所有歌曲 ( 共 118 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.A Good Day In Hell
(歌詞)2.After The Thrill Is Gone
(歌詞)3.All Night Long
(歌詞)4.All She Wants To Do Is Dance
(歌詞)5.Already Gone
(歌詞)6.Best of My Love
(歌詞)7.Bitter Creek
(歌詞)8.Born To Boogie
(歌詞)9.Business As Usual
(歌詞)10.Busy Being Fabulous
(歌詞)11.Center Of The Universe
(歌詞)12.Certain Kind Of Fool
(歌詞)13.Chug All Night
(歌詞)16.Dirty Laundry
(歌詞)17.Do Something
(歌詞)18.Doolin-Dalton Desperado Reprise
(歌詞)19.Doolin-Dalton Instrumental Version
(提供)20.Doolin-Dalton Reprise
(歌詞)23.Doolin-Dalton/Desperado Reprise
(歌詞)26.Fast Company
(歌詞)27.Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
(提供)28.Funk 49
(歌詞)29.Funky New Year
(歌詞)30.Get Over It
(提供)31.Get You In The Mood
(歌詞)32.Good Day In Hell
(歌詞)33.Guilty Of The Crime
(歌詞)34.Heartache Tonight
(歌詞)35.Hole in the World
(歌詞)36.Hollywood Waltz
(歌詞)37.Hotel California 1
(歌詞)38.Hotel California
(歌詞)39.hotle calfornia
(歌詞)40.How Long
(歌詞)41.I Can't Tell You Why
(歌詞)42.I Don't Want To Hear Any More
(歌詞)43.I Dreamed There Was No War
(歌詞)44.I Love To Watch A Woman Dance
(歌詞)45.I Wish You Peace
(歌詞)46.In A New York Minute
(歌詞)47.In The City
(歌詞)48.Is It True?
(歌詞)49.It's Your World Now
(歌詞)50.James Dean
(提供)51.Journey Of The Sorcerer
(歌詞)52.King of Hollywood
(歌詞)53.Last Good Time In Town
(歌詞)54.learn to be still
(歌詞)55.Life In The Fast Lane
(歌詞)56.Life's Been Good
(歌詞)57.Long Road Out Of Eden
(提供)58.Long Run Leftovers
(歌詞)59.Long Run
(歌詞)60.Love Will Keep Us Alive
(歌詞)61.Lyin' Eyes
(歌詞)62.Midnight Flyer
(歌詞)63.Most Of Us Are Sad
(歌詞)64.My Man
(歌詞)65.New Kid In Town
(歌詞)66.New Year's Eve
(歌詞)67.New York Minute
(歌詞)68.New York
(歌詞)70.No More Cloudy Days
(歌詞)71.No More Walks In The Wood
(歌詞)72.Ol' 55
(歌詞)73.On The Border
(提供)74.One Of These Nights
(歌詞)75.Out Of Control
(歌詞)76.Outlaw Man
(歌詞)77.Peaceful Easy Feeling
(歌詞)78.Please Come Home For Christmas / Funky New Year
(歌詞)79.Please Come Home For Christmas
(歌詞)80.Pretty Maids All In A Row
(提供)81.Random Victims Part 3
(歌詞)82.Sad Cafe
(歌詞)83.Saturday Night
(歌詞)84.Seven Bridges Road Live Version
(歌詞)85.Seven Bridges Road
(歌詞)87.Spank It
(歌詞)88.Take It Easy
(歌詞)89.Take It To The Limit
(歌詞)90.Take The Devil
(歌詞)91.Teenage Jail
(歌詞)92.Tequila Sunrise
(歌詞)93.The Best Of My Love
(歌詞)94.The Disco Strangler
(歌詞)95.The Girl From Yesterday
(歌詞)96.The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
(歌詞)97.The Heart Of The Matter
(歌詞)98.The King Of Hollywood
(歌詞)99.The Last Resort
(歌詞)100.The Long Run
(歌詞)101.The Sad Cafe
(歌詞)102.Those Shoes
(歌詞)103.Too Many Hands
(歌詞)104.Train Leaves Here This Mornin
(歌詞)105.Train Leaves Here This Morning
(歌詞)106.Try And Love Again
(歌詞)109.Victim Of Love
(歌詞)111.Waiting In The Weeds
(提供)112.Wasted Time [Reprise]
(提供)113.Wasted Time Reprise
(歌詞)114.Wasted Time
(歌詞)115.What Do I Do With My Heart
(歌詞)116.Witchy Woman
(歌詞)117.You Are Not Alone
(歌詞)118.You Never Cry Like A Lover



> Take It Easy / Get You In The Mood [Digital 45]
> On The Border Remastered
> Hotel California Remastered
> Eagles Remastered
> Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Remastered
> Desperado Remastered
> Long Road Out Of Eden
> The Complete Greatest Hits[老鷹合唱團跨越30典藏尊爵精選]
> 2001非常精選[新世紀數位錄音版]
> 1972-1999
> Hell Freezes Over
> Greatest Hits Vol2
> Eagles Live
> Live
> The Long Run
> Christmas Single
> Hotel California
> Greatest Hits Vol1
> Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)
> Greatest Hits 1971-1975
> One Of These Nights
> On The Border
> Desperado
> Eagles
> hotle calfornia
> Grammy Nominees 2009
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