Beatles 所有影片


所有歌曲 ( 共 559 首歌 ) (提供)1.12-Bar Original
(提供)3.A Beginning
(歌詞)4.A Day in the Life
(歌詞)5.A Hard Day's Night
(歌詞)6.A Little Help From My Friends
(歌詞)7.A Little Rhyme
(歌詞)8.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
(歌詞)9.A Taste Of Honey
(歌詞)10.A Taste Of Honey**
(歌詞)11.A Taste Of Honey*
(歌詞)12.Across The Universe
(歌詞)13.Act Naturally*
(歌詞)14.Act Naturally
(提供)15.Ain't Nothing Shakin'
(歌詞)16.Ain't She Sweet
(歌詞)17.All I've Got To Do
(歌詞)18.All I've Got To Do*
(歌詞)19.All My Loving
(歌詞)20.All My Loving**
(歌詞)21.All My Loving*
(歌詞)22.All The Lonely People
(歌詞)23.All Things Must Pass
(歌詞)24.All Together Now
(歌詞)25.All You Need Is Love*
(歌詞)26.All you need is love
(歌詞)27.And I Love Her
(歌詞)28.And I Love Her*
(歌詞)29.And Your Bird Can Sing*
(歌詞)30.And Your Bird Can Sing
(歌詞)32.Another Girl
(提供)33.Another Hard Day's Night
(歌詞)34.Any Time At All*
(歌詞)35.Any Time At All
(歌詞)37.As My Guitar Gently Weeps
(歌詞)38.Ask Me Why
(歌詞)39.Ask Me Why*
(歌詞)40.Baby It's You**
(歌詞)41.Baby It's You*
(歌詞)42.Baby's In Black
(歌詞)43.Baby's In Black*
(歌詞)44.Baby, It's You
(歌詞)45.Baby, You're A Rich Man
(歌詞)46.Back in the U.S.S.R.
(歌詞)47.Back In The U.S.S.R
(歌詞)48.Back In The Ussr.
(歌詞)49.Bad Boy
(歌詞)50.Bad To Me
(歌詞)52.Beatle Greetings
(歌詞)53.Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
(歌詞)54.Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
(歌詞)55.Beatles Help
(歌詞)56.Beatles- While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(提供)57.Beautiful Dreamer
(歌詞)59.Because I Know You Love Me So
(歌詞)60.Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
(歌詞)61.Besame Mucho
(歌詞)65.Blue Jay Way
(歌詞)66.Blue Suede Shoes
(提供)67.Blues Jam
(提供)71.Bungalow Bill
(歌詞)72.Can't Buy Me Love
(歌詞)74.Carry That Weight
(提供)75.Case Of Blues
(提供)76.Cat Call
(歌詞)81.Child Of Nature
(歌詞)82.Christmas Time
(歌詞)83.Christmas Time Is Here Again - Edit
(歌詞)86.Cold Turkey
(歌詞)87.Come And Get It
(歌詞)88.Come Together
(歌詞)90.Crinsk Dee Night
(歌詞)91.Cry Baby Cry
(提供)92.Cry For A Shadow
(歌詞)93.Crying Waiting Hoping
(歌詞)94.Day Tripper
(歌詞)95.Dear Prudence
(歌詞)96.Dear Wack
(歌詞)97.Devil In Her Heart He**
(歌詞)98.Devil In Her Heart***
(歌詞)99.Devil In Her Heart*
(歌詞)100.Devil In Her Heart
(歌詞)101.Dig A Pony
(歌詞)102.Dig It
(歌詞)103.Dizzy Miss Lizzie
(歌詞)104.Dizzy Miss Lizzy*
(歌詞)105.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
(歌詞)106.Do You Want To Know A Secret**
(歌詞)107.Do You Want To Know A Secret*
(歌詞)108.Do You Want To Know A Secret
(歌詞)109.Doctor Robert
(歌詞)110.Doctor Robert*
(歌詞)111.Don't Bother Me*
(歌詞)112.Don't Bother Me
(歌詞)113.Don't Ever Change
(歌詞)114.Don't Let Me Down
(歌詞)115.Don't Pass Me By
(歌詞)117.Dream Baby
(歌詞)118.Drive My Car*
(歌詞)119.Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing
(歌詞)120.Drive My Car
(歌詞)121.Eight Days A Week*
(歌詞)122.Eight Days A Week
(歌詞)123.Eleanor Rigby
(歌詞)124.Every Little Thing*
(歌詞)125.Every Little Thing
(歌詞)126.Everybody's Got Something To H
(歌詞)127.Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
