極緻典藏 跨世紀精選(The Very Best Of Enya)
(歌詞) 1. Only Time(唯有時光)
(歌詞) 2. May It Be(衷心祈禱)
(歌詞) 3. Amarantine(永恆之約)
(歌詞) 4. Book Of Days(書香歲月)
(歌詞) 5. Anywhere Is(四處皆然)
(歌詞) 6. Caribbean Blue(加勒比海藍)
(歌詞) 7. The River Sings(大河之歌)
(歌詞) 8. If I Could Be Where You Are(愛相隨)
(提供) 9. Drfting(漂流)
(歌詞) 10. Flora's Secret(花神的秘密)
(歌詞) 11. Fallen Embers(墬落的火花)
(歌詞) 12. One By One(漸漸地)
(歌詞) 13. Pax Deorum(平安經)
(歌詞) 14. Athair Ar Neamh(天上的父)
(歌詞) 15. Sumiregusa(堇草)
(歌詞) 16. Storms In Africa(非洲的暴風雨)
(歌詞) 17. The Celts(居爾特人)
(歌詞) 18. Orinoco Flow(奧利諾科之流)
(歌詞) 19. Wild Child(自然之子)
(歌詞) 20. Water Shows The Hidden Heart(水影心事)
(歌詞) 21. Stars And Midnight Blue(繁星與藍色的午夜)
(歌詞) 22. Cursum Perficio(旅途終止)
(歌詞) 23. My ! My ! Time Flies !(時光飛逝如梭)
(歌詞) 24. Aldebaran(牧牛座之星)
(歌詞) 25. Trains And Winter Rains(冬雨列車)
(提供) 26. Watermark(水印)
(提供) 27. Boadicea(波阿狄西亞)
(提供) 28. A Day Without Rain(雨過天晴)
(歌詞) 29. Aniron(渴望)


所有歌曲 ( 共 146 首歌 ) (提供)1.A Day Without Rain
(歌詞)2.A Moment Lost
(歌詞)3.A Thought...
(歌詞)4.A Thought
(歌詞)6.Afer Ventus
(歌詞)7.After Ventus
(歌詞)10.Amid The Falling Snow
(提供)11.And Winter Came
(歌詞)15.Anywhere Is
(歌詞)16.As Baile
(提供)17.Astra Et Luna
(歌詞)18.Athair Ar Neamh
(提供)19.Bard Dance
(歌詞)21.Book Of Days
(歌詞)22.Book Of Days - Far and Away
(歌詞)23.Caribbean Blue
(歌詞)24.Caribean Blue
(歌詞)25.Carribean Blue
(歌詞)26.China Roses
(歌詞)27.Cursum Perficio
(歌詞)28.Dan Y Dwr
(歌詞)29.Dark Sky Island
(歌詞)30.Deireadh An Tuath
(歌詞)31.Deora Ar Mo Chori
(歌詞)32.Deora Ar Mo Chro?
(歌詞)33.Deora Ar Mo Chroi
(歌詞)34.Deora Ar Mo Chroí
(歌詞)35.Diamonds on the Water
(歌詞)36.Dreams Are More Precious
(歌詞)42.Echoes in Rain
(歌詞)44.Enya : Orinoco Flow
(歌詞)47.Even in the Shadows
(歌詞)48.Evening Falls
(歌詞)51.Fallen Embers
(歌詞)52.Flora's Secret
(提供)53.From Where I Am
(歌詞)54.Hope Has A Place
(提供)55.How Can I Keep Form Singing
(歌詞)57.I Could Never Say Goodbye
(歌詞)58.I May Not Awaken
(歌詞)59.I Want Tommorrow
(歌詞)60.I Want Tomorrow
(歌詞)61.If I Could Be Where You Are
(歌詞)63.It's In The Rain
(歌詞)64.Journey Of The Angels
(歌詞)65.La Sonadora
(歌詞)66.La Soñadora
(歌詞)67.Last Time By Moonlight
(歌詞)68.Lazy Days
(歌詞)69.Less Than A Pearl
(歌詞)70.Long Long Journey
(歌詞)72.Marble Halls
(歌詞)73.March Of The Celts
(歌詞)74.May It Be
(提供)75.Miss Clare Remembers
(提供)76.Morning Glory
(歌詞)77.My! My! Time Flies!
(歌詞)78.Na Laetha Geal M'oige
(歌詞)79.Na Laetha Geal M'ÓIge
(歌詞)80.Na Laetha Geal M'óige
(提供)81.No Holly For Miss Quinn
(歌詞)82.O Come O Come Emmanuel
(歌詞)83.Oiche Chiuin
(提供)84.Oivhe Chiuin
(歌詞)85.On My Way Home
(歌詞)86.On Your Shore
(歌詞)87.Once You Had Gold
(歌詞)88.One By One
(歌詞)89.One Toy Soldier
(歌詞)90.Only If...
(歌詞)91.Only If.
(歌詞)92.Only Time
(歌詞)93.Orinocco Flow
(歌詞)94.Orinoco Flow
(歌詞)95.Orinoco Flows
(歌詞)96.Oíche Chiún
(歌詞)97.Paint The Sky With Stars
(歌詞)98.Pale Grass Blue
(歌詞)99.Pax Deorum
(歌詞)102.Remember Your Smile
(歌詞)104.Roma Ryan
(歌詞)105.Sail Away
(歌詞)106.Sancta Maria
(提供)107.Shepherd Moons
(提供)108.Silver Inches
(歌詞)111.So I Could Find My Way
(歌詞)113.Someone Said Goodbye
(歌詞)114.Song Of The Sandman
(歌詞)115.Stars And Midnight Blue
(歌詞)116.Storms In Africa Ii
(歌詞)117.Storms In Africa
(提供)119.Tea-House Moon
(歌詞)120.Tempus Vernum
(歌詞)121.The Celts
(歌詞)122.The First Of Autumn
(提供)123.The Forge Of The Angels
(歌詞)124.The Frog Prince
(歌詞)125.The Humming...
(歌詞)126.The Longships
(提供)127.The Loxian Gate
(提供)128.The Memory Of Trees
(提供)129.The Promise
(歌詞)130.The River Sings
(歌詞)131.The Sonadora
(歌詞)132.The Spirit Of Christmas Past
(提供)133.The Sun In The Stream
(提供)134.To Go Beyond
(提供)135.To Go Beyond, Pt. 1
(提供)136.To Go Beyond, Pt. 2
(歌詞)137.Trains And Winter Rains
(歌詞)139.Triad : St Patrick
(歌詞)140.Want Tomorrow
(歌詞)141.Water Shows The Hidden Heart
(歌詞)143.White Is In The Winter Night
(歌詞)144.Wild Child
(提供)145.Willows On The Water
(歌詞)146.'s Fagaim Mo Bhaile



> Dark Sky Island
> 極緻典藏 跨世紀精選(The Very Best Of Enya)
> And Winter Came(冬季戀歌)
> Amarantine(永恆之約)
> 唯有時光-美麗典藏輯4CD
> A Day Without Rain(雨過天晴)
> Paint The Sky With Stars:The Best Of Enya(恩雅世紀精選)
> The Memory Of Trees
> Shepherd Moons
> Watermark
> The Celts
> Enya
> A Box Of Dreams
> 暫存

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