提供)6.Ain't Misbehavin'
(歌詞)7.Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
(歌詞)8.Ain't That Loving You Baby
(歌詞)9.All For Love
(歌詞)10.All In The Name Of Rock 'N' Roll
(歌詞)11.All Of Me
(歌詞)12.All Right Now
(歌詞)13.All Shook Up
(歌詞)14.Almost Illegal
(歌詞)15.Alnost Illegal
(歌詞)16.Alright For An Hour
(歌詞)17.Amazing Grace
(歌詞)18.An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
(提供)20.Another Country
(歌詞)21.Another Heartache
(歌詞)22.Around The Plynth
(歌詞)23.As Time Goes By
(歌詞)24.Attractive Female Wanted
(歌詞)25.Auld Lang Syne
(歌詞)26.Baby Jane
(歌詞)27.Baby Take Me
(歌詞)28.Bad 'n' Ruin
(歌詞)29.Bad For You
(提供)30.Batman Superman Spiderman
(歌詞)31.Beautiful Morning
(提供)32.Beck's Bolero
(歌詞)33.Better Off Dead
(歌詞)34.Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
(歌詞)35.Beyond The Sea
(歌詞)36.Big Bayou
(歌詞)37.Blind Prayer
(歌詞)39.Blondes Have More Fun
(歌詞)40.Blue Christmas
(歌詞)41.Blue Moon
(歌詞)42.Blue Skies
(歌詞)43.Blues De Luxe
(歌詞)44.Body Wishes
(歌詞)45.Born Loose
(歌詞)46.Borstal Boys
(歌詞)48.Brighton Beach
(歌詞)49.Bring It On Home To Me You Send Me
(歌詞)50.Bring It On Home To Me/You Send Me
(歌詞)51.Broken Arrow
(歌詞)52.But Not For Me
(歌詞)53.Bye Bye Blackbird
(歌詞)55.Can I Get A Witness?
(提供)56.Can We Stay Home Tonight?
(歌詞)57.Can We Still Be Friends
(歌詞)58.Can't Stop Me Now
(歌詞)59.Charlie Parker Loves Me
(歌詞)60.Cheek To Cheek
(歌詞)61.Cigarettes And Alcohol
(歌詞)62.Cindy Incidentally
(歌詞)63.Cindy's Lament
(歌詞)64.Cloud Nine [doin' Fine]
(歌詞)65.Cloud Nine
(歌詞)66.Cold Water
(提供)67.Come Back And Take This Hurt Off Me
(歌詞)68.Come Home Baby
(歌詞)69.Corrina Corrina
(歌詞)70.Country Comfort
(歌詞)71.Country Comforts BBC Radio 1 Performance / 1970
(歌詞)72.Country Comforts
(歌詞)73.Crazy About Her
(歌詞)74.Crazy Love
(歌詞)75.Crazy She Calls Me
(歌詞)76.Crying Laughing Loving Lying
(歌詞)77.Cut Across Shorty
(歌詞)78.Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
(歌詞)79.Dancin' Alone
(歌詞)80.Day After Day
(歌詞)81.Day Will Come
(提供)82.Days Of Rage
(歌詞)86.Diamond Joe
(歌詞)87.Dirty Old Town
(提供)88.Dirty Silly Filthy Boys
(歌詞)89.Dirty Weekend
(歌詞)90.Dixie Toot
(歌詞)91.Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
(歌詞)92.Don't Come Around Here
(歌詞)93.Don't Get Around Much Anymore
(歌詞)94.Don't You Tell Nobody
(歌詞)95.Downtown Train
(歌詞)96.Drift Away
(歌詞)97.Drinking Again
(歌詞)99.Embraceable You Lyrics
(歌詞)100.Embraceable You
(提供)101.Engine 4444
(歌詞)102.Enterprise Theme
(歌詞)103.Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
(歌詞)104.Every Beat Of My Heart
(歌詞)105.Every Picture Tells A Story
(提供)106.Every Rock 'N' Roll Song
(歌詞)107.Every Time We Say Goodbye
(歌詞)108.Everything I Own
(歌詞)109.Faith of the Heart
(歌詞)111.Father & Son
(歌詞)112.Find a Reason to Believe
(歌詞)113.Finest Woman
(歌詞)114.First Cut Is The Deepest
(歌詞)115.First I Look At The Purse
(歌詞)116.Flags And Banners
(提供)117.Fly In The Ointment
(歌詞)118.Fly Me To The Moon
(歌詞)120.Fool For You
