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盧廣仲 喔耶! (OH YEAH!) [房間版]
1m 39s view      57,275
Ursoc - Emerald Nightmare - Legion Alpha - FATBOSS
8m 12s view     596,449
George Strait - Baby Your Baby
2m 40s view     196,012
汪東城 - 一生守候 (原來是美男 插曲) 歌詞版
4m 19s view      49,458
梁朝偉系列之《正牌韋小寶之奉旨溝女》粵語版 Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time
1h 36m 31s view     199,234
4m 22s view       5,282
古馆一郎  尾崎豊出演の夜ヒット里话
4m 41s view      16,603
シド ‘White tree’ (Music Video)
5m 50s view     301,403
[1080p/超清]Jolin蔡依林 - 金曲串燒Live(2012跨年晚會)
12m 19s view      73,227
Carpenters - Leave Yesterday Behind
3m 57s view     281,093
でんぱ组.inc - でんでんぱっしょん
4m 8s view     525,419
小蘋果 by 河圖版
2m 9s view      61,094
No Love - Eminem Ft Lil Wayne (Lyrics Dirty)
5m 1s view    1,432,535
安室奈美恵 / “Golden Touch”Lyric Video (from New Album“_genic”)
1m 15s view     189,524
3m 42s view      38,784
4m view     498,117
王心凌-天才衝衝衝 20091128-A
8m 57s view      13,033
JiaJia家家 [ 還是想念still missing ] 全心專輯 ::2/22全面發行
21s view       9,699
[高登音樂台] 忘情釋迦舞 MV
4m 31s view     222,673
Bee Gees - In the Morning LIVE @ Melbourne 1974
3m 29s view      23,052
東方新地 - 獨家斷正 瞞同居男友 蔡思貝上門慰陳展鵬
2m 48s view      43,717
Conchita - Love Yourself - feat. Severin Trogbacher (Justin Bieber Cover)
4m 11s view      40,599
Meghan Trainor: 'Dear Future Husband' - The Voice 2015
3m 38s view    2,849,216
Ella Fitzgerald - A Night In Tunisia (Live cover by Taniq)
2m 25s view      30,419
We Can't Stop - 1950's Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover ft. Robyn Adele Anderson, The Tee - Tones
4m 5s view   16,865,737
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1976) Live at Earl's Court, London
4m 16s view     837,970
7m 20s view     356,133
【选抜総选挙×フジテレビ】“第6回 AKB48选抜総选挙”2014速报 SKE48绍介VTR / AKB48[公式]
2m 11s view     121,604
Hita - 白頭吟
4m 1s view      60,362
新世界より 第十八話「紅い花」予告
16s view      17,404
【マキシマム・ザ・ホルモン】「チューチュー ラブリー ムニムニ ムラムラ プリンプリン ボロン ヌルル レロレロ」を叩いてみた【ドラム】
3m 12s view     156,399
Scarborough Fair (Cover by 晴海) -- in the style of Sarah Brightman / Hayley Westenra
3m 1s view       6,630
3m 12s view      56,713
陳一郎 鄉土情懷台語老歌精選(全)
43m 31s view      32,216
Bon Jovi-I'm with you (Lyrics on screen)
3m 40s view      31,927
4m 23s view     217,900
2m 38s view     129,752
masataka nakagauchi - Sun will shine away
5m 47s view      62,227
Emilia Clarke Hot Bed Scene | Spike Island
1m 18s view     279,669
Teachers Camp Baguio City Scandal
37s view      31,976
ONE OK ROCK - We are [18Fes ver.]
10m 51s view     492,191
4m 16s view     347,595
福山雅治 家族になろうよ パラパラ漫画
5m 12s view    1,031,846
AMA scandal santiago city
7m 56s view     157,067
Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you
5m 51s view      12,154
梁靜茹/Fish Leong【如果有一天】if one day (KTV with Pinyin + Quick Quiz)
4m 42s view     101,078
티아라 T-ara(ティアラ) Roly Poly(Live) 20111120
3m 42s view     110,382
Janice 衛蘭 2013.06.22 (第二場) @ 雷頌德 Thank You 演唱會
7m 50s view      43,865
miwa #19 ♪希望の环WA [+MC] @ 横アリ 2015 oneness【HD】
8m 26s view      26,445
くるり-Liberty&Gravity / Quruli-Liberty&Gravity
6m 30s view    1,434,720