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George Michael

所有歌曲 ( 共 141 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.A Different Corner
(歌詞)2.A Last Request
(歌詞)3.A Moment With You
(歌詞)4.A Ray of Sunshine
(歌詞)5.Ain't Nobody
(歌詞)7.American Angel
(歌詞)8.An Easier Affair
(歌詞)10.Back To Life
(歌詞)11.Bad Boys
(歌詞)14.Brother Can You Spare A Dime
(歌詞)15.Calling You
(歌詞)16.Careless Whisper
(歌詞)17.Careless Whispers
(歌詞)18.Cars And Trains
(歌詞)19.Club Tropicana
(歌詞)20.Come On!
(歌詞)21.Cowboys And Angels
(歌詞)23.Credit Card Baby
(歌詞)24.Dear friends
(歌詞)25.December Song
(歌詞)27.Do They Know It's Christmas
(歌詞)28.Do You Really Want To Know
(歌詞)29.Don't Let The Sun Go Down On M
(歌詞)30.Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
(歌詞)31.Edge of Heaven
(歌詞)32.Edith & The King Pin
(歌詞)33.Everything She Wants
(歌詞)38.Father Figure
(歌詞)39.Feeling Good
(歌詞)42.Freedom '90
(歌詞)44.Freeek !
(歌詞)45.FREEEK '04
(歌詞)46.Hand To Mouth
(歌詞)48.Hard Day
(歌詞)49.Heal The Pain
(歌詞)51.Heaven Help Me
(歌詞)52.I Believe
(歌詞)53.I Can't Make You Love Me
(歌詞)54.I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
(歌詞)55.I Remember You
(歌詞)56.I Want Your Sex
(歌詞)57.I Want Your Sex -1-
(歌詞)58.I Want Your Sex -2-
(歌詞)59.I Want Your Sex -3-
(歌詞)60.I Want Your Sex III
(歌詞)61.I Want Your Sex, Pt. 2
(歌詞)62.I'm Your Man
(歌詞)63.If You Were My Woman
(歌詞)64.If You Were There
(歌詞)65.It Doesn't Really Matter
(歌詞)66.Jesus To A Child
(歌詞)68.John And Elvis Are Dead
(提供)69.Killer Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
(提供)71.Kissing A Fool
(歌詞)72.Last Christmas
(歌詞)73.Like A Baby
(歌詞)74.Look At Your Hands
(歌詞)75.Love Machine
(歌詞)76.Love's In Need Of Love Today
(歌詞)77.Miss Sarajevo
(歌詞)79.Mother's Pride
(歌詞)80.Move On
(歌詞)81.My Baby Just Cares For Me
(歌詞)82.My Mother Had A Brother
(歌詞)83.Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
(歌詞)85.One More Try
(歌詞)87.Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
(歌詞)88.Papa Was A Rolling Stone
(提供)89.Patience Part Ii
(歌詞)92.Praying For Time
(歌詞)93.Precious Box
(歌詞)94.Ray Of Sunshine
(歌詞)95.Round Here
(歌詞)98.Secret Love
(歌詞)99.Shoot The Dog
(歌詞)100.Somebody To Love
(歌詞)101.Something To Save
(歌詞)102.Song To The Siren
(歌詞)103.Soul Free
(歌詞)104.Spinning The Wheel
(歌詞)105.Star People '97
(歌詞)106.Star People
(歌詞)108.The Edge of Heaven
(歌詞)109.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
(歌詞)110.The Strangest Thing 97
(歌詞)111.The Strangest Thing
(歌詞)112.These Are The Days Of Our Lives
(歌詞)113.They Won't Go When I Go
(歌詞)114.They Won't Go When I Won't Go
(歌詞)115.This Is Not Real Love
(歌詞)117.To Be Forgiven
(歌詞)119.Too Funky
(歌詞)120.True Faith
(歌詞)123.Waiting [Reprise]
(歌詞)124.Waiting for That Day / You Can't Always Get What You Want
(歌詞)125.Waiting For That Day You Can't Always Get What You Want
(歌詞)126.Waiting For That Day
(歌詞)127.Waiting Reprise
(歌詞)128.Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
(歌詞)129.Waltz Away Dreaming
(歌詞)130.Wham! / Last Christmas
(歌詞)131.Wham! / Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
(歌詞)132.Wham! Rap 86
(歌詞)133.Wham! Rap
(歌詞)134.Where Did Your Heart Go?
(歌詞)135.Where Or When
(提供)136.White Light
(歌詞)137.Wild Is The Wind
(歌詞)138.You Have Been Loved
(歌詞)139.You Know That I Want To
(歌詞)140.You've Changed
(歌詞)141.Young Guns

George Michael


> White Light
> December Song(I Dreamed Of Christmas)
> 信念 經典雙碟版(Faith Remastered)
> 極限25新歌+精選雙碟盤(Twenty Five)
> 十全十美(Flawless - Go To The City)
> 愛情魔力(Amazing)
> Patience
> Ladies&Gentlemen
> The Best Of Wham
> Older
> Faith
> Five Live[With Queen]
> Listen Without Prejudice Vol1
> Music From The Edge Of Heaven
> Make It Big
> Fantastic
> 暫存

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