(歌詞)128.Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
(歌詞)129.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby*
(歌詞)130.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
(提供)131.Everyone Had A Hard Year
(歌詞)132.Falling In Love Again
(歌詞)133.Fixing a Hole
(提供)134.Fly On The Wall
(歌詞)136.Fom Me To You
(歌詞)137.Fool On The Hill
(歌詞)138.For No One
(歌詞)139.For You Blue
(提供)140.Forty Days
(歌詞)141.Free As A Bird
(歌詞)142.From Fluff To You
(歌詞)143.From Me To You
(提供)144.From Me To You Fantasy
(歌詞)145.From Us To You
(歌詞)146.Get Back
(提供)147.Get On The Right Track Baby
(歌詞)148.Getting Better
(歌詞)150.Give Peace A Chance
(歌詞)151.Glad All Over
(歌詞)152.Glass Onion
(歌詞)153.Gnik Nus
(歌詞)154.Golden Slumbers
(歌詞)155.Golden Slumbers/Carry That Wieght/Ending
(歌詞)156.Good Day Sunshine
(歌詞)157.Good Morning, Good Morning
(歌詞)158.Good Night
(歌詞)160.Got to get it into my life
(歌詞)161.Got To Get You Into My Life
(歌詞)162.Happiness is a Warm Gun
(歌詞)163.Have A Banana
(提供)164.Hear Me Lord
(歌詞)165.Hello Little Girl
(歌詞)166.Hello, Goodbye
(歌詞)168.Helter Skelter
(歌詞)169.Her Majesty
(歌詞)170.Here Comes The Sun
(歌詞)171.Here, There And Everywhere
(歌詞)172.Hey buldog
(歌詞)173.Hey Bulldog
(歌詞)174.Hey Jude
(歌詞)175.Hide Your Love Away
(歌詞)176.Hippy Hippy Shake
(歌詞)177.Hold Me Tight*
(歌詞)178.Hold Me Tight
(歌詞)179.Honey Don't*
(歌詞)180.Honey Don't
(歌詞)181.Honey Pie
(提供)182.Hot As Sun
(歌詞)183.How Do You Do It
(歌詞)184.I Am the Walrus
(歌詞)185.I Call Your Name*
(歌詞)186.I Call Your Name
(歌詞)187.I Dig A Pony
(歌詞)188.I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
(歌詞)189.I Don't Want To Spoil The Party*
(歌詞)190.I Feel Fine
(歌詞)191.I Fell Fine
(歌詞)192.I Forgot To Remember To Forget
(歌詞)193.I Got A Woman
(歌詞)194.I Got To Find My Baby
(提供)195.I Hate To See
(歌詞)196.I Just Don't Understand
(提供)197.I Know Baby
(提供)198.I Lost My Little Girl
(歌詞)199.I Me Mine
(歌詞)200.I Need You
(歌詞)201.I Remember You
(歌詞)202.I Saw Her Standing There***
(歌詞)203.I Saw Her Standing There**
(歌詞)204.I Saw Her Standing There*
(歌詞)205.I Saw Her Standing There
(歌詞)206.I Should Have Known Better
(歌詞)207.I Wanna Be Your Man*
(歌詞)208.I Wanna Be Your Man
(歌詞)209.I Want To Hold Your Hand*
(歌詞)210.I Want To Hold Your Hand
(歌詞)211.I Want To Tell You
(提供)212.I Want You
(歌詞)213.I Will
(提供)214.I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
(歌詞)215.I'll Be Back*
(歌詞)216.I'll Be Back
(歌詞)217.I'll Be On My Way
(歌詞)218.I'll Cry Instead*
(歌詞)219.I'll Cry Instead
(歌詞)220.I'll Follow The Sun*
(歌詞)221.I'll Follow The Sun
(歌詞)222.I'll Get You*
(歌詞)223.I'll Get You
(歌詞)224.I'm A Loser
(歌詞)225.I'm A Loser*
(歌詞)226.I'm Down
(歌詞)227.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry
(歌詞)228.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
(歌詞)229.I'm Just Happy to Dance with You
(歌詞)230.I'm Just Happy To Dance With You*
(歌詞)231.I'm Looking Through You*
(歌詞)232.I'm Looking Through You
(歌詞)233.I'm loser
(歌詞)234.I'm Only Sleeping*
(歌詞)235.I'm Only Sleeping
