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所有歌曲 ( 共 291 首歌 ) (提供)1.1980 Medley:
(歌詞)2.A Place To ... Hideaway
(歌詞)3.A Place To Hideaway
(歌詞)4.A Place To
(歌詞)5.A Song For You
(歌詞)6.All Because Of You
(歌詞)7.All I Can Do
(歌詞)8.All Of My Life
(提供)9.All Of My Love
(提供)10.All Those Years Ago
(歌詞)11.All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
(歌詞)12.An Old Fashioned Christmas
(歌詞)13.And When He Smiles
(歌詞)14.Angel In The Christmas Play
(歌詞)15.Another Song
(歌詞)16.Any Day Now
(歌詞)17.At The End Of A Song
(歌詞)19.Ave Maria
(歌詞)20.Away In A Manger
(歌詞)21.B'wana She No Home
(歌詞)22.Baby, It's You
(歌詞)23.Bacharach / David Medley
(歌詞)24.Back in My Life Again
(歌詞)25.Because We Are In Love
(歌詞)26.Beechwood 4-5789
(歌詞)29.Bless The Beast And Children
(歌詞)30.Bless The Beasts And Children
(歌詞)31.Bless The Beasts And The Children
(歌詞)32.Boat To Sail
(歌詞)33.Book Of Love
(歌詞)34.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
(歌詞)35.California Dreamin'
(歌詞)36.California Dreaming
(歌詞)37.Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
(歌詞)38.Calling Your Name Again
(歌詞)39.Can't Smile Without You
(歌詞)40.Can't Smile Without You Single Version
(歌詞)43.Carol Of The Bells
(歌詞)44.Carpenters/Perry Como Medley
(歌詞)45.Caught Between Goodbye And I Love You
(歌詞)46.Christ Is Born
(歌詞)47.Christmas Portrait
(歌詞)48.Christmas Song
(歌詞)49.Christmas Waltz
(歌詞)50.Close To You They Long To Be
(歌詞)51.Close To You
(歌詞)52.Crescent Noon
(歌詞)53.Crystal Lullaby
(提供)54.Crystal Lullabye
(歌詞)55.Da Doo Ron Ron
(提供)56.Daddy's Home
(歌詞)57.Dancing In The Street
(歌詞)58.Deadman's Curve
(歌詞)59.Deck The Halls
(提供)61.Dizzy Fingers
(歌詞)62.Do You Hear What I Hear?
(歌詞)63.Do You Know The Way To San Jose
(歌詞)64.Don't Be Afraid
(歌詞)65.Don't Cry For Me, Argentina
(歌詞)66.Druscilla Penny
(歌詞)67.End Of The World
(歌詞)70.Fascinatin' Rhythm
(歌詞)71.First Snowfall
(提供)72.Flat Baroque
(歌詞)73.For All We Know
(歌詞)74.From This Moment On
(歌詞)75.Fun, Fun, Fun
(歌詞)76.Get Together
(歌詞)77.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(歌詞)78.Good Friends Are For Keeps
(歌詞)79.Goodbye And I Love You
(歌詞)80.Goodbye To Love
(歌詞)83.Guess I Just Lost My Head
(歌詞)85.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(提供)86.He Came Here For Me
(歌詞)90.Home For The Holidays
(歌詞)91.Honolulu City Lights
(歌詞)92.Hurting Each Other
(歌詞)93.I Believe In You
(歌詞)94.I Believe You
(歌詞)95.I Can Dream Can't I
(歌詞)96.I Can't Make Music
(歌詞)97.I Got Rhythm
(歌詞)98.I Have You
(歌詞)99.I Heard The Bell On Christmas Day
(歌詞)100.I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
(歌詞)101.I Just Fall In Love Again
(歌詞)102.I Kept On Loving You
(歌詞)103.I Need To Be In Love
(提供)104.I Saw Three Ships
(歌詞)105.I Won't Last A Day Without You
(歌詞)106.I'll Be Home For Christmas
(歌詞)107.I'll Be Yours
(歌詞)108.I'll Never Fall In Love Again
(歌詞)109.I'm Caught Between ... Goodbye And I Love You
(歌詞)110.I'm Caught Between Goodbye And I Love You
(歌詞)111.I'm Caught Between
(歌詞)112.I'm Still Not Over You
(提供)113.Iced Tea
(歌詞)114.If I Had You
(歌詞)115.If We Try
(歌詞)116.In Love Alone
(歌詞)120.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
(歌詞)121.It's Christmas Time/Sleep Well, Little Children
(歌詞)122.It's Christmas Time
(提供)123.It's Chritsmas Time
(歌詞)124.It's Going To Take Some Time
(歌詞)125.Jambalaya - On The Bayou
(歌詞)127.Jingle Bells
(歌詞)128.Johnny Angel
(歌詞)129.Johnny B. Goode
(歌詞)130.Karen Medley
(歌詞)131.Karen's Theme
(歌詞)132.Karen/Ella Fitzgerald Medley
(歌詞)133.Karen/Ella Medley:
(歌詞)134.Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night
(歌詞)135.Knowing When to Leave
(歌詞)136.Last One Singin' The Blues
(歌詞)137.Leader Of The Pack
(歌詞)138.Leave Yesterday Behind
(歌詞)139.Let It Snow
(歌詞)140.Let Me Be The One
(歌詞)141.Like Sailin' On A Sailin' Ship To Nowhere
(歌詞)142.Little Altar Boy
(歌詞)143.Little Girl Blue
(歌詞)144.Little Honda
(歌詞)145.Look To Your Dreams
(歌詞)146.Looking For Love
(歌詞)147.Love Is Surrender
(歌詞)148.Love Me For What I Am
(歌詞)150.Make Believe It's Your First Time
(歌詞)151.Make It Easy On Yourself
(歌詞)152.Makin' Love In The Afternoon