(歌詞)121.Fooled Around and Fell in Love
(歌詞)122.Foolish Behaviour
(歌詞)123.For All We Know
(歌詞)124.For Sentimental Reasons
(歌詞)125.For The First Time
(歌詞)126.Forever Young
(提供)127.Friend For Life
(歌詞)128.Gasoline Alley
(歌詞)129.Get Back
(歌詞)130.Ghetto Blaster
(歌詞)131.Gi' Me Wings
(提供)132.Girl From Mill Valley
(歌詞)133.Girl From The North Country
(歌詞)134.Glad And Sorry
(歌詞)135.Go Out Dancing
(歌詞)136.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
(提供)138.Guess I'll Always Love You
(歌詞)139.Had Me A Real Good Time
(歌詞)140.Handbags & Gladrags
(歌詞)141.Handbags And Gladrags
(提供)142.Hang On St.Christopher
(歌詞)143.Hangman's Knee
(歌詞)144.Hard Lesson To Learn
(歌詞)145.Hard Road
(歌詞)146.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
(歌詞)147.Have I Told You Lately
(歌詞)148.Have You Ever Seen the Rain
(歌詞)149.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(歌詞)150.Having A Party
(歌詞)151.Heart Is On The Line
(提供)152.Henry's Time
(歌詞)153.Here Comes the Night
(歌詞)154.Here To Eternity
(歌詞)155.Highgate Shuffle
(提供)156.Hold The Line
(歌詞)157.Holy Cow
(歌詞)158.Hot Legs
(歌詞)159.Hotel Chambermaid
(歌詞)160.How Blue Can You Get [the Blues]
(歌詞)161.How Long
(歌詞)163.I Ain't Superstitious
(歌詞)164.I Can't Deny It
(歌詞)165.I Can't Get Started
(歌詞)166.I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Around Underneath Me
(提供)167.I Could Feel The Whole World Turning Round Underneath Me
(歌詞)168.I Don't Want To Talk About It
(歌詞)169.I don't want to talk about it.
(歌詞)170.I Feel So Good
(歌詞)171.I Get A Kick Out Of You
(提供)172.I Got Mine
(歌詞)173.I Just Got Some
(歌詞)174.I Just Wanna Make Love to You
(提供)175.I Just Want To Make Love To You
(歌詞)176.I Know I'm Losing You
(歌詞)177.I Only Have Eyes For You
(歌詞)178.I Was Only Joking
(歌詞)179.I Wish It Would Rain
(歌詞)180.I Wish You Love
(歌詞)181.I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing
(歌詞)182.I'd Rather Go Blind
(提供)183.I'd Walk A Million Miles For One Of Your Goals / Que Sera
(歌詞)184.I'll Be Seeing You
(歌詞)185.I'll Stand by You
(歌詞)186.I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
(歌詞)187.I'm In The Mood For Love
(歌詞)188.I've Been Drinking
(歌詞)189.I've Got A Crush On You
(歌詞)190.I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
(歌詞)191.I've Got The World On A String
(歌詞)192.I've Got You Under My Skin
(提供)193.I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
(歌詞)194.If I Had You
(歌詞)195.If I'm On The Late Side
(歌詞)196.If Loving You Is Wrong ... I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT
(歌詞)197.If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right
(歌詞)198.If Loving You Is Wrong
(歌詞)199.If Not for You
(歌詞)200.If Only
(歌詞)201.If We Fall In Love Tonight
(歌詞)202.If You Don't Know Me By Now
(歌詞)203.If You Think I'm Sexy
(歌詞)204.In A Broken Dream
(歌詞)205.In My Life
(歌詞)206.In My Own Crazy Way
(歌詞)207.In your eyes
(歌詞)210.Is That the Thanks I Get?