(歌詞)236.I'm so tired
(歌詞)237.I'm Talking About You
(歌詞)238.I've Got A Feeling
(歌詞)239.I've Just Seen A Face [Rubber Soul Album]
(歌詞)240.I've Just Seen A Face
(歌詞)241.If I Fell
(歌詞)242.If I Fell*
(歌詞)243.If i needed someone to love
(歌詞)244.If I Needed Someone*
(歌詞)245.If I Needed Someone
(提供)246.If You Love Me Baby
(歌詞)247.If You Love Me, Baby - Song
(歌詞)248.If You've Got Trouble
(歌詞)249.If You've Got Troubles
(歌詞)250.Imagine All The People
(歌詞)252.In My Life
(歌詞)253.In Spite Of All The Danger
(提供)254.In The Tyrol
(提供)258.Introduction Of The Band/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
(歌詞)259.It Won't Be Long
(歌詞)260.It Wont Be Long*
(歌詞)261.It's All Too Much
(歌詞)262.It's Only Love [Rubber Soul Album]
(歌詞)263.It's Only Love
(提供)265.James Bond Theme
(提供)266.Jazz Piano Song
(歌詞)267.Johnny B. Goode
(歌詞)270.Just A Rumour
(歌詞)271.Just You And Me
(歌詞)272.Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
(歌詞)273.Kansas City
(歌詞)274.Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
(歌詞)275.Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
(歌詞)276.Lady Madonna
(歌詞)277.Leave My Kitten Alone
(歌詞)278.Lend Me Your Comb
(歌詞)279.Let It Be
(歌詞)280.Let's Dance
(歌詞)281.Let's Twist Again
(歌詞)282.Like Dreamers Do
(提供)283.Link Track
(歌詞)284.Little Child*
(歌詞)285.Little Child
(歌詞)286.Little Queenie
(歌詞)287.Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
(歌詞)288.Long Tall Sally
(歌詞)289.Long Tall Sally*
(歌詞)290.Long, Long, Long
(歌詞)291.Los Paranoias
(歌詞)292.Love Me Do
(歌詞)293.Love Me Do**
(歌詞)294.Love Me Do*
(歌詞)295.Love Of The Loved
(歌詞)296.Love These Goon Shows
(歌詞)297.Love You To
(歌詞)298.Love You Too
(歌詞)299.Lovely Rita
(歌詞)301.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
(歌詞)302.Maggie Mae
(提供)303.Maggie Mae Fancy Me Chances
(歌詞)304.Maggie May
(歌詞)305.Magical Mystery Tour
(歌詞)306.Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
(提供)307.March Of The Meanies
(歌詞)308.Martha My Dear
(歌詞)310.Maxwell's Silver Hammer
(歌詞)311.Maxwell's Sliver Hammer
(歌詞)312.Mean Mr. Mustard
(歌詞)313.Medley: Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
(歌詞)314.Medley:Rip It Up Shake Rattle And Roll Blue Suede Shoes
(提供)315.Medley:Sea Of Time&Sea Of Holes
(歌詞)324.Moonlight Bay
(歌詞)325.Mother Nature's Son
(歌詞)326.Movie Medley
(歌詞)327.Mr. Moonlight*
(歌詞)328.Mr. Moonlight
(歌詞)329.My Bonnie
(歌詞)330.No Reply*
(歌詞)331.No Reply
(歌詞)332.Nobody I Know
(歌詞)333.Nobody's Child
(歌詞)334.Norwegian Wood
(歌詞)335.Norwegian Woods
(歌詞)336.Not A Second Time*
(歌詞)337.Not A Second Time
(歌詞)338.Not Guilty
(歌詞)339.Nothin' Shakin'
(歌詞)340.Nowhere Man*
(歌詞)341.Nowhere Man
(歌詞)342.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
(歌詞)344.Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On
(歌詞)345.Octopus's Garden
(提供)346.Octopussy's Garden
(歌詞)347.Oh! Darling
(歌詞)348.Old Brown Shoe
(歌詞)349.One After 909
(歌詞)350.Only a northern song
(歌詞)351.Ooh! My Arms
(歌詞)352.Ooh! My Soul
(歌詞)353.P.S. I Love You**
(歌詞)354.P.S. I Love You*
