所有歌曲 ( 共 1 首歌 ) (歌詞)1.Prologue



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I Look To You
4m 25s view    4,364,286
【PV】少女时代 Animal
3m 8s view      24,601
U-KISS(유키스) NEVERLAND(네버랜드) M/V Full ver
3m 35s view   12,098,768
加藤あい NTT DoCoMo 503iS CM part2
0m 15s view      42,049
EME-C3118 蛍/サザンオールスターズ〔混声3部合唱〕
4m 3s view      48,007
Call of Duty: Ghosts Copy & Paste Modern Warfare 2 Ending
0m 17s view    3,427,244
2NE1 - Let's Go Party [Lyrics] [[HD]]
3m 48s view      68,315
DECO*27 - AIKOTOBAⅡ feat. Hatsune Miku / 爱言叶Ⅱ feat. 初音ミク:
4m 26s view     439,619
[B1SS] 120808 Hello Baby Season 6 with B1A4 - Episode 3 (3/4)
12m 0s view     182,515
Soukyuu no Hikari [苍穹の光] - Faylan.
4m 22s view     119,324
残酷な天使のテーゼ/高桥洋子 DAMカラオケ
4m 1s view       6,367
JUJU この夜を止めてよ cover
4m 34s view      43,841
东方神起 / Step by Step
4m 22s view    1,604,229
斉藤夏海/Natsuumy デビュー曲“ハッピーダンス”Short PV
1m 33s view     150,597
Tokyo Ghoul Piano OP Unravel 东京喰种 トーキョーグール OP Unravel TK from 凛として时雨 [Synthesia]
1m 37s view      34,832
TAMUSIC - マミさんの戦闘テーマ ピアノ弦楽八重奏
3m 46s view      68,417
[中字] 130521 All the Kpop 艺能士官学校第三季(上集)
48m 38s view     133,081
猫の恩返し 风になる
3m 40s view    1,133,169
7月放送アニメ“ソードアート・オンライン2”ストーリー绍介PV キリト登场!
0m 25s view     120,546
5m 16s view      62,312
HD - Sunmin(선민) & Kubota - Keep Holding U ( MTV ICON)
9m 44s view      72,836
Boy transforms into Beach Babe
7m 24s view     498,774
[繁体中字]BIGBANG - 胜利 -该怎么办~MV
3m 48s view       9,508
Bank Band 歌うたいのバラッド(LIVE)
7m 5s view     942,444
dustbox 7th ALBUM 'Care Package' Special Trailer
4m 25s view      40,370
4m 18s view      55,472
SHINee Amigo Dance Practice in SM Room
0m 36s view     107,790
COVER 长渕刚/逆流
5m 10s view      57,007
マーク from GARO ‘学生街の吃茶店 Music Video’
2m 11s view      32,865
1m 24s view      21,508

5m 38s view      82,835
李茂山 - Li Mao Shan - Xin Sheng Lei Hen - 心声泪痕
3m 49s view     222,651
20131110 罗志祥《狮子吼》台北签唱会part4 海外专辑货柜车力挺
2m 31s view       8,884
SOLIDEMO / Come Back to Me
4m 36s view      56,394
Hotel California Guitar Solo Tabs
39m 26s view     405,452
侧田 - 好人ktv(纯音乐)
3m 57s view       6,618
Bruno Mars - Locked out of Heaven - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
3m 36s view    8,811,080
Lee Hi (이하이) - 최예근...어떻해...HD
1m 37s view     101,030
Sound Effects - Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus, resurrected!
3m 3s view      38,343
The Next Big Thing 2011:Hush!|天文特征
4m 20s view      19,191
4m 4s view     280,931
Big Bang 2009 Big Show Concert (DVD) - Seung Ri (Solo) - Strong Baby
5m 9s view      61,009
6m 11s view      46,951
【ラブライブ!】西木野真姫 - Darling!! (Yuuna Kamishiro Remix) 【LoveLive!】
5m 49s view     149,126
Alicia Keys- Tears Always Win (Lyrics)
4m 3s view     557,646
10m 13s view     317,650
闯星光才会有真正的大道 阎奕格 - 寂寞先生
3m 39s view      35,945
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monters Ending 2-Ano Hi no Gogo (The Afternoon of that Day
4m 33s view     178,587
[Vocal Cover] Aitai - Kiroro
3m 52s view      59,715
PerfumeのDream Fighterをcover
3m 2s view      74,454
チームB推し/AKB48 チームB 歌词つき
4m 27s view    4,344,924
Emi Fujita - From A Distance
4m 23s view      59,203
Miriam Yeung-小星星(Little Stars)
3m 49s view      10,597
3m 29s view     161,737
THE ALFEE Summer Event 2004 Phamplet UNOFFICIAL
56m 55s view      42,760
The Voice - Celtic Woman, instrumental/karaoke with lyrics
3m 11s view      66,436
【歌の部屋】49 竹内まりや 元気を出して
4m 24s view      81,396
苏锦煌 情场失败的人/苏凯:曲:苏锦煌/主唱
8m 27s view      26,132
Wei Wei - 薇薇-伤心的时候可以听情歌 - Shang Xin Di Shi Hou Ke Yi Ting Qing Ge
3m 29s view      44,120
Fire EX. 灭火器 - 无声的所在 ft.吴志宁
7m 3s view      32,576