影音 Romance in the Rain - Kabut Cinta - 情深深雨濛濛 - part 22 (0) - INDONESIAN SUBTITLED

Romance in the Rain - Kabut Cinta - 情深深雨濛濛 - part 22 (0) - INDONESIAN SUBTITLED

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Romance in the Rain (情深深雨濛濛; pinyin: Qīng Shēnshēn Yǔ Méngméng; Passions Deep, Rain Misty)) is a Chinese drama television series produced by Chiung Yao, a famous novelist in Taiwan. Romance in the Rain is an adaptation of her 1964 novel Yan Yu Meng Meng (煙雨濛濛). The series follows the Lu family in 1930's Shanghai, China. It stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, and Alec Su. It was shown on television in the following countries and regions: mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam (where it is known as ''The Parting River''), Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, France, Philippines, and Russia.

 Lu Yiping (陸依萍/陸依萍), played by Zhao Wei
 Lu Ruping (陸如萍/陸如萍), played by Ruby Lin
 He Shuhuan (何書桓/何書桓), played by Leo Ku
 Du Fei (杜飛/杜飛), played by Alec Su
 Lu Erhao (陸爾豪/陸爾豪), played by Gao Xin
 Fang Yu (方瑜), played by Li Yu
 Li Keyun (李可雲/李可雲), played by Xu Lu
 Lu Zhenhua (陸振華/陸振華), played by Kou Zhenhai
 Fu Wenpei (傅文佩), played by Xu Xing
 Wang Xueqin (王雪琴), played by Wang Lin
 Lu Mengping (陸夢萍/陸夢萍), played by Yue Tingting
 Li Fuguan/ Adjutant Li (李副官), played by Cao Qiugen
 Qin Wuye (秦五爺/秦五爺), played by Huang Daliang
 Pingping (萍萍), played by Wang Yan

 陸依萍:趙薇飾
 何書桓:古巨基飾
 陸如萍:林心如飾
 杜 飛:蘇有朋飾
 陸爾豪:高鑫飾
 方 瑜:李鈺飾
 李可雲:徐路飾
 陸振華:寇振海飾
 傅文珮:徐幸飾
 王雪琴:王琳飾
 陸夢萍:樂珈彤飾
 李副官:曹秋根飾
 秦五爺:黃達亮飾
 魏光雄:王偉平飾
 萍 萍:王豔飾

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