Perfectly Clear
(歌詞) 1. Stronger Woman
(歌詞) 2. I Do
(歌詞) 3. Love Is A Garden
(歌詞) 4. Rosey and Mick
(歌詞) 5. Anyone But You
(歌詞) 6. Thump Thump
(歌詞) 7. Two Become One
(歌詞) 8. Till It Feels Like Cheating
(歌詞) 9. Everything Reminds Me Of You
(歌詞) 10. Love By You (Cowboy Waltz)
(歌詞) 11. Perfectly Clear


所有歌曲 ( 共 282 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.1,000 Miles Away
(歌詞)2.2 Become 1
(歌詞)3.2 Find U
(歌詞)4.501 Beauty Queen
(歌詞)5.A Boy Needs A Bike
(歌詞)6.A Housewife's Revenge
(歌詞)7.A long slow slide
(歌詞)8.A Very Big Girl
(歌詞)10.Absence Of Fear
(歌詞)12.Afraid It's Too Late
(歌詞)13.Again and Again
(歌詞)14.Ain't No Lookin' Back
(歌詞)15.All By Myself
(歌詞)16.All The Animals
(歌詞)19.And The Green Grass Grew All Around
(歌詞)21.Angel Needs A Ride
(歌詞)22.Angel Standing By
(提供)23.Angels We Have Heard on High
(歌詞)24.Anyone But You
(歌詞)25.As Bad As It Gets
(歌詞)26.Ave Maria
(歌詞)27.Bad As It Gets
(歌詞)29.Be Still My Little Heart
(歌詞)30.Because I Love You
(歌詞)32.Been Down So Long
(歌詞)33.Behind The Wall
(歌詞)34.Big Girl
(歌詞)36.Blue Christmas
(歌詞)37.Blue Crystal Glow
(歌詞)38.Boy Needs A Bike
(歌詞)39.Brahms' Lullaby
(歌詞)40.Break Me
(歌詞)41.Breaking Up
(歌詞)42.Bucky The Bull
(歌詞)44.Can't Take My Soul
(歌詞)46.Chime Bells
(提供)47.Christmas in the Country
(歌詞)48.Circle Song
(歌詞)50.Closer To Fine
(歌詞)51.Cold Song
(歌詞)52.Comfortably Numb
(歌詞)53.Count On Me
(歌詞)54.Cowboy's Lament
(歌詞)55.Cruise Control
(歌詞)56.Daddy She's A Goddess
(歌詞)58.Dance Between Two Women
(歌詞)59.Dancing Barefoot
(歌詞)60.Daydream Land
(歌詞)61.Deep Water
(歌詞)62.Do You Hear What I Hear?
(歌詞)63.Do You Want To Play?
(歌詞)64.Do You
(歌詞)65.Doin' Fine
(歌詞)67.Down At The Bridge
(歌詞)68.Down So Long
(歌詞)71.Drive To You
(歌詞)72.Electric Fan
(歌詞)74.Enter From The East
(歌詞)75.Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime
(歌詞)76.Everybody Needs Someone Sometime
(歌詞)77.Everything Breaks Sometime
(歌詞)78.Everything Reminds Me Of You
(歌詞)79.Face Of Love
(歌詞)80.Fade Away
(歌詞)82.Fat Boy
(歌詞)84.Fly To Me Angel
(歌詞)85.Food Stamp Love
(歌詞)86.Foolish Games
(歌詞)87.Forever and a Day
(歌詞)88.Fragile Flame
(歌詞)89.Fragile Heart
(歌詞)90.Give Me The Rainbow
(提供)92.God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
(歌詞)93.God'S Gift To Women
(歌詞)94.Good Day
(歌詞)95.Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
(歌詞)96.Goodwill Store
(歌詞)97.Grey Matter
(歌詞)100.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
(歌詞)102.Have A Little Faith In Me
(歌詞)103.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
(歌詞)104.Here When Gone
(歌詞)105.His Pleasure Is My Pain
(歌詞)106.Hotel Angel
(歌詞)107.I Do
(歌詞)108.I Don Care
(歌詞)109.I Don't Care
(歌詞)110.I Hate Valentine's Day
(歌詞)111.I Love You Forever
(歌詞)112.I Thought I Saw You Last Night f/ Steve Poltz
(歌詞)113.I Thought I Saw You Last Night
(歌詞)114.I Won't Walk Away
(歌詞)115.I Wonder As I Wander
(提供)116.I'll Be Home for Christmas
(歌詞)117.I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane
(歌詞)118.I'm Sensitive
(歌詞)119.I've Got The Blues More Than You Do Blues
(歌詞)120.If This Is What Love Is
(歌詞)122.In A Woman's Life
(歌詞)123.In My Room
(歌詞)124.Innocence Maintained
(提供)127.It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
(歌詞)128.It's Christmastime
(歌詞)130.Jesus Loves You
(歌詞)131.Joy To The World
(歌詞)133.Just Like Penguins Do
(歌詞)134.Just Passing Time
(歌詞)135.Just So Happens
(歌詞)136.Kiss Me
(歌詞)137.Kiss The Flame
(歌詞)138.Kiss Your Ass
(歌詞)139.Lasciatemi Morire
(歌詞)140.Last Dance Rodeo
(歌詞)141.Leave The Lights On
(歌詞)142.Let It Rip, Let It Fly
(歌詞)143.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
(歌詞)144.Let Them In
(歌詞)145.Life Uncommon
(歌詞)146.Life's A Great Big Mystery Show
(歌詞)147.Little Bird Song
