(歌詞) 1. Kiss By Kiss


所有歌曲 ( 共 24 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.A Good Sign
(歌詞)2.Adam & Eve
(歌詞)3.Before I Fall
(歌詞)4.Big big world
(歌詞)5.Come Into My Life
(歌詞)6.Daddys Girl
(歌詞)9.If It's Gonna Be You
(歌詞)10.Johnny Come Lately
(歌詞)11.Kiss By Kiss
(歌詞)13.Like Chocolate
(歌詞)15.My Love Is True
(歌詞)16.Playin' It By Heart
(歌詞)17.Say You Will
(歌詞)18.Sorry I'm In Love
(提供)19.Supergirl Outro
(歌詞)21.Tell Me Why
(歌詞)22.Twi st Of Fate
(歌詞)23.What About Me?
(歌詞)24.What If I Told You



> Emilia
> Big Big World
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【HD】 世界一のSHOW TIME 第3弾 Daichi&はろうず さくらメドレー
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SNSD(少女时代) - Into The New World
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ジローズ あなただけに
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1994 林子祥+徐小鳳 星光的背影
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Shayne Ward - Gonna Be Alright
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George Washington vs William Wallace. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
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Woodkid & Lana Del Rey - Iron ( Live )
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吉几三 With キム・ヨンジャ 情炎
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空も飞べるはず(ピアノ) ~ スピッツ ~
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The Smoothjazz Loft - The Loft Volume 1 (The Album)
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OneRepublic - Good Life ( Live Walmart Soundcheck )
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鄧麗君 - 償還 [HQ]
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Haru wo Daite Ita- Running Away
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Shakira Mirim
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Aerosmith - Crazy
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Madonna Papa Don't Preach (Ultrasound Extended Version)
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JiN ShA - BeN DaN
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月に寄りそう乙女の作法 - OP
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Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much
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Gazebo karaoke.I like Chopin
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Rain Moe & Nay Toe - Chit Khwint
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Let Me See Ya Girl - Cole Swindell (Lyrics)
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20130329 我是歌手第11期復活賽-楊宗緯_02.饞
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Tinggalkan Ayah Tinggalkan IBu
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INFINITE《成为我的人》练舞MV公开 平时装扮受推崇
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ハッピーシンセサイザ 歌ってみた【アスカ x アキラ】
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普通朋友 - 陶喆
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BRITISH KIDS Watching EXO (K and M) OVERDOSE [The Girls] | ocUKids
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Nicki Minaj - Blazin feat. Kanye West (Pink Friday)
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《军歌》ラバウル小呗('Rabauru kouta '-Rabaul Ditty)
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たんこぶちん ‘ドレミFUN LIFE’ 30sec CM ver.
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[繁體中字/ 韓語字幕] 金太妍 (TaeYeon) - 靠近 (Closer) To The Beautiful You OST
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Felíz Navidad - Merry Christmas - Celtic Woman
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Vì COn Nợ - Lil'S
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周杰倫-紅塵客棧 二胡版 by 永安 Jay Chou - Hong Chen Ke Zhan (Erhu Cover)
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【三軍國際】阿傑 自創曲 模范棒棒堂 (棒棒堂救世主)
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warna_dalam hati saja
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[HQ] G-Dragon HEARTBREAKER Track 2. Heartbreaker
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121225.Tonight 37.2'C.LIPSTICK-JeA,Miryo,Narsha
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MastaMic - 12 HK Rap Up (Director's Cut)
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鍾鎮濤 - 沒那麼簡單
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The Zombies - She's Not There
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