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John Denver

所有歌曲 ( 共 365 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.60 Second Song for a Bank, with the Words, “May We Help You Today?”
(歌詞)2.60 Second Song For A Bank, With The Words, ※may We Help You Today?§
(歌詞)3.60 Second Song For A Bank
(歌詞)4.A Baby Just Like You
(歌詞)5.A Country Girl In Paris
(歌詞)6.A Little Further North
(歌詞)7.A Song For All Lovers
(歌詞)8.A Wild Heart Looking For Home
(歌詞)9.African Sunrise
(歌詞)10.Alaska And Me
(歌詞)11.Alfie, The Christmas Tree
(歌詞)12.Alfie: The Christmas Tree
(歌詞)13.All My Memories
(歌詞)14.All of My Memories
(歌詞)15.All This Joy
(歌詞)16.Along for the Ride
(歌詞)18.American Child
(歌詞)20.Ancient Rhymes
(歌詞)21.And So It Goes
(歌詞)22.And You Say That The Battle Is Over
(歌詞)23.Angels From Montgomery
(歌詞)24.Annie's Other Song
(歌詞)25.Annie's Song
(歌詞)27.Around And Around
(歌詞)31.Away In A Manger
(歌詞)32.Away In The Manger
(歌詞)33.Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight
(歌詞)34.Back Home Again
(歌詞)35.Berkeley Woman
(歌詞)36.Berkeley Women
(歌詞)37.Bet On The Blues
(歌詞)38.Blow Up Your TV
(歌詞)39.Blue Christmas
(提供)40.Blue Grass
(歌詞)41.Boy From The Country
(歌詞)42.Bread & Roses
(歌詞)43.Bread And Roses
(歌詞)45.Carolina On My Mind
(歌詞)46.Casey's Last Ride
(歌詞)47.Catch Another Butterfly
(歌詞)48.Chained To The Wheel
(歌詞)49.Children Of The Universe
(歌詞)50.Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
(歌詞)51.Christmas For Cowboys
(歌詞)52.Christmas Like A Lullaby
(歌詞)54.City Of New Orleans
(歌詞)56.Come And Let Me Look In Your Eyes
(歌詞)57.Come And Let Me Look Into Your Eyes
(提供)58.Come Let Me Love You Come Love Me Again
(歌詞)59.Cool An' Green An' Shady
(歌詞)60.Cool And Green And Shady
(歌詞)61.Country Love
(歌詞)62.Country Roads, Take Me Home
(歌詞)63.Country Roads
(歌詞)64.Coventry Carol
(歌詞)65.Cowboy's Delight
(歌詞)66.Daddy, What's A Train?
(歌詞)67.Dance Little Jean
(歌詞)68.Dancing With The Mountains
(歌詞)69.Darcy Farrow
(歌詞)72.Deal With The Ladies
(歌詞)73.Dearest Esmeralda
(歌詞)74.Deck The Halls
(歌詞)75.Don't Be Kind
(歌詞)76.Don't Close Your Eyes, Tonight
(歌詞)77.Down By The Old Mill Stream
(歌詞)78.Downhill Stuff
(歌詞)79.Dreamland Express
(歌詞)82.Durango Mountain Caballero
(歌詞)83.Eagles And Horses [Live]
(歌詞)84.Eagles And Horses
(歌詞)85.Earth Day Every Day
(歌詞)86.Easy, On Easy Street
(歌詞)88.El Paso
(歌詞)89.Eleanor Rigby
(歌詞)90.Eli's Song
(歌詞)93.Falling Leaves
(歌詞)94.Falling Out Of Love
(歌詞)95.Farewell Andromeda
(歌詞)96.Fire And Rain
(歌詞)98.Fly Away
(歌詞)99.Flying For Me
(歌詞)100.Follow Me
(歌詞)101.For Baby
(歌詞)102.For You
(歌詞)103.Forest Lawn
(歌詞)104.Four Strong Winds
(歌詞)105.Foxfire Suite
(歌詞)106.Freight Train Boogie
(歌詞)107.Friends With You
(歌詞)108.Garden Song
(歌詞)109.Gimme Your Love
(歌詞)110.Golden Slumbers
(歌詞)111.Goodbye Again
(歌詞)112.Gospel Changes
(歌詞)113.Got My Heart Set On You
(歌詞)114.Grandma's Feather Bed
(歌詞)115.Gravel On The Ground
(歌詞)116.Gravel On The Road
(歌詞)117.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(歌詞)118.Heart To Heart
(歌詞)119.Hey Old Pal
(歌詞)120.Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart
(歌詞)121.High Wind Blowin'
(歌詞)122.High, Wide and Handsome
(歌詞)123.Higher Ground
(歌詞)125.Hold On Tightly
(歌詞)126.Hold On To Me
(歌詞)127.Homegrown Tomatoes
(歌詞)128.How Can I Leave You Again
(歌詞)129.How Mountain Girls Can Love
(歌詞)130.I Can't Escape
(歌詞)131.I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado
(歌詞)132.I Remember Romance
(歌詞)133.I Remember You
(歌詞)134.I Want To Live
(歌詞)135.I Watch You Sleeping
(歌詞)136.I Wish I Could Have Been There
(歌詞)137.I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
(歌詞)138.I'd Rather Be A Cowboy
(歌詞)139.I'm In The Mood To Be Desired Tonight
(歌詞)140.I'm In The Mood To Be Desired
(歌詞)141.I'm Sorry
(歌詞)142.I've Been Working On The Railroad
(歌詞)143.If Ever
(提供)144.In A Far Away Land
(歌詞)145.In My Heart
(歌詞)146.In The Grand Way
(提供)147.Is It Love?
