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Shakira Baile de la Cuerda
1m 22s view    2,855,091
3m 11s view      76,726
KOKIA / 花宴 【K∞A #01】
6m 1s view      55,267
Bigbang - Shake It, 빅뱅 - 흔들어, Music Core 20070317
3m 45s view      32,838
無忌 - 郭富城 (fearless-aaron kwok) soundtrack dj
6m 4s view      39,812
Granrodeo - Grind 'style GR'
1m 41s view      33,995
音樂磁場 為了愛夢一生
4m 11s view       5,529
蘇永康 原來思念也有生命
3m 48s view      75,692
男の情话 坂本冬美 1989
2m 25s view      68,427
Nat King Cole - I love you for sentimental reasons
3m 4s view    2,568,805
Enrique Iglesias - Tired Of Being Sorry Lyrics HD Alternative Version
4m 55s view     239,835
George Michael - Careless Whisper 'Cover by Bryan' RIP George
5m 43s view     284,852
2010-07-21 演唱會綵排花絮-林峰 Raymond lam
8m 7s view      15,613
趙薇一家三口 台灣曬幸福
58s view      59,070
關淑怡- 難得有情人-(1989)
3m 43s view     945,241
Still love her / TM NETWORK (SPIN OFF from TM)
8m 50s view      46,059
方大同Khalil Fong - Sorry (Official MV)
3m 47s view     167,684
George Michael / Wham! - Careless Whisper (Never Gonna Dance Again) - Acoustic Cover
3m 2s view     188,531
恋 松山千春 (1988夏长崎から さだまさしコンサート)
5m 32s view     687,342
鄭秀文 煞科(粵)
3m 23s view      43,365
The Beatles Help
2m 27s view    3,547,707
我愛黑澀棒棒堂20090126 牛年初一配對拿獎金pt 03
8m 21s view      55,813
Mr.Children 口笛 カバー
5m 45s view      26,247
4m 22s view       5,475
五月天唱HIGH高雄 言承旭也「戀愛ING」
2m 43s view      16,438
加藤ミリヤ-空 [live]
4m 55s view     469,629
7m 34s view      36,022
1m 13s view      54,916
費玉清 專輯 變色的長城
45m 13s view       8,287
The Beatles - You Won't See Me
3m 26s view    1,440,483
4m 16s view      79,936
加山雄三ショー 井上阳水ヘイジュード
3m 6s view      47,710
Seungri - Let's Talk About Love(ft.Taeyang & G-Dragon) [Hangul/Rom/English] Color & Picture Coded HD
3m 25s view     181,215
[2016-11-01] 側田Justin Lo - 好久不見 + 愛我別走 + 追
11m 14s view     445,014
When I look at You - Miley Cyrus- Official Music Video
4m 5s view     775,684
林俊傑 JJ Lin【無盡的思念 I Miss You】官方完整版 MV
3m 38s view     252,419
[韩中字]少女时代(SNSD) - 星星星(☆★☆)HD
4m 25s view     207,549
Eminem - Talkin' 2 Myself hebsub מתורגם
5m 1s view      51,053
Aubrey - Joanna Wang
4m 10s view      72,924
G-Dragon/Taeyang : Good Boy (Victoria Secret Fashion Show)
4m 58s view    2,845,772
ももいろクローバーZのオールナイトニッポン 2016/08/04
1h 19m 35s view      21,029
Jessie J - Price Tag - Wetten dass... HD 720p
4m 15s view     749,194
3/30起~中視八檔「武媚娘傳奇」武則天篇 60s
1m 1s view     171,712
The Beatles - Helter Skelter
4m 48s view    1,693,830
Fun Fun Fun- The Beach Boys
2m 22s view    1,611,724
One Direction - Story of My Life (MattyBRaps & Carlos Guevara Cover)
2m 32s view   15,291,487
銀魂吉原篇-Do you ever shine?(Mayday)
3m 21s view      13,273
鄧紫棋 多遠都要在一起 歌詞
3m 36s view     122,864
陳昶榮 vs.陳一郎-2
5m 24s view      63,375
Hayley Westenra Greatest Hits Full Live 2017
1h 10m 10s view     113,423