(歌詞)211.Isn't It Romantic
(歌詞)212.It Had To Be You
(歌詞)213.It Takes Two
(歌詞)214.It Was Love That We Needed
(歌詞)215.It's a Heartache
(歌詞)216.It's All Over Now
(歌詞)217.It's Not The Spotlight
(歌詞)218.It's Over
(歌詞)219.It's The Same Old Song
(歌詞)220.Italian Girls
(歌詞)221.Jailhouse Rock
(歌詞)222.Jealous Guy
(歌詞)225.Jo's Lament
(歌詞)227.Just Another Honky
(歌詞)228.Just Like A Woman
(歌詞)229.Just Like I Treat You
(歌詞)230.Just My Imagination
(歌詞)231.Keep Your Hands Off Her
(歌詞)232.Kiss To Build A Dream On
(歌詞)233.Lady Day
(歌詞)234.Lady Luck
(歌詞)235.Last Orders Please
(歌詞)236.Last Summer
(歌詞)237.Leave Virginia Alone
(歌詞)239.Let It Be Me
(歌詞)240.Let It Snow ! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
(歌詞)241.Let Me Be Your Car
(歌詞)242.Let Me Love You
(歌詞)243.Let The Day Begin
(歌詞)244.Let's Fall In Love
(歌詞)245.Lethal Dose Of Love
(歌詞)246.Little Miss Understood
(歌詞)247.Little Missunderstood - Demo
(歌詞)248.Little Misunderstood
(歌詞)249.Live The Life
(歌詞)251.Long Ago And Far Away
(提供)252.Looking Out The Window
(提供)253.Lord Remember Me
(歌詞)254.Lost In You
(歌詞)255.Lost Paraguayos
(提供)256.Love And Be Loved
(歌詞)257.Love Has No Pride
(歌詞)258.Love Hurts
(歌詞)259.Love In The Right Hands
(歌詞)260.Love Is
(歌詞)261.Love Lives Here
(歌詞)262.Love Me Or Leave Me
(歌詞)263.Love Touch
(歌詞)264.Love Train
(歌詞)265.Love Wars
(歌詞)267.Maggie Mae
(歌詞)268.Maggie May BBC Radio 1 Performance
(歌詞)269.Maggie May
(歌詞)270.Make Love To Me Tonight
(歌詞)271.Make Love with Me Tonight
(歌詞)272.Makin' Whoopee
(歌詞)273.Making Whoopee
(歌詞)274.Mama You Been On My Mind
(歌詞)275.Man Of Constant Sorrow
(歌詞)276.Mandolin Wind
(歌詞)278.Maybe I'm Amazed
(歌詞)280.Memphis, Tennessee
(歌詞)281.Merry Christmas, Baby
(歌詞)282.Mine For Me
(歌詞)283.Miss Judy's Farm
(歌詞)284.Missed You
(歌詞)285.Missing You
(歌詞)286.Moment Of Glory
(歌詞)287.Moon River
(歌詞)289.Mopper's Blues
(歌詞)290.Morning Dew
(提供)291.Mother Ain't Dead
(歌詞)292.Move Me
(提供)293.Muddy Sam And Otis
(歌詞)294.My Cherie Amour
(歌詞)295.My Fault
(歌詞)296.My Foolish Heart
(歌詞)297.My Funny Valentine
(歌詞)298.My Girl
(歌詞)299.My Heart Can't Tell Me No
(歌詞)300.My Heart Can't Tell You No
(歌詞)301.My Heart Stood Still
(歌詞)302.My One And Only Love
(歌詞)303.My Way Of Giving
(歌詞)304.Never Give Up On A Dream
(歌詞)306.Night And Day
(歌詞)307.No Holding Back
(歌詞)308.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
(歌詞)309.Nobody Knows
(提供)310.Oh Baby Don't You Do It
(歌詞)311.Oh God, I Wish I Was At Home Tonight
(歌詞)312.Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight
(歌詞)313.Oh! No Not My Baby
(歌詞)314.Ol' Man River
(提供)315.Ole Ola
(歌詞)316.On The Beach
(提供)317.One Night With You
(歌詞)318.One Night
(歌詞)319.Only A Boy
(歌詞)320.Only A Hobo
(歌詞)321.Ooh La La
(歌詞)322.Our Love Is Here To Stay
(歌詞)325.People Get Ready