(歌詞)150.It Amazes Me
(歌詞)151.It Makes Me Giggle
(歌詞)152.It's A Possibility
(歌詞)153.It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
(歌詞)154.It's About Time
(歌詞)155.It's Up To You
(歌詞)156.Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
(歌詞)157.Jesse Dreamed of Trains
(歌詞)158.jessie paints a picture
(歌詞)159.Jimmy Newman
(歌詞)160.Jingle Bells
(歌詞)161.John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads
(歌詞)162.Johnny B. Goode
(歌詞)165.Kissing You Goodbye
(歌詞)166.Last Hobo
(歌詞)167.Last Train Done Gone Down
(歌詞)168.Late Night Radio
(歌詞)169.Late Nite Radio
(提供)170.Late Winter, Early Spring
(歌詞)171.Leavin On A Jet Plane
(歌詞)172.Leaving On a Jet Plane
(歌詞)173.Let It Be
(歌詞)174.Let Us Begin
(歌詞)175.Life Is So Good
(歌詞)176.Like A Sad Song
(歌詞)177.Lining Track
(歌詞)178.Little Drummer Boy
(歌詞)179.Little Saint Nick
(歌詞)180.Looking For Space
(歌詞)181.Love Again
(歌詞)182.Love Is Everywhere
(歌詞)183.Love Is The Master
(歌詞)184.Love Of The Common People
(提供)186.Me And My Uncle
(歌詞)187.Me&My Uncle
(歌詞)188.Medley:Leaving On A Jet Plane/Goodbye Again
(歌詞)190.Moreton Bay
(歌詞)191.Mother Nature's Son
(歌詞)192.Mountain Song
(歌詞)193.Mr Bojangles
(歌詞)194.My Old Man
(歌詞)195.My Sweet Lady
(歌詞)196.Never A Doubt
(歌詞)197.No One
(歌詞)198.Nobody Can Take My Dreams From Me
(歌詞)199.Noel - Christmas Eve, 1913
(歌詞)200.Nothing But A Breeze
(歌詞)201.O Holy Night
(歌詞)202.Oh Holy Night
(歌詞)203.Old Folks
(歌詞)204.Old Train
(歌詞)205.On The Atchison, Topeka and The Sante Fe
(歌詞)206.On The Road
(歌詞)207.On The Wings Of A Dream
(歌詞)208.On the Wings of an Eagle
(歌詞)209.One World
(歌詞)210.Opposite Tables
(歌詞)213.People Get Ready
(歌詞)214.Perhaps Love
(提供)215.Pickin' The Sun Down
(歌詞)216.Please Daddy
(歌詞)217.Poems, Prayers & Promises
(歌詞)218.Poems, Prayers And Promises
(歌詞)219.Polka Dots And Moonbeams
(歌詞)221.Postcard From Paris
(歌詞)222.Postcards From Paris
(歌詞)223.Potter's Wheel
(歌詞)225.Raven's Child
(歌詞)226.Readjustment Blues
(歌詞)227.Relatively Speaking
(歌詞)228.Rhymes & Reasons
(歌詞)229.Rhymes And Reasons
(歌詞)230.Ripplin' Waters
(歌詞)231.Rita Ballou
(歌詞)232.River Of Love
(歌詞)234.Rocky Mountain High
(歌詞)235.Rocky Mountain Suite
(歌詞)236.Rocky TOp Tennessee
(歌詞)237.Rocky Top
(歌詞)238.Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
(歌詞)239.Rusty Green
(歌詞)240.Sail Away Home
(歌詞)241.San Antonio Rose
(歌詞)242.San Francisco Mabel Joy
(歌詞)245.Season Suite \ Fall
(歌詞)246.Season Suite \ Spring
(歌詞)247.Season Suite \ Winter
(歌詞)248.Season Suite:
(歌詞)249.Season Suite
(歌詞)250.Seasons Of The Heart
(歌詞)251.Shanghai Breezes
(歌詞)252.Shipmates And Cheyenne
(歌詞)253.Silent Night
(歌詞)254.Silent Night, Holy Night
(歌詞)255.Silver Bells
(歌詞)256.Sing Australia
(歌詞)257.Singing Skies and Dancing Waters
(歌詞)258.Sleepin' Alone
(提供)259.Some Days Are Diamonds
(歌詞)260.Somethin' About
(歌詞)261.Song For The Life
(歌詞)262.Song Of Wyoming
(歌詞)263.Songs of ...
(歌詞)264.Songs Of.
