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おはよう。 / keno (cover)
1m 40s view      20,512
01h 0m 53s view     148,060
DECO*27 - Delusion Tax feat. Hatsune Miku / 妄想税 feat. 初音ミク
3m 35s view    1,184,151
4m 5s view      45,243
田端义夫 雨の屋台
2m 23s view       6,545
リリーフランキー 深津絵里 泣ける感动CM “ここで、一绪に。”
1m 30s view     201,272
ROMEO / Give Me Your Heart (Short ver.)
1m 37s view     155,853
Coorie 光のシルエット full
4m 5s view      56,920
LC9 Cover of Just A Dream by Nelly
4m 3s view     687,194
AKB48 Undergirls “抱きしめちゃいけない” ギターで弾いてみた 其の二
5m 39s view     123,550
Fairy Tail OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave w/ English subtitle Part 1
11m 18s view      35,921
130727 BEAST - On Rainy Days + Fiction @ Sketchbook [HD]
4m 59s view     201,682
3m 48s view     166,953
竹原ピストルがボーカル担当!! EOS M2新TV-CM“Eternal Moment-永远の一瞬-”篇 120秒
2m 0s view      31,229
Radwimps 爱し Drum Cover
6m 38s view       8,522
LiSA - oath sign (instore live)
5m 1s view     376,528
phatmans after school“ツキヨミ”MV
5m 15s view    1,266,517
Ayumi Hamasaki - Game (male version)
4m 10s view      32,914
[07 ghost] Hitomi no Kotae Thai ver.
4m 42s view      30,934
AK-69 a.k.a. Kalassy Nikoff - IRON HORSE -No Mark-
4m 30s view     759,049
スピッツ / スターゲイザー
4m 17s view    2,463,182
Tu Hi Junoon - Song - DHOOM3
2m 48s view     152,312
I LOVE DJ Cocco 强く儚い者たち kenkaida remix
4m 15s view      46,682
TVXQ! 동방신기_Catch Me & Hulk Dance_2012 KBS Song Festival_2012.12.28
5m 7s view     326,481
10 RCサクセション Johnny Blue LIVE
9m 58s view      36,378
CRASH! 特别バージョン PV编
4m 31s view     209,067
BY2- 爱的双重魔力 'Love's double magic' with lyrics + English translation
3m 26s view      90,300
【神回】东山奈央“下ネタ好き?” 花泽香奈“可爱い女子の脚の上のウニとか最高”
5m 46s view      81,200
TVXQ 东方神起 Why(Keep Your Head Down) ティーザー(A&B) 30秒バージョン
0m 29s view     140,145
Sangatsu Kokonoka - Remioromen (Lyrics + Download)
4m 25s view      96,761

9m 0s view      75,332
Bruno Mars Loves Ellen
2m 2s view    1,846,252
BB King - Let The Good Times Roll (From 'Legends of Rock 'n' Roll' DVD)
3m 51s view     488,275
3m 49s view     107,853
[日中字幕] ViViD / BLUE
3m 32s view     167,692
ترانه ای زیبا و دلنشین با صدای یک جوان ایرانی
2m 17s view      63,620
Super Junior K.R.Y. - 응결 (Coagulation) English Translation
4m 32s view      38,154
10/10 a lot like love / muy parecido al amor subtitulado en español 10/10
9m 44s view     154,636
只是太爱你 真爱黑白配MV
5m 30s view      13,395
“Talk To Me ”- Tracy Huang 黄莺莺 MV经典重温
3m 24s view       8,704
Jessica Rabbit & Vamparella (Uncut: Comic-Con 5)
3m 5s view     382,149
Stratovarius - Forever (live)
3m 28s view     355,610
[完整 Full] 千钧一发-陈展鹏、吴卓羲 [ 叛逃 片尾曲 ]
3m 15s view      44,979
辛晓琪 Winnie Hsin&周华健 Wakin Chau【每个爱情都危险 Love is risky】Official Music Video
4m 17s view      79,078
洪卓立 很想和你在一起
3m 35s view      60,088
Electro House Music 2013 | Best Club Dance Mix | Ep. 1 | By GIG
28m 10s view     135,473
【ニコカラ】圣枪爆裂ボーイ 0.85倍速《offvocal》
4m 6s view      27,949
Bootcamp 1 - X Factor Indonesia - Episode 5
01h 50m 36s view     298,082
Michiru Jo - 城みちる
1m 50s view     110,897
[高登音乐台] 过去十八岁没有钱都有女朋友
4m 47s view      39,702
【初音ミク GUMI】罚ゲーム【オリジナル曲】
4m 6s view     959,128
Coffee Please - 小沼ようすけ
4m 47s view     130,083
120722 Afterschool Nana cam - 'Diva' @green groove festival (애프터스쿨 나나 디바)
3m 33s view      11,810
8. Dead By April - Sorry For Everything (CD-Q + Lyrics!)
3m 40s view     735,179
つるの刚士 泣かないで
4m 16s view     168,027
乃木坂46 暴露大会 - 白石・生驹・桜井
8m 59s view     226,400
4m 17s view    1,117,419
[FanMade繁中MV] SISTAR - Holiday
3m 39s view      18,915
Đạo Làm Con
9m 46s view     264,467
Ella Fitzgerald Sings 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'
3m 38s view     123,279