(歌詞)148.Little Sister
(歌詞)149.Long Slow Slide
(歌詞)150.Louisa And Her Blue Guitar
(歌詞)151.Love By You
(歌詞)152.Love Is A Garden
(歌詞)153.Love Me Just Leave Me Alone
(歌詞)154.Making Me Blue
(歌詞)155.Mamma's Little Hero
(歌詞)156.Mammma's Little Hero
(歌詞)157.Marital Carnival
(歌詞)159.Memoirs Of A Housewife
(歌詞)161.Moon Over Austin
(歌詞)162.Morning Song
(歌詞)163.My Favorite Things
(歌詞)164.My Fish Family
(歌詞)165.My Own Private God's Gift To Women
(歌詞)166.Near You Always
(歌詞)167.Need A Piece Of Your Love Machine
(歌詞)168.Nicotine Love
(歌詞)170.No Good In Goodbye
(歌詞)171.No More Heartaches
(歌詞)172.O Holy Night
(歌詞)173.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
(歌詞)174.Oh! Susanna
(歌詞)175.Old Lover's House f/ Steve Poltz
(歌詞)176.One Left Shoe
(歌詞)177.One True Thing
(歌詞)178.Only One Too
(歌詞)179.Only Shadows
(歌詞)180.Over The Rainbow
(提供)182.Panis Angelicus
(歌詞)183.Perfectly Clear
(歌詞)184.Picecs of You
(歌詞)185.Pieces Of You
(歌詞)186.Play Day
(歌詞)187.Poem Song
(歌詞)188.Quiet Warrior
(歌詞)189.Race Car Driver
(歌詞)191.Ride Away
(歌詞)192.Rocker Girl
(歌詞)193.Rosey and Mick
(歌詞)194.Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
(歌詞)195.Run 2 U
(歌詞)196.Run Tonto Run
(歌詞)197.Sammy The Spider
(歌詞)198.Sara Swan Sleepy Head
(歌詞)201.See Sassy Wake Up
(歌詞)202.See Sassy
(歌詞)203.Serve The Ego
(歌詞)204.She Cries
(歌詞)205.She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain
(歌詞)206.She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain
(歌詞)207.Silent Night
(提供)208.Silver Bells
(歌詞)209.Silver Lining
(歌詞)210.Silver Satin Wings
(歌詞)211.Simple Gifts
(提供)212.Sleigh Ride
(歌詞)213.Snooze Button Blues
(歌詞) close to heaven
(歌詞)215.Sometimes It Be That Way
(歌詞)216.Somewhere Over the Rainbow
(歌詞)217.Sov Gott
(歌詞)218.Spivy Leeks
(歌詞)220.Standing Still
(歌詞)221.Star Child
(歌詞)222.Stay Here Forever
(歌詞)223.Stephenville, TX
(歌詞)224.Stranger Enter From The East
(歌詞)225.Stronger Woman
(歌詞)226.Studies In Love#12
(歌詞)227.Styrofoam Dream
(歌詞)228.Summer Home In Your Arms
(歌詞)230.Sunshine Superman
(歌詞)231.Supermarket Song
(歌詞)232.Swedish Song
(歌詞)233.Sweet Dreams For You
(歌詞)234.Sweet Dreams
(歌詞)235.Sweet Home Alabama
(歌詞)236.Sweet Temptation
(歌詞)238.The Christmas Song
(歌詞)239.The Cowboy's Lament
(歌詞)240.The Man Who's Already Gone
(歌詞)241.The New Wild West
(歌詞)242.The Shape Of You
(歌詞)243.The Star Spangled Banner
(歌詞)244.The Water Is Wide
(歌詞)245.This Little Bird
(歌詞)246.This Way
(歌詞)247.Thump Thump
(歌詞)248.Til It Feels Like Cheating
(歌詞)249.Till It Feels Like Cheating
(歌詞)250.Till We Run Out Of Road
(歌詞)251.Tiny Love Spaces
(歌詞)252.Too Darn Hot
(歌詞)253.Train Song
(歌詞)254.Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star
(歌詞)255.Two Become One
(歌詞)257.Under The Water
(歌詞)258.Unsung In Your Eyes
(歌詞)259.until tonight / my heart was just half full / i'd
(歌詞)260.V-12 Cadillac
(歌詞)261.Walk Away
(歌詞)262.Weeping Tree
(提供)263.What Child Is This?
(歌詞)264.What Matters Is The Heart
(歌詞)265.What You Are
(歌詞)266.What's Simple Is True
(歌詞)267.When I Was With You
(歌詞)268.Where You Are
(提供)269.White Christmas
(歌詞)270.Who Will Save Your Soul
(歌詞)271.Wild Horses
(歌詞)272.Winter Song
(歌詞)273.Winter Wonderland
(歌詞)274.Without You By My Side
(歌詞)275.Words Get in the Way
(歌詞)276.Yes U Can
(歌詞)278.You Make Lovin' Fun
(歌詞)279.You Make Loving Fun
(歌詞)280.You Were Meant For Me
(歌詞)281.You're In Cleveland Today
(歌詞)282.You're So Small



> Let It Snow
> The Merry Goes 'Round
> Sweet and Wild
> Lullaby
> Perfectly Clear
> Goodbye Alice In Wonderland(再見了愛麗絲夢遊仙境)
> 0304(慾望城市)
> This Way
> A Holiday Collection(溫馨耶誕頌)
> Joy: A Holiday Collection
> Spirit(心靈對唱)
> Tour '99
> Pieces Of You(破碎的你)
> You Were Meant For Me
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