(歌詞)266.Spanish Pipe Dream
(歌詞)269.Starwood In Aspen
(歌詞)270.Steel Rails
(歌詞)271.Sticky Summer Weather
(歌詞)272.Stonehaven Sunset
(歌詞)274.Sunshine On My Shoulders
(歌詞)275.Sunshine on my shouldersSunshine On My Shoulders
(歌詞)276.Sweet Melinda
(歌詞)277.Sweet Misery
(歌詞)278.Sweet Surrender
(歌詞)279.Sweet Sweet Life
(歌詞)280.Take me home ,country roads
(歌詞)281.Take Me To Tomorrow
(歌詞)282.Tenderly Calling
(歌詞)283.Thank God I'm Country Boy
(歌詞)285.Thanks To You
(歌詞)286.The Ballad Of Spiro Agnew
(歌詞)287.The Ballad Of St Annes's Reel
(歌詞)288.The Ballad Of St.Anne's Reel
(歌詞)289.The Box
(歌詞)290.The Children Of Bethlehem
(歌詞)291.The Chosen Ones
(歌詞)292.The Christmas Song
(歌詞)293.The Christmas Wish
(歌詞)294.The Cowboy And The Lady
(歌詞)295.The Eagle And The Hawk
(歌詞)296.The First Noel
(歌詞)297.The Flower That Shattered the Stone
(歌詞)298.The Foxfire Suite
(歌詞)299.The Game Is Over
(歌詞)300.The Gift You Are
(歌詞)301.The Gold And Beyond
(歌詞)302.The Harder They Fall
(歌詞)303.The Little Engine That Could
(歌詞)304.The Love Of The Common People
(歌詞)305.The Marvelous Toy
(歌詞)306.The Mountain Song
(歌詞)307.The Music Is You
(歌詞)308.The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
(歌詞)309.The Peace Carol
(歌詞)310.The Way I Am
(歌詞)311.The Weight
(歌詞)312.The Wings That Fly Us Home
(歌詞)313.Thirsty Boots
(歌詞)314.This Old Guitar
(歌詞)315.Thought Of You
(歌詞)316.Till You Opened My Eyes
(歌詞)317.To The Wild Country
(歌詞)318.Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
(歌詞)323.Trail Of Tears
(提供)324.Tremble If You Must
(歌詞)325.True Love Takes Time
(歌詞)326.Twelve Days Of Christmas
(歌詞)327.Two Different Directions
(歌詞)328.Two Shots
(歌詞)329.Waiting For A Train
(歌詞)330.We Don't Live Here No More
(歌詞)331.We Wish You A Merry Christmas
(歌詞)332.Welcome to My Morning
(歌詞)333.Whalebones And Crosses
(提供)334.What Child Is This
(歌詞)335.What One Man Can Do
(歌詞)336.What's On Your Mind
(歌詞)337.When I'm Sixty-Four
(歌詞)338.When The River Meets The Sea
(歌詞)339.Whiskey Basin Blues
(歌詞)340.Whispering Jesse [Live]
(歌詞)341.Whispering Jesse
(歌詞)342.White Christmas
(歌詞)343.Whose Garden Was This
(歌詞)344.Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar
(歌詞)345.Wild Heart Looking For Home
(提供)346.Wild Montana Skies, Duet with Emmylou Harris
(歌詞)347.Wild Montana Skies
(歌詞)348.Wild Mountain Skies
(歌詞)350.Wings That Fly Us Home
(歌詞)351.Wish You Were Here ... Postcard From Paris
(歌詞)352.Wish You Were Here
(歌詞)353.Wooden Indian
(歌詞)354.World Game
(歌詞)355.Wrangell Mountain Song
(歌詞)356.Wrangle Mountain Song
(歌詞)357.Yellow Cat
(歌詞)358.Yellowstone, Coming Home
(歌詞) Dun Stomped My Heart
(歌詞)360.You Say That The Battle Is Over
(歌詞)361.You Say The Battle Is Over [Live]
(歌詞)362.You Say The Battle Is Over
(歌詞)363.You're So Beautiful
(歌詞)364.You're Still The One For Me
(歌詞)365.Zachary And Jennifer

John Denver


> The Essential John Denver(世紀典藏 絕讚版)
> Portrait
> Live At The Sydney Opera House
> Country Roads 2(Very Best Of John 1999)
> Greatest Country Hits
> Forever John
> Country Roads(Very Best Of John 1998)
> Take Me Home Country Roads
> Sunshine On My Shoulder
> John Denver Collection
> Rocky Mountain Collection
> Reflections-Songs Of Love&Li
> The Wildlife Concert
> Different Directions
> The Flower That Shattered The
> Earth Songs
> Higher Ground
> One World
> Dreamland Express
> Greatest Hits Vol3
> John Denver Greatest Hits Volume 3
> It's About Time
> Seasons Of The Heart
> Some Days Are Diamonds
> Autograph
> John Denver
> Greatest Hits Vol2
> Spirit
> Windsong
> An Evening With John Denver
> Rocky Mountain Christmas
> Back Home Again
> Greatest Hits Vol1
> Take Me Home Country Roads&O
> Farewell Andromeda
> John Denver's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
> Rocky Mountain High
> Poems Prayers&Promises
> Legendary
> Misc
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