所有歌曲 ( 共 1 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Prologue



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Catch you Catch me / グミ
3m 46s view     278,612
BUMP OF CHICKEN サザンクロス cover
4m 10s view      36,254
ゴールデンマイク(REMIX)feat.KASHI DA HANDSOME,AI,童子-T,般若 高音质
5m 54s view     125,660
True Worshippers - Hosanna (Be Lifted High)
6m 13s view     134,606
Henry (헨리) [Trap (feat 규현)] @SBS Inkigayo 인기가요 20130623
3m 13s view     490,259
スマイレージ “旅立ちの春が来た” (MV)
5m 20s view     784,038
4m 3s view     230,833
パフューム perfume - TAKE ME TAKE ME
5m 28s view     142,682
小南泰叶 - Trash
5m 4s view     203,115
斉藤和义 おやすみ カバー
2m 19s view       5,843
Mye - 涙さえもう一度 duet with MIHIRO ~マイロ~(Short ver. ②)
0m 45s view     703,421
Endless Rain - X Japan (cover)
6m 49s view      44,182
BTOB - Beep Beep (dance practice) DVhd
3m 29s view      51,682
浜崎あゆみ / teddy bear
4m 18s view     642,602
5m 6s view     895,730
ROLLY あなたに梦中
3m 32s view      49,475
SNSD?少女时代?(远藤时代)‘The last video of Endojidai ’后编
10m 27s view     312,839
Unchained Melody - Pan Flute Version by Cesar Espinoza from Ecuador
3m 23s view    3,772,591
森恵“traveling (宇多田ヒカル)”
4m 16s view      48,422
メイプル主题歌   翼
3m 56s view       6,254
4m 17s view     118,744
しおりんソロ 5th demension_ver.
8m 11s view       6,140
10m 25s view      77,712
日本艺人 50TA 狩野英孝 体验节目之搞笑片段
3m 29s view     285,271
AKB48 15期 研究生 向井地美音 インタビュー
2m 6s view      92,783
俺は淋しいんだ フランク永井
4m 12s view     127,948
F4 Meteor Garden season 2 ep 9 part 2-5 [eng sub]
9m 35s view     131,475
岩瀬敬吾“Beautiful underworld”(“TOUR2009-FLOOR-”より)
4m 20s view      81,762
[Thai Lyrics/Trans] SNSD - Lazy Girl
3m 12s view     258,782
SHINee Replay【ハングル・日本语字幕・ルビ】
3m 37s view     104,713

Kara Véia - DVD Completo - Áudio Remasterizado - (Relíquia)
01h 17m 7s view      61,967
2011-09-24 明日之星-丁姵均-无边无岸
2m 36s view      82,000
Japan Is Playing For Change Too (Sukiyaki Song) 上を向いて歩こう
4m 58s view     249,264
Lalay Me Raze Brishna Amil Afghan Song
1m 55s view      11,244
冲縄の愈し音楽 てぃんさぐの花/Cojaco
3m 14s view    1,490,666
吕珊 - 2014情两牵演唱会记招实况
4m 21s view       6,187
Katekyo!- Capitulo 4 (Manga Yaoi) Español
4m 15s view       8,127
[Live HD] After School - Flashback (120626 Show Champion)
3m 27s view     320,409
JKT48 - Temodemo No Namida Lyrics
3m 38s view      30,552
[洗脑] 感激遇到你MV 胡杏儿+黄宗泽 (重制版本)
10m 1s view     101,125
MC HOTDOG 热狗[嘿嘿taxi] MV替身幕后花絮
5m 31s view      22,456
0m 59s view      49,718
3m 48s view     641,672
Billy Currington - Hey Girl (with Lyrics)
3m 21s view    1,343,589
福原 美穂 ‘AMAZING GRACE in 东京芸术剧场コンサートホール’
4m 13s view     106,016
Zeebra ‘Hate That Booty Feat. Y's & KOHH’
6m 4s view     275,727
Cher Lloyd feat. T.I. 'I Wish' Video Teaser
0m 35s view     108,927
座右铭, 吴雨霏(Iamsilly)
4m 5s view      42,896
You've Fallen For Me - Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstring Ost)
3m 8s view     107,937
modern talking for a life time
4m 29s view      59,227
帝国海军军楽队 君が代行进曲~军舰行进曲
6m 40s view      54,448
4m 54s view     244,525
UNITED vol.3まであと6日【辉(Lead)】
0m 35s view      11,760
Wonderful Chill Out Music - Dolphins [HD]
3m 54s view      63,310
【合唱】 BEST FRIEND SMAP NHK“みんなのうた”より歌词付き
3m 37s view      35,922
Are the Olympics A Model for Creating Geniuses? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios
6m 9s view      96,764
吉川友 - ここから始まるんだ!(Short Ver.)
1m 56s view     122,694
4m 30s view     152,596
手纸 ~拝启 十五の君へ~ / アンジェラ・アキ(ピアノソロ用)
1m 56s view     148,925
Spielvan - Kanashimi no Helen - Naomi Morinaga
4m 18s view     106,826