(歌詞)355.P.S. I Love You
(歌詞)356.Paperback Writer
(歌詞)357.Penny Lane
(提供)358.Pepperland Laid Waste
(提供)360.Picture Of You
(歌詞)362.Please Mister Postman
(歌詞)363.Please Mister Postman**
(歌詞)364.Please Mister Postman*
(歌詞)365.Please Mr.Postman
(歌詞)366.Please Please Me**
(歌詞)367.Please Please Me
(歌詞)368.Polythene Pam
(提供)369.Pop Go The Beatles
(歌詞)371.Ready Teddy
(歌詞)372.Real Love
(歌詞)373.Red Sails In The Sunset
(歌詞)376.Revolution 1
(歌詞)377.Revolution 9
(歌詞)378.Riding On A Bus
(提供)379.Ringo's Theme
(歌詞)380.Rip It Up/Shake, Rattle and Roll/Blue Suede Shoes
(歌詞)381.Rock And Roll Music*
(歌詞)382.Rock And Roll Music
(歌詞)383.Rocky Raccoon
(歌詞)384.Roll Over Beethoven
(提供)385.Roll Over Beethoven Everybody Is Rocking Tonight
(歌詞)386.Roll Over Beethoven**
(歌詞)387.Roll Over Beethoven*
(歌詞)388.Ruby Baby
(歌詞)389.Run For Your Life
(歌詞)390.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(歌詞)391.Save The Last Dance For Me
(歌詞)392.Savoy Truffle
(提供)393.Schooldays Hail Hail Rock&Roll
(提供)394.Sea Of Monsters
(提供)395.Sea Of Time
(歌詞)397.September In The Rain
(提供)398.Sergeant Pepper
(提供)399.Session Jam Pt.1&2
(歌詞)400.Set Fire To That Lot
(歌詞)401.Sexy Sadie
(歌詞)402.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(歌詞)403.Sgt. Pepper's
(歌詞)404.Sgt.Pepper's Inner Grove
(歌詞)405.Sha La La La La
(提供)406.Shake It Some More
(歌詞)407.Shake, Rattle and Roll
(歌詞)408.She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
(歌詞)409.She Loves You*
(歌詞)410.She Loves You
(歌詞)411.She Said, She Said
(歌詞)412.She's A Woman
(歌詞)413.She's Leaving Home
(提供)415.Shimmy Shake
(提供)416.Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
(提供)418.Side By Side Theme
(歌詞)419.Sie Liebt Dich
(提供)420.Singalong Junk
(歌詞)421.Skinny Minnie
(歌詞)422.Slow Down
(歌詞)423.So How Come
(歌詞)424.Soldier Of Love
(歌詞)425.Some Other Guy
(提供)427.Sour Milk Sea
(提供)428.Speech:Brian Epstein
(提供)429.Speech:Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise
(提供)430.Speech:John Lennon
(提供)432.Speech:Paul Mccartney
(提供)434.Step Inside Love Los Paranoias
(歌詞)435.Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias
(歌詞)436.Strawberry Fields Forever
(歌詞)437.Strawberry Fields
(歌詞)438.Sun King
(歌詞)439.Sure To Fall
(提供)440.Swanee River
(歌詞)441.Sweet Georgia Brown
(歌詞)442.Sweet Little Sixteen
(歌詞)443.Take Good Care Of My Baby
(歌詞)444.Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby
(提供)445.Take Out Some Insurance
(提供)446.Take This Hammer
(歌詞)447.Talkin 'bout You
(歌詞)449.Teddy Boy
(歌詞)450.Tell Me What You See*
(歌詞)451.Tell Me What You See
(歌詞)452.Tell Me Why
(歌詞)453.Tell Me Why*
(歌詞)454.Thank You Girl
(歌詞)455.That Means A Lot - Previously Unreleased
(提供)456.That Means A Lot To Me
(歌詞)457.That Means A Lot
(歌詞)458.That'll Be The Day
(歌詞)459.That's All Right
(歌詞)460.That's All Right, Mama
(歌詞)461.The Ballad of John And Yoko
(歌詞)462.The Ballard Of John And Yoko
(歌詞)463.The Beatles - In My Life
(提供)464.The Bitter End/You Can't Do That
(提供)465.The Bus
(提供)466.The Chase