(歌詞)326.Picture In A Frame
(歌詞)327.Pinball Wizard
(提供)328.Pineapple And The Monkey
(歌詞)331.Pool Hall Richard
(歌詞)332.Pretty Flamingo
(歌詞)333.Pure Love
(歌詞)334.Purple Heather
(歌詞)335.Rainy Night In Georgia
(歌詞)336.Ready Now
(歌詞)337.Reason To Believe
(歌詞)338.Rebel Heart
(提供)339.Red Balloon
(歌詞)340.Red Hot In Black
(提供)341.Red-Suited Super Man
(歌詞)342.Return To Sender
(歌詞)343.Rhythm Of My Heart
(提供)344.Rice Pudding
(提供)346.Rock My Plimsoul
(提供)347.Rock Opera tommy'
(歌詞)350.Ruby Tuesday
(歌詞)351.Run Back Into Your Arms
(歌詞)355.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(歌詞)357.Say It Ain't True
(歌詞)358.Scarred And Scared
(歌詞)359.Secret Heart
(歌詞)360.Seems Like A Long Time
(歌詞)361.September In The Rain
(歌詞)362.Sexual Religion
(歌詞)363.Shake - Demo
(提供)364.Shake Your Moneymaker
(歌詞)365.Shake, Shudder
(歌詞)367.Shapes Of Things
(歌詞)369.She Make Me Happy
(歌詞)370.She Makes Me Happy
(歌詞)371.She Won't Dance With Me / Little Queenie
(歌詞)372.She Won't Dance With Me
(歌詞)373.She's Funny That Way
(歌詞)374.Shelly My Love
(歌詞)375.Shock To The System
(歌詞)376.Shock Treatment
(提供)377.Shoorah! Shoorah!
(歌詞)378.Shotgun Wedding
(歌詞)379.Silent Night
(歌詞)380.Silicone Grown
(歌詞)381.Silver Bells
(歌詞)382.Skye Boat Song
(歌詞)385.So Far Away
(歌詞)386.So Much To Say
(歌詞)387.So Soon We Change
(歌詞)388.So Tired
(歌詞)389.Some Guys Have All The Luck
(歌詞)390.Somebody Special
(歌詞)391.Someone to Watch Over Me
(歌詞)392.Sometimes When We Touch
(歌詞)394.Soothe Me
(歌詞)395.Soul On Soul
(歌詞)396.Spanish Boots
(提供)397.Sparky Rides Again
(歌詞)398.Stand Back
(歌詞)399.Standin' in the Shadows of Love
(歌詞)400.Standing In The Shadows Of Love
(歌詞)402.Stay With Me
(歌詞)403.Still Love You
(歌詞)404.Stone Cold Sober
(提供)405.Stone Crazy
(歌詞)407.Stranger Again
(歌詞)408.Strangers Again
(歌詞)409.Street Fighting Man
(歌詞)410.Sunny Side Of The Street
(歌詞)412.Sweet Lady Mary
(歌詞)413.Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
(歌詞)414.Sweet Little Rock And Roller
(歌詞)415.Sweet Surrender
(歌詞)416.Sweetheart Like You
(歌詞)417.Taking A Chance On Love
(歌詞)418.Tear It Up
(歌詞)419.Tell Everyone
(歌詞)420.Ten Days Of Rain
(歌詞)421.Thanks For The Memory
(歌詞)422.That Old Black Magic
(歌詞)423.That Old Feeling
(歌詞)424.That's All Right
(歌詞)425.That's All You Need
(歌詞)426.That's All
(歌詞)427.That's Alright
(歌詞)428.That's What Friends Are For
(歌詞)429.The Balltrap
(歌詞)430.The Best Days Of My Life
(歌詞)431.The Best of My Love
(歌詞)432.The Blues
(提供)433.The Christmas Song
(歌詞)434.The Day Will Come
(歌詞)435.The Downtown Lights
(提供)436.The Drinking Song
(歌詞)437.The First Cut Is The Deepest
(提供)438.The Great Pretender
(歌詞)439.The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar
(歌詞)440.The Killing Of Georgie Parts 1 And 2
(歌詞)441.The Killing Of Georgie
(歌詞)442.The Motown Song
