所有歌曲 ( 共 1 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Prologue



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【Wheesung (휘성) - 눈물길】辉星 - 泪途/泪之路(中韩字幕)
3m 12s view      37,828
小田和正 たしかなこと カバー
5m 31s view      55,953
Y - Super Junior @ SS4 Osaka
3m 27s view     124,987
下野纮 “梶君は最初からキスが浓厚で気持ち悪かった。”
3m 8s view      53,140
3m 36s view      70,383
フロントメモリー  PV  神圣かまってちゃん
3m 47s view     325,612
Si jantung Hati - Ade putra & Ira maya sopha
5m 1s view     215,673
3m 46s view      43,310
【ネットーク】マキシマム ザ ホルモン マンスリートーク#4
8m 0s view      75,974
矢沢永吉 '今' ~All Standing~_01
8m 0s view      36,869
护られている I love you/沢田研二
5m 14s view      11,206
SHINee Ring Ding Dong ルビ+歌词+日本语訳
4m 1s view      37,815
PC Engine Gaming: Advanced V.G.
1m 50s view       6,753
GO!GO!7188 “C7” with Lyrics
4m 25s view      10,728
【yuja】 BIGBANG (G-DRAGON) & 2NE1 ‘2NE1medley → ONE OF A KIND’ BBnight@新大久保BLUE
13m 2s view      10,612
zen-on-piano solo 夜空ノムコウ 全音ピアノピースポピュラー
4m 52s view      48,274
Hakuna Matata Lyrics
3m 44s view    2,968,859
5m 25s view     184,452
浜崎あゆみ / do it again
2m 29s view     521,633
Pirates of the Caribbean He's A Pirate Piano
1m 16s view    1,258,270
来生たかお - 美しい女
4m 32s view     309,978
徳永英明 -仆のそばに-
6m 19s view    1,061,290
オールディーズメドレー 森口博子他
10m 6s view      53,239
[Teaser] Led apple(레드애플) _ Bad boys(배드 보이즈)(feat. Kang Yebin)(강예빈)
0m 30s view     108,328
3m 17s view      48,603
Infinite Ryvius - Dis (Full English Version)
4m 23s view     104,257
少女时代(SNSD)- ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU @ Japan 3rd Tour NAGOYA [140606](日本语字幕)
3m 46s view      11,022
宇多田ヒカル - くまちゃん会社访问映像
2m 29s view     451,383
Puppy Love
4m 35s view    3,625,976
爱される (9/9) モーニング娘。
9m 8s view      36,593

星光30秒PK part 2 林芯仪 趁早
0m 39s view     128,446
'Life goes on'with Lyrics
4m 48s view     158,253
Liên Khúc Nhạc Trẻ Chọn Lọc Hay Nhất - 2014
01h 20m 53s view     137,458
6m 3s view     128,947
Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses Acoustic Cover for Annie
5m 53s view     116,415
コナンのテーマを弾いてみた【SILKY MAJOR】
2m 42s view      78,146
Sarah McLachlan - Angel (German Lyrics)
4m 23s view      43,846
听说曾沛慈演唱会-爱情限时批 (vs陈乃荣)
5m 0s view      26,107
[MV] Perfume“エレクトロ・ワールド”
4m 6s view     241,275
4m 17s view      71,278
连诗雅 Shiga Lin - 到此为止 The End (Official Music Video)
4m 21s view    2,267,596
Pet Shop Boys - Love is a Bourgeois Construct (Audio)
6m 41s view     364,041
Amen - California's Bleeding (Clean)
2m 38s view      34,352
玉置浩二[Koji Tamaki] - JUNK LAND
5m 4s view      38,444
Eminem - Space Bound
4m 38s view    6,630,050
12m 54s view      65,328
Beyonce' - Upgrade U | WilldaBeast Adams | Beyonce' Series pt.1 |
5m 49s view   29,775,624
Rascal Flatts - My Wish (Lyrics On Screen)
4m 7s view     595,788
温拿 - 千载不变(2011 live)
7m 41s view      11,335
D*ck too bomb
4m 9s view     181,420
Những Bài Hát Hay Nhất của CẨM LY
03h 19m 17s view     325,207
Epica - We Will Take You With Us [Full Video] with Lyrics
56m 29s view    2,600,932
5m 5s view     715,750
【Touhou Vocal】WARNING!【霊知の太阳信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion】
5m 30s view     126,472
4m 40s view      49,870
4m 10s view      12,797
Takuya (UVERworld) at avaco studio
0m 52s view      83,434
范晓萱 刷牙歌.DAT
4m 50s view      92,184
★ BEST CLUB MUSIC 2012-2013 ★ YOMI ★ vol.6
38m 41s view     911,575
[FTV-Subs] 【Touhou】 【东方】 - Kinema Kan PV
7m 58s view     544,632