影音 Infinite Ryvius - Dis (Full English Version)

Infinite Ryvius - Dis (Full English Version)

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Infinite Ryvius OP


所有歌曲 ( 共 94 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.24時間
(歌詞)2.3분의 1
(歌詞)4.A Person like me
(歌詞)9.Be Mine -Japanese Version-
(歌詞)10.Be Mine
(歌詞)15.Can U Smile
(歌詞)16.Can You Smile [REMAKE]
(提供)17.Can You Smile
(歌詞)18.Close My Eyes
(歌詞)19.Cover Girl
(歌詞)25.Feel So Bad
(歌詞)26.Follow Me
(歌詞)28.I Need U Back
(歌詞)31.Julia -Japanese Version-
(歌詞)33.Just Another Lonely Night
(歌詞)34.Last Romeo ~君がいればいい~
(歌詞)35.Last Romeo
(歌詞)37.Man In Love
(歌詞)40.Nothing's Over -Japanese Version-
(歌詞)41.Nothing's Over
(提供)42.Over The Top
(歌詞)44.Real Story
(提供)48.Season 2
(歌詞)49.She's Back -Japanese Ver.-
(提供)50.She's Back
(歌詞)53.Tic Toc
(歌詞)55.TO-RA-WA -Japanese Ver.-
(提供)58.Welcome to Our Dream
(歌詞)79.그해 여름
(歌詞)80.나란 사람
(歌詞)81.니가 좋다
(歌詞)82.숨 좀 쉬자
(歌詞)88.눈을 감으면
(歌詞)89.불편한 진실
(提供)90.엔딩을 부탁해
(歌詞)91.남자가 사랑할때
(提供)92.마주보며 서 있어
(歌詞)93.그리움이 닿는 곳에
(歌詞)94.이보다 좋을순 없다



> Reality
> 24時間
> Grow OST
> Dilemma
> LAST ROMEO ~君がいればいい~
> Season 2
> Request
> 戀に落ちるとき
> New Challenge
> She's Back
> 눈물만
> Be Mine
> Second Invasion
> 하얀 고백 (Lately)
> Over The Top
> Can U Smile
> Nothing's Over
> BTD (Before the Dawn)
> She's Back(2011)
> Evolution
> She's Back(韓文)
> First Invasion
> 暫存

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