(歌詞)443.The Nearness Of You
(提供)444.The Stripper
(歌詞)445.The Very Thought Of You
(歌詞)446.The Way You Look Tonight
(歌詞)447.The Wild Horse
(歌詞)448.The Wild Side Of Life
(歌詞)449.These Foolish Things
(歌詞)450.They Can't Take That Away From Me
(提供)451.Think I'll Pack My Bags Early Version Of 'Mystifies Me'
(歌詞)452.This Old Heart Of Mine
(歌詞)454.Three Button Hand Me Down
(歌詞)455.Three Time Loser
(歌詞)456.Three Times Loser
(歌詞)457.Till There Was You
(歌詞)458.Time After Time
(歌詞)460.To Be With You
(歌詞)461.To Love Somebody
(歌詞)462.Tom Traubert's Blues
(歌詞)463.Tomorrow Is A Long Time
(歌詞)464.Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time
(歌詞)465.Tonight I'm Yours
(歌詞)466.Tonight's The Night
(歌詞)467.Too Bad
(提供)468.Too Much Noise
(歌詞)469.Tracks Of My Tears
(歌詞)472.True Blue
(歌詞)473.Try A Little Tenderness
(歌詞)474.Twinstin' The Night Away
(歌詞)475.Twistin' The Night Away
(歌詞)476.Twisting the Night Away
(歌詞)477.Two Shades Of Blue
(歌詞)478.Until The Real Thing Comes Along
(提供)479.Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air
(提供)480.Walking In The Sunshine
(提供)481.Way Back Home
(提供)482.We Can Win
(歌詞)483.We Three Kings
(歌詞)484.We'll Be Together Again
(歌詞)486.What A Difference A Day Makes
(歌詞)487.What A Wonderful World
(歌詞)488.What Am I Gonna Do
(歌詞)489.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve ?
(歌詞)490.What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
(提供)491.What Child Is This
(提供)492.What Do You Want Me To Do
(歌詞)493.What Made Milwaukee Famous
(歌詞)494.What's Made Milwaukee Famous
(歌詞)495.When A Man's In Love
(提供)496.When I Fall In Love
(歌詞)497.When I Need You
(歌詞)498.When I Was Your Man
(歌詞)499.When We Were The New Boys
(歌詞)500.When You Wish Upon A Star
(歌詞)501.Where Or When
(歌詞)502.White Christmas
(歌詞)503.Who's Gonna Take Me Home
(歌詞)504.Why Does It Go On
(歌詞)505.Wicked Messenger
(歌詞)506.Windy Town
(歌詞)507.Winter Wonderland
(歌詞)508.Wonderful World
(提供)509.Work Song
(歌詞)510.You Are Everything
(歌詞)511.You Belong To Me
(歌詞)512.You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything
(歌詞)513.You Go To My Head
(歌詞)514.You Got A Nerve
(歌詞)515.You Keep Me Hangin' On
(歌詞)516.You Make Me Feel Brand New
(歌詞)517.You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Man
(歌詞)518.You Make Me Feel Like
(歌詞)519.You Put Something Better Inside Me
(歌詞)520.You Put Something Better Inside Of Me
(歌詞)521.You Send Me
(歌詞)522.You Shook Me
(歌詞)523.You Wear It Well
(歌詞)524.You'll Never Know
(歌詞)525.You're In My Heart
(歌詞)526.You're Insane
(歌詞)527.You're My Girl
(歌詞)528.You're So Rude
(歌詞)529.You're The Star
(歌詞)530.You've Really Got A Hold On Me
(歌詞)531.Young Turks
(歌詞)532.Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher
(歌詞)533.Your Love Keeps Lifting Me
(歌詞)534.Your Song