(歌詞)153.Man Smart
(歌詞)154.Man Smart, Woman Smarter
(歌詞)155.Maybe It's You
(歌詞)156.Medley A: Fun, Fun, Fun
(歌詞)157.Medley C: Da Doo Ron Ron
(歌詞)158.Medley D: Deadman's Curve
(歌詞)159.Medley E: Johnny Angel
(歌詞)160.Medley F: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
(歌詞)161.Medley G: Our Day Will Come
(歌詞)162.Medley H: One Fine Day
(提供)164.Medley:Here Comes Santa Claus Et Al
(歌詞)166.Merry Christmas Darling
(提供)167.Morinaga Hi-Crown Chocolate Commercial
(歌詞)168.Mr. Guder
(提供)169.My Body Keeps Changing My Mind
(歌詞)170.My Favorite Things
(提供)171.My Favourite Things
(歌詞)173.Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
(歌詞)174.Nowhere Man
(歌詞)175.O Come All Ye Faithful
(歌詞)176.O Come O Come Emmanuel
(歌詞)177.O Holy Night
(歌詞)178.Oldies Medley:
(歌詞)179.On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada/Don't Cry For Me Argentina
(歌詞)180.One Fine Day
(歌詞)181.One Love
(歌詞)182.One More Time
(歌詞)183.Only Yesterday
(歌詞)184.Ordinary Fool
(歌詞)185.Our Day Will Come
(提供)186.Overture From An Old-Fashioned Christmas
(提供)187.Overture From Christmas Portrait
(歌詞)189.Piano Picker
(歌詞)190.Please Mister Postman
(歌詞)191.Please Mr. Postman
(歌詞)192.Prime Time Love
(提供)193.Radio Contest Outtakes
(歌詞)194.Rainy Days And Mondays
(歌詞)195.Reason To Believe
(歌詞)196.Remember When Lovin' Took All Night
(歌詞)197.Remind Me To Tell You
(歌詞)198.Road Ode
(歌詞)201.Sailing On The Tide
(歌詞)203.Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
(歌詞)204.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(歌詞)206.Say Yeah!
(提供)207.Selections From'The Nutcracker'
(歌詞)209.Silent Night
(歌詞)210.Silver Bells
(歌詞)212.Sleep Well, Little Children
(歌詞)213.Sleigh Ride
(歌詞)214.Slow Dance
(歌詞)216.Somebody's Been Lyin'
(歌詞)219.Something In Your Eyes
(歌詞)221.Still Crazy After All These Years
(歌詞)222.Still In Love With You
(歌詞)223.Strength Of A Woman
(提供)224.Strike Up The Band
(提供)225.Suntory Pop Jingle#1
(提供)226.Suntory Pop Jingle#2
(歌詞)228.Sweet, Sweet Smile
(歌詞)229.Thank You For The Music
(歌詞)230.That's What I Believe
(歌詞)231.The Christmas Song Chestnut Roasting On An Open Fire
(提供)232.The Christmas Song
(提供)233.The Christmas Walls
(歌詞)234.The Christmas Waltz
(歌詞)235.The End Of The World
(歌詞)236.The First Snowfall/Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow
(歌詞)237.The First Snowfall/Let It Snow
(歌詞)238.The Masquerade
(歌詞)239.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
(歌詞)240.The Parting Of Our Ways
(歌詞)241.The Rainbow Connection
(歌詞)242.The Uninvited Guest
(歌詞)243.Theme From Bless The Beasts And Children
(歌詞)244.Theme From Spider Man
(歌詞)245.There's A Kind Of Hush
(歌詞)246.There's Always Something There To Remind Me
(歌詞)247.There's No Place Like
(歌詞)248.These Good Old Dreams
(歌詞)249.They Long To Be - Close To You
(歌詞)250.They Long to Be
(歌詞)251.This Masquerade
(歌詞)252.Those Good Old Dreams
(歌詞)253.Ticket To Ride
(歌詞)255.Top Of The Word
(歌詞)256.Top Of The World
(歌詞)257.Touch Me When We're Dancing
(歌詞)258.Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
(歌詞)259.Turn Away
(歌詞)260.Two Lives
(歌詞)261.Two Sides
(歌詞)262.Walk On By
(歌詞)263.Want You ... Back In My Life Again
(歌詞)264.want You Back In My Life Again
(歌詞)265.Want You
(提供)266.Warsaw Concerto
(歌詞)267.We've Only Just Begun
(歌詞)268.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
(提供)269.What Child Is This?
(歌詞)270.What The World Needs Now
(歌詞)271.What's The Use
(歌詞)272.When I Fall In Love
(歌詞)273.When It's Gone
(歌詞)274.When It's Gone - It's Just Gone
(歌詞)275.When Time Was All We Had
(歌詞)276.When You've Got What It Takes
(歌詞)277.Where Do I Go From Here?
(歌詞)278.White Christmas
(歌詞)279.Who Do You Love?
(歌詞)280.Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells/White Christmas
(歌詞)281.Winter Wonderland
(歌詞)282.Without a Song
(歌詞)284.Yesterday Once More
(歌詞)285.You'll Love Me
(歌詞)286.You're Enough
(歌詞)287.You're Just In Love
(歌詞)288.You're The One
(歌詞)290.Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore
(歌詞)291.Your Wonderful Parade



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