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影音● 華語 男歌手
影音● 華語 女歌手
影音● 華語 團體
影音● 歐美 歌手
影音● 日韓 歌手
影音● 華語 男歌手
影音● 華語 女歌手
影音● 華語 團體
影音● 歐美 歌手
影音● 日韓 歌手

hide 未発表曲 'コギャル'
4m 47s view     543,777
4m 22s view      19,597
SBK - EPISODE Ⅴ feat.Kj from Dragon Ash
4m 17s view     919,693
Park Bom Moments 2 - 2NE1TV (Season 2)
3m 4s view     274,114
[繁中]TVXQ!东方神起_이것만은 알고 가(Before U Go)_ MusicVideo
10m 36s view      32,652
X JAPAN Rose of Pain Live With Orchestra Lyrics Ver.
12m 42s view     322,952
もしかして / 小林幸子 (1984年発売) 2013-10-8 HD
3m 27s view      18,407
东京ディズニーランド アトラクション BGM
9m 46s view     517,495
ε~Epsilon~ - KOTOKO Live In BUDOKAN 2010
7m 13s view      22,099
Dragon Ash × BUMP OF CHICKEN (2007.11) 降谷建志[Kj] × 藤原基央/直井由文
1m 38s view     223,539
悲しい酒(ギターソロ)Kanashii Sake
4m 27s view     156,748
(Age 16+) STREETFIGHTER - The Legend of Chun-Li
9m 52s view     123,225
3m 35s view      93,549
( 2014.11.16 ) 乃木坂46の“の” 第85回 【 飞鸟・优里・能条 】
26m 46s view      34,724
多啦A梦电影主题曲 光の信号
1m 3s view       6,945
コネクト をピアノで弾いてみた
1m 36s view      11,145
주현미 - 쓸쓸한 계절 1985
3m 59s view      12,127
MYNAME(마이네임) _ Hello & Goodbye (Dance ver.)
3m 28s view     412,949
RAG FAIR Sheサイド ストーリー 'the WAVE'
4m 7s view      11,448
4m 11s view      14,685
矢野顕子 ト・キ・メ・キ
5m 6s view      27,081
ヒカシュー プヨプヨ PV
5m 31s view      94,476
人格ラヂオ - 溺爱
4m 40s view      18,144
[ENG SUB] A Pink Diary in Taipei Ep 1
7m 36s view     123,869
剧情歌《盗墓笔记 - 命局》
4m 47s view      84,455
THE ALUCARD SHOW 公演予告映像 [2013]
1m 2s view      44,494
BEAST/B2ST- 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days) [FULL HQ][ENG SUB]
3m 47s view    1,847,287
HERO - Kuryu and Amamiya
5m 7s view      93,627
荻野目洋子 コーヒールンバ
2m 22s view       8,289
3m 54s view      27,315

4m 52s view     135,795
Oasis - Live Forever - Official Video
4m 39s view    5,170,245
【伴奏屋TAB谱】ハナミズキ 一青窈 ギターカバー タブ谱あり
4m 40s view      42,448
Ricky Martin Feat. Amerie - I Don't Care [Live at NRJ Cine Awards] [480p]
3m 20s view      47,192
Celine Dion - Think Twice (the best one ever)
4m 10s view    1,310,461
Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
3m 24s view     456,356
Speak softly love (theme from 'The Godfather')
2m 35s view      35,113
Mariah Carey - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me now)
3m 26s view     110,083
主信实无变 - 曾路得
3m 6s view       7,178
24 おどるポンポコリン “ちびまるこちゃん”より
1m 43s view      68,646
100521超级星光大道 星光传奇赛 黄靖伦--我的未来不是梦
1m 36s view      37,832
Kenny G - Saxophone - Heart and Soul Title track - You are my blue ocean and sky rain dear love
4m 37s view      69,126
私に嘘をついてみて OST Part.3 / 05.I Belong to You - MBLAQ
3m 33s view      46,314
Atomic Kitten - Believer
3m 31s view     427,974
林志颖 -我不后悔mv
4m 12s view      68,281
Marc Anthony And Jennifer Lopez - No Me Ames (Official Music Video HD)
4m 48s view   16,446,546
ダイナソー / Czecho No Republic
4m 19s view     275,999
【HEY!×3】 Hey! Say! JUMP ‘Ultra Music Power’
2m 25s view     103,317
Sum 41 - Nothing On My Back
3m 2s view     862,320
2m 50s view     452,680
1m 23s view      12,677
4m 11s view      68,447
Simple Plan - One Day (Music)
3m 15s view     197,329
Elvis Presley X Michael Jackson - O que a morte deles têm em comum? Parte 7
10m 15s view      41,884
2m 34s view     118,865
莫文蔚Karen Mok [再见自己] 官方Official HD MV
3m 17s view      74,332
Eddie Peregrina & Lyn Salazar Peregrina - Our Wedding Song
3m 12s view      33,446
Regina Spektor - 'Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)' captured in The Live Room
3m 29s view     211,646
3m 3s view     123,800
Doctor X OST-01 ドクターXのテーマ
4m 54s view     133,955