(歌詞)535.'Tora, Tora, Tora
(歌詞)536.'Baby, It's Cold Outside'
(歌詞)537.'The Killing of Georgie, Pt. 1 & 2'
(歌詞)538.'The Killing of Georgie, Pts. 1 & 2'

Rod Stewart


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> Time
> 耶誕情緣(Merry Christmas, Baby)
> 我的情歌簿 - 終極精選(The Best Of... The Great American Songbook)
> Fly Me To The Moon... The Great American Songbook Volume V(Deluxe Version)
> Young Turks / Sonny
> Do Ya Think I'm Sexy / Scarred And Scared(Digital 45)
> 首張靈魂樂自選輯 靈魂情歌簿(Soulbook)
> 跨越大西洋(Atlantic Crossing - Deluxe Edition)
> 城裡的一夜(A Night On The Town - Deluxe Edition)
> 今夜屬於你(Tonight I'm Yours - Expanded Edition)
> Rod Stewart / Every Beat Of My Heart(Expanded Edition)
> Foolish Behaviour(Expanded Edition)
> Absolutely Live(Expanded Edition)
> Soulbook
> Roots Of Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook Vol. 2
> 最好的時光(Thanks For The Memory...The Great American Songbook IV)
> Thanks For The Memory: The Great American Songbook 4
> Stardust(The Great American Songbook Iii星塵往事)
> As Time Goes By: the Great American Songbook 2
> The Story So Far
> Two In One 1969-1970
> The Very Best Of Rod Stewart
> Human[Japan Bonus Track]
> A Little Misunderstood:The Sixties.
> The Rock Album
> Human
> 1964-1969
> Millennium Edition
> Rod Stewart Live
> The Classic Years
> Best Of Rod Stewart[German Bonus Tracks]
> 20Th Century Masters
> Old Borrowed&Blues:1964-1966
> The Ballad Album
> Mind's Eye
> If We Fall In Love Tonight
> Never A Dull Moment[Gold Disc]
> Spanner In The Works
> Best Of Rod Stewart[Rebound]
> Vintage
> Unplugged.And Seated
> Lead Vocalist
> The Mercury Anthology
> You Wear It Well
> The Visual Documentary
> Stay With Me
> Downtown Train
> Storyteller[Complete 64-90]
> Best Of Rod Stewart
> Every Beat Of My Heart
> Camouflage
> Absolutely Live
> Tonight I'm Yours
> Foolish Behaviour
> Foolish Bahaviour
> Greatest Hits
> Blondes Have More Fun
> The Best Of Rod Stewart Vol.2
> Foot Loose & Fancy Free
> The Best Of Rod Stewart
> A Night On The Town
> Smiler
> Sing It Again Rod
> Never A Dull Moment
> Every Picture Tells A Story
> Gasoline Alley
> The Rod Stewart Album
> An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
> 情歌精選集
> When We Were The New Boys
> Vagabond Heart
> The Great American Songbook
> The Definitive Rod Stewart
> Out Of Order
> Human[Hyper Cd]
> Foot Loose And Fancy Free
> Body Wishes
> Atlantic Crossing
> As Time Goes By[The Great American Songbook Ii情歌二部曲]
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影音● 華語 男歌手
影音● 華語 女歌手
影音● 華語 團體
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影音● 華語 男歌手
影音● 華語 女歌手
影音● 華語 團體
影音● 歐美 歌手
影音● 日韓 歌手

國光幫幫忙 20130912 演藝圈黃金單身女 楊丞琳
45m 3s view      44,684
昆凌初戀給棒棒堂李銓 周董不是第一次 2011.09.24
2m 22s view     477,040