(歌詞)467.The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
(歌詞)468.The End
(歌詞)469.The Fool On The Hill
(歌詞)470.The Hippy Hippy Shake
(歌詞)471.The Honeymoon Song
(歌詞)472.The Inner Light
(歌詞)473.The Long And Winding Road
(歌詞)474.The Night Before
(歌詞)475.The Saints
(歌詞)476.The Sheik Of Araby
(歌詞)477.The Word
(歌詞)478.There Are Places I Remember
(歌詞)479.There's A Place
(歌詞)480.There's A Place**
(歌詞)481.There's A Place*
(歌詞)482.Things We Said Today*
(歌詞)483.Things We Said Today
(歌詞)484.Think For Yourself
(歌詞)485.This Boy
(歌詞)486.This Boy*
(歌詞)487.Three Cool Cats
(歌詞)488.Ticket To Ride
(歌詞)489.Till There Was You*
(歌詞)490.Till There Was You
(提供)491.To Bad About Sorrows
(歌詞)492.To Know Her Is To Love Her
(歌詞)493.Tomorrow Never Knows
(歌詞)494.Too Much Monkey Business
(提供)495.Top Ten Twist
(歌詞)496.Twist And Shout
(歌詞)497.Twist And Shout**
(歌詞)498.Twist And Shout*
(提供)499.Two For Us
(歌詞)500.Two Of Us
(歌詞)502.We Can Work It Out
(歌詞)503.What Goes On*
(歌詞)504.What Goes On
(歌詞)505.What You're Doing*
(歌詞)506.What You're Doing
(歌詞)507.What'd I Say
(提供)508.What's New Mary Jane
(歌詞)509.What's The New Mary Jane
(歌詞)510.When I Get Home
(歌詞)511.When I Get Home*
(歌詞)512.When I'm Sixty-Four
(歌詞)513.When Im 64
(歌詞)514.Where Have You Been All My Life
(歌詞)515.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(歌詞)516.Whole Lot Shakin' Going On
(歌詞)517.Why Don't We Do It In The Road
(提供)519.Wild Honey Pie
(歌詞)520.With A Little Help From My Friends
(歌詞)521.Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows
(歌詞)522.Within You Without You
(歌詞)523.Words Of Love
(歌詞)524.Words Of Love*
(歌詞)525.Ya Ya - Song
(歌詞)526.Ya Ya
(提供)527.Years Roll Along
(提供)528.Yellow Submarine In Pepperland
(歌詞)529.Yellow Submarine*
(歌詞)530.Yellow submarine
(歌詞)531.Yer Blues
(歌詞)532.Yes It Is - Combination Of Take 2 And Master
(歌詞)533.Yes It Is
(歌詞)536.You Are My Sunshine
(歌詞)537.You Can't Do That**
(歌詞)538.You Can't Do That*
(歌詞)539.You Can't Do That
(歌詞)540.You Know My Name
(歌詞)541.You Know What To Do
(歌詞)542.You Like Me Too Much*
(歌詞)543.You Like Me Too Much
(歌詞)544.You Never Give Me Your Money
(歌詞)545.You Really Got A Hold On Me**
(歌詞)546.You Really Got A Hold On Me*
(歌詞)547.You Really Got A Hold On Me
(歌詞)548.You Won't See Me
(歌詞)549.You'll Be Mine
(歌詞)550.You're Going to Lose That Girl
(歌詞)551.You're Gonna Lose That Girl
(歌詞)552.You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
(歌詞)553.You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Take 5, Mono
(歌詞)554.You've Got To Hide Your Love
(歌詞)555.You've Really Got A Hold On Me
(歌詞)556.Young Blood
(歌詞)557.Your Feet's Too Big
(歌詞)558.Your Mother Should Know
(歌詞)559.'Hallelujah, I Love Her So'



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> Twist And Shout (EP)
> The Beatles
> The Beatles' Long Tall Sally
> The Beatles' Hits (EP)
> The Beatles (No. 1) (EP)
> Souvenir Of Their Visit To America (EP)
> Meet The Beatles!
> Magical Mystery Tour (Double EP)
> Introducing... The Beatles
> Help!