Imagine Dragons - Not Today (Audio)
4m 19s view   29,140,841
范冰冰林心如重聚親昵摸臉 CHINA GAVIN NEWS
1m 1s view       5,593
SMAP x ピンクレディー Hit Medley 【HD】
7m 43s view     313,526
錦鯉抄 - 蕭憶情 /少恭/老乾媽/西瓜
4m 21s view     100,653
Vienna Waltzes (Medley)
9m 11s view      48,657
徳永英明 -Positions of life-
7m 7s view     304,745
selena gomez vampire transformation
3m 50s view     117,093
刀郎 - 這首痛而不悲,憂而不傷歌曲 ● 送別
4m 25s view      54,700
五木ひろし / 孙が来る / seijirou
4m 20s view      20,028
特務J - 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai PLAY TOUR 2016 concert in Macau 澳門站
3m 55s view       7,862
5m 29s view      12,307
Idina Menzel - Ice Bucket Challenge
1m 14s view     104,489
張靚穎 - 第七感【完整版首播】
4m 6s view     113,868
徐小鳳 - 誰又欠了誰 (1986)
3m 42s view      31,086
衣櫃裡的男人 梁漢文 K live 99
4m 17s view      65,312
超級星光大道 第二季 10強 不插電指定賽 20071026 - 曾沛慈 天黑黑
8m 5s view     157,233
卡莉怪妞 - 忍者棒棒(华纳official中字完整版MV)
4m 40s view     741,235
7m 6s view       8,023
“キットカット” x “花とアリス杀人事件”スペシャルコンテンツ
4m 52s view     209,286
JIL |《為何要我愛上你》連詩雅 cover ft.KEN
2m 57s view      43,992
李沅幫《天高地厚》140510 最美和聲 超清版
8m 36s view     574,592
Shakira - Años Luz (Cordoba, Argentina) Sale El Sol World Tour
2m 58s view      60,071
My love - Westlife (Chipmunks version)
3m 50s view      39,384
夏宇童(小米) 20070404 我愛黑澀會 美眉模仿大賽 (曖昧 模仿楊丞琳)
2m 48s view      38,134
走時請關窗 - 張清芳
3m 22s view      41,378
Westlife - Beautiful in White (Karaoke + Lyrics)
3m 48s view     346,548
大橋上 汪峰
5m 3s view      26,290
Hayley Westenra - Sleigh Ride
2m 50s view       8,081
蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - 招牌動作 【2005獨佔全亞洲慶功演唱會】
3m 24s view      76,920
Madonna - Love Won't Wait (1994 Demo)
5m 15s view     136,301
ONE OK ROCK 未完成交响曲
3m 29s view      32,244
7m 51s view      82,958
Mariah Carey - Obsessed (lyrics on screen)
4m 8s view     578,862
Whitney Houston - Fine (demo version)
4m 5s view      31,987
56s view      39,007
20140628 蕭敬騰 第25屆金曲獎全記錄
22m 54s view      73,967
4m 25s view     112,205
S.H.E - 愛我的資格 (三人合唱版) @ 澳門炫音狂熱演唱會 [Ghost.R.C]
4m 56s view      71,206
Eminem- Cleanin' Out My Closet *Lyrics* [HD]
5m 5s view     211,406
Michael Jackson - I want you back (Live HIStory tour Auckland 1996).
1m 38s view     212,249
3m 41s view       7,558
3m 50s view      14,522
Super Junior M (Dawen 王大文 cover) - Super Girl & Perfection
3m 14s view     109,337
Elvis Presley - Johnny B. Goode
2m 7s view    2,040,655
Fahrenheit & Hebe (S.H.E.) - Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue (Only Have Feelings for You) [Tokyo Juliet OST]
4m 1s view      12,416
李佳薇-煎熬 (麻雀翻唱) 自彈自唱版
4m 20s view     180,673
From Me To You The Beatles Past Masters 古澤剛 Gibson 1968 B-25 Takeshi Furusawa
2m 9s view      18,487
2015年 高雄夢時代 張震嶽 頑童mj116 雙手插口袋
4m 23s view      13,868