> Four By The Beatles (EP)
> Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night (EP)
> Extracts From The Album A Hard Day's Night (EP)
> Beatles For Sale (No. 2) (EP)
> Beatles For Sale (EP)
> Beatlemania! With The Beatles
> All My Loving (EP)
> A Hard Day's Night
> 4-by The Beatles (EP)
> Lonely Hearts Club Band
> 暫存2
> 暫存1
> 暫存

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影音● 華語 女歌手
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影音● 華語 男歌手
影音● 華語 女歌手
影音● 華語 團體
影音● 歐美 歌手
影音● 日韓 歌手

蘇芮 & 虞戡平 - 請跟我來 / Please Follow Me (by Julie Su & Kan-Ping Yu)
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6m 18s view     123,357
Sing movie ending shake it off
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【薛之謙】我們的少年時代-李小璐 薛之謙 片場鬥嘴記
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元若藍 悲傷茱麗葉
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Aitor - THE WAY I AM (Spanish Eminem Version)
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日向滩   鸟羽一郎
3m view      42,149
嚴爵 Yen-J / 我喜歡(不, 我愛)【歌詞】
4m 12s view     153,485
つるの刚士 ジャンケントレイン
3m 12s view     677,916
A-Mei - Mei You Yan Chou De Ri Zi
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[BFF] Geraldine顏慧萍&趙潔瑩《BFF》官方完整版MV
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未来 - Mr.Children - ap bank fes 07 LIVE
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Kokoro no Tomo 心の友 - Mayumi Itsuwa 五轮真弓
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GONG by JAM Project (w/ Lyrics & Eng Subs)
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2009-05-16 棒棒堂@百萬大歌星-2 ~ 王子唱小薇+六棒的永遠不回頭
10m 36s view      40,541
破天荒 LIVE BAND演唱會~期待已久的MEIMEI再度合體啦!!!
7m 13s view      46,110
Acid Black Cherry/イエス(piano)
2m 56s view      22,519
SID シド Dummy (Sidnad Vol.6) LIVE
4m 38s view      49,858
♪ てんとう虫のサンバ チェリッシュ ver1 2015-6-9
2m 35s view      19,388
炎亞綸 Aaron's cameo in 我的寶貝四千金 'Dear Mom' EP10
6m 24s view     210,559
'Human Nature' - Craig David singing the Michael Jackson Classic Cover
6m 36s view      79,938
JKT48 - Koisuru Fortune Cookies @ Pesta Bintang Honda Mobilio TRANSTV 2014-02-02
3m 8s view      48,502
ももいろクローバーZ [ Z伝说 终わりなき革命 ]MomoClo Z:Z-LegendGuitar cover
5m 46s view     269,657
2m 20s view      71,957
4m 8s view     209,903
Mariah Carey Without You with lyrics
3m 43s view      65,994
3m 44s view     302,618
Please Mr. Postman - The Carpenters(singing byびすけ)
2m 43s view      88,274
1m 3s view   13,515,547
愛上哥們 Bromance 紀錄戲外的哥們MV 陳楚河X賴雅妍 追
5m 24s view      43,125
What makes you different (Backstreet boys)
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阿嬤突然出現 毛弟王子都哭了
3m 27s view     233,201
齊晨《咱們結婚吧》(DJ Candy+MiX)
6m 26s view      15,642
Crazy (Stop Remix) - Britney Spears
3m 19s view      70,625
【歡樂一百點】張菲 江蕙 李茂山 (感情放一邊)
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林宥嘉 Yoga Lin [越反越愛 Romeo and Juliet Syndrome] Official MV HD
4m 39s view    1,282,415
20131006 呼叫音樂節 - 林宥嘉 vs.魏如萱 (9)心酸
7m 55s view      46,809
AKB48 AKB48SHOW! #81 2015-08-01 AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46
29m 31s view     121,933
遠遠-林宇中YuanYuan-Rynn(Full CD Version)
4m 14s view      60,076
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
9m 45s view    3,010,066
T.B. Sheets - Van Morrison
9m 37s view      37,213
獨上西樓 -鄧麗君
2m 46s view      42,992
SNSD - MR.TAXI (Split Screen ver.) 少女时代
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5m 15s view       9,314
TVXQ! With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~ (歌词)
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さゆりの河内音头+トーク 石川さゆり 1993年
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Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) Black Moon (黑色月亮) Inst. W/ Lyrics
3m 21s view      39,402
劉德華 - 忘了隱藏
5m 21s view       7,719
SKE48 チームS/不器用太阳 Uta Tube 2014 10 11 AKB48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46
5m 28s view      95,383
我爸的筆-魏如萱 10211029A
3m